I am currently in the process of modding my first game, Hoi3:tfh . I am looking for a map creator. Any help is appreciated.. Willing to help with mods if I am able. I think it would be fun.

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CK2: Middle Earth Project (CK2:MEP)

Mod review

I like the mod, but my scoring is low due to the fact that some places can conjur up way too big of armies and you can't expand enough to then face your enemies, Rohan vs Isengard especially, Gondor left me to my fate while they danced with mordor and the Elves didn't care. The enemies or any of the factions/nations/countries have armies that are way too big! only way I was able to defeat isengard was to start over, assassinate Sarumon and marry into the family that took his place, after this though Mordor left me alone and I was happy. Gondor fell since I did what they did, left them to hang.
I then turned on the wilderness and expanded quickly, the shire started wars with me but we had nearly even armies, my armies slightly superior in size. Fangorn massacred 90k of my troops with a mere 3k but those were trees so i accepted that and asked for peace.
the dwarves were at war with the elves and the elves at war with me soon afterwards. The elves started to fight me and win with their easily 200k + armies separate to my now 50k or lower after my previous wars.
I eventually just ended up not doing anything for a few generations and my kids kept dying from illness left and right, only the first born ever managed to live so that was nailbiting to say the least. (this happened every game i made) i even as a human lived to be in the hundreds around 289 my leader became incapable and was just a sitting potato while my children's children kept dying of illness, i needed a leader not a veggie.