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purplehaze412 Jun 28 2011, 7:36am says:

Nice birthday present (July 2nd), this year gets better an better.

+1 vote   article: Fallout 3 Reborn V9.0 Release Date
purplehaze412 Jan 4 2010, 2:27pm says:

It looks amazing for the Quake Engine, L4D has it holding 8, But I'm sure you already know that.

+2 votes   media: Weapon Spotlight: Pump Action Shotgun
purplehaze412 Sep 27 2009, 12:35pm says:

Damn that is ******* awesome!

+1 vote   article: Korriban Unveiled!
purplehaze412 Aug 20 2009, 10:05pm says:

Yeah I got that too, I thought it was pretty wierd.

+1 vote   article: We got STALKED.
purplehaze412 Jul 31 2009, 9:12am says:

Looking good guys! Argh I can't wait to play it :)

+2 votes   article: Modular Combat: Server Files Coming Soon!
purplehaze412 Jul 30 2009, 5:25pm says:

Dryden your not very hiding :)

O_- Who's gonna be the next player of the week?

+2 votes   media: Player of the Week #1: Xane
purplehaze412 Jun 24 2009, 6:06pm replied:


+3 votes   media: NEOTOKYO° vision modes
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:28pm says:

Are you copying and pasting your comment?? Everyone has Very, Spelt wrong.

+1 vote   media: Honoghr
purplehaze412 May 30 2009, 10:32am says:

I liked it

+1 vote   media: USSFC sniper 2
purplehaze412 Apr 29 2009, 4:57pm says:

Verynice, It may be the lighting, but one thing that is a cons on the two is how contrasing the brightness is, if you can fix it, it'd be perfect

+1 vote   article: Operation Trebuchet
purplehaze412 Apr 7 2009, 5:05pm replied:

Not even close, This one seems more of a combat/helpbot, although im not sure what this mod is about, my first guess is that it could be a servant bot of the captain or maybe just a patrol unit.

0 votes   media: Ralph concept
purplehaze412 Mar 13 2009, 8:41pm says:

Arghhh, I wish i was a beta tester, this looks so good, The way you made it like tatical teamplay and stealth req. at the same time Reminds me of Mirrors Edge. You guys have made the mod i have been looking at for many days, Great media and content, I'd like to see where this mod goes, keep it up guys

If you guys need help with modding in any way i'd be willing to throw me in as your command
Just pm me and ill try to see what i can help you with. You name it

+7 votes   article: NEOTOKYO° - Official NT OST, March Media, and In-game Footage
purplehaze412 Dec 24 2008, 4:05pm replied:


+1 vote   media: M6D PDWS
purplehaze412 Dec 24 2008, 3:54pm says:

Wtf was the ending! Scary!

You are intising me to get bf2142

+1 vote   article: First Strike v1.4 is Here!
purplehaze412 Oct 26 2008, 1:38am replied:

relax please?

+1 vote   media: Spas Model
purplehaze412 Aug 25 2008, 6:01pm says:



+1 vote   mod: SourceTag
purplehaze412 Aug 16 2008, 6:34pm replied:

*Cough Cough* Bespin.

+1 vote   media: Gas giants2
purplehaze412 Jun 28 2008, 1:16pm says:

Sorry, I ment that to be a "Do the antlions and zombies still attack eachtoher when they're minions

+2 votes   download: Modular Combat v1.09
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:09pm says:

Ehhh cars dont fit, maybe differnt cars

+1 vote   media: DCI City
purplehaze412 Mar 1 2008, 5:14pm says:

HOLY **** I USED TO PLAY THIS ALL THE TIME THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT PLEASE GET IT DONE FAST, But also take you're time to make sure it is all good.....awwwww...

+1 vote   mod: Blood Money
purplehaze412 Jan 12 2008, 1:05pm says:

Holy Lord! Look at the sky, the detail on the wheels could use some more, like it having the holes around the spokes, other that that, Great SS

+1 vote   media: Market Map screenshot01
purplehaze412 Jun 20 2009, 8:14pm says:

O_- it's been a while, But this looks good!

