I'm Jameson Pate, 22 years old and currently living in the state of Wyoming(at an Air force base). I like football, basketball, weight lifting and other sports, 3d modeling is a hobby that have been doing for quite a few years now.

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pvt.Johnson Apr 15 2014, 11:29am says:

very nice! looking great so far.

+1 vote   article: Milestone: triggers and item interaction implemented!
pvt.Johnson Jan 24 2014, 7:51am says:

It's nice that it will be free, you can always pick up wolf3d/spear of destiny on steam for one or two dollars during a steam sale. Also sorry if this comes across as trying to take away the spotlight from you but Wolfram(Search on moddb) is a more modern 3D wolf3d stand alone game. It's a bit awkward playing with 3D weps/enemies in the small detail lacking wolf3d world though.

+2 votes   article: I'm so sorry.
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2013, 9:40am says:

Congrats man! I'll have to give it a shot soon!

+5 votes   article: Desolated - The Crying Fate is Released
pvt.Johnson Feb 20 2013, 8:26pm says:

I was born in 1991 and i've been playing doom ever since i was about 13. Such a good community with players online and tons of great mods!

+5 votes   article: Review Doom
pvt.Johnson Nov 6 2012, 12:36pm says:

This truely is the reason i love unreal tournament, so many creative minds pumping out good mods still to date! Great work, we the people love what you do.

+3 votes   article: Nali Weapons 3 - Gamefront downloads fixed
pvt.Johnson Sep 22 2012, 12:35pm says:

I gotta try this!
Good Work!

+1 vote   article: GoldenEye: X Patch 5a Released!
pvt.Johnson Aug 20 2012, 9:25pm says:

Seriously? a 6/10 rating? I just gave it a 10/10 hoping to balance it out a little bit.

This is by far the most original and crazy doom 1(and 2) doom mod i've ever played. The new enemies are hilariously brought to life and the music and sounds just add to the atmosphere. This isn't your amazing 3d graphic new doom2 mod but ****, i played this on the doomsday engine and the lighting and colors are just fantastic on said engine.

Give this a real shot before you knock it, definitely in my top three doom total conversions.

+2 votes   mod: Duum II Super
pvt.Johnson Jun 17 2012, 9:54am says:

good work!
Have you guys started your next project yet?

+1 vote   article: Wolfram Becomes Better with Patch 1.1
pvt.Johnson Feb 3 2012, 11:23am says:

Interesting to think if only this was made before wolfenstein3d it could have been one of the elite first fps's ;)

Looking good, i hope to see more updates.

+2 votes   article: Beta "DEMO" Release!
pvt.Johnson Jan 27 2012, 11:46am replied:

Because it does?

+2 votes   download: Noxious Gold Build
pvt.Johnson Jan 27 2012, 12:31am replied:

Metroid and dead space were my thoughts exactly when i watched the release video. Very nice!

+4 votes   game: Noxious
pvt.Johnson Jan 20 2012, 9:59pm replied:

The unlimited detail engine is mostly speculation... They release a tid bit video showing a little map of stuff with lots of objects and then disappear. No animation, no AI, no nifty effects.

+5 votes   media: Agrunt
pvt.Johnson Jan 16 2012, 1:26pm says:

Trying now, looks very atmospheric from the photos.

+2 votes   download: Doom III: Torn
pvt.Johnson Jan 9 2012, 8:25am says:

Checking it out for the first time :]

+3 votes   article: Unsung v1.1 complete
pvt.Johnson Jan 1 2012, 8:25pm says:


+1 vote   download: scientist crowbar for half life
pvt.Johnson Dec 24 2011, 1:42am says:

Downloading now, great work as always!

- James

+3 votes   download: [OUTDATED] SKWP - Version 9.2 (Patch)
pvt.Johnson Dec 22 2011, 12:49am says:

Looks like the perfect metroid/symphony of the night type game :o, i'll probably have to buy this soon,

+3 votes   article: Unepic Released on Desura!
pvt.Johnson Nov 21 2011, 10:54am says:

Only reminds me if how goldeneye is still the best game ever. The new assets look great :]

+1 vote   article: Goldfinger 64 is back in action!
pvt.Johnson Nov 16 2011, 1:01pm replied:

I got the installer to work, the launcher doesn't seem to work with the steam version though.

+1 vote   download: Doom 3 HD Mod (Please, download with update 2)
pvt.Johnson Nov 16 2011, 12:40pm says:

having trouble installing to the steam doom3 folder... couldn't find a .bat file or something.

+1 vote   download: Doom 3 HD Mod (Please, download with update 2)
pvt.Johnson Nov 9 2011, 9:17am says:

When the hell is the mod coming out? lol
Nice weapon board/rack... wish i had that in my room.

+1 vote   media: Abundance Of Weapons
pvt.Johnson Nov 7 2011, 11:43pm says:

Looking good so far, keep up the great work!

+1 vote   article: NPCs development in progress
pvt.Johnson Oct 18 2011, 12:02pm says:

Can people actually view and play your movies and games when you're hosting? Kind of like a cloud server that the users can run programs off of?

+1 vote   article: SMA2 Public Release Candidate
pvt.Johnson Oct 16 2011, 2:24pm replied:

Looks like you ****** off the L4D fan boys.

+1 vote   media: Killing Floor Level Up Trailer
pvt.Johnson Oct 15 2011, 1:51pm says:

lookin sexy :]

+2 votes   article: Alien Arena 7.52 has been released!
pvt.Johnson Oct 8 2011, 12:04pm says:

Look like star craft meets alien swarm.
The game looks promising but the movement and aim controls seem a bit stiff from what the video shows...

+1 vote   article: Greed: Black Border released on Desura!
pvt.Johnson Oct 7 2011, 9:21am replied:


+2 votes   article: Retention released on Desura!
pvt.Johnson Sep 27 2011, 11:05pm says:

love the style of the game and video, haha.

+1 vote   media: Metal Dead Trailer
pvt.Johnson Aug 30 2011, 11:44am says:

Checking it out now!

+2 votes   article: Demo Released
pvt.Johnson Aug 19 2011, 10:53am says:

Keep up the great work!
Finally switched from mac to windows so i've been playing a bit.

+1 vote   article: Version 7.52 of Alien Arena is coming soon!
pvt.Johnson Jul 24 2011, 1:02pm says:

Interesting point and click game.

+1 vote   article: Dark Fall 2: Lights Out DC Available
pvt.Johnson May 30 2011, 11:42pm replied:

Tried the mutator alone and with worm.
Also tried reinstalling the mod...

Maybe it's just my mac, i haven't had a problem like this before though.

+1 vote   download: Half life 2 Weapons pack
pvt.Johnson May 30 2011, 1:04pm says:

Like i said in the download area... having trouble getting the weps to show up ingame after adding the mutator.

+1 vote   article: Relese Date
pvt.Johnson May 30 2011, 12:58pm says:

Adding the HL2 weapons mutator doesn't do anything...

+1 vote   download: Half life 2 Weapons pack
pvt.Johnson Oct 15 2010, 6:36am replied:

Agreed, a weee bit too much detail in the grass. haha

+2 votes   article: Graphics
pvt.Johnson Oct 6 2010, 12:36pm replied:

I can see detail even if its small... It's not "just boxes".

+1 vote   media: Playing around
pvt.Johnson Jul 27 2010, 11:52pm says:

Looks really good!

+1 vote   article: Terrain drawn with reliefmapping
pvt.Johnson Jul 11 2010, 6:26pm says:

downloading, thanks for the mac version!

+2 votes   article: Mac build of Mirage available for download
pvt.Johnson Jul 6 2010, 12:45am says:

Very nice animations!

+1 vote   media: ZW: Link Standing Around
pvt.Johnson Jul 5 2010, 8:43am replied:

Well thats what it says under engine so just maybe...

