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Purgatid @ Fallout 3 Version 10

Oh, okay, thank you for the quick reply. I love your mods immensly since I'm into survival RL, and obviously into gaming too. RL you can live without food for three weeks, and about two days without any water. That time shortens of course if you're leaping about like we tend to do in fallout. Ideally, the days would be longer in the game, and needs wouldn't deplete quite as fast as they do in v10, if we're going for realism I mean.

v10 is a bit too hardcore for me, I die too quickly from the depletion of my needs, so I reverted back to v9 and just drop weapons I think the char can't carry, and drop ammo I think he doesn't have room or strength to carry.

Mind you, I am NOT complaining. I don't know how to mod, and I wouldn't presume to know how hard it is to mod, and even if I did know I wouldn't give you orders since (I assume) you're doing this for free because you like it.

Great work though. Your mods transformed Fallout 3 from a great game to a game that, even if it's an old game, easily outrivals all the new games I got from steams sale. GF is practically a single woman because of your mods. Heh.

Again, thank you for making these mods.

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Purgatid @ Fallout 3 Version 10

Have I made a mistake installing this mod, after I installed V9.1? My char dies without food in less than a day (END and STR 6). I made a char and barely made it to megaton without dying of starvation (the starvation began in the vault). Is it supposed to go that fast?

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