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Pxtl Oct 21 2004, 9:33am says:

That's great and all, but I still can't download it. Oh, and what's the best QW sourceport then? I've only used DarkPlaces. Anything with the kick-*** lighting system from DP for QW?

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Pxtl Oct 12 2004, 12:37am says:

I want to play this so very badly, but I can't! No way to download - the site is dead links, and the moddb download doesn't work.

Does this mod work with Tenebrae or Darkplaces? Do you need old TF to play first?

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Pxtl Aug 14 2002, 10:30am says:

Want *more* realism mods? Are you kidding? You must be playing Commander Keen, 'cause on every other engine, everybody and his grandmother has made a realism mod. I can think of 3 hardcore realism mods offhand for UT, and I don't even play any.

If you're disappointed with insufficient realism in existing mods, play INF for UT. Its the most hardcore realistic mod out there - otherwise play Tom Clancy games. Come on, there's the counterstrike clones, INF, the Action games (action Q2 and reaction Q3), the warfare games (day of defeat, etc)... if you want more, you haven't been looking.

Meanwhile, vehicular games are damn tough to find. They're always a damn shame - people pick them up and **** themselves with joy when playing them, but would never think to try them if they weren't pushed into it.

Recommendations for those who don't know what I'm talking about:
HL Turbo - you'll get bored of it after a few hours, but those will be the best few hours of gameplay you'll ever have
StrangeLove2 (UT) - who would've thought replacing the Redeemer with a ride-on rocket would be such a massive change - the best rider-gunner system I've ever played too.
NeoCairo 5.2 (UT) - yes, the physics suck. Doesn't matter though - I haven't played many other games where you can run around with a gun and then hop into a fscking *giant robot*, hovercraft, powersuit, or jet fighter.
AirFight UT - Jet fighers, Tanks, Choppers, etc. All very realistic too, perfect for you armchair generals out there who love the realism mods.

Its such a shame - everybody loved that half-assed jeep that was in CounterStrike for like 5 minutes, but hardly anyone really runs with the concept. Maybe I should give up and play Tribes.

Anybody notice the disproportionate number of HL mods on this site?

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