+2 votes   article: Campaign Screens
pvt.Johnson Jun 17 2010, 9:48pm says:

Beautiful mapping so far and the elite shield + new character is also a great addition!

+1 vote   article: Lumoria Update
pvt.Johnson Jun 16 2010, 11:22am says:

Checked out the thread you mentioned with all of the screenshots. The mod looks great, just keep working at it!

+1 vote   article: Progress Report
pvt.Johnson Jun 4 2010, 8:26am says:

Damn, I almost forgot all about this mod.
Good to see progress is still going! :]

+2 votes   article: Dream Casters' Duel -100604- Week 195
pvt.Johnson May 24 2010, 10:30am replied:

That does look like one of the killing floor zombies :o

+1 vote   media: More InGame Shots
pvt.Johnson May 13 2010, 2:10pm says:

Haha, looks fantastic. keep it up!

+2 votes   game: LEGO Wolf3D
pvt.Johnson Apr 14 2010, 8:33am says:

Takes me back to the days of Law Dogs for UT2004 :]
Gotta love a good western shooter.

+1 vote   article: Gamplay and informations
pvt.Johnson Apr 5 2010, 12:07am says:

How long did this one take? How many polygons?

+1 vote   media: Holymac's SAW
pvt.Johnson Apr 5 2010, 12:05am says:

Great detail, looks slick and pretty accurate.

+2 votes   media: Thompson
pvt.Johnson Apr 4 2010, 11:58pm replied:

Mossberg500, lack of detail in past stage ;)

+1 vote   media: PumpAction
pvt.Johnson Feb 26 2010, 11:23pm says:

Always good to see nexuiz updated.

+2 votes   article: Community News February
pvt.Johnson Feb 21 2010, 11:23am replied:

I dont really notice a big difference with the new shaders enabled, i haven't played in a while though. Also, does the "3D models" option in the graphics settings even do anything?

+2 votes   article: Aleph One 0.23
pvt.Johnson Feb 19 2010, 4:11pm says:

Testing this out now, i had no idea Aleph One was still progressing :o

+1 vote   article: Aleph One 0.23
pvt.Johnson Dec 20 2009, 10:18am says:

Hey its James over from the RS forums(haven't logged in for a while), good to see all of your mods up here :]

+1 vote   mod: Ballistic Weapons & Junkwars Mods and Mutators
pvt.Johnson Dec 13 2009, 11:53am says:

If you guys are looking for other hand models you could take a look at the pair i made, they are a bit high poly for kurok but you could cut down the poly count if you would like to.

This pair is pretty good for the amount of polygons, the proportions seem a little iffy but hey my model isn't perfect either.

+1 vote   media: Hands
pvt.Johnson Dec 11 2009, 10:45am says:

Great update! the rotoscope shader looks like fun.
Is the download windows/linux only? I'm on OS X.

+3 votes   article: Smokin' Guns v1.1b3 update
pvt.Johnson Nov 27 2009, 11:50pm says:

Iron sights in duke? holy ****! haha
a lot of the environments, graphics, and animations look great!

+3 votes   article: WGR2 Episode 2 Media
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2009, 3:29pm says:

Nice detail and accuracy, great looking models.

+1 vote   media: Gun pr0n
pvt.Johnson Oct 17 2009, 11:36am replied:

Do what feels right, keep us updated!

+3 votes   article: Status Update
pvt.Johnson Oct 13 2009, 10:09am replied:

In contra, the controls were fast and simple(holding up and right will aim your gun at that angle, holding it down and right will hold the weapon at that angle).
In this mod, you have to move the mouse at the angle you want to shoot at which is very tedious and annoying at times.

+2 votes   article: HQ2 gameplay video & review
pvt.Johnson Oct 12 2009, 11:35pm says:

Very nice mod, but one of the things that bugged me was the fact that you cant run away and shoot at the target behind you at the same time(move the gun around on a 360 degree axis).

0 votes   article: HQ2 gameplay video & review
pvt.Johnson Oct 3 2009, 3:57pm says:

- They server as training messages
Should be: They serve as training messages

Hints are always a nice thing to have for the new players.

+1 vote   article: Let me give you a hint ...
pvt.Johnson Sep 30 2009, 11:49pm says:

Great news! if i had UT3 i would download this in a flash.
Are there plans for a PS3 release in the future?

+3 votes   article: Renegade X 0.35 Beta Released!
pvt.Johnson Sep 29 2009, 6:32pm says:

There is no "replace weapon" mutator like there is for the cross bow, it would be nice if this were included in the next update.
fun wep, i like it!

+1 vote   download: Assault Carbine Beta 4.8 (PS3 Version)
pvt.Johnson Sep 23 2009, 10:14am replied:

Yes, it does look like bioshock.
In bioshock you inject your self with colorful syringes of fun.(Just like shown above :D )

0 votes   media: Injections
pvt.Johnson Sep 22 2009, 11:43am replied:

I agree, the hand model was probably the best model in the game. The wep models were memorable and awesome though, P90 ftw!

+1 vote   media: A good quiet way to dispose of an enemy
pvt.Johnson Sep 22 2009, 11:41am says:

Keep the progress coming!

+1 vote   article: Goldfinger 64: Weekly update #4
pvt.Johnson Sep 21 2009, 11:22am says:

Just watched one of the videos, very cool defense mod!

+4 votes   article: New Sanctum Alpha & Gameplay Demonstration
pvt.Johnson Aug 29 2009, 10:17am says:

Beautiful graphics! looks like an interesting mod.

+2 votes   article: TRE - Last Life Part 1 released
pvt.Johnson Aug 29 2009, 10:17am says:

Turn on weapon sway/bob... your character in first person looks so stiff lol. cool mod though!

+1 vote   article: New Update and Gameplay video of first version
pvt.Johnson Aug 25 2009, 11:54am says:

Looks like the Gears of war mod beat you to it :P
Still, i'll check this out once i own a copy of UT3.

+1 vote   mod: Terminator UT3 Mod
pvt.Johnson Aug 23 2009, 6:14am says:

Is that a desert eagle?

+1 vote   media: This is the training map ingame
pvt.Johnson Aug 23 2009, 6:13am says:

Sexy *** model, nothing else to say.

+1 vote   media: The AR-33 made by me ThaJoKer or also rushshot
pvt.Johnson Aug 23 2009, 6:12am replied:

O RLY?? :3

+1 vote   mod: The Students
pvt.Johnson Aug 10 2009, 9:26am says:

Good tutorial, i've always loved the bridge effect in D3 where the parts of the walls make the bridge itself.

+4 votes   article: Scripting a Bridge in Doom 3 (built out of stones from a wall)
pvt.Johnson Aug 6 2009, 8:39pm replied:

Lots of whiners around here lately...

+1 vote   article: Update 5- The super dragon!
pvt.Johnson Jul 21 2009, 8:27pm says:

Switch engine to darkplaces for sexier graphics :P
the game still looks hot though.

+1 vote   article: New Installer + Video
pvt.Johnson Jul 18 2009, 8:48pm says:

I liked the other shotgun model and texture, but if you can make this one better... go for it by all means. The sniper looks sexy by the way :]

+1 vote   article: Update 2-sniper rifle, and the new shotgun wip
pvt.Johnson Jul 17 2009, 12:41am says:

will this be using a heavily modified version of the quake engine like darkplaces or something? the models and textures look fantastic as well as the gameplay implements is why i ask.

+1 vote   mod: Perfect dark:sector 6
pvt.Johnson Jul 12 2009, 3:08pm says:

Looking good Dave! looking forward to the release as always.

+2 votes   article: Media Update - 4: Cel Shader, Stuff and Delay
pvt.Johnson Jul 12 2009, 3:07pm says:

loving the hand animations!

+2 votes   media: Fireballs
pvt.Johnson Jul 11 2009, 1:16am says:

looks hawt.