+1 vote   media: CM_Geonosis_factory
purplehaze412 Jun 20 2009, 8:12pm says:

Hmm, From my pretenses, This will not reach the Xbox 360 Version, Although I am hopeful.

+1 vote   article: VPK and Left 4 Dead
purplehaze412 Jun 18 2009, 1:08pm says:

Looking good, I can't wait to see this develop, It's gonna be awesome

+3 votes   article: Jailbreak: Source 0.6 - First Look!
purplehaze412 Jun 17 2009, 6:58pm says:

Yess, This mod is a zombie! YESSSSSS..... It's back from the dead. Good job guys, Im glad to see this back up and about.

+4 votes   mod: No More Room in Hell
purplehaze412 Jun 17 2009, 6:52pm says:


+1 vote   article: NEOTOKYO° - Humble Beginnings
purplehaze412 Jun 16 2009, 10:48am replied:

It is nearly harmless to have this, It's personal preference, And most importantly it doesn't affect others (Unless you screaming over the mic that you have a Nude Mod) O_-

+2 votes   article: Theories on nude mods
purplehaze412 Jun 16 2009, 10:46am replied:

Ahh, That's a good one, You made my day.

Sick, But not so bad.

+2 votes   article: Theories on nude mods
purplehaze412 Jun 16 2009, 10:43am replied:

I might be willing to say that the witch might make sense, Especially beacuse she is crying, I protray the witch as a ****** of rape victim of the hunter. EIther way, I don't belive this will hurt the game's image or anything for that matter, If you have the mod, No one elese can see it, so your 12 year old can still play and never know that a grown man is looking at a nude Zoey.

I can understand whilst parnets and the like are not big fans of it, But it only affects you If you have it.

+2 votes   article: Theories on nude mods
purplehaze412 Jun 16 2009, 10:39am replied:

Cookies make me aroused.
Yeah, That's my cookie side
Enough of that.
Now i wanna cookie..

+6 votes   article: Theories on nude mods
purplehaze412 Jun 14 2009, 11:08pm says:

It's looking good, After a skin gets put on it'll be awesome, Let me guess that the purple area is the teamcolors?

+1 vote   media: Covenant Elite
purplehaze412 Jun 14 2009, 11:07pm says:

Yes! This is awesome.

+1 vote   article: Resident Evil: Twilight - Back from the dead!
purplehaze412 Jun 13 2009, 2:43pm buried:


Perhaps if you followed this mod siense the start you wouldn't say that, This mod has come a long way, Listened to it's community and made it's community loyal.

Truly, I believe you are wrong, and I cannot wait for this mod!

-8 votes   article: NEOTOKYO° - Start your training, noobs!
purplehaze412 Jun 11 2009, 12:54pm says:

Looking good, I love the new talk and exicitement that is going on through out Dystopia.

+1 vote   article: Dystopia: June 09 Update - June is heating up!
purplehaze412 Jun 11 2009, 12:53pm says:

Im glad to see this mod has gotten members, And it's looking great!

+1 vote   article: More Members! More Work!
purplehaze412 Jun 10 2009, 11:27am says:

Wow, Being first means nothing, Good job guys, I Love all of the artwork that is going into the game, I am sad to see that some of your team has left. Best of luck.

+1 vote   article: Piranh'news #1!
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:30pm replied:

Okay, this guy has seriously compelled me not to see any more pictures with his puzzling avatar, and few words.

+1 vote   media: Carida
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:29pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Yavin
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:26pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Ciutric IV
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:14pm says:

I'd like to suggest that a few of the foilaige that is off of the trail be placed on the trail, But more of smaller, More somewhat broken versions

By broken, I mean stepped on by large walkers, So they almost lay down. Or otherwise.

Other than that, I like it.

+1 vote   media: Felucia
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:12pm says:

Good news, It's good to hear from you more, I enjoy these updates, Keep up the good work!

