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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

does chrono boost affect upgrades speed?
could you make chrono boost to speed up also Carrier and Reaver sub-unit production?

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

confirm Warden bug

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

Templar, I thought you're lost interest. nice to see your post.

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Łagi @ Let the wounded lie

"wounded lie"?!

would you include intermediate health leveles?

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Łagi @ Version 2.0 is finally here!

3rd protoss early unit to choose among would be very welcome. Dragoon and Sentry are doubling each other role currently. I would vote to move Dragoon to mid game (range upg, overload, explos dmg, could be more bulky +HP/shield, mid-game= rarer appearance =less micro problems).
3rd unit should take support role. Maybe High Templar? With psionic storm and archon morph coming late game. Hard to say if hallucination as only function is a good step. Or add new early unit for Gateway? If you are capable of doing so/ or have some unit source. You could mix protoss infantry GRP to gain new model.

optic flare for medic, yes please.
Let me ask about "Restoration" - is canceling enemy Stimed infantry with Res an option?
[or removing other enemy buff. Cleaning air from Defilers cloud would also open new counters.]

Ravager split range proposition is a good change. Toxic Cloud is rad. Ravager is not half as fun anti-air without it.

understand Queen gameplay reason - change is good.
Maybe Queen Nest could become basic structure? Liar require Queen Nest instead of spawning pool? And to do all upgrades in Nest you need Liar evolved?

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

its definitely faster compare to others: AoEmpiers, Total Annihilation, C&C.

I rarely use late game unit like BC, Ultralisk, Devourer, if I do not already win the game. Adding 1 tier above is needless.
its reckless coping SC2 units, for the sake of having more units. [ and even if, who will do or the job with importing graphics? you?]

Morph, transform, reconstruct - those are only words. The function is the same.

F.ex. already RavenWolf add shield to Ghost. Add it feels really out of place. While technology is exclusive to protoss, they gain characteristic, strong identity. If you gave each side same tools. The game will go into direction to be like Warcraft 2 or Age of Empires. With identical tech tree and units. Only different graphics.

If I'm not the creator, then I'm not allow to criticize your suggestions?

I dont perceive my post as rude. Being too polite, render ones answer less clear, less understandable.
Also maybe You are too sensible, and take personally, meaningless comment on forum?

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

why only 3? why not 30? why not transforming immortal to mega-dragon-zord big as half screen?

because its rubbish. Go try other SC1 mod, f.ex. Burning Crusade, it has 3x slightly different terran faction with ripp off graphic from SC2 - "its very cool".

what is good is quality of units. You dont need 20 different marine units with different colors and different damage bonus. You need single unit that take some specific role OR one unit that can do many things, be used with many tactics.

If you start adding more units. Some of the old unit function become weaker or obsolete.

dont worry RavenWolf know SC2 units and lore very well.

3 morphs Mutas; sc is a quick game. Would anyone in serious game have time to go Broodlord?

Adept: there is already sentry with burst (or concussive) damage. AND blink.

also if you start giving each fraction all similar abilities or units, the faction lose their identity.
If f.ex. dragoon start to morph into immortal - it feels "zerg"y.

mhm...and I want SC Revo to cure cancer.

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Łagi @ Version 2.0 is finally here!

Zerg race is awsome! All changes are really well thought out, balanced and just feels good. It's best designed race in Rev mod.

Roach with sneaky movement - i love it. Roach morph to Ravager, complete this new unit. Ravager has right skills. Fungal bomb is a great tools with many applications and also with defenses against it. Toxic cloud its divine to contaminate air unit cluster (Muta, Overlords).

However, I would increase Fungal energy cost and reduce Toxic Cloud, to make Toxic come to use sooner. You can plan your Fungal attack. With Toxic Cloud you very often want to use it in defense, when your taken by surprise, so you dont have enough energy. Also fungal is more powerful IMO.

Ravager range upgrade. +2 is a lot, if its to increase AA capabilities then why not +1Gnd/+2 Air?

It would be good to have energy upgrade for Ravager (unless I'm missing something that is in another structure).

Zerglings versatility = morph to banenlings or scourge is great and useful a lot. I always adjust my army composition before attack/defense, and this is great, I love it.

Queen - its understandable that zerg need detector. But building queen nest after already gain access to this unit is odd.

Some story is with terran Science Vessel, and here is no reason (comsat) to allow building "Egg" without SFacility, all the more SFacility dont require Starport anymore.

I think it would be funny to give zerg some interaction option with map creeps (yellow circle). Dont know eat to gain heal? hatch larva eggs inside? It would be as often use as infesting terran :D.

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod

I'm completely against importing full pallette of SC2 units into SCRevo.

Current scope of unit is sufficient. Adding any new require carefulness to not made some unit useless or obsolete.

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Łagi @ Version 2.0 is finally here!

I have played 1.6 few times recently.

small FB with 14 burst=>normal dmg are OP. I manage to kill 12x dragoons (produced one by one in enemy unguarded base) with single FB with 1x Medic support.

BUT it would be more balanced in 2.1 if medium* Firebat get back his previous damage.

