I am currently in the process of modding my first game, Hoi3:tfh . I am looking for a map creator. Any help is appreciated.. Willing to help with mods if I am able. I think it would be fun.

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Puttzy Aug 2 2014, 12:26pm says:

I like it and i can't wait, I seriously can't wait, *starts to have a panic attack*
but with that blaster fire and the cross-hair position is the gun going to shoot like that always? It appears to be shooting at a strange angle but the laser/blast shot is going straight ahead? That .gif or that short video animations there the blaster almost appears to be aiming at the poll in-front of the man but the laser/blast is going to the right of it.

and for the HUD I like an idea where you blend those two mini-maps together to make it a little different or use a lot less blue on that one on the right, I like the gun option you have on that one on the right, makes more sense. I am however not a fan of the slant you gave them, it's awkward, I'll assume you were going for a helmet view? I'm not sure.

+1 vote   article: July 31st, the saga continues.
Puttzy Mar 26 2014, 8:13pm replied:

human/elves seem to have this happen to me and anyone with the blood of numoir or something or another. entire bloodline turns invisible at adulthood or at the age of 16 to be precise.

+1 vote   download: Middle Earth Project 0.1.5b Full (outdated)
Puttzy Mar 25 2014, 7:29pm replied:

well you need to fix the buying/selling stuff. When I sell stuff I shouldn't have to pay for it.

I wanted a helmet and it cost around 20,000ish and I thought whoa I'm way too poor for that! So I put the helmet back not wanting to purchase it and it charged me Double! I had to enter the money cheat to get out of the window it was still registering me as having it in my inventory

+1 vote   download: The Red War 1.2
Puttzy Mar 24 2014, 6:00pm says:

well I tried it, sultan army just use spears.
some textures might be too good or too sharp maybe.

Also when u purchase something it can cost you 300,900 and when I put it back it made it worth about 400k gold which I did not have obviously if I didn't have the first amount so I had to look up the cash cheat.

+1 vote   download: The Red War 1.2
Puttzy Dec 1 2013, 10:37am says:

is the version with all these not out yet?

+1 vote   media: The Night Gobz
Puttzy Aug 25 2013, 1:15pm replied:

secretly the Austro-Hungarian Empire is now it's own true entity. In all my games previous to this patch they declared war on everyone and had the army and firepower to do it. I haven't played 5.1.2 yet

+4 votes   download: [OUTDATED] [PATCH] The Great War 5.1.2
Puttzy Mar 31 2013, 2:44pm says:

Look at all those bounties I can collect.
I could probably buy my own planet after I murder all them.

+3 votes   media: Clone formation
Puttzy Jul 27 2014, 11:14pm replied:

how balanced is it with the british having two classes with the sten and the germans one class with the MP40?

+1 vote   mod: The Last Breach - A World War II Mod
Puttzy Jul 27 2014, 12:04am replied:

Did you download and place the folder in your:
Local Disk(C:) > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common > mountblade warband > modules

is that where you placed your mod file you downloaded? if so perhaps there is a patch that this mod does not agree with. I have yet to download this and try it.

also make sure you downloaded Warband and you are not trying it in Mount&Blade or M&B: With Fire and Sword

+1 vote   download: The Deluge 0.83 patch
Puttzy Jul 22 2014, 6:38pm says:

Question for you, When you made or helped make that World War 1 mod for HoI:3:tfh and for the loadingscreens. load_1.dds, load_3.dds, etc etc...

And you just replaced the photos and resaved it did you have problems with them enlarging or having been zoomed in by quite a bit? I've remade the loadingscreens and if you load up the .dds files into photoshop there is that black bar ontop/bottom and I figured that is the cut off point and anything inbetween will be shown but i still get a giant zoom in issue. Any ideas on how to fix this or do I just need to shrink my images?

+1 vote   member: Dutch32
Puttzy Jul 22 2014, 11:29am says:

I find the title misleading considering it takes place after ABY.

+1 vote   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Knights
Puttzy Jul 21 2014, 2:17pm says:

Did you rip this straight from the other WWI Mod for TFH? looks pretty damn similar or are you teammates?


+1 vote   mod: WW1 Mod for Hearts of Iron 3: TFH
Puttzy Jul 21 2014, 2:07pm replied:

so why put it for this mod if its not for this mod?

+1 vote   mod: Historical Flags Mod for Hearts of Iron IV
Puttzy Jul 20 2014, 11:07pm says:

I have not yet played it with just the one country Angolia. But I like the idea of more countries. I hope you didn't just stop on this Like I did my own personal MOD for this game. If I knew how to map edit and all that I'd have made a different mod and put it up.

