Howdy guys. Name's Kirby. I do TF2 and voice work and am an amature skinner.

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RED vs BLU team lineup goes something like this.

Just Some Subordinary Boss Realists Owning Weird Noobs team (JSSBROWN)
Scout - River
Soldier - Vader
Pyro - Skeybar

Demoman - SLOT OPEN
Heavy - Delta
Engineer - Kirby

Medic - Eunoshin
Sniper - Matt
Spy - Raven

Greatly Respectful Epic Yearning Some Subordinary Gamers team (GREYSSG)

Soldier - AUG
Pyro - Cake

Demoman - SLOT OPEN
Engineer - SLOT OPEN

Sniper - Garyn

I know gabriel hasn't given me his information yet, but this is where we stand with our skins.

I reviewed with Matt and there were a few visual things that needed to be edited or fixed. We came up with a small list, but the idea is that there are MINOR things wrong with it, and in certain cases MAJOR

Soldier - Darken Helmet
Spy - make hands the color of spy's skin, make shoes a darker color such as brown or black.
Sniper - Turn Green to Tan
Medic - Darken shoes
BLU Pyro - Make certain Purples into Blacks
RED Pyro - touch up the white portion of the belts and straps so they have continuity [difficulty level, enormous]
Engineer - Touch up the helmet so it's not blazingly purple, turn the pants a lighter color, fix belt buckle mishaps.

That's all for now on my end. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.

Kirby out.

Check out the addons page for more information!

To install the skins: you must go to C:\program files\steam\steamapps\(your steam name)\team fortress 2\

the .zip file should already have the needed folder. Just extract it to a folder for safe keeping, and put the folder named "tf" (the first folder you see, hopefully, or else you're doing something wrong.) into your Team Fortress 2 folder. And that should be everything you need!

Happy Skinning!

Technically speaking, I have uploaded the JSSG skin files for download, but an admin needs to check them out first.

REPORT ON THE SKINS - As of 12/22/2011

Basic skins finished, waiting for upload.
-Engineer, start to finish took 31 days (mostly due to laziness)
-Scout, start to finish took 3 hours + 24 minutes ( added details )
-Spy, start to finish took 2 hours
-Sniper, start to finish took 3 days + 6 minutes ( added details )
-Pyro (RED), start to finish took 2 hours
-Soldier, start to finish, took 6 hours
-Pyro (BLU), start to finish took 3 hours
-Medic, start to finish took 2 hours + 1 hour ( added detail )

[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: ...
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54 grumbles, looks back at the previous amount of conversation.
S҉yd҉er: you fail at adding
S҉yd҉er: no wonder you have bad marks
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: i don't have a math class.
S҉yd҉er: being groounded won't help that
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: :/
S҉yd҉er: ...
S҉yd҉er: can you not have math.
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: i already took all my math i needed and got really good grades. The problem is that you're being rather cryptic, my friend.
S҉yd҉er: i bet you have 3 times more religion then
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: no, just two free periods.
S҉yd҉er: aSdtIGFsd2F5cyBjcnlwdGlj
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: did i just somehow confuse you?[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: america does things ass-backwardsly, i know.
S҉yd҉er: bm8=
S҉yd҉er: YW5kIHllcw==
S҉yd҉er: aSBtZWFuLCBub3QgZXZlbiB1c2luZyBtZXRyaWMgc3lzdGVtIG92ZXIgdGhlcmU=
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: ... i take it you're mad?
S҉yd҉er: because every imperial unit translates so well
S҉yd҉er: i'm being cryptic
S҉yd҉er: YXMgeW91IHNhaWQ=
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: and then a lot of random keybanging.
S҉yd҉er: aXQncyBub3QgcmFuZG9tIGtleWJhbmdpbmcgYXQgYWxs
[JSSG] PurpleKirby54: :1

Kirby is a student at the Advanced Technologies Academy of Southern Nevada, or "A-Tech" for short.

Anyhow, that's enough narrative style for now.

So, I have a bit of an education so far in my life. Nothing too special. So, yeah. I'm Kirby, I make music, doodle from time to time, and play Team Fortress 2 in my spare time. Now, keep in mind, I don't intend on doing anything of a grandeur scale, but if something happens to blow up, become famous, get like 10 million views, I'll let it. I am not trying to be someone popular on the internet. If it happens, big deal. I'm just a guy who writes tunes.

All in all, I ain't much to brag about. I play piano and violin, I am a fan of classic video games, specifically the Sega Genesis games and N64 games. I am a Nintendo nerd, knowing plenty about their franchises and what not. Sega however is a neat little hobby. Sometimes I dabble in third party whatsits and more recent things such as Team Fortress 2, as I stated before. My main method of creating music is a neat little program called "Mario Paint Composer". No, not the entirely limited one for SNES, the one developed by "UNfun Games". I dabble, really. Nothing to brag about. I mostly deal with Original Compositions, or OCs for short. If I tell you I'm working on an OC, that's what that means.

Anyhow, I best be getting off the computer pronto. Pop just got home and he probably wants to use it.