Hey. You reached my...home/profile on Desura...not much to say more then I'm a gamer. My picture is awesome. Its why I chose it. Uh yeah that's about it.

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Lugaru: The Rabbit's Foot

Game review - 1 agrees

I found this game was amazing. I mean martial arts and skeletal structures rule.


Ristorante Amore

Game review

The Stanley Parable

Mod review

Mount & Blade: Warband

Game review

This game is the bomb. I made so many characters in this game. A king. A fallen prince. A murderous mercenary. This game has amazing gameplay and the mods are freaking sweet!


Project Zomboid

Early access game review

- Focused on survival and not mass genocide of zombies
- Keeps me trying to live even thought I die anyways
- Huge map
- Sandbox mode is really fun

- Lack of Med-Kits
- When your noise dies down, zombies still follow you as if you were running or shouting.

But in retrospect the game was really fun and I hope to see more updates soon