*Size small=>medium is a significant nerf, that reduce FB tanking capabilities a lot. FB taking more damage from all core range units (explosive: dragoon, hydralisk, siege tank). Range unit can easier concentrate many attacks at single target, so HP boost is not helping FB as much as % dmg reduction. Dragoon using Overload behind obstacles (in base) with range upgrade, hurts red arsonist even more.

it would end with FB taking more damage, and dealing more damage.

let range upgrade give +1 range vs ground units/ +2 vs air. To be more anti-air and less frustrating to deal with for ground forces. +2 jump is a lot.

Move dragon to Robotic Facility, and let sentry with Burst take early, range role in Gateway. Currently with overload, explosion dmg & AA it fit a lot better as mid game unit. Robotic Facility would gain visually attractive unit (animated limbs).
Give 2.0 Dropship blind skill to medic. Optic Flare reducing range.
I very often has nothing to do with Medics (like with Dropships) and see here a good gap to insert some funny micro application. Like counter insane Dragoons, Hydras, Tank range during base attacks. Or work out an advantage for air combats (when Medic is idle).

1.if with repairing nanobots
I was thinking about how interesting would be to repair protoss enemy mechanical units. Like severely damage dragoon is Nanobot'ed to stop shooting at cargo drops, which is somewhat beneficial in the same time to him and his opponents :).

2. cloak - this skill remove all the risk from doing deep landing. Enemy can not at all intercept terran transports, nor hunt them down.

3. Starport - I would really welcome no-techlab req. for faster access to dropships. All bio drops are limited by time. The later you do it the less efficient they are.

Currently you rather flying with your facilities than transporting units. Is odd that I cannot use my units that I create at another islands and need to rather fly over with my factory.

After my base is attacked, if I escape with Starport. I'm time penalized to do ground counter-strike, by need to creating Starport add-ons to produce transports.

Personally; medium FB is taking more cargo space, and quick 1st dropship desant is no longer an viable option. Which force me to stick with Marine+Medics.

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Łagi @ Minimum zoom


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Łagi @ first epic-battle

what a funny barrel on the left-bottom.
look awesome.

I back to Drums of War. I dont use acceleration potion, and damm this game is super fun. recently I discover how funny is to push enemy units (troll, cavalry). I feel that aspect of pushing enemy is not used enough in Warbanners.

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Łagi @ Warbanners on Greenlight!

level up select improvment:
+10% hit chance - more hits each game
+3 stamina - did it ever drop to 0?
+10% magic resistance - when was the last time it was useful? right never

there is no choice, only noob trap.

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Łagi @ Battle on the graveyard

looks decent

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Łagi @ Version 2.0 is finally here!

Medium FireB, its nice touch (even if I dont like it :) ).

One firebat do about 4/5 damage for the enemy building, not ~12.

Shields not take full dmg? You want to reduce FB dmg if its burst? I would refrain from that. Take into account double victim armor.

Rather FB will have a chance to kill some protoss units other than Zealots.

is there other difference between burst and concussive, than dmg threshold 100/75/50 ?

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Łagi @ Version 2.0 is finally here!

"Firebats finally found their place as front line units. With increased stats and cost, can stand in fights longer, the medium size modifier makes them stronger against concussive and burst attacks."

I disagree, unless you speak about FB in Rev1.6.

Firebat do not work well in front line. To stand in fights longer he need to DO DAMAGE, otherwise he will not chase away anybody. Medium size (transport space), increased cost, barrack reactor (=more marine) reduce Firebat numbers. Also Hydra and Dragoon do now more damage to FB! Sentry outrange FB very easily. Surprisingly Fire is not effective against structures.

Firebat damage are pathetically weak. His 2x9(=double target armor) vs large unit or building will deal 4 dmg or less if large opponent out-armor our weapons.
(9-1[armor])*2 = 16 * 25% => 4

4 -> its better to attack with SCV's !
And damage is the very reason why Firebat is useless.

I adore this unit, nevertheless it have a very, very limited application. 3 to be precise:
1. Base defense against early Zerglings (deceptively, hopefully with not too much Banelings),
2. defense against Zealot rush,
3. drop to kill exp workers.

Vanilla flamethrowers are only good vs zerglings. Versus zealots they at most mediocre.

did I mention his other weaknesses? noAA, melee range, gas req.?

from Rev1.6 I remember how nicely useful become Firebat with Incinerators. They start to do some damage. Normal 18 damage were a little too high, for a group of 8 unit with stims, but Firebat was useful at overcoming base defenses and razing structures at deep landing rides. And he was not ridiculously IMBA, because has no-AA, melee range, low HP, bio make them susceptible to lots of skill - there were tons of counters.

First of the vanilla Concussive damage threshold is **** up. 100/50/25% type for only 3 terran unit. small unit has low HP, why give some unit such a big boost against it? On the other way, you end with little damage vs large unit and buildings.

when you think about it, explosives 25/50/100 and Concussive 100/75/50 make more sense. SiegeTanks from 55 do only 12 splash to zerglins? ling would have chances at least. I would ditch Concussive all over, and balance ghost,vulture and firebat around burst 100/75/50. Firebat 2x8*, Vulture 16, Ghost 10 (he has Sniper skill).