+1 vote   article: Thrawn's Revenge June Update
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2009, 8:11pm says:

Eh, I have to say, The new system adds for easy pickup, But im not a big fan of it, I still like the old way

0 votes   article: Combat in 2.3
purplehaze412 Jun 8 2009, 9:39pm says:

Aww. Im Sad to hear it, Good to know that This isn't dead, I'd like to help you, But I cannot Conjure. Best of Luck.

+1 vote   article: On ice.
purplehaze412 Jun 5 2009, 10:58pm says:

Looking good, I'd be glad to see this on steam

+1 vote   article: Get Your Smashball Test Key Today!
purplehaze412 Jun 4 2009, 11:48am says:

Thankfully this mod came back, It looks so promising, I wish I could help.

MastaGunZ Stole the words out of my mouth.

+1 vote   article: Another Media Release
purplehaze412 Jun 3 2009, 10:26am replied:

Good release. I love to see all this new content. Sean. I have yet to test this, But just don't use the "Good job making my crowbar ******* crash the game." Until they have a server side fix, or a new patch.

+1 vote   article: Modular Combat v1.74 Release!
purplehaze412 Jun 3 2009, 10:23am says:

Wow, Sooner than i expeted. Thanks!

+3 votes   download: Modular Combat v1.74
purplehaze412 Jun 3 2009, 10:22am replied:

Wrong, Although the strong resemblance, This game also has a few other game modes, and a new style.

I do have to say that it does remind me of it, But now i see how much more occasional this is compared to audio surf

+1 vote   article: Space Music 2.0 First Look
purplehaze412 May 31 2009, 10:14pm says:

Very nice, I haven't played this mod in a while due to no ep2 npc support.
But now im tempted...

+1 vote   media: Gameplay Video By Keychain
purplehaze412 Oct 31 2012, 8:58pm says:

My prediction is that this will be released next year Halloween.

+7 votes   article: Contagion - Trick or Treat
purplehaze412 Feb 11 2012, 1:29pm says:

Hahaha.. this game was a joke.

-2 votes   game: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
purplehaze412 Jul 26 2011, 9:32pm says:

Oh yeahs, it gets better.

+1 vote   article: inMomentum Coming to Steam
purplehaze412 Jul 2 2011, 11:03am says:

Yes, wonderful birthday present, Thank you, gentlemen.

+8 votes   article: Off Limits beta released!
purplehaze412 May 30 2011, 10:59am says:


+1 vote   article: [Paid] Now Hiring: Assistant C++ Programmer
purplehaze412 May 16 2011, 4:01pm says:

Loved this game as a child. Played it like no other.

+4 votes   game: Rayman 2: The Great Escape
purplehaze412 Dec 1 2010, 9:32pm replied:

Much easier just to slap this together methinks.

+1 vote   media: Thank you to all
purplehaze412 Nov 27 2010, 4:47pm says:

No argument here.

+1 vote   article: Unreal 3 port?
purplehaze412 Nov 11 2010, 5:00pm says:


+1 vote   article: The quiet before the storm....
purplehaze412 Oct 28 2010, 6:57pm says:

It's a narwhal.

+13 votes   media: Happy Halloween ;)
purplehaze412 Oct 5 2010, 12:25pm says:

Gosh, I remember playing this as a kid with the PC gamer demo, I had to get my parents to buy it back then.

Awesome engine. Great, classic game

+4 votes   engine: Sith Engine
purplehaze412 Sep 27 2010, 10:46pm says:

Oooo.... C:

+2 votes   article: Dystopia: Under "New" Management
purplehaze412 Sep 1 2010, 3:29pm says:

Wow, Go make a movie.

+2 votes   media: Fallout 3 Reborn V8.0 Post-Release Trailer
purplehaze412 Jun 23 2010, 2:15pm says:

Very good news, I love the new art direction, Feels a bit more like the Evolution that I begun to track when it first started.

+1 vote   article: Major Update!
purplehaze412 Jun 9 2010, 5:48pm replied:

All of this is true.

However, This is meant to be a fictional world, and these 'Compact' Weapon designs are a valid part of it.

