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No More Room in Hell

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Notes: Surrender Cut

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A well made looking mod brilliant visuals and generally good level design through out. However gameplay was very subdued not being complex enough for a serious thriller E.g Farenheit or Heavy Rain. And not enough action to be a great FPS. I do love how you have experimented in creating a mod that has attempted to take a more down to earth story line using drama of everyday life however the story is not very well though out and complex enough. I would really like to see a reboot of this mod with a more complex story line. Also i would try to get someone to translate the english correctly as it is there are quite a few Grammar issues through out the narration this lead to the story for me being difficult to follow. However all that being applaud your attempt to be different to all the other Source shooter mods and hope to see more mods like this.


Pirates of the Caribbean

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