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Łagi Aug 4 2014 replied:

its not

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Łagi Feb 21 2014 replied:

Exigo has a lots of interesting units and game mechanics concepts.

Just a pity that it copied painfully many thing from Warcraft 2/3 and Starcraft (ofc eleven archer as main range unit (IDK it ****** me off), fallen as zerg-copy-paste), have screw late game (eco, too much units for control), flying units stacks in one spot creating one mega-overpowered unit, the best tactics was always gather all troops and take enemy bases one by one and was unbalanced(OP clerics with healing, weak Beast race).

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Łagi Sep 14 2013 says:

RavenWolf maybe you would start your own Kickstarter project?

I would pay 10$ (or 7 euro) just for next version (1.7) for sure.

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Łagi May 7 2013 replied:

Terran and Protoss can produce only one unit (worker:SCV or Probe) in Main building (CCener or Nexus). What for they need 2 rally points?

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Łagi May 5 2013 replied:

here is also some tutorials
and here

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Łagi Apr 10 2013 replied:

I didnt know that. 8 - /
I always thought Comp have just lot of spare resource and spending it slow.
So AI is not so smart as I thought? : D

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Łagi Apr 7 2013 replied:

After few Zerg game, I think you shall rather consider DEcreasing Spawning pool time/cost.

[or maybe my zergling rush just suck :D]

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Łagi Mar 24 2013 says:

Today I solved how to play Revolution in Win7 64bit, with no graphic issues.

1. Lame: in windows open Screen Resoultion panel (r-click on desktop) and just run SC Revolution.exe.

2. add this to registry (double click;yes;ok), in my case 64 ver:
unfortunately, the Rev main screen (hydra&zelot) is still corrupt, but its gone if you together do 1. open the screen resolution panel.

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Łagi Mar 11 2013 says:

How about Queens skill Fungal Scourge (inject parasite that destroy one ground unit and leave green cloud) could also hit&kill air unit?

This way it would be a nice counter against Science Vessel harassment (come, irrad, escape).


Tweak Ensnare so it work better vs air unit (like 10% speed or even immobilized).

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Łagi Mar 11 2013 replied:

no_bullets are damm right
Sentry Plasma surge is better in use than recharge from shield (aoe, cheap, mobile, no need to click specyfic unit).

Surge its also too cheap 75 energy only! While Sentry have 200 potentional total Energy. Noob player like me usually have more than 3 Sentry in heat zone. So group of units gets recharged in no time.

Let it cost more than 100 - like 110. So Player can use it only once and have to wait a little.

Plasma Surge affect only ground units (its good), so maybe Shield can auto recharged nearby flying units (or ground also)? Less micro, more usefull. Act like terran medic.

I'm not sure about healing, for me its not suit Protoss gamestyle.

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Łagi Mar 11 2013 replied:

In my comp they player color turn black (it looks fine).

IMO Dragoons overload ability should be a reserchable add-on in Cybernetic Core.

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Łagi Feb 17 2013 replied:

Not me (however I would like to), but how would you like to play (by hamachi, garena or smthing?)

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Łagi Feb 17 2013 replied:

I do not want to be rude, but watching this is waste of time. Its not even a little bit like "review". Lots of carrier and BC, finishing game that already has been won.
In which language it is?

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Łagi Feb 13 2013 replied:

From my exp. from Rev.1.5 Zerg is the weakest race.
Zergling rush is (was?) futile. Marine/FB have +5/+10 HP compare to vanilla. Bunker have +10 HP. SCV AutoRep function also not helping zerg. Moreover it's very easy now to do the Terran rush vs Zerg (!), mostly because of better FB concussive dmg. % threshold. So I really hope that the extra mineral give zerg some boost.

RavenWolf will probably give extra starting workers (6?) instead of extra minerals in the future.

edit: I like 2 Drone morf at start.

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Łagi Feb 12 2013 says:

Start is significantly more dynamic! (scv ai, 100 mineral)
Enginner Bay req. for ComSat is far more better than barrack. However still Terran can almost freely spam with scaning.
Reactor is finally profitable.
Valkyrie is useful now. BCruisers are now able to be shoot down be Valkyries.
Tank!! at least I was waiting long for such nerf.
In my opinion terran is still OP (compare to zerg, not play Prot much), but not so much as before.

Great change, I really admire the way this mod develop.

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Łagi Nov 1 2012 says:

According to my calendar is November.

= ; - ]

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Łagi Oct 12 2012 says:

Great work! Its work like wall-gate?

Ekhm... Burrowed supply can be shoot be ground attack without detection?

I think if you put bars in side fans in extra suppies grp, it would be more clearly to distinguish regular supply from the upgraded one.

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Łagi Oct 12 2012 replied:

Upgrades, are ok. It shouldn't work like that you upgrade your units at start, upgrades suppose to give an choice: "more units or upgrade?". Try to play Armies of Exigo, in this game you maximaise upgrades, before even sending units too serious fights - which break gameplay.

Which units? The times are quite fine, I even said that some (f.ex. Marines from Barracks with Reactor) are producted (trained?) too fast.

