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Purple44 Aug 25 2015 says:

It was brought to my attention that the Grave Digger has lost it big tires if use the PurplePack. Heddly did up a patch to fix Grave Digger and the crash caused by the Chopped 55 missing a tire texture. Here download link:

Use this patch now to load PuprlePack mod.


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Purple44 Jul 23 2015 says:

Will we get to use Race Track Builder for making custom tracks and derby pits for Wreckfest?

I have PM Bugbear Dev Janne and ask Bugbear to take a look at Race Track Builder. :)

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Purple44 Jan 27 2015 says:

Just to let you all know, Flatout Joint doors are permently close now. :(

We had over a 7 year run at Flatout Joint ( 2006 ). A lot of modding got done and we did a community mod for both Flatout 1 and 2. :)

These community mods thankfully to Moddb are still being hosted here. Big thanks go out to Moddb for hosting our big mod files for free. :D

Look like the Flatout modding community will now set their eyes on modding Bugbear new derby racing game, Wreckfest. Already a little modding been going on with the pre-alpha since Build #6, Bugbear left the game files unpacked.

Bugbear has said they will support modding of Wreckfest but we will have to wait until after final version of Wreckfest get release to see what form modding support we be.

I doubt we will see much modding of Wreckfest this year, but next year ( 2016 ) if we get our hands on some modding tools, maybe a new modding community will form around Wreckfest.

Here links to a couple of modding threads over at Bugbear forum:

Modding >>

Change car skin >>>

Here link to our community mod for Flatout 1:

FOJ Community FOV3 Mod (GOLD Edition) Update V2 >>>

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Purple44 Sep 13 2014 says:

Here link to FOJ Community FOV3 Mod (GOLD Edition) Update V2:

+1 vote   download: MCO-MOD_FOV3_Addon
Purple44 Jul 28 2014 says:

Is it Flatout online appreciation day this coming Saturday, Aug 2?

Be there or be square! ;)

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Purple44 Mar 14 2014 replied:

I take it you were trying to download this file:

Click to download FOJ_CommunityMod_Setup.exe if it doesn't start automatically or try another mirror.

I tried downloading file logged in and logged out and I was able to download exe file both times.

Are you logged in as an admin in your Windows? If not, your browser may be stopping you from downloading an exe file from the Internet. My Avast ask me if I really wanted to download this file and I had to tell it yes.

Also the installer only works on Community Mod parts 1-3. Will not unpack the rar files for parts 4 and part 5 or the other carpacks.

Would be best to get free version of WinRar so can unpack all the files in the download section.

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Purple44 Mar 14 2014 replied:

Hi, can you give me a link to the moddb download page you were at and the name of mod you are trying to download?

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Purple44 Jan 31 2014 says:

Here some new news about Next Car Game:

Next Car Game made over $1 million after one week in Early Access

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Purple44 Jan 4 2014 says:

Thanks to all them youtude videos of the Sneak Peek playground demo and the pre-alpha release before Christmas, Bugbear has now reach their 10,000 pre-order goal:

Early Access through Steam.
16,885 Backers
$ 491,331

Next Car Game - Early Access Pre-Alpha Gameplay - video

Now Bugbear can take some extra time and add some extra stuff they want to do before releasing Next Car Game. And no middle man publisher to screw things up!! :D

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Purple44 Dec 24 2013 says:

If you have not heard yet, Bugbear has sent out emails Saturday to those that have [url=]pre-order the Next Car Game[/url], with a link to Steam key for NCG pre-alpha. The pre-alpha has the muscle car from Sneak Peek demo and also the small Euro car. There 1 derby pit, 1 dirt track and 1 tarmac track. Can select 12 car or 24 car race or derby.

Here a post from a Bugbear Dev:

Janne wrote:
Thanks guys, we're really happy to hear you're having such a great experience. To be honest, we didn't have too much time for testing to get the release out in time for the holidays, so we were a bit anxious about the quality of the build. Like I think I already stated elsewhere, there are quite a few issues that need to be fixed, but luckily they should not be too detrimental to the experience at this point.

We're also really happy that the first build is finally out because it means that we have pretty much nailed all the boring (to any of our coders reading this, sorry!) stuff and can finally concentrate on building the game around the base we now have. That means more tracks with more content, more cars, proper upgrading, better driving dynamics, and so on, and of course a lot of fine-tuning to everything that we already have.

Of course you guys will be first ones to enjoy all the improvements first-hand with our future Early Access releases.

Christmas special offer

Checkout this thread for some videos and pics:

Early Access Videos/Photos

derby stadium pic

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Purple44 Nov 25 2013 says:

Here an update:

This got posted Sunday over at Bugbear forum:

24 cars on track - GREAT! And a quick question

"Janne wrote:
Well, more cars was one thing that you guys were asking, wasn't it? :D

Unless something major comes up, we will keep the 24 cars for the full game at least for offline play. We have been already testing track races and derbies with the full grid of 24 cars, and thanks to our efficient tech, the performance hit is surprisingly minor. The chief problem is that, as you can imagine, the tracks get extremely crowded since most of them have been designed for a lesser amount of cars, so the going gets quickly very rough. But of course that's something that can be worked around, so it's not really going to pose a problem.