+1 vote   article: WGR2 SKYBOX
pvt.Johnson Jun 23 2009, 6:34am says:

Neuro makes great music for games, nice work!

+1 vote   article: Painted Death music pack released by Neurological
pvt.Johnson Jun 5 2009, 12:26am says:

I think you should do something with the hood thats covering the lower part of his face, it looks too cylindrical compared to the picture. Thats just my thought, still looks nice though.

+1 vote   article: Update 13-The phoenix! new enemy !
pvt.Johnson May 31 2009, 11:34am replied:

yes, marathon came before the halo series and was produced by bungie. I believe the storyline goes something like that for marathon, haven't played it in a while.

+1 vote   media: Marathon Infested Screenshots 5/25/09
pvt.Johnson May 28 2009, 11:54pm replied:

yes, the gun.

+1 vote   article: Update 11-M4 is done and skinned :D
pvt.Johnson May 28 2009, 11:11pm says:

looks like a cut out picture...?

+1 vote   article: Update 11-M4 is done and skinned :D
pvt.Johnson May 26 2009, 3:09pm replied:

If it were the same color, yeah it would look like the halo plasma rifle. Odd observation...

+1 vote   media: Marathon Infested Screenshots 5/25/09
pvt.Johnson May 26 2009, 6:41am says:

Was always hoping for additional weapons :]

+1 vote   article: May Information
pvt.Johnson May 25 2009, 5:35pm says:

looks sick dude.

+2 votes   article: Update 8-The sawn-off shotgun finished & skinned!
pvt.Johnson May 23 2009, 1:21pm replied:

Better than source actually ;)

+2 votes   media: OverDose Technology Demo Part Two
pvt.Johnson May 21 2009, 2:58pm says:

Nice read :]

+1 vote   article: Post Process Effects Editor
pvt.Johnson May 17 2009, 8:48pm says:

pressive game design, some of the graphics/levels look a bit dull in some places but im sure it will improve over time. nice work making a TC for UT3!

+1 vote   article: Final Release Trailer
pvt.Johnson May 16 2009, 5:57pm replied:

From playing the mod at least, i would say its KF-Offices.

+1 vote   media: Killing Floor Screens
pvt.Johnson May 12 2009, 10:45pm says:

looks like a badass game :]

+2 votes   article: Dark Salvation Trailer, Manual and Pre-Orders
pvt.Johnson May 11 2009, 3:14pm says:

I remember reading about this on the Rune Storm forums, nice to see its still being worked on :]

+1 vote   article: Ballistic Weapons:Mercenaries!
pvt.Johnson May 9 2009, 4:46pm says:

sexy footage :]
the only thing i see that could use some work is the link gun stream(looks a tad stiff and distorted).

+1 vote   media: GAMEPLAY AT THIS MOMENT
pvt.Johnson Apr 9 2009, 12:36pm replied:

you comment every picture, you have to much time on your hands yes?

+1 vote   media: 1st Level Shots
pvt.Johnson Apr 8 2009, 2:52pm says:

This will be a mod for RF? awesome, looking good :]

+1 vote   article: New Characters
pvt.Johnson Mar 24 2009, 9:51pm says:

Now that the model is skinned... it looks pretty bad *** :]

+1 vote   article: GRASS HOPPER IS DONE!-4 1/2 update
pvt.Johnson Mar 24 2009, 9:49pm says:

The work looks great, just keep it up :P

+1 vote   article: New website launched
pvt.Johnson Mar 8 2009, 4:09pm says:

awesome battle scene :o

+1 vote   media: Mars Wars 3 Pics
pvt.Johnson Feb 23 2009, 11:29pm says:

so good so far :]
question, are the models supposed to be in pieces? this and the sawn off both are, is that how animation works?

+1 vote   media: Glock WIP
pvt.Johnson Feb 21 2009, 11:39am says:

the shreiker zombie from Killing Floor?
or does it bite? nice

+1 vote   media: Trait 17 Screens
pvt.Johnson Feb 10 2009, 3:33pm says:

Looking good Alex :]

+1 vote   article: Marathon: Infested Update 2/9/09
pvt.Johnson Feb 4 2009, 8:25pm says:

lookin damn good!

+1 vote   mod: Nali Weapons II
pvt.Johnson Jan 29 2009, 10:58pm says:

The models look sexy, nice work!

+2 votes   article: Devblog #4 - Making models for Doom 3: Phobos
pvt.Johnson Jan 24 2009, 10:08am says:

looks promising.

+1 vote   media: Ingame
pvt.Johnson Jan 19 2009, 11:31pm says:

The content looks great, props for bringing back such an old yet truly amazing game :]

+1 vote   article: GES Update 1/19/09
pvt.Johnson Jan 15 2009, 7:52pm says:

so far so good :]

+1 vote   article: Doom 3: Phobos Devblog #3 - Monthly Developments
pvt.Johnson Jan 13 2009, 10:37pm says:

hmm... i seemed to have missed this on the front page somehow?
Downloading now :]

+2 votes   article: TO:Crossfire 1.8 - 1.9.2 Released !
pvt.Johnson Jan 10 2009, 3:01pm replied:

looking forward to!

+2 votes   article: Smokin' Guns release
pvt.Johnson Jan 6 2009, 8:10pm says:

Very impressive work, screw the nonbelievers :]

+1 vote   media: You Gotta Hand It To us...
pvt.Johnson Jan 5 2009, 3:44pm says:

I'll try using crossover, a mac version would be nice to see eventually though.

+2 votes   article: Smokin' Guns release
pvt.Johnson Jan 5 2009, 3:17pm says:

Can you give a download to a .zip? i need that or a mac setup.
can't wait to try the mod out!

+1 vote   article: Postal2: Lost Island Released
pvt.Johnson Dec 30 2008, 6:28pm says:

sexy grenade launcher :]

+1 vote   media: Ka-2
pvt.Johnson Dec 28 2008, 3:55pm says:

looks interesting, you should find someone to work on weapons/enemy graphics for you or something.

+1 vote   mod: E1M1:Reloaded
pvt.Johnson Dec 28 2008, 7:12am replied:

I've tried CrossOver, but was unsuccessful.
There are other programs but i dont want to go through to much trouble to get it working, im feeling a bit lazy lol.

+1 vote   article: Absence video walkthroughs online
pvt.Johnson Dec 27 2008, 11:35pm says:

This mod makes me think wolfenstein meets system shock/half life.
very impressive art and coding for such an old game engine, you should add an upgrade that allows dual weilding the pistols or something ;)
Any way i can get this mod working on Mac...?

+1 vote   article: Absence video walkthroughs online
pvt.Johnson Dec 23 2008, 1:15pm says:

Downloading now :]

+1 vote   download: x - MASS v1.0 Multiplatform
pvt.Johnson Dec 21 2008, 8:33pm says:

I know its just a demonstration but that was pretty boring, the AI is pretty much taking a nap while you smash them in the face like a bully :P
could you have more going on in the map? it seems to quiet and peaceful.

+3 votes   media: Fleshbound lvl 4 demonstation
pvt.Johnson Dec 17 2008, 3:24pm says:

i installed previous versions and the mod would start... but would almost instantly freeze. i hope this version works, it looks really cool.

+1 vote   mod: Night's edge
pvt.Johnson Dec 11 2008, 6:50am replied:

tried it, failed to launch...

+1 vote   download: Chex Trek - Beta 0.52
pvt.Johnson Dec 7 2008, 10:23pm says:

How about an ingame render of the suit? It looks like some pretty high quality work.

+1 vote   media: mantaUnit
pvt.Johnson Dec 7 2008, 12:10am says:

I think valid points in the pros and cons were mentioned, the mod has potential... but definitely could use some work in certain areas such as gameplay and story progression.