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Łagi Sep 2 2012 replied:

The medic healing speed always look irrational for me. The marines are healed faster than recieved damage and all this when enemy shooting with all power. It also negate stimpack drawback (which is not good to gameplay). I would insist (if anybody cares) to slowing down the healing proces.

I am not sure whether Reactor add-ons is OP. From one side it prevent from build other units but Player usually have more than one Barracks. I would vote for little decrese the bonus speed to production.

SCV still have Hold Postion after move?! ITS MARVELOUS! You (or someone who did it) are genius. Restoration have AoE ! Hurray now I have a chance to cure some unit in the battle chaos. Upgrades which increase energy regeneration speed are good. Stormravens has nice passive skill icon, add it also to another units.

Blinding Nova should have bigger animation effect. Its should looks like rays from the center. Now its like spark.

Blinding Nova should not be the ability for Stormraven's, this unit is too common. Its like giving Irradiate to Marines.

Ghost with Shields? Terran will have a shields upgrade?

Firebat are OP with Incinerator Gauntlets, IMO you should not change concussive damage. I would give him instead ability which significantly increase the explosion damage when Firebat die: "Chlorine Trifluoride Fuel" additionaly will increase splash range. You can also change the FB flame colour to blue after upgrade (IMO its cool).

Valkyries should have some new ability. Terran dont have any good air units against ground (besides BC but its expensive), so maybe some boost in this direction (this Napalm?).

Fusion Core is only to invent Yamato for BC? I hope you put there something more.

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Łagi Sep 2 2012 says:

Can you increase a little Resolution to view bigger part of map?

Could you add command to select next idle worker (like press ",")?

Could you make to hold down button A or Ctrl, which altered the command on Right Mouse button from Move to Attack? I know it from Tzar where it work flawless.

I few times click accidentially Salvage on bunker. Can you hide it behind new window, like Adv.Building, so I have to click two times?

What Configure Add-ons do? The building just fly over the add-on.

Science Vessel can be build without Science Facility (Personally I never like SV graphic, would apreciate if you change it).

Academy still have Restoration, while Medic's have Restoration Spray (Spray? Its sounds ridiculous).

Can you make some ability to be use only once when few of the same type of units are selected (like Yamato with BC's or Blinding Nova with Storms)?

Could you prevent air units from stacking? Or increase the speed of scattering.

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Łagi Sep 2 2012 replied:

The Smoke Granades suppose to work like Defilers Dark Swarm, but implementing Blinding Nova can do the job (why dont stay on original name Optical Flare?), and IMO will work great as support ability.

If you add Afterburners and Vortex Shock-bombs (what it suppose to do? simple damaged ground?), the Dropship will be fine.

I cannot find anything called diamondback in Terran (maybe its in another race).

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Łagi Sep 1 2012 replied:

2) IMHO Terran don't have any good unit to break through the enemy base defences. The Siege tanks are left behind because of they artilery role. The simplest would be just to put some hiper-duper-tank, but I think more subtle (and in the Terran style) solution would be to add some land armoured infantry transporter.

Main advantage of armoured track would be his armour which grants great protection (armor like 4 + 3, medium size, to gain more protection from explosions) from weaker units. Will have no attack at all, only some Smoke Granades (3 uses per unit) to support. Land transporter are cheap and not technology demanding unit, so with HP like 200, I would valued him at 100 minerals per units and no gas.

The load/unload would be immidiatly (like in bunkers) so it give advantage (dropped infantry near the enemy towers, second line units (Siege Tanks) or workers) over Dropship (on the other side land transport are not capable to cross water). Transporter would be able to take 6 infantry units and will take all 8 slots in Dropship, so it would be no cheated cargo space on Dropships. Infantry would not be able to shot from inside or use abilities (like Medic heal).

3) Begining in SC is rather boring, you always have to wait until you produce enough workers to start building. So why not increasing the number of starting workers to 8 (f.ex) or the starting minerals to 200 (so i can queue 4 scv's)?

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Łagi Sep 1 2012 says:

At first big Thanks for all your works. Auto repair for SCV is something I always wanted for Terrans. The whole gameplay is better now. If you dont mind (sorry for the wishes) I would suggest some thing for the Terran faction (I played only with them).

1) Dropship with only transport role are insufficient. Very offen after big desant invasion player become with useless now transports. If Dropship can drop units, so as well he can dropped some bombs.

I propose to make an 2 new upgrades: first that allow every Dropship to 2 times dropped napalm, which burn on AoE for a while causing rather minor damage (Concussive Damage good vs lots of small units), handy to close some corridors or cut enemy escape routes.

Upgrade in Factory Tech Labs Add-ons "Napalm Strike": Create AoE wall of fire that deals Concussive Damage to land units for some time.

or second: dropped smoke granades (also 2 times) that covers units from ranged attacks.

Upgrade in Factory Tech Labs Add-ons "Smoke Granates": Create AoE smoke. All units inside can not be targeted (as well can not target) by enemy further than 2 lenght (maybe more).

So It can also be used to blind artillery on hills and cover your desant inside the base.

Of course normal explosion bomb can handle it too, but its not so finesse and dont fit to SC gameplay IMO.

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