Online is something that we cannot confirm yet.


Here a good video of guy enjoying the sneak peek video:

LGR Plays : Bugbear's Next Car Game

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Purple44 Nov 23 2013 says:

Big news - 24 car derbys coming to NCG?

After having some fun with Bugbear sneak peek demo release Friday, had to go catchup on my Bugbear forum reading. A lot of new faces and posts thanks to demo.

I found this post and had to ask:

**Will we get 24 car derbys offline?**

Playable technology sneak peek available now!:

Purple44 wrote:

Janne wrote:
As for the sneak peek, great to hear it seems to be running fine for most of you. We're pretty proud how cost-efficient our engine is even with a full grid on 24 cars, every single one having the same advance damage physics. That has always been one of our goals because we really want to have a LOT of action and keep the game playable even without a super computer.


So can Bugbear answer the BIG $24 question or is it to soon to ask?

**Will we get 24 car derbys offline?**

I know it not going happen online, but demo does show players with good PC hardware can handle 24 car derbys offline. And if have slider, player can see how many cars his computer can handle. This maybe would be a problem for career mode, put I think we would be OK if could do it just in quick derby mode.

Here Bugbear response to my question:

Tapio wrote:

Purple44 wrote:
**** Will we get 24 car derbys offline? ****

Unless we encounter some unexpected problems, then sure. It adds plenty of fun!


24 car pic:

Also give the video and pic threads a look:

Sneak Peek video/post -topic

Sneak Peek picture thread.

New sub compact car?

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Purple44 Nov 14 2013 says:

Here it is, Bugbear has release video of some ingame racing on a dirt track. :)

Note: This is pre-alpha build of Next Car Game.

Quote:Team Bugbear -
This is the moment you’ve all been waiting for: we’re finally ready to show you some proper racing action on a dirt track! Here we are testing with a powerful rear-wheel drive car how our handling works on gravel, and we’re glad to let you know that it feels SUPERB!

Thanks to our great physics, you really get the full white-knuckle racing experience with Next Car Game, if that’s what you prefer. On the other hand, if you’re a budding race car driver, you can still enjoy the game (and remain competitive!) by enabling a selection of driving aids.

Please note that the game is still very much work-in-progress, and what you see is not representative of the final quality. For example the track has not been properly decorated yet, and there’s a lot of additional polish that’s going to be done on it. Also, the player car damage has been disabled for the demonstration purposes.

Check out the video on our Kickstarter page and let us know what you think!

As you know, we still have a plenty of distance to cover if we’re going to succeed with our Kickstarter campaign, but you can help us meet our goal. Now it’s time for the racing game fans to unite and show us that you want a game like Next Car Game! Our team is having great fun playing the game, and we feel that no other game can match the amazing racing experience offered by Next Car Game. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Go Purple!

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Purple44 Nov 7 2013 says:

Bugbear hit the $50,000 pledges today at Kickstarter page. Only $300,000 more to go. If you want Bugbear to make "Next Car Game" a more robust game with more features and you are planing on buying the game, please go support Bugbear on Kickstarter page.

You can pickup NCG cheap for $20 or go for the T-shirt like me. :)

Pledge $99 or more
You selected

18 backers

“TEAM BUGBEAR MEMBER" BOXED SPECIAL EDITION • BOXED GAME + EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT. ============================== You’ll get all the Team Bugbear Member goodies and a really, really exclusive t-shirt only available for limited time as well as a physical boxed copy of the PC game, not to mention a whole lot of other cool stuff! Please see the rewards chart for full contents.
Estimated delivery: May 2014

The sneak peek demo going be release next month after Kickstarter is over Dec 1. :)

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Purple44 Nov 2 2013 says:

Bugbear has found a way to have a Kickstarter page for Next Car Game ( working tittle ), Bugbear new derby/racing game they are working on.

If you want to see a bunch of new pics from Bugbear, visit my thread here:

Or go straight to: "Next Car Game: A Motorsport With Attitude!" Kickstarter page and read up on the new details about NCG and maybe show Bugbear your support with a pledge and if Kickstarter goal is met, Bugbear will release the sneak peek next month. :)

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Purple44 Oct 26 2013 says:

Hmmm, I just notice there no moddb link to updated Gold edition of FOv3 mod that Heddly did, here a link:

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Purple44 Sep 19 2013 says:

Here some new info about NCG pre-oders:
> website pre-order vs steam??

Joonas wrote:

crazychris4124 wrote:
i also posted this on steam but

will there be any difference between those who purchased on steam and those who purchased on your website?? i got the wrecker edition which gives me a bonus car

We're not sure yet how we're going to structure the Steam Early Access. Likely it's a one size fits all deal (low price and just the game); if you want the good stuff, you need to pre-order from us. We really prefer pre-orders from us as that leaves us with considerably more of the money.

