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precision_bomber May 28 2013, 10:43pm replied:

Multiple W3DLaserDraw Behaviors.

use it, learn it, love it.

+1 vote   media: Suika Laser Candidates
precision_bomber Jan 17 2013, 11:52am says:

oh hai.

I see you like Koumajou Densetsu.

0 votes   member: DreadGrimReaper
precision_bomber Jul 27 2012, 10:48am replied:

Friends of my Waifu?
Don't worry they wont attack anyone. Unless my Waifu tells them to.

+1 vote   media: Moon Assault - Map Layout
precision_bomber Jun 9 2012, 2:23am says:

Huh. If the turret swivels....
Wouldn't it hit the truck's wall panels. Removing the wall panels of the truck would make it less awkward looking.

-Either that or you make back part slightly bigger.

+1 vote   media: GLA Quad Cannon New Version
precision_bomber Mar 4 2012, 1:56am replied:

Currently, I have new image uploaded for the mod... Basically, it's me fiddling around with skinning the Tank Shell model.

+2 votes   member: precision_bomber
precision_bomber Feb 29 2012, 4:46am replied:

Touhou? It's a bit hard to make bullet patterns for ZH... Plus. I'm currently trying to make new Tank Shells. So far... I'm not getting anywhere.

Also making infantry have 'tank shell' shots is also a thing. Maybe I can use tank logic for it, but It's going to be hard.

+2 votes   member: precision_bomber
precision_bomber Feb 28 2012, 6:56am replied:

right now... I'm taking a break to get some ideas...

+2 votes   member: precision_bomber
precision_bomber Jan 25 2012, 10:54am says:

Heh. I tried.

1.middle of two guys, left side of front.
2.male twin 1, in the middle front, 2, at the right front.
3.two girls at the life side.
5.The farthest girl to the right of the picture

+2 votes   media: Its Time for the Insanely Hard Question!
precision_bomber Jun 9 2012, 2:14am says:

wat... Where's the other two turrets...

It would be awesome since the GLA are having "Zeerust" technology it could be awesome if each turret was Rotates and attack independently.

Like say, you have a Main Turret, then 4 smaller ones.
It would be too much work though but still I think its an awesome idea.

+1 vote   media: GLA "The King" Tank
precision_bomber Jun 9 2012, 2:01am says:

All you need now is a good skin... :3

+2 votes   media: Replace the Firebase
precision_bomber Jun 6 2012, 2:26am replied:

I was intending to bring all the High-Technologies to Laser General. Since SuperWeapons General's Support Powers are more on Firepower now, also the original name for the Flash Storm was supposedly Aurora Light Beam Storm. But I didn't want to use 'Aurora'.

+2 votes   article: Things to do next:
precision_bomber May 29 2012, 12:55pm replied:

Yes. I didn't say its dead...
It's just that its getting harder and harder with the new ideas I have in-store...

Probably gonna post an update tomorrow.

+2 votes   mod: Cutezome Technology Mod
precision_bomber May 18 2012, 12:33pm replied:

As many times as I scroll down to read your comment I think of your profile pic and it somewhat drives me insane.

+2 votes   member: precision_bomber
precision_bomber May 13 2012, 6:09am says:

Heheh... After Looking at your pictures...
I keeps saying 'ouch' for some reason...

+4 votes   member: LoliLover
precision_bomber May 6 2012, 1:20am says:

I liked the older one better though...

+1 vote   media: A New Particle Cannon
precision_bomber Apr 18 2012, 8:07am says:

Looks like the Orca-like unit from Generals 2's trailer...

+2 votes   media: still going
precision_bomber Apr 15 2012, 12:45pm says:

I'm somewhat interested what spurred this interest of making Anime characters for a mod that is looking for a much more realistic view of Generals.

Nonetheless, I'm no stranger to Anime-esque storylines and characters. Would they appear as units too? And have their own personalized Unit Cameo? That would be interesting. Custom campaigns would be interesting too.

+2 votes   media: StoryChara [Red Side]
precision_bomber Apr 3 2012, 12:58am says:

I like the Chibi Redguard.

+2 votes   media: [Concept] Basic China Infantry redesign
precision_bomber Apr 3 2012, 12:36am replied:

How 'bout Rainbow Dash Aurora?

+1 vote   media: An Update
precision_bomber Apr 3 2012, 12:33am says:

Jet Contrails?

+1 vote   media: When you see it III
precision_bomber Apr 1 2012, 6:55pm says:

Awesome Unit.

+1 vote   article: New Design for the Kaiser
precision_bomber Mar 30 2012, 5:21pm says:

Reminds me of the time I made a 4-barrel Inferno Cannon.
Abandoned Idea for now...

