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Really great mod.

However, it for the most part a slog-fest of looking where good' ol Fresh hid the exit to an area.

Quite honestly, I never legit figured out all the puzzles- since I most bypassed them by using Speed-run techniques, eventhough I'm not speed running.

For the most part, it was fun if not a bit dragging at some points.



Mod review

I like the mod... And finished it.

Though there was one part where there were trees and Assassins. Everytime I look at a Tree the framerate dropped.

And it was unfair in a way.

The mod isn't too 'actiony' till early late game.
Although I dreaded the parts of item gathering.

The level design is good, but it sometimes left me stumped sometimes, though I figure it out fairly quick. The mod is not really good at pointing where you wanna go next.

The part where the scientist guy died, it was sorta sad. And the train-ride ending had me on the edge of my seat.


Todesangst 2:Der Echte Feind

Mod review

A bit late in the review(since I made a playthrough of this a few years ago).

Anyway, I didn't expect this mod to be a Mission-based mod.
Which is kinda fun in a way but what bothered me is that the difficulty curve a the beginning needs to be adjusted.

Starting with soldiers that early? I can take it but there are just those times the game asks so much.

Finding the secret areas were also fun though. And entering the code for the training area secret and finding out whats in there was fun.

Hatchet throwing was also a neat idea, though I had accidents of using it while I was orienting myself with Training Mode(not shown on my series).
"Major Laceration Detected." Yeah, I had a laugh with that. I'm glad you guys added the detail for that.

All in all, it's a good mod. But there are times in which the game just asks too much from the player that they have to do multiple attempts(which in case my recordings) just to pass a certain area, which can be aggravating sometimes.

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