Pre-orders from us do come with Steam keys now that we're through Greenlight (once we have a Steam build available, naturally).

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Purple44 Sep 18 2013 says:

In less than 2 weeks Bugbear "Next Car Game" has been Greenlighted by Steam!! :)

"This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam."

From Bugbear twitter page today:

BugbearEntertainment ?@bugbeargames 2h

We have been approved for a Steam release after a very nice and fast ride through Greenlight. Thanks everyone!

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Purple44 Sep 6 2013 says:

Bugbear "Next Car Game" is up for Greenlight over at Steam. Please go vote so NCG get Greenlighted and get listed in Steam store:

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Purple44 Aug 20 2013 says:

Thinks starting to heat up over at Bugbear site. This may finally be the week Bugbear make their big announcement about the "Next Car Game":

Quote from: Joonas Laakso on Today at 06:41:56 AM

There may be some news you're going to like soon enough regarding alpha testing.

From Bugbear chat box:

Joonas Laakso [20|Aug 05:08 AM]: Please do... we're very close indeed to showing what we're up to, but need a couple of more days

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Purple44 Aug 3 2013 says:

@ lazz3r

Could you open patch file in Notepad and then copy and paste into a post what in your patch file so I can take a look at it.

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Purple44 May 28 2013 says:

Be sure to download all 5 parts of community mod for Flatout 2:

FOJ Community Mod - Part 1 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 2 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 3 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 4 of 4 (carpack 2 )
Updates 2 for FOJ Community Mod for FO 2 (part 5) new tracks and derby pits

Then you can add carpack 3 or GRID\Fig8 trackpack or purplepack if you want too.

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Purple44 May 28 2013 says:

Be sure to download all 5 parts of community mod for Flatout 2:

FOJ Community Mod - Part 1 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 2 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 3 of 3
FOJ Community Mod - Part 4 of 4 (carpack 2 )
Updates 2 for FOJ Community Mod for FO 2 (part 5) new tracks and derby pits

+1 vote   download: FOJ Community Mod - Part 1 of 3
Purple44 Apr 28 2013 says:

"could please update the link we are in 2013 and no longer want to go over these cars "

Not sure what you are asking, are you asking we put out a new carpack for our Community mod?

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Purple44 Feb 26 2013 says:

Here it is, our first taste of what Bugbear been working on:

Jukka Merikanto >> First teaser trailer out now:

Be sure to visit Bugbear forum, "Next Car Game" and see what players are saying about Bugbear new racing\derby game:

And her link to Moddability thread:

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Purple44 Feb 20 2013 says:

Had a thought today, so started a new thread over at Codemasters GRID 2 forum:

New idea about derby racing and GRID 2.

I just had a thought after reading some posts about derby racing not being in GRID 2 over at GRID facebook page and got an idea.

Hmm, since online will follow it own path, Codemasters how about giving us Derby racing just online? Since it don't seem to fit in with the offline career mode.

I'm thinking Codies drop derby racing because they did not think it would fit in with the world series racing theme for offline mode. But online, would it be a problem to have some derby racing??

And if can not get derby racing online into GRID 2 before release in May, could Codemasters please release a derby racing DLC with some figure 8 tracks and a few cars. The UK has banger race, base DLC on that. I'm sure there be a lot of players willing to buy this DLC!!

What your stats say on how many players derby race online with GRID 1? Over 50% do some derby racing?


You Flatout fans that like GRID 1 derby racing online and ya like my idea, go post over at GRID 2 forum. :)

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Purple44 Feb 8 2013 says:


Bugbear looking for some new track ideas:

Track ideas (photothread)

Jukka Merikanto > Hi,

We are currently in pre-production and gathering ideas for our remaining tracks (we have few ready) and I thought you might want to participate in that. I have seen some great photos you have posted here and would like to gather them under this thread.

So what would you like to see in our tracks?


Here your chance to influence what track(s) will be in the next Bugbear racing game.

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Purple44 Mar 17 2012 replied:

Now new game maker Gamepires is doing the right thing, they just release a public beta demo of their new racer, Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage. You can download beta demo here:

And here link to FOJ Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage thread:

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Purple44 Mar 17 2012 says:

It sad to report that the release of Flatout 3 went badly, since FO3 was release as a beta thanks to Strategy First and the online is still broken after 6 patches. Heddly did a good post to sum things up:

Since the launching of the FO3 "Titanic" we have been trying to keep it afloat but the patches for the hull have not arrived in time to prevent the sinking. Team6 did their best to save the ship but currently is grounded off the coast of Strategy First.

A spokesman for the Strategy First authority has not returned calls for assistance. SOS (· · · — — — · · ·) LOL

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Purple44 Dec 12 2011 replied:

Ronnie from Team6 is now answering questions at the Steam Flatout forum. :)

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