+1 vote   article: Hollow Moon BETA 3.0 Review
pvt.Johnson Dec 6 2008, 11:30am replied:

your mod profile says its dead :P

+1 vote   game: Marathon: INFESTED
pvt.Johnson Dec 6 2008, 11:22am says:

eh, make your own concepts based off of SC... switch it up a bit.

+1 vote   media: Terran Marine Concept
pvt.Johnson Dec 6 2008, 10:42am says:

Looking forward to the demo :]

+1 vote   article: Marathon: INFESTED History 101
pvt.Johnson Dec 4 2008, 6:44pm says:

Sounds interesting, my friend mentioned how bad *** Ender's Game was. I'll have to check it out.

+1 vote   mod: Null Grav
pvt.Johnson Dec 2 2008, 6:13am says:

A very innovative hand to hand combat game that i've yet to buy...
Every one should at least check out the awesome demo.

+3 votes   game: Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot
pvt.Johnson Nov 15 2008, 8:48am says:

nice nice :]

+1 vote   article: Jurassic Rage III v105 has been released!
pvt.Johnson Nov 14 2008, 3:39pm says:

It looks pretty low detail and disproportional honestly...(the model itself, not really the unfinished skin)

+1 vote   media: New Pistol (texturing not final)
pvt.Johnson Nov 5 2008, 9:29pm says:

keep up the good progress!

+1 vote   article: The Chosen One - new media
pvt.Johnson Nov 4 2008, 8:37pm says:

Thank you very much :]

+1 vote   download: Blue Moon Rising v2 (zip version)
pvt.Johnson Nov 2 2008, 9:49pm says:

can i get a .zip or .rar file for my mac..?

+2 votes   download: Blue Moon Rising v2
pvt.Johnson Nov 1 2008, 12:44am says:

downloading on me mac :]

+2 votes   download: OpenArena 0.8.1 ZIP archive
pvt.Johnson Oct 28 2008, 3:06pm says:

looking good, cant wait to give it a play.

+2 votes   article: Devblog #2 - Playing Doom 3: Phobos
pvt.Johnson Oct 21 2008, 11:07pm says:

get that baby ingame :P

+2 votes   media: M9 Pistol
pvt.Johnson Oct 8 2008, 8:29pm says:

wow... impressive work!

+1 vote   media: The Haunted Screenshots Set 2
pvt.Johnson Oct 7 2008, 7:01pm says:

the screenshots look intense, nice work.

+3 votes   mod: DAZE
pvt.Johnson Oct 5 2008, 9:08pm says:

Thanks much for the PS3 version :D

+1 vote   download: Jurassic Rage III PS3
pvt.Johnson Oct 3 2008, 6:26am says:

nice ut2003 weapon model :P

+1 vote   media: PsychoPhobia
pvt.Johnson Sep 23 2008, 6:40am says:

Wow thanks for the PS3 version man, to bad i never use my PS3(i have UT3 for it though). Maybe if you keep updating this mod i'll try it out eventually.

+1 vote   download: The Zombie Apocalypse V0.3 for PS3
pvt.Johnson Sep 21 2008, 10:10am replied:

wow, you guys dont know anything lol...
They got permission to make a mod(which are always free) of a game valve made in the past. This Does NOT give the mod team permission to sell the mod for a percentage of profit, just because something becomes popular it doesnt mean you can sell it with out getting your *** sued. Half Life is property of Valve, if you dont understand that... lol

+1 vote   media: Lambda Core Ingame Shot
pvt.Johnson Sep 4 2008, 10:40pm says:

thanks for mac release :D

+1 vote   download: OpenArena 0.8.0 Linux/Mac/Win ZIP release
pvt.Johnson Aug 29 2008, 6:37am says:

its in an .exe...
i need a regular media file. lol

+1 vote   download: FMJ 0.95b Trailer
pvt.Johnson Aug 27 2008, 11:04pm says:

this didnt work on my intel mac last time, i'll try again!
the mod looks fantastic.

+1 vote   download: 5.56mm Full Metal Jacket 0.95 All OS client
pvt.Johnson Aug 21 2008, 11:48pm says:

cool beans man :)

+2 votes   media: New maps screenshots
pvt.Johnson Aug 16 2008, 8:25am says:

downloading now :]

+1 vote   mod: Combat Zone
pvt.Johnson Aug 12 2008, 3:33pm says:

i like the new pistol :D

+1 vote   media: M6E (Work in Progess)
pvt.Johnson Aug 11 2008, 10:48am says:

does this work on Mac as well?
looks really cool :]

+1 vote   download: Chex Trek - Beta 0.52
pvt.Johnson Aug 5 2008, 12:04pm says:

why did you put a .exe inside of a zip...?
im on a mac and i thought i was going to get to play this...

+1 vote   download: UTXMP Final
pvt.Johnson Jul 31 2008, 6:03pm says:

the new version is looking great :]

+2 votes   media: Gameplay Footage DM-InstallationXY15
pvt.Johnson Jul 23 2008, 10:24pm says:

can i get a non.exe file?
im on a mac so i could use a .zip

+1 vote   download: Bid for Speed 1.1
pvt.Johnson Jul 6 2008, 1:20pm says:

lookin good :]

+1 vote   download: TPMfOC20a
pvt.Johnson Jul 1 2008, 8:20pm says:

I hope it adds a lot of new stuff, regular Postal2 is so boring.
looking forward to seeing the new trailer :)

+1 vote   article: The final countdown !
pvt.Johnson Jun 30 2008, 12:21pm says:

Thats cool man, my bro is visiting from the army right now. hes been in the middle east for over three years now.
have fun with boot camp, haha.

nice car model, looking good so far.

+2 votes   article: Goodbye for a while...
pvt.Johnson Jun 29 2008, 1:43pm replied:

alright, i'll just wait i guess.

+1 vote   article: Easy To Use 3D Game Maker Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.2.0 Release!
pvt.Johnson Jun 28 2008, 8:31pm says:

is there a mac binary yet?
i dont know how to use xcode or any of that stuff... so i wont bother with that.

+1 vote   article: Easy To Use 3D Game Maker Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.2.0 Release!
pvt.Johnson Jun 26 2008, 2:49pm says:

i know that was just a teaser, but that was really pointless. but teasers are pointless i guess.
still a cool lookin mod tho :)

-1 votes   download: Dead Epidemic Matinee Teaser Download
pvt.Johnson Jun 8 2008, 9:15pm replied:

since he's been with the BW community for a long *** time im assuming he has already downloaded it and played it. Ballistic weapons is bad *** though, gunreal is a cool mod too. still young and growing in development.

+1 vote   article: Gunreal Beta Progress
pvt.Johnson Jun 6 2008, 10:14pm replied:

thanks for the info man! i will give the unsupported mac version a test, an official release would be nice though(like promised so long ago ;).

+1 vote   article: Alien Arena 2008 version 7.10 released today!
pvt.Johnson Jun 6 2008, 11:30am says:

waits for mac release :P
cool new features though.

+1 vote   article: Alien Arena 2008 version 7.10 released today!
pvt.Johnson May 2 2008, 11:42pm says:

Awesome renders =]

+1 vote   article: Warm Gun Weekly Update No. 4
pvt.Johnson Apr 28 2008, 9:29pm says:

damn impressive models, keep it up.

+1 vote   article: May Media Release
pvt.Johnson Apr 21 2008, 7:42pm says:

lookin good, keep up the work :]

+1 vote   article: April 18th - Production Begins:
pvt.Johnson Apr 21 2008, 7:29pm says:

arg, im downloading the linux version as i type lol.
just read the "mac osx version will be ready soon!"
guess i can wait :P
good work on the new release!

+1 vote   article: OpenArena 0.7.6 Released
pvt.Johnson Apr 15 2008, 6:41am says:

downloading now, thanks =D

+2 votes   download: Bid For Power v1.2 Full (.ZIP)
pvt.Johnson Mar 31 2008, 3:13pm says:

cool, downloading now.

