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Pxtl Jun 30 2007, 11:06pm says:

You know, most other people don't actually implement their April Fools pranks... wait, except Blizzard.

+6 votes   game: OpenArena
Pxtl Feb 6 2007, 8:00pm says:

Q2DM1 for The Sims.

+1 vote   news: Addon DB Mapping Comp #1 “Living on the Edge”
Pxtl Jul 9 2007, 6:33pm says:

Wow, the new version is very.... what's the word?


+1 vote   news: OpenArena 0.7.0 released
Pxtl Dec 19 2006, 9:05pm says:

Transformers Quake 2 was never foxed, so that should be fine - dunno about the rest of the stuff.

+1 vote   news: Rivalry of Legends Plan
Pxtl Jul 6 2006, 3:47pm says:

Love the AA-AT skinjob. Very professional. Need a mapper to make some nice Star Wars maps.

+1 vote   news: Imperial March... of Progress
Pxtl Jun 9 2006, 1:16pm says:

The space physics look very remniscient of Star Control - realist frictionless coasting, but a maximum speed that makes it handle like a jet when under thrust. Very cool.

+1 vote   news: Saying Hi with a video
Pxtl Dec 9 2005, 10:05am says:

Get a better PC to do the screenshots on - playing without the realtime shadows and reflective water doesn't do the Spring engine justice.

+1 vote   news: Release date set
Pxtl Dec 9 2005, 9:59am says:

Some solid opensource titles on that list - Nexuiz, Cube, and Spring are all free opensource games - although Cube is the only one with the distinction of being made entirely from scratch - Nexuiz is a glorified Quake mod, and Spring uses Total Annihilation content.

RTS fans: get Spring. You won't regret it - unless you have a previous engagement with the rest of your life. The "Absolute Annihilation" mod is highly recommended.

+1 vote   news: Eighteen more games added!
Pxtl Nov 14 2005, 5:24pm says:

Nice to see people using the opensource engines... particularly the ones made purely by OSS teams that were never retail (like Irrlicht and Crystal Space). Any plans to OS your final product?

+1 vote   game: Modern Warfare
Pxtl Nov 3 2005, 12:56pm says:

I noticed you got as many comments for "Baywatch Source" as you did for "OpenArena" despite the Baywatch Source thing being recent and a complete gag.

Is this an odd statement about the patrons of this site?

+4 votes   game: OpenArena
Pxtl Sep 15 2005, 10:31am says:

Hmm - that robot reminds me a lot of the more obscure later Robotech stuff from Sentinels and the Invid Invasion stories. Any artistic relation?

+1 vote   mod: Tribes 3 - The Future
Pxtl Sep 12 2005, 10:08am says:

Darn. I saw the title and read "Bricks of War" and was hoping it was some neato puzzle-action mod, or some sort of crateDM-style game. Another realism mod. Oh, well.

+1 vote   news: Brink of War
Pxtl Sep 9 2005, 1:08pm says:

Why not just make a map for Serious Sam 2nd Encounter? That game includes both frogs and a chainsaw. There, done.

+1 vote   mod: The Jamster Massacre
Pxtl Sep 9 2005, 11:44am says:

Quake 3 is by far the best game for this sort of project - Q3 is the GPL game with the best first-class support for it's mods (they're in the menu, get their own keybindings, etc.) and there is tons upon tons of incredible free content out there in the form of maps, weapons, and playermodels. Most of the work was done years ago, and I find that authors aren't overprotective of 4 year old content.

Really, if you can get 3rd-party-content put together and don't fall into the trap of Not Invented Here, then Open Arena could easily populat the roster of models, maps, and weapons quickly. All that would remain would be sounds, music, texturemaps, and smaller engine features.

+5 votes   game: OpenArena
Pxtl Jun 14 2005, 6:18pm says:

Nice to see a historic combat game that is doing something different - I think we've all seen quite enough WW2 videogames. Penny Arcade said it best - Omaha Beach is the new Hoth.

+1 vote   mod: The Storm of Steel
Pxtl Jun 5 2005, 2:38am says:

as long as I get to shoot 9000 Kleer Skeletons in one fight again, I'm all for it.

+2 votes   game: Serious Sam 2
Pxtl May 10 2005, 9:59pm says:

Lots of fellow Canadians here. Long live Soviet Canuckistan!