In my opinion you are right, but then again you could be wrong, it's a whole different world.

+3 votes   article: The Shotgun
purplehaze412 May 26 2010, 9:45pm says:


One of the greatest starts around.

Sadly, Lost my interest in the game after a while

+10 votes   game: Team Fortress Classic
purplehaze412 May 23 2010, 8:03pm replied:

Oh my, you need to launch up the dusty HL2 my friend.

+3 votes   media: Dark Energy
purplehaze412 May 10 2010, 8:19pm says:


+1 vote   media: Scud Bike In Game
purplehaze412 Apr 20 2010, 6:48pm replied:

The helemet is more of an ODST style, but the Blue HEV looks nice.

0 votes   media: Weapons and Equipment
purplehaze412 Apr 8 2010, 6:37pm says:


Back in the awesome seat.

+1 vote   article: We are Comming back!
purplehaze412 Apr 7 2010, 7:48pm says:

This could be fine on the forums you have linked into your description, But not here.

+7 votes   media: nude cj with erection
purplehaze412 Apr 4 2010, 6:11pm says:


+1 vote   media: CTF: Torlan Trailer
purplehaze412 Apr 2 2010, 5:09pm says:


+1 vote   article: New news is good news
purplehaze412 Apr 2 2010, 2:06am says:


+1 vote   media: DogFight Commentary
purplehaze412 Mar 19 2010, 12:44pm says:

Very nice!

+2 votes   media: OST Track #3 - Covenant to War (Demo)
purplehaze412 Mar 19 2010, 12:43pm says:

I like it alot, It fits the Halo 'Theme of music' alot, it's a really good track, one thing I suggest is that you extend it and have a background drum much like the Halo OST songs that have like a "Preparing for battle" Drum line

+5 votes   media: OST Track #2 - Brave Soldiers (Demo)
purplehaze412 Feb 17 2010, 3:43pm says:

YES! I've been looking forward to this!

+1 vote   download: Galaxy of Chaos .5 BETA
purplehaze412 Feb 3 2010, 10:04pm says:


Wait, What? Great Galactic Civil war! Bah!

0 votes   article: Birthday update
purplehaze412 Jan 31 2010, 12:25pm says:


+1 vote   article: Where We Stand- Betawise
purplehaze412 Jan 23 2010, 7:08pm says:

I really like that logo the way that it has the edges, Prehaps if you were to have the circle with those marks through that it might be a bit more fitting to the theme(Opinion End). Perhaps two versions?

+1 vote   media: Operation Lambda Wallpaper
purplehaze412 Jan 4 2010, 2:28pm says:

Wow, I love the scratch marks on the textures, It makes it look all beat up.

+1 vote   media: MLC-3 (Mobile Laser Cannon)
purplehaze412 Dec 18 2009, 5:48pm replied:

That won't gain your mod any popularity by coming back with that after a watcher asked for a more in depth description

+3 votes   media: old barney not in any any of the mod maps
purplehaze412 Dec 16 2009, 10:39pm says:

I think you should take your time, Personally i'd rather see a mod released with a good job far well more done than should be, then to see it the other way

+1 vote   article: Pirates and Hutts
purplehaze412 Dec 16 2009, 5:10pm says:

My goodness this looks awesome

+1 vote   media: Community
purplehaze412 Nov 15 2009, 12:40am says:


+3 votes   download: Last Drop - Released with new Francis voices!
purplehaze412 Nov 10 2009, 9:34pm says:


Well, do like hl2wars, last time I tried the internal beta, it would'nt work, Ima go try it now

+2 votes   article: I've got some bad news...
purplehaze412 Oct 28 2009, 3:33pm says:


+1 vote   media: prometheus warehouse
purplehaze412 Oct 28 2009, 3:18pm says:


+1 vote   article: Changing mod: Good or Bad Idea?
purplehaze412 Oct 25 2009, 1:14pm says:


+1 vote   media: Mandalorian Commandoes
purplehaze412 Oct 24 2009, 8:53pm says:

Oh Boyah

+1 vote   article: Beta Almost Ready for Release
purplehaze412 Oct 11 2009, 11:33am replied:

I thought the same thing, But it looks alot better, Good job guys!