+2 votes   mod: The WPImap: a 3D Interactive Campus tour
pvt.Johnson Mar 26 2008, 8:29pm replied:

Then why are there so many mods planned on being ported to the PS3? Limited memory? Dont see the problem there, my PS3 has enough memory for a few hundred MB of mods/models.

Guve it time people, the mod tools will probably get better over future releases.

+1 vote   download: UT3 Linux Dedicated Server Update v2.1
pvt.Johnson Mar 22 2008, 11:25pm says:

cool, but its just one gun. Nice work tho :)

+1 vote   download: RFcW Socom
pvt.Johnson Mar 22 2008, 11:24pm says:

keep workin, looking good :)

+2 votes   article: Raccoon City Police Department Update
pvt.Johnson Mar 16 2008, 9:02pm says:

that link.... is messed up for me.

+1 vote   download: "Desolated: The Crying Fate" Teaser Trailer - High
pvt.Johnson Mar 15 2008, 1:18pm says:

lookin good :D

+1 vote   article: Updates!
pvt.Johnson Mar 14 2008, 5:28pm says:

very impressive video, cant wait to play.

+1 vote   media: Squad Commander Trailer
pvt.Johnson Mar 14 2008, 1:49pm says:

looking sweet, keep it up.

+1 vote   mod: Philip Muwanga's Squad Commander
pvt.Johnson Mar 8 2008, 9:43am says:

cool mod, the maps look a tad empty though(im sure your not finished yet :P). keep up the work.

+2 votes   mod: Submergence
pvt.Johnson Mar 7 2008, 3:03pm says:

how do i start this on my mac...?

+2 votes   download: Platinum Arts Sandbox Beta 2.1 Multiplatform
pvt.Johnson Feb 28 2008, 9:29pm says:

thanks for the continuing mac versions :D
new version plays pretty well, havnt got much time with it yet tho.

+1 vote   download: Warsow 0.42 for Mac
pvt.Johnson Feb 28 2008, 9:10pm says:

I like where your going with this, but a lot of things need to be worked on. The the gun sounds, gore(whats with all the eye balls flying everywhere...?), monster skins(theres only one type of zombie), repetitiveness(expand on the gameplay).

keep working on this, it looks like its really shaping up into something cool!

+1 vote   article: The crisis isn't over!
pvt.Johnson Feb 26 2008, 3:03pm replied:

you havn't played UT until you've play UT99.

+2 votes   article: Unreal Tournament 3
pvt.Johnson Feb 25 2008, 6:11pm says:

UT99 was the only UT that was truly.... awesome.

+3 votes   article: Unreal Tournament 3
pvt.Johnson Feb 14 2008, 5:06pm replied:

Wow, thats surprising to hear. I will be looking forward to the PS3 version when ever it gets out. I finally got some renders up in my profile if you want to check them out.

keep up the good work.

+1 vote   article: Update on R.P.D
pvt.Johnson Feb 13 2008, 8:32pm says:

sounds awesome, how about a ps3 port eventually :P (i really dont count on it, dont worry)
I'm currently doing some weapon modeling, but i dont think im near good enough to do some real work though. I'll have to upload some current screenshots of the model im working on right now soon enough.

+2 votes   article: Update on R.P.D
pvt.Johnson Feb 13 2008, 8:29pm says:

this is a very old mod, and difficult one at that.
might give it a shot again....

+1 vote   mod: Zombies
pvt.Johnson Jan 28 2008, 1:19pm replied:

wow, hey *******. how are you today?
I do run winblows on my mac, and.... i never use it. Running mac osx and playing games, i find it much more easier and proficient. I can Run HL2 and CS:S fine, along with UT3. you dont call that a real computer? Get your head out of your *** please.

0 votes   article: Until I'm Gone - 2008!
pvt.Johnson Jan 27 2008, 8:33pm says:

awesome project guys..... just awesome.
hope it gets to the mac one day when the game is released.

0 votes   article: Until I'm Gone - 2008!
pvt.Johnson Jan 22 2008, 3:21pm says:

thanks, im downloading now :)

+1 vote   download: SST:LD 2.1 Mac Version
pvt.Johnson Jan 20 2008, 9:44pm says:

how do i start this game on my mac???

+1 vote   download: Warsow 0.4 for Mac
pvt.Johnson Jan 15 2008, 3:34pm says:

good for you guys.

+2 votes   article: Welcome to Wilshire Heights in Germany!!
pvt.Johnson Jan 8 2008, 3:16pm says:

destructible enviorments?
take that crysis :P

+1 vote   article: Postal 2 Lost Island Media Update #5
pvt.Johnson Dec 22 2007, 9:16pm says:

sounds like a fantastic mod, to bad vice city isnt available for mac users =/

+1 vote   article: Overall review of the gta vice city mod, BTTF Hill Valley.
pvt.Johnson Dec 22 2007, 9:14pm says:

a picture of a model :?
show some stuff!

0 votes   article: KinpinQ3 grenade launcher preview
pvt.Johnson Dec 22 2007, 9:12pm says:

this is awesome guys, props to you.
cant wait to download it =D

+1 vote   article: Tech Demo Release Date: 31 Dec 2007
pvt.Johnson Dec 21 2007, 6:12pm says:

nice stuff there.

+1 vote   article: New updates from TCO - sshot and music
pvt.Johnson Dec 21 2007, 11:24am says:

cant wait for this mod =] , cool stuff.

+1 vote   media: Marines
pvt.Johnson Dec 15 2007, 1:55pm says:

pretty neat stuff there.

+1 vote   article: Media update
pvt.Johnson Dec 15 2007, 1:24pm says:

cool stuff there, i'll have to try this out when its released.

+1 vote   article: New trailer, and english V3
pvt.Johnson Dec 15 2007, 1:21pm says:

thanks for the mac update, i'll be checking this out soon enough.

+1 vote   article: A snack for the Mac
pvt.Johnson Dec 11 2007, 8:54pm says:

this mod was a cool idea, but needs to be expanded. I was expecting something a little more detailed. hopefully someone will pick up the source and make something special.

+1 vote   article: V1.0 Source Released
pvt.Johnson Dec 9 2007, 1:29pm says:

very nice work there, i would love to beta test :P

+1 vote   article: Media update #4
pvt.Johnson Dec 8 2007, 12:00pm says:

nice stuff =]

+1 vote   article: Black Sierra's Media Release #2
pvt.Johnson Nov 25 2007, 1:46pm says:

so it has been released.... but we cant play it? whohoooo lol
i'll give it a try win the beta is out.

+1 vote   article: internal KingpinQ3 v0.8 alpha has been released, help requests
pvt.Johnson Nov 25 2007, 1:10pm says:

awesome stuff, im assuming most of the content has already been animated and coded? any ingame shots?

+1 vote   article: Heavy Delta 2 New stuff!!!
pvt.Johnson Nov 19 2007, 4:15pm says:

looking good =]
if you need any help on weapon models i might be able to help.

+1 vote   article: Small update for heavy delta 2
pvt.Johnson Nov 17 2007, 1:10am says:

Are you seriously only giving those crappy links....? wow
any ways.....

Will check out the release when i find a link that doesn't charge me money.

+2 votes   article: Troopers: Dawn of Destiny Version 6 Release
pvt.Johnson Oct 22 2007, 3:04pm says:

is there a non .exe download...?

+1 vote   article: English Bid for Power Final V2 Released!
pvt.Johnson Oct 15 2007, 6:02pm says:

sounds cool, i'll check it out =>

+2 votes   article: Zombie Slayer Demo Released
pvt.Johnson Sep 29 2007, 10:45am says:

looks pretty damn cool, good luck with it.