*incinerator gauntlets granting normal dmg type was fine upgrade

but if it has to stay "old way":
If Firebat have native, passive damage (+10) boost versus buildings (like Banelings), it would stay useful at overcoming bunkers, sunken colonies and photon canons. Fire demolishing structures feels right.

some other solution could be changing FB initial damage into Explosive type

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Łagi @ facilitates interface...

right, its better with paper

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Łagi @ gameplay video

Give me access to beta, I will paid for it.

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Łagi @ facilitates interface...

сладкий Иисус ортодоксальный

I didnt think it will look such good. It looks "natural" and there is not too much garbage icon on the screen.

Units are nicely exposed.

Still I didnt like the big AP numbers, could you do some experiment with removing the paper-scroll background at least?

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Łagi @ SC Revolution Mod 2.0

Dragon overload is fun. I laugh when enemy Immortal gets "angry" and I move my troops away, then coma back in a while and shoot down helpless "spidey" :D.

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Łagi @ facilitates interface...

this is massive improvement in UI clarity. I see unit now. I even start to like the game looks now.

shield-men has a metal shield. They looks like cheap unit, maybe you could give them wooden one?

enemies (orks) looks like blurred stain, its hard to distinguished where they have arms, where torso. Maybe on game it looks better.

little green arrow (unit facing direction), looks odd.

maybe you could remove green arrow. And highlight green/red hex frame at the one side the unit is facing?

line colors in my mock up are too bright, but you should get the idea.

I try somewhere to remove the hex frame and leave only front line - I think it could be a good change.

there is a BIG contrast in right panels icons esthetic.

there are some dark toned skulls, or skills at the bottom - looks decent.
Change please: heart into blood drop.

there is also ugly green magic resist symbol (i belive) under plate armor icon - what that suppose to be?

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Łagi @ battle in village

you can use small and big marker = 3x small
1 AP = x
2 AP = xx
3 AP = X
4 AP = Xx
5 AP = Xxx
6 AP = XX
7 AP = XXx

at least you could hide all zeros AP. (same idea like with health bar).

opposite team AP info, during your turn:

numeric AP, provide only one info for the player - if enemy has evasion +1 or not. But this information is useless, because player dont know the base value of enemy defense.

so if enemy has ?+1 evasion, player need to R-click (or hover mouse over) enemy to check the evasion value ANYWAY.

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Łagi @ Army camp, with units

dont forget to include button : "buy all previous"

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Łagi @ information about unite on a hover

brilliant idea with Stamina recovery. In theory.

so if unit has 2 spare AP, and gets attacked 3x times he get
+1 ev, +1 ev and 3rd attack without +1 ev?

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Łagi @ Army camp, with units

healing potions looks a little too good. Unit with 20 hp regain instantly 50% hp.

now imagine heavy armored unit (some hero), you spend all your units actions in this turn do deal him minor damage. And then in next turn opponent just drink potion and his perfectly fine. Isn't this annoying?

it also diminish benefit from healer units. Why include medic (priest whatever) in your team, if you can just give everybody red bottles? (I remember this from Fallout Tactic, devs try to introduce doctor archetype).

please, put in mind that You are not making rpg, but tactic game.

In DoW you need also to spend your turn for drinking, this mechanism is not my favorite, but it balance the benefit from potions very well.

I dont know how it would be in play, need to test.

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Łagi @ information about unite on a hover

what is the benefit of keeping AP in opponents turn?

1st point increase defenses (in drums of war)
and 2nd?

saving 2 points increase your defense and grant one more AP in your next turn?

how about:
victim use 1 point of saved AP versus each of attacks. If still has spare 1 or more AP at the end of turn. He gain additional +1 AP in his turn.

this way: many aggressors can neutralize high defense unit with extra +1 def (its inbalance in DoW). AND victim as well may spare more AP if he predict to be attacked by more attacks.

spared AP could also work versus spells and increase magic defense.

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Łagi @ World map

What is the purpose of map and line?

can player choose his way? or decide where to go next?

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Łagi @ battle in village

could you try to put markers instead of 2,1,0 ?

I mean when unit has 2 action points, it show two markers f.ex. ᐁᐁ
when has 1 AP - it show ᐁ. If has 0 zero, then nothing is display.

instead of all this big 0 zeros on half of the unit would be nothing.

A propo, why do opposite site has visible number of AP anyway? its system "I go with all unit then you go with yout all" isn't it?

Also full health bar could not be display. this way player know;
no HP bar = unit in perfect condition, not damaged.
it "clean" the interface and is more informative.

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Łagi @ A few words... and new gameplay video!

moving all your units at once is WORSE than single units alternately.
Because of
1. combo massacres - all vs one. 2. boredom - i have to move all units at brain use
3. less couter-act'ing ability

animation slow down the game. I would turn them to instant in my very first game (will not spend a second at admiration)

gods of RND, scroll-able battlefield?! ok

besides i would pay you rather to upgrade Drum Of War, than doing next game.

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