+3 votes   media: City Buildings
purplehaze412 Oct 7 2009, 12:19pm replied:

I'm A bit lost, Can I seem to get some background onto the intentions of this script?

+2 votes   download: 007 Mod SAMI Installer
purplehaze412 Sep 26 2009, 8:45am says:

This comment has been posted in a private group.

purplehaze412 Sep 26 2009, 12:41am says:

Sounds awesome! I can't wait :)

+3 votes   article: Smod Replay: Release Date
purplehaze412 Sep 21 2009, 6:23pm says:

Awww. Well If I could help, I would ,Prolly the only thing I could do is beta test, But I understand you either have tons of those or arn't ready.

+2 votes   article: Long Overdue
purplehaze412 Sep 12 2009, 3:16pm says:

Ahhhhhh Do want

+1 vote   media: Weekly Update 11/09/09 Images
purplehaze412 Sep 9 2009, 8:21pm says:

What. Your making a Project Alpha? Either way....Processing

+1 vote   media: Turret Sound Test 1
purplehaze412 Sep 7 2009, 10:52am replied:

Agreed with Henley, Whilst Gammerman has a good point, Either way Im glad to hear the mod is on a good foot, I hope to hear more!

+1 vote   article: Exodus: A New Start
purplehaze412 Sep 5 2009, 8:06pm says:

It's a bit hard to tell what's going on, Looking good though

+1 vote   media: portal black mesa first map
purplehaze412 Sep 2 2009, 8:37pm says:


+1 vote   media: Some fun
purplehaze412 Aug 17 2009, 4:00pm says:

Awwww. Another setback, I guess this is still good news though.

+1 vote   article: GoC- mixed news
purplehaze412 Aug 8 2009, 9:53am says:

Cool, Although I already know how to do this, It may prove useful.

+1 vote   article: Making a Shortcut for a Mod. v2
purplehaze412 Aug 6 2009, 9:18am says:

Yay! This mod looks so promising, And contrary to your belief, this mod updates more than others.

+1 vote   article: BETA IMMINENT
purplehaze412 Jul 27 2009, 4:02pm says:

Yay! Im glad to see these updates, Thanks!

+2 votes   article: Q3knockOut 1.4.0 released
purplehaze412 Jul 24 2009, 5:31pm says:

Oh god lol I can't wait to play Aperture team.

+1 vote   media: Modular Combat: Aperture's Melee Weapon
purplehaze412 Jul 22 2009, 9:30pm replied:

Taken from Discription
"More shots of things to expect in 2.3 including:
Blunderbuss push-back
New particle effects for special bar and fully-charged weapons
Gestir with his langseax/shield
Heavy Knight activating the chest special"

Heavy Knight activating the chest special

That's the heavy knight with some "Heavy Knight activating the chest special"

+1 vote   media: More 2.3 Fun
purplehaze412 Jul 22 2009, 9:29pm says:

O_- Looking good.

+2 votes   media: TSA Marine Taser Concept
purplehaze412 Jul 16 2009, 9:22pm says:

Wow, Looks good, I love the one with the roof and lights ,The only thing I can say is, Lights brighter, Less Lights

+1 vote   article: Nova Prospekt Zero Floor 1
purplehaze412 Jul 14 2009, 2:35pm says:

Looking good.

+2 votes   download: Nazi Zombies: Reckoning Demo
purplehaze412 Jul 14 2009, 1:24pm says:

Awesome, Im glad to see progress!