+1 vote   article: THC Update
pvt.Johnson Sep 9 2007, 12:06pm says:

simply beautiful

+1 vote   media: Promo 5
pvt.Johnson Sep 9 2007, 12:04pm says:

that is awesome

+1 vote   media: Nali knife
pvt.Johnson Aug 31 2007, 10:55pm says:

awesome stuff! loved the intro
i'll make sure to check out the web site.

+1 vote   article: Stargate Special Unit, new zat, new vortex, new stuff !
pvt.Johnson Aug 14 2007, 1:34pm says:

amazing work for such an old game engine. i really hope i can get this UT mod to work on my mac when it comes out, i hate stupid errors that make no sense >_<

+1 vote   article: Big update
pvt.Johnson Jul 25 2007, 1:21pm says:

this weapon model is much better looking than the pistol =>

+1 vote   media: kar98k sniper
pvt.Johnson May 11 2007, 3:39pm says:

looks fantastic, good work.

+1 vote   article: Uni Presentation
pvt.Johnson Mar 18 2007, 11:04am says:

another update for the best ut2004 mod ever, all of that beta testing has made me hungry.... lol

+1 vote   article: Ballistic Weapons 2.0 Released
pvt.Johnson Mar 10 2007, 1:02pm says:

why is this not standalone? i mean i cant play lol

+1 vote   article: Truepaint -Out For A Smoke
pvt.Johnson Feb 27 2007, 3:01pm says:

looks interesting but needs something more to pull you in (havnt downloaded it yet, probably doesnt work on my intel mac any ways)

+1 vote   article: Commander Doom V1.1 released
pvt.Johnson Jan 30 2007, 4:27pm says:

one question.....
is this going to be available for mac as well as windows(linux)?

looks neat =)

+1 vote   article: Notice to all personnel.
pvt.Johnson Jan 4 2007, 6:22am says:

i'll check this out, keep it up =>

+1 vote   article: UT40K: The Chosen
pvt.Johnson Dec 28 2006, 11:23am says:

is this still a pc only mod....?

+1 vote   article: New Moddb Exclusive Video and general news
pvt.Johnson Dec 27 2006, 12:15pm says:

keep up the great work guys =)

+1 vote   article: WoP - Where is my standalone?
pvt.Johnson Jan 27 2007, 11:15am says:

i meant Universal Binary, so intel macs can run this game nativly. (if its run nativly on the mac, performance will not be cut because its not a power pc mac)

+1 vote   article: Internal betatests and much more!
pvt.Johnson Nov 22 2006, 12:09pm says:


+1 vote   article: Contagion Theory November Update
pvt.Johnson Nov 17 2006, 11:38pm says:

you dudes are fanf*c*ingtastic

please release a non .exe version for nonwindows users.... cuz i wont be able to play =>

+1 vote   article: A:DR Progress Video II Released
pvt.Johnson Sep 12 2006, 2:05pm says:

pretty damn good doom mod, runs fine on doom legacy.
the only problem i encountered on my intel mac was that the buz saw was muted (intel based mac problem).

keep updating guys, i'd like to watch this mod grow.

btw, some of the enemy sounds are REALLY annoying and some of the gun sounds are to soft/low.

+1 vote   article: Freedoom 0.5 released
pvt.Johnson Sep 2 2006, 10:13pm says:

is this mod dead? just played it and it was awesome......

+1 vote   mod: Blood Ritual
pvt.Johnson Aug 14 2006, 8:54pm says:

sounds cool, hope it will run on the new intel iMac i am getting.

+1 vote   article: Announcing Asym
pvt.Johnson Jul 11 2006, 8:51pm says:

that looks more like a machine pistol than an smg....... but they can call it what they want :P

+1 vote   article: Heavy Delta 2 at moddb
pvt.Johnson Dec 30 2006, 7:08pm says:

no .zip? im on a mac so........

+2 votes   article: Jurassic Rage: Evolution II released !
pvt.Johnson Dec 11 2006, 5:02pm says:

downloaded and played, thought it would be more of a gun based sports game (man that would be crazy lol).

+1 vote   article: Steel Halo - Beta Version Now Available!
pvt.Johnson May 21 2006, 11:40am says:

i will download this when it comes out, i hope it isnt one of those half *** mods........

+2 votes   article: Are You Chicken Enough?
pvt.Johnson May 15 2006, 6:58am says:

i also agree with this dude, naked zombies are way creepyer then nonnaked zombies cuz if one of them can "get it up" they can rape you. so watch your back when playing KF 2.0 ok?

+1 vote   article: KF 2.0 Update.
pvt.Johnson Apr 22 2006, 6:42pm says:

HA, i already hacked the password!



have fun :>

+1 vote   article: TO:Crossfire Encrypted Client PreRelease!
pvt.Johnson Apr 1 2006, 12:02pm says:

i am very VERY happy about this.

i feel like so many pple are gonna try to download it, the dl speed will be 1Kb for a sec :(

well, damn i cant wait!

+1 vote   article: Anniversary Present
pvt.Johnson Apr 1 2006, 11:59am says:

i am downloading the .zip will it work on my mac? if not can you release a mac version er something?

-pvt. Johnson

+3 votes   article: Tremulous 1.1.0 released
pvt.Johnson Mar 26 2006, 8:20pm says:

there are some great ut2004 mods!

you got Frag-Ops, you got Red-Orchestra, you got Killing-Floor (with vr. 200 on the way), you got Hollow-Moon (in progress), you got Ballistic-Weapons, you got Law-Dogs, you got Strike-Force, ect.

a few of those aren't played online but dang they are great.

ok, this mod looks great. cant wait to see it!

+1 vote   article: Well, this is something
pvt.Johnson Feb 1 2012, 11:52am says:

Keep up the good work!

+2 votes   article: Sound Track Previews And Updates
pvt.Johnson Jan 29 2012, 7:13pm replied:

Iron sights has been in Ballistic weapons for years, it's there to use if you want to. No one is making you aim at all, shoot from the hip if you wish.

+1 vote   article: Sergeant Kelly's Pack - January Update
pvt.Johnson Jan 2 2012, 2:22pm says:

I see the old true combat mod in the last vid.

+1 vote   article: Quake III Arena Hopper Engine Version 3.0 Released!
pvt.Johnson Dec 27 2011, 12:27am says:

Made the changes to the file "fsgame.ltx" but when i start a new game with the mod loaded everything is black and i cant see a thing.
Any help? I have the latest steam version installed...

+2 votes   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
pvt.Johnson Dec 26 2011, 10:59pm replied:

First of all, you couldn't just answer my question?
Second of all... i know the knew version is coming out soon and i saw stalker complete after finding this mod.

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
pvt.Johnson Dec 26 2011, 12:48am replied:


+2 votes   article: MOTY Players Choice - Mod of the Year
pvt.Johnson Dec 24 2011, 1:44am says:

Always like seeing updates for this game :]

+2 votes   article: Alien Arena 7.53 update
pvt.Johnson Dec 23 2011, 3:22pm says:

How do i turn english or subtitles on in L.U.R.K.? I'm knew to stalker as well as this mod. Looks and plays fantastic so far though!

+1 vote   mod: L.U.R.K.
pvt.Johnson Dec 21 2011, 1:21am says:

lookin good so far, loved the old silent hill games!

+2 votes   mod: Silent Hill: Alchemilla
pvt.Johnson Dec 20 2011, 9:47pm replied:

i only see two as well.

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor
pvt.Johnson Dec 6 2011, 6:16pm replied:

Cod is a heavily modified quake 3 engine and will always be so in my eyes, not a bad thing but they could do much more with it than what they've produced in the recent years in comparison to Unreal engine games, Cryengine, or Frostbite two(yes... i went there).

