Hi. I'am a Amiga lover. I loved a lot Amiga and all around it. I've learned how to program and paint, known friends, Fidonet: even when there was no internet. So I want do to do something, for free, for everyone, to spread a bit my enthusiasm. Amiga no longer exists, seize only the spirit of people like me. Creativity, uniqueness, fun: this is the rule for everithing you make. Do not you fail! I've done something for you, and for those are looking for ingame musics for Amnesia (or not). The whole package it's available for everyone, check my posts.

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FUGA (Released)

Mod review


Mod review - 4 disagree


1. Missing textures
2. Missing blocks (you fall out of the map).
3. Lag (very uge maps)
4. Nonsense maps, boring maps.
5. Bad usage of the lights, all are very dark.
6. Pointless large amount of teleporting doors/portals.
7. You've to merge a large amount of textures randomly in your Amnesia installation, without the possibility to deinstall (this flood your hard drive and compromise other mods).
8. Flashback very long and boring (you can do a dinner in the middle), you've to read and wait minutes and waste your lifetime for this ********.

Quitted after 10 minutes, bored to be teleported with another non sense, very dark, and laggy map. Bored for the large amount of glitches: I falled out of the map so many times.

Pointless, boring, bugged, dirty installation.

In one word: Very bad.


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