+1 vote   article: NPZ Floor 1 Progress Report #2
purplehaze412 Jul 13 2009, 5:10pm says:


+1 vote   media: City 17: Episode 1 | July Media Release - Part 2
purplehaze412 Jul 13 2009, 8:58am says:

Looking good, I grabbed this yesterday, It's really a solid mod! Glad to see the advancements

+1 vote   article: Fall of the Republic Minimod V2 Release
purplehaze412 Jul 12 2009, 3:56pm says:

not to say this is bad, but I belive I am going to wait until some of the bugs listed up there are fixed, especially the broken corvette (And maybe the un-activated faction)

+1 vote   download: Galaxy of Chaos: Alpha updated (.05)
purplehaze412 Jul 11 2009, 9:58pm says:

Looking good, Im glad to see all of these new additions, I really am glad to see Ep2 exclusive and Ep2 Exclusive content in modular Combat, Another great step!

+1 vote   article: Modular Combat will require Episode Two
purplehaze412 Jul 8 2009, 12:16am says:

Looks good!

+1 vote   media: Alliance Station WIP(Work In Progress)
purplehaze412 Jul 6 2009, 4:23pm says:

Nice, It's my new wallpaper

+1 vote   download: BS:SH - Fear the Future 2009
purplehaze412 Jul 5 2009, 12:08am replied:

Not a problem

+1 vote   download: It's an Even Fight
purplehaze412 Jul 5 2009, 12:01am says:

Aww. Well it's good to know that everything is bieng revamped.

+1 vote   article: IWBTFG: Behind those Horrible Delays...
purplehaze412 Jul 4 2009, 11:59pm says:

Good update, Im glad to hear all the work!

+1 vote   article: Apex Studios Weekly Update 04/07/09
purplehaze412 Jul 2 2009, 11:39am says:

Yay! I am glad to hear you guys are back at having fun (I hope your having fun) Im glad to hear it.

+1 vote   article: CoA Revived
purplehaze412 Jul 1 2009, 9:14pm replied:

He's intitled to his own opinion, If he wants to be a fanboy, Don't stop him

I hope NT Is gonna awesome

My birthday's on July 2nd, Good Birthday Present!

+2 votes   article: NT° Release Date Announced + Details!
purplehaze412 Jun 27 2009, 5:15pm says:

Oh, Beautiful.

+1 vote   media: Lighting test
purplehaze412 Jun 27 2009, 4:16pm says:

Good news, Downloading now!

+1 vote   article: P.U.R.E. Demo 1.2b
purplehaze412 May 30 2009, 10:18am says:

Arrghh, I like them all!!! Can i vote for them all?

+1 vote   article: Vote for your favorite Mod DB shirt design
purplehaze412 May 29 2009, 9:30pm says:

Very Nice.

+1 vote   media: Updated Foilage
purplehaze412 May 26 2009, 9:42pm replied:

I blieve that the halo plasmarifle is infact a bungie weapon, And marathon is related to halo, in the end of halo3 most belive that you land on a planet ( I forget the name) and that they wake you up after they find you on the their planet frozen, and you become the marathon main player.

+1 vote   media: Marathon Infested Screenshots 5/25/09
purplehaze412 May 21 2009, 7:17pm replied:

Im glad it's not, And i belive that this Indie is making progress.

+1 vote   article: Sign of life
purplehaze412 Apr 24 2009, 8:28am says:

O_- i spot a gman alyx and breen MUAHHAAH

+1 vote   media: Crossroads Mall
purplehaze412 Apr 7 2009, 5:03pm replied:

egglish?? I belive it's English
and yes please, egglish :)

+1 vote   media: Sluice render
purplehaze412 Mar 5 2009, 4:50pm replied:

Whatever is released in that month is released, Mod developers can only work so hard, So give them a break.

+10 votes   article: Mod Video Spotlight - February 2009
purplehaze412 Mar 3 2009, 6:20pm says:

Very nice, I liked it's presentation in the moty videos, but all around a good song

+2 votes   media: Final Action theme
purplehaze412 Feb 4 2009, 5:51pm replied:

Agreed. If you can keep these more regulary new ones, I know it may be hard to come up with ideas, But i like to see what people think

+1 vote   poll: My PC game (does not include non-commercial games or mods) collection is...
purplehaze412 Jan 10 2009, 4:13pm replied:

Darth sion

in order from left to right bottom to top

Darth marus. Don't know because of blocked face.Darth sion To far away, hk47 assailant droid, hk47 again, To far away to tell.