+1 vote   article: Creation Kit Coming in January 2012
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2011, 7:12pm replied:

Crap of a mod? Who the hell are you to praise a dev for its later work that only came to be because this mod was so great for its time? You should really think before you speak, i don't even see any content in your profile that shows you've created anything of your own. It's okay to have an opinion, just don't vomit it all over the place.

+4 votes   mod: Red Orchestra
pvt.Johnson Nov 15 2011, 9:35pm replied:

Found the 1.0 download(not the alpha)!
Good memories!

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor
pvt.Johnson Nov 14 2011, 1:17pm says:

Does the 2.0 download have the single player campaign? I would really like to play through it again... i seriously haven't played a game with that much atmosphere and difficulty in a while, while not blue screening my computer.

+2 votes   mod: Killing Floor
pvt.Johnson Nov 5 2011, 7:00pm says:


+3 votes   game: Cube MetalHeart
pvt.Johnson Nov 4 2011, 9:10am says:

Lookin good!
Time splitters 2 made me love fifties era shoot outs :P

+3 votes   article: The Fifties is back... from the dead!
pvt.Johnson Apr 25 2014, 3:42am says:

Yeah velancious, you're obvious turning luna-tic on too much!

+2 votes   media: Flutterbat - Hearts? Name Unknown
pvt.Johnson Apr 4 2014, 11:41pm says:

Goldeneye doom2 beta4 bug

"I've discovered a bug =/
On level three(where you escape by plane)
A monster spawns in the middle of the map, with the doom2 wad it's the skeleton with rocket launcher shoulders; with freedoom its this black monster that also shoots explosives. I won't play any further since this enemy seems to replace a certain goldeneye NPC. Awesome mod though! really love it so far, just a bit thrown off by this monster spawn problem.

Windows7 rig, tried doom2 and the freedom wad as stated. Need more info? Let me know."

+1 vote   member: Ourumov
pvt.Johnson Aug 5 2013, 10:45am replied:

worked like a charm, thank you! will definitely be using this mod from now on. Let me know when the expansion packs are up in running, its disappointing i can't play them right now. Cheers!

+2 votes   mod: Quake Definitive
pvt.Johnson Aug 4 2013, 5:36am replied:

I tried this and noticed that it and epsilon are very similar, their are some key differences though. This has more gore, the weap sounds are new, and some of the textures look different. Epsilon has more graphical differences(the lobby level when you start the game for example and E1M4(the fog at the bottom of the pit when you swim up out of the water). I think i noticed a few more environmental things in epsilon like rain in certain areas as well. For now i will stick with that as it adds more atmosphere, if you add these things i'll gladly switch!

I do have a question though. How do you properly install and run the mission packs under dark places? They are in the main dark places directory along with the Id1 folder. When i try and run them under the mod section in dark places they run(under the -sdl.exe only) and when i start the game it crashes because it can't find "think_rain"(in epsilon) I tried this mod and it was something about cant find seven_...(idk) but either way its always something. I have the mission packs off steam so i know how the folders are supposed to be set up. Dark places just finds a reason to crash.

+2 votes   mod: Quake Definitive
pvt.Johnson Aug 4 2013, 2:36am says:

Is this better than epsilon quake? If so how?


+2 votes   mod: Quake Definitive
pvt.Johnson Jul 24 2013, 1:22pm says:

Beautiful progress and explanation! Awesome work you've done here.

+2 votes   article: Smooth 3D animations in Game Maker 8.1
pvt.Johnson Sep 4 2011, 9:23pm says:

None of the effects work properly on my HD Radeon 6800, i've dealt with this before on other d3 graphical mods though.

+2 votes   download: Sikkmod v1.2
pvt.Johnson Jul 11 2010, 3:59pm says:

Not bad for your first weapon. Make sure you use hard edges(gives shape/structure) to separate the smoothing groups, also use references as stated above. I'm sure this is a milestone for what's to come in the future, keep up the good work!

+1 vote   media: Simple gun
pvt.Johnson Jun 30 2010, 9:12am says:

Sucks about the losses, too bad there isn't a way to just get all of the great features in one package.
Great progress none the less, keep up the fantastic work! Also its good to here there will at least be a mac downloadable package, even if it doesn't work... keeping my fingers crossed.

+1 vote   article: Zelda World Major News Update #1
pvt.Johnson May 26 2010, 10:39am says:

Progress looks amazing as always, wish i had a capable computer for handling this game when it finally gets out!

+1 vote   article: New Site URL And Update Features
pvt.Johnson Apr 29 2010, 10:27pm says:

Great model there man!

+1 vote   media: Gun update
pvt.Johnson Apr 23 2010, 7:59am says:

Amazing quality in the art and gameplay, so hard to believe this is just a mod!

+1 vote   article: Ruiner Trailer & Gameplay Video up
pvt.Johnson Apr 14 2010, 11:35pm says:

Some of the model and art kind of reminds me of the old Marathon series by bungie. Looking good!

+2 votes   game: Meat Grinder
pvt.Johnson Mar 1 2010, 8:54am replied:

ahh, ok i'll have to try that then and of course.

+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
pvt.Johnson Feb 28 2010, 9:19pm replied:

(double post)

+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
pvt.Johnson Feb 28 2010, 9:19pm replied:

downloaded and played, no wall slide/jump in 1.0? Awesome mod though, loved it so far.
looking forward to future releases!

+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
pvt.Johnson Feb 28 2010, 3:54pm says:

Awesome idea, megaman plus UT = Genius!

+1 vote   mod: Maverick Hunters
pvt.Johnson Jan 17 2010, 11:43am says:

I for one think its cool art.

+1 vote   media: Death on Sale
pvt.Johnson Dec 9 2009, 9:46am says:

Crazy detail... how about a side view of the model(left and right maybe?).

+1 vote   media: Barrett 98b
pvt.Johnson Dec 1 2009, 10:43am says:

good luck, hope to see the release sometime soon.

+1 vote   article: A Hexeny Retrospective - 5 Years in the Making
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2009, 10:51pm replied:

They have maps and new content, they are just showing what it would be LIKE to have the cat instead of gordon in the half life campaign. Correct?
What sounds would they change really? maybe some new cat noises or something i guess.

+3 votes   article: Cat-Life Code
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2009, 3:36pm says:

Awesome work! I mean...
Awesome work Nintendo! :P

+1 vote   media: TGE: Young Link
pvt.Johnson Nov 21 2009, 10:28am says:

Really helped the performance on my mac, but the game still crashes after i beat a level. great.

+1 vote   download: Out of Hell Patch v1
pvt.Johnson Nov 1 2009, 8:57am says:

sick as always.

+1 vote   article: WGR2 GORE
pvt.Johnson Oct 29 2009, 4:50pm says:

Blackcheetah usually makes fun mods ;)

+2 votes   article: Specimenation Versus 120
pvt.Johnson Oct 20 2009, 12:24pm says:

Nice P90, how many polys did it turn out?
Reminds me of an old P90 model i made back when i started 3D... maybe i'll dig it up and work on it :P

+1 vote   media: RC-P90
pvt.Johnson Oct 3 2009, 1:25pm replied:

I was talking about Shallows incase you hadn't noticed(the stick in the *** bit), i was sure it was pretty obvious that it wasn't directed to you.

Sorry i dont have all the answers next time i'll make sure i do before i post so you wont get all ****** off. you still didnt completely answer my question by the way.

+1 vote   media: A screen and comparison...
pvt.Johnson Sep 21 2009, 11:28am says:

I'd hit it.

0 votes   media: Colt 1911 Pistol
pvt.Johnson Sep 6 2009, 10:56pm says:

Incredible atmosphere and visuals! Great amount of potential here...

+1 vote   article: First Release of Airborn
pvt.Johnson Aug 28 2009, 6:26am says:

Why do you say that?

+1 vote   article: Delta 6 Progress Update - August 27th
pvt.Johnson Jul 30 2009, 9:32am says:

Reminds me of Oblivion, its amazing what the tech 4 engine can do!