+1 vote   download: newnationsv0.1
Puttzy Jul 20 2014, 2:14am replied:

I would launch the game. Command COnsole and type in tdbg and then right down each provinceID on legal paper and then converted that into other things. I would have liked to put each "country" into its own folder so I could easily edited later but the game then would not recognize these "countries" so I left them out and about and have since lost my legal sheets.

+1 vote   mod: New Nations Mod
Puttzy Jul 20 2014, 2:10am replied:

I'm sorry for the long reply I was browsing mods again for this game and I never got notified about you replying to my comment.

But yes the game ran hot & unstable as in kept crashing but it played for a bit. I think what might have caused a good portion of this is because I was full screen when I do believe the game runs better in window mode.

I'm not sure if I modded it right but I created new country.txt files and flag.tga or png files or w/e it called for. and I made all those text.files or w/e it uses and painstakingly went through each provinceID and edited them all... I'm not sure if that is what you did or if their is an easier way?

+1 vote   mod: New Nations Mod
Puttzy Jul 3 2014, 12:19pm says:

highly acclaimed?

+3 votes   mod: The Commune of Rome
Puttzy May 28 2014, 3:11pm replied:

is it a full map of Europe ? I didn't see an image of the map and I just came across this mod page.

Puttzy May 26 2014, 11:10am says:

note quite sure what that fire is but lol @ Vader

+2 votes   media: Korriban Sith Temple - Realized
Puttzy May 11 2014, 10:41pm says:

by fire be purged!

+2 votes   media: Sept interaction
Puttzy May 11 2014, 4:49pm replied:

Very well, size does not matter. There I have it has been said to you.

+2 votes   media: Size Doesn't Matter
Puttzy May 8 2014, 4:56pm replied:

need some scuffs on his armour that has chipped paint.

+3 votes   media: Ogryn Progress
Puttzy May 7 2014, 6:51pm says:

another version so soon?

+1 vote   article: v0.2 Released!
Puttzy May 5 2014, 5:32pm replied:

Ok the elites have shields, maybe make them a little less overpowered, just played a match and the sniper rifle didn't do crap to them and it was bolt action which i would be fine with if it dealt any dmg at all.

+3 votes   download: Lacedaemonios ortum (Rise of the Spartans) v0.2
Puttzy May 5 2014, 5:09pm replied:

to go along with this post will each class have different amounts of health? or personal shields?

+2 votes   download: Lacedaemonios ortum (Rise of the Spartans) v0.2
Puttzy May 4 2014, 9:03pm replied:

The Emperor will be most displeased with the Admins performance.

+2 votes   article: Beta Released!
Puttzy May 4 2014, 8:41pm says:

still uploading or was it uploaded else where?

I have no doubt the force played a big role in this.
May the 4th be with you.

+2 votes   article: Beta Released!
Puttzy May 3 2014, 11:39pm replied:

no backup?

+2 votes   mod: The Last Breach - A World War II Mod
Puttzy Apr 24 2014, 8:20pm says:

Where is the thumbnail or am I too eager?

+1 vote   article: New shell added!
Puttzy Apr 22 2014, 4:46pm says:

well to apply a bandaid to the wounds of the name changing maybe put a file in a seperate folder that says "for the names we all know and love place this file in this folder here." hit yes to accept changes" or something along those lines.

+5 votes   media: Korriban to Moraband
Puttzy Apr 18 2014, 5:40pm says:

what of any alpha releases?

+1 vote   article: BETA RELEASE SET FOR MAY THE FOURTH!!!!
Puttzy Apr 16 2014, 8:30pm says:

Where is the file located that I can edit to allow the religion of R'hllor to have more house flag choices? 20 isn't enough when I want my House logo to be well something that isn't so limiting.

+1 vote   mod: Crusader Kings 2: A Game of Thrones (CK2:AGOT)
Puttzy Apr 10 2014, 10:59pm says:

Has your team ever thought about editing some maps or battlefields at least? taking a castle/keep/town is easy as something easier than my non existent GF, but in the open field most of my fights are either major victories(flat ground) or major defeats(mountains)

Also making a new map entirely? instead of Calradia? maybe some form of a new continent or Europe?

+1 vote   mod: Calradia: Imperial Age
Puttzy Apr 9 2014, 12:56am replied:

Anakin's Betrayal I think, this is the music that plays when Order 66 gets executed.

+3 votes   mod: Extended Enclave
Puttzy Apr 7 2014, 8:38pm says:

I"m confused is this a mashup mod of the Old republic and the galactic empire?

+1 vote   mod: Knights of the Old Empire 1 - Knights
Puttzy Mar 30 2014, 1:46pm says:

This wont turn into some clone wars mod will it? I know another mod that started out during this time area and turned into a giant collage of crap.

+2 votes   mod: Golden Age of War: Incursion of the Sith
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