+1 vote   poll: In which country/region do you reside?
Pxtl May 10 2005, 9:55pm says:

Considering the combat and assembly shots, this looks lot like the Armored Core series. Any relation/inspiration?

Imho, the AC line of games are by far the best giant robot games on any platform.

+1 vote   mod: MechMod
Pxtl Apr 26 2005, 7:29pm says:

N 'fin T.

0 votes   news: Open Beta Released!
Pxtl Apr 24 2005, 7:54pm says:

I assume you're basing the material on Siembeda's Palladium RPG.

+1 vote   mod: Robotech: Enemy Frontier
Pxtl Apr 24 2005, 5:26am says:

I'm pretty happy with the bots in AQ2: LTKTBM (a very good AQ2 standalone bundle that is seriously hurt by having too long a name).

+1 vote   news: A new version is aviable
Pxtl Feb 17 2005, 2:22pm says:

N 'fin T

+2 votes   mod: Team Rocket Extreme
Pxtl Jan 27 2005, 1:30pm says:

Just played it a bit online and off - nice mod. Good, solid replacement for Quake 2. The weaponmodels are gorgeous. The whole "Mars Attacks" theme is adorable, but I can see it being a turn-off for a lot of players. Still, its a solid, goregeous replacement for Quake II.

Still, I found some irksome problems. First, many of the maps are way, way too dark in places - sometimes I'm lost as to how to leave a room. The other problem is that most multiplayer servers are stuck on one map - its hard to see how to set up a map cycle and stuff. Some help guides right up front would be nice.

Ohh.... wait.... ooooh, I just read the documentation and found that "F" is for flashlight. Unfortunately, that's not in the keybinding screen (damn Quake 2 standard keys). Plus, for those of us who're fond of the Q2-style inventory for weaponswitching, the Q2 inventory doesn't seem to work.

+1 vote   game: Alien Arena
Pxtl Jan 27 2005, 10:43am says:

Wow - that's a sweet mod. So this is a standalone - that's what I love about Q2. You should try and get it publicized in the Linux community - any opensource free download game will go really, really far there. Like get it on to Happy Penguin, for example.

+1 vote   game: Alien Arena
Pxtl Jan 25 2005, 11:29am says:

:( - well, I understand you're decision. I'll try the mod out as soon as I can get onto my brother's computer (I gave Doom 3 a pass myself when I found out it was a survival horror mod).

And as for CPMA, I understand its a "ProMode" mod that re-implements the movement bugs of Quake 1 into Quake 3. I never like FPS games that involve complex movement tricks to go fast like stair-launching and strafe-jumping. It makes the action meaninglessly hectic and creates a nasty learning curve. Plus, it means that players need to learn a massive amount of inane trivia in order to navigate the map properly. Doom, by comparison, was smooth and simple - while players moved fast, it was in a fluid, slippery manner that meant you just had to lead your targets more.

+1 vote   mod: Classic Doom 3
Pxtl Jan 18 2005, 10:23am says:

Will this game have Doom's incredibly-slippery-and-fast physics? I've been playing Legacy a lot, and it strikes me how fast Doom is with autorun, and how poor the player's traction is. The only other games I can think that handle anything like that involve hover vehicles. Personally, I love that feature, and hope you guys maintain it. It also makes the "walk" key useful, as moving slowly with low inertia is cruicial in surviving catwalk-oriented levels.

+1 vote   mod: Classic Doom 3
Pxtl Jan 17 2005, 5:16pm says:

I wonder - how complete is the Tremulous media? When Q3 becomes an opensource project (as Id has promised will happen sometime this year), could Tremulous become a good basis for a media replacement project, similar to FreeDoom and OpenQuartz? The graphics are beautiful and live up to the original (unlike the somewhat weaker FreeDoom and Quartz mods).

+4 votes   news: Testers needed!
Pxtl Dec 11 2004, 2:00am says:

no link for beta 2 on site.

+1 vote   mod: Night Raiders
Pxtl Dec 11 2004, 1:54am says:

Dont try this on a hard mode. Its just nasty - the monsters just take a pounding. In the alley where you have to fight and endless invasion of skeletons, I ended up just jump/running past them into the next room.

+2 votes   game: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
Pxtl Oct 25 2004, 2:52pm says:

Yes, indoody I am. Not like its a common handle. Why?

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