+3 votes   article: July 24th, 2009
pvt.Johnson Jul 15 2009, 10:37am says:

Very impressive visuals, good use of the UT3 engine :]

+1 vote   article: JulyUpdate
pvt.Johnson Mar 24 2009, 3:26pm replied:

omfg your definitely right and we're definitely wrong.

It could use some work, a little detail here and there can take a model a long way. nothing wrong with saying that...
and we aren't retarded monkeys, we know what Quake and Quake2 is like. Also if the creator did decide to take advantage of the dark places engine(the modified Quake engine of course) graphics could go a long way, but since this is a PSP-PC project... i guess its not likely.

+1 vote   article: Update 4
pvt.Johnson Mar 8 2009, 4:10pm says:

cant wait to try this one!

+1 vote   media: Combat Suit01 WIP
pvt.Johnson Feb 21 2009, 12:12am says:

Wolfen ET was an awesome game, the map is looking great :]

+1 vote   media: Beach Assault Remake - WIP Shots
pvt.Johnson Jan 7 2009, 8:33pm says:

damn good work as always.

+2 votes   article: New Hands To Shake, New Music To Shake With...
pvt.Johnson Jan 3 2009, 3:10pm says:

The models and animations look fantastic, and the door breaking into pieces looks great.(I think it looks better than how left4dead does it as well :)

+2 votes   article: Black Sierra's In-Game Video (WIP)
pvt.Johnson Dec 20 2008, 11:45am says:

I love how everyone assumes this gun popped out of HL2... I've used this gun in many other games besides HL2 and it doesn't mean the model and skin are always being reused...

+3 votes   media: MP7 PDW
pvt.Johnson Aug 28 2008, 6:28am says:

interesting work, keep it up! :)

+1 vote   mod: Project: Alpha Three
pvt.Johnson Aug 22 2008, 12:24am says:

some areas and walls are breakable ingame Rockcoons.
Very nice! cant wait for the new release :D

+2 votes   article: Mars Wars 2.1 screenshot check
pvt.Johnson Jul 30 2008, 4:28pm says:

sorry i havnt responded to that message comment thing you sent me(i never check those).
i should make models for zday? are you a part of the dev team or just a person waiting for the project to be completed?

+1 vote   member: azultain
pvt.Johnson Jul 29 2008, 11:46am replied:

i agree, but i think it would be cool if he stuck with with UT99 instead. its a neat little project that gives me a reason to start up ut99 and blast the **** out of some zombies. keep adding to the gameplay and other aspects, great stuff really. keep it coming!

+2 votes   mod: Zombie Killing Grounds
pvt.Johnson Jun 10 2008, 12:09pm replied:

well the mod could use some sort of twist.

+1 vote   article: June Media Release!
pvt.Johnson Jun 3 2008, 6:32am says:


+1 vote   mod: AHBANDITS!.WAD
pvt.Johnson May 31 2008, 10:29am replied:

this game is very platform friendly, try updateing your software, drivers, etc. I've been playing this on my mac for... a long time, and i've got my friends on their PC's playing too.

+2 votes   article: OpenArena 0.7.7 patch released
pvt.Johnson Apr 1 2008, 3:07pm says:

awesome new design :)

+1 vote   article: New site design
pvt.Johnson Mar 16 2008, 8:10pm replied:

If its gonna take that long for the engines source to be released i'd say go with Sandbox or some other free engine(Sauer, dark places, etc), if they start working on the standalone soon then many advances can be made on the new engine of choice so that things can work out(or wait... and wait.... for tech4's source to be released).

+2 votes   article: Coop Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing 4.0 Release...Soon! + LMS Standalone?
pvt.Johnson Feb 23 2008, 11:41pm says:

kind of like warsows models.... now those weapon models are ugly lol. From what I see, The models in Alien Arena at least look of decent quality.

0 votes   article: Alien Arena 2008 to be released on March 1st!
pvt.Johnson Jan 14 2008, 5:27pm says:

awesome stuff

+3 votes   article: News Update Jan '08
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2007, 12:55am says:

will there be any new weapons? if not... add some in(at least 2 or 3).
UT weapons are really bland....

+2 votes   mod: SpAntibot
pvt.Johnson Sep 29 2007, 8:15pm says:

hope it works on my mac =)

+2 votes   game: The Hunted Chronicles
pvt.Johnson Aug 14 2007, 2:59am says:

a mod where you get to shoot at American soldiers? the movie was good.... "all quiet on the western front"

+1 vote   article: Development Changes...
pvt.Johnson Aug 12 2007, 5:30am says:

wtf, how is this stolen???

it looks similar to Krouser(the RE4 character), cry about it.

0 votes   media: 2.0 Wallpaper 2
pvt.Johnson Aug 11 2007, 8:24pm says:

i think it looks great, i would buy HL2 for this but i dont like using windows......

+1 vote   article: GoldenEye Source 08/10/07 Update
pvt.Johnson Jul 8 2007, 10:13pm says:


+1 vote   article: Mind - media release
pvt.Johnson May 7 2007, 4:21pm says:

i agree with sinking, the games concept is boring but nice graphics(dont like spawning and getting shot within 5 sec.....).

+1 vote   article: TO:Crossfire 1.7 released !
pvt.Johnson Apr 1 2007, 4:28pm says:

lol i just found that out 5min ago and it works, heh.......

+2 votes   article: OpenArena goes anime
pvt.Johnson Mar 30 2007, 2:53pm says:

please tell me that the standalone version will also be available for mac!!!!!

+1 vote   article: Urban Terror Release Date
pvt.Johnson Jan 26 2007, 10:31pm says:

i so cant wait for this on my mac, will it be a UB?

+1 vote   article: Internal betatests and much more!
pvt.Johnson Nov 23 2006, 8:59am says:

there wont be a mac standalone im guessing (since in a mac user XD ).

western mods are always fun, good luck with it......

+1 vote   article: Beta 2.2 Released
pvt.Johnson Nov 22 2006, 9:52am says:

you guys amaze me =o

+1 vote   article: Paintball 2 Build 16 Released
pvt.Johnson Nov 18 2006, 4:06pm says:

alright just making sure lol. this just looks so much fun (so much detail and..... yeah lol)

+1 vote   article: A:DR Progress Video II Released
pvt.Johnson Sep 27 2006, 8:05pm says:

im checking out their forum for a mac version.......

umm any ways the teaser was amazing. this looks very promising, hours of game play lay ahead (maybe not for mac users, i dont know). i will definitly download this if it ever makes it to osx.........

+2 votes   article: The Long Wait Comes To An End...
pvt.Johnson Aug 26 2006, 10:41am says:

updates are always nice.

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor 2.1 !
pvt.Johnson Aug 20 2006, 5:59pm says:

please tell me there will be a multi OS version, umm yah looks great. cant wait to try it on my new intel mac =D

+1 vote   article: Eldervale RPG - New website and screenshots
pvt.Johnson Aug 11 2006, 10:49pm says:

stop acting like little kids, its not like you have balls flying every where. (you can complain when that happens lol)

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor 2.0
pvt.Johnson Jul 10 2006, 11:06am says:

looks great, please make this work on macs as well as PC!

this will be worth downloading.

+2 votes   mod: Heavy Delta 2
pvt.Johnson May 21 2006, 11:42am says:

i am a leech

+1 vote   poll: What is your primary expertise?
pvt.Johnson May 14 2006, 2:12pm says:



+1 vote   article: KF 2.0 Update.
pvt.Johnson Apr 22 2006, 10:28pm says:

you see how long it is? you must have mest up (get the caps right!)

+1 vote   article: TO:Crossfire Encrypted Client PreRelease!
pvt.Johnson Apr 1 2006, 8:24pm says:

any idea of how long that would take?

+1 vote   article: Anniversary Present
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