+1 vote   media: Hero Capture the Flag
purplehaze412 Jan 8 2009, 10:51pm replied:

Im sorry. Where's the truck?? i must be blind

+1 vote   media: MarGon's co-op map WORK IN PROGRESS
purplehaze412 Jan 7 2009, 5:07pm buried:


Whipsers: Me too.

It says in the chat

"What a sweet lobby"

"and for a kickass road too!"

-5 votes   media: HL2:Wars WIP Jan 09 Update
purplehaze412 Jan 3 2009, 7:42pm replied:

Actually, It does use the same engine, But does not rely on the other game to pull content such as models/sprites and the sort, So it can be installed/ played on conosle without needing ut3

+8 votes   poll: Would you mod console games if the platform was open like the PC?
purplehaze412 Dec 27 2008, 9:17pm says:

Beautiful, your intinsing me yet again to get bf2142 Epic music btw, Props to whover made it

Althought the corelian corvette looks a little streached if my opinion

+1 vote   article: Community Games Reminder
purplehaze412 Dec 24 2008, 4:44pm replied:


+2 votes   media: Military Mech
purplehaze412 Dec 24 2008, 4:42pm says:

Can't.......... Wait..........

+2 votes   media: Screenshot alpha 1.0
purplehaze412 Dec 23 2008, 7:06pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Para troopers attacking
purplehaze412 Dec 20 2008, 8:22pm replied:

Wrong, Sir Gears Of War uses the UT3Aka Unreal 2008 Engine, This is the same engine, Just because it uses the same engine does not make it a mod of that particlular game. Example: Star wars force unleshed uses havok physics engine, So does halo3, Along with hl2 xbox version. And so fourth

It's not a mod, In no way are they related, They may be produced by unreal team, But they are completely different and in no way draw content/rely on the other to run properly.

So you sir, Are wrong, a mod is not the same engine.

l4d and tf2 (and all those source games for another example)

+50 votes   poll: Would you mod console games if the platform was open like the PC?
purplehaze412 Dec 19 2008, 4:15pm replied:

*pats back* Yes, Yay you.

+3 votes   article: Modcast S02 E05
purplehaze412 Dec 11 2008, 5:03pm says:

Hmm, I don't see the ammmo.. :/ Oh it's on the ground, Nevermind

+1 vote   media: Aid Spray Ingame & Pistal Ammo
purplehaze412 Nov 16 2008, 1:35pm says:


+1 vote   article: Boar Model Render
purplehaze412 Oct 4 2008, 3:47pm replied:


+1 vote   media: Colt 45 Update
purplehaze412 Sep 28 2008, 6:57pm says:


+3 votes   media: Thornlands
purplehaze412 Sep 16 2008, 9:05pm says:

Nice! Can't wait for this mod

I responded this to this in 5 seconds after posted.

+1 vote   media: F-184 Predator Interceptor
purplehaze412 Sep 16 2008, 9:05pm replied:

"Wow that screennie *IS* Amazing." ********Fixed :D

+3 votes   download: Spring 0.76b1
purplehaze412 Aug 26 2008, 8:38pm says:

Nice job, Can't wait to see thi mod in action, Keep me updated please..Thanks guys Good job.

+3 votes   article: Second Media Update
purplehaze412 Aug 16 2008, 6:18pm says:

Glorious visuals....................................... Insane.

+1 vote   media: I-Novae2
purplehaze412 Aug 16 2008, 6:18pm says:

Wow, just beautiful

+2 votes   media: I-Novae7
purplehaze412 Aug 12 2008, 9:11pm says:

Nice job! It looks great.

+1 vote   media: Render AK47
purplehaze412 Jul 1 2008, 10:03pm says:

Nice, Great detail, I love the little scrates on the handle and such

+1 vote   media: pipe wrench
purplehaze412 May 25 2008, 11:59am says:

hahahah X-box 630!!! LOL

+1 vote   media: map
purplehaze412 May 25 2008, 11:57am says:

Umbrella corporation, Nice I love it. Good job dude.

+1 vote   media: ingame
purplehaze412 May 6 2008, 11:14pm says:


+1 vote   media: Havoc
purplehaze412 Apr 27 2008, 10:06pm replied:

It will just ask you to replace files

+2 votes   download: Ballmen Beta 1.5 Installer
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:22pm says:

This doesnt even relate to the mod man, Are you just like scrwing around, Im really sorry, Shows almost no progress, Im so sorry for putting it down

+1 vote   media: EMP: Life, only better...
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:19pm says:

That building needs words above it...

+1 vote   media: DCI Base
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:17pm says:

Lighting is okay, make some background towers and buildings and stuff?

+1 vote   media: Special Prison
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:15pm says:

Is this city supposed to be a ghost city or no?

+1 vote   media: Existence City
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:15pm says:

Once again, Sorry to put a down, But unless this is winter, use trees with leaves, and if it is, The tree with leaves in the middle of others with not makes no good mapping project

-1 votes   media: Existence City
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:14pm says:

Those low haning pipes make a good show, But dont you think they should be near the roof, Im loving the lighting man, Good job

+1 vote   media: Military Base
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:10pm replied:

Naw man, This looks like a still standing soicty, I know i've said this before, Make the cars differnt models, Who can even have a running car that looks like that in such a beautiful city?

+1 vote   media: DCI City
purplehaze412 Apr 14 2008, 10:07pm says:

:o Dont want to throw down a negative, but the parking lot looks a little empty without the trash, And the cars defantly dont fit, You need to find some real fit cars for a good socity, Not torn up, Or you can make the place look like a terroist blew it up, Then the cars would fit, Just thrash them around a lil, Put them not in the parking spots. And make some of the pillars all torn up, The roof colapsed a lil, Some signs of a fire once here, Then the place would look like it should

+2 votes   media: Car Park
purplehaze412 Apr 5 2008, 11:16am says:

I dont want to be mean but Combine archatecture next to prison cells=Bad look...Just a suggestion

+1 vote   media: Prison cells - by: damagefilter
purplehaze412 Apr 1 2008, 7:03pm says:

O_- Lookin good.

+1 vote   media: Flood Frigate
purplehaze412 Apr 1 2008, 4:53pm says:

Ohhh, Sounds like what mayans would play before then sacrafice one more..ahhh

+1 vote   media: Arena Final
purplehaze412 Mar 31 2008, 10:22pm says:


-1 votes   article: FA2 Media Update 03/31/2008
purplehaze412 Mar 26 2008, 5:01pm says:


+1 vote   article: Happy Easter from ZP Team
purplehaze412 Mar 16 2008, 12:39pm says:


+4 votes   media: Training updated
purplehaze412 Mar 13 2008, 10:37pm says:

hl2 rocks, THis Game looks awesome..
I swear

+1 vote   media: Sword in-game
purplehaze412 Feb 20 2008, 10:52pm says:

Ohhh Chills just went down my spine as i thought about commanding this fine unit....ahhhhhh.

+1 vote   media: Scarab
purplehaze412 Feb 16 2008, 2:44pm says:

Very nice, if you could work on the white bloom that comes from the engines, so it does not clip with the model, that would be awesome, just a suggestion, im not the one who makes the mod.

+1 vote   media: Athens Class Frigate
purplehaze412 Feb 6 2008, 4:40pm says:

Livin it, cant wait for this to come out

+1 vote   media: Signposts
purplehaze412 Jan 10 2008, 4:43pm says:

Nice new model, the last one they sat there like driving a car, lovin it!

+1 vote   media: Player in a Crane
purplehaze412 Dec 24 2007, 9:50pm says:

NOOOO!! It's a rar file :(
I dont have a rar opener

+1 vote   download: Tortal! Alpha 0.889
purplehaze412 Dec 10 2007, 8:45pm says:

Very nice, im dling now

+2 votes   media: Pilotable Strider Mod Trailer
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