+1 vote   media: Conflagration Cannon
precision_bomber Mar 29 2012, 12:38pm replied:

It's an explosion spheroid that works like the EMP Spheroid without the EMP effect.

This is made by the Uchiseki Dome(Nuke Gen 5-star Special, replaces EMPulse). Which I still have't provided in the demo yet.

+1 vote   media: Uchiseki Dome Spheroid
precision_bomber Mar 24 2012, 6:37am says:

You could ask a lot of people around here for help.

+2 votes   member: kajinzer
precision_bomber Mar 23 2012, 7:56am replied:

You mean the faction names, do you? Or you don't have the Unicode for the text?

Oh well... Maybe soon there's going to be 'translation' patch.

+2 votes   download: CZDM 191ipd EARLY RELEASE 4
precision_bomber Mar 23 2012, 6:53am replied:

I was just randomly messing with the ParticleSystem XD.
Turns out if the 'ParticleName' is an 'EXCloud' instead of 'EXContrail' the game somewhat coverts into a stream like this.

Right now I'm experimenting using 'FireWeaponUpdate' on projectiles for more dramatic/devastating effects. See latest video.

+1 vote   media: Unintentional Effect with Toxin Barrage Shells
precision_bomber Mar 19 2012, 11:03am says:

Is this shown in MAX PARTICLES?
It seems it's not... There should be an awesome firestorm ParticleSystem here...

+1 vote   media: Napalm Storm Effect ingame
precision_bomber Mar 19 2012, 11:01am says:

A lot of people seem to like making the Overlord a much more cool looking tank.

Trying to do something with mod with Tank Gen's Overlord. In the past, my Overlord had 14 barrels, it had too many polys so I scrapped it.
I reduced it to 6 barrels. But, somewhat right now its still glitchy...

At least gave it 5 Modified Hell Fire drones to guard to aid it causing havoc to the enemy.

+1 vote   media: China Advanced Overlord
precision_bomber Mar 18 2012, 7:00am says:

<!> READ THIS <!>
I forgot to re-code Toxin General's Tanks, so THEY WILL be invisible but still appears on radar... Also, they are not 'selectable' for some reason, you can ONLY select them by dragging a box... But still, it's dumb commanding an Army of Invisible Scorpions.

I will make a patch fix for this.

+2 votes   download: CZDM 191ipd EARLY RELEASE 4
precision_bomber Mar 18 2012, 2:02am says:

2 vs 1 vs 1?

+1 vote   media: Various Mod Maps
precision_bomber Mar 18 2012, 1:59am says:

Looks like a map I would make.

+1 vote   media: Various Mod Maps
precision_bomber Mar 18 2012, 1:30am says:

Woohoo! Reminds me of BattleMasters...

+1 vote   media: Soviet: Chinese Type-69
precision_bomber Feb 19 2012, 1:38am says:


Somewhat I'm beginning to like her as a Character...

+1 vote   media: Late anniversary gift
precision_bomber Feb 6 2012, 9:52am replied:

Don't want to make it similar to the 'now-being-planned' Laser Gen Avenger...

Want to make it work like a Humvee+Rocket Buggy but retains it's role as the Avenger.

+1 vote   media: Tank General's Paladin
precision_bomber Aug 14 2013, 1:22pm says:

Wish you the best of luck! Godspeed, new management!

+1 vote   article: Mod under new management
precision_bomber May 7 2013, 12:46pm replied:

Its a screenshot, it captures the exact frame. So you wont be able to see the blur.
Unless you do fancy photoshop. Take note this is a video game.

+2 votes   media: BTR 5 Ukraine
precision_bomber Apr 14 2013, 4:13am says:

I always thought up of these as waffle makers, now this mod made it true. Good Job :3

+6 votes   media: "HPM Vehicle Standing by"
precision_bomber Mar 13 2013, 7:46am says:

Just re-size the Turret, I guess.

I'd prefer the render on an isometric view though.

+1 vote   media: M75 Cannon For Juhziz
precision_bomber Jan 20 2013, 9:29am says:

I really like the effort you put into models.

Unlike me where I just slap models on together to make something new... But then again, I wasn't aiming for realism.

+1 vote   media: KoreaT80U,BMP3
precision_bomber Dec 23 2012, 8:07am replied:

The Tentacles relied on Hearing to find their prey.

+1 vote   media: April Media Release
precision_bomber Oct 23 2012, 7:15am says:

Positron Cannon!

+1 vote   media: Archangel Firing Lohengrin Assault Cannons
precision_bomber Oct 21 2012, 12:58pm says:

Can it go back to a normal ranger?
Also, when it disguises itself, will it change weapons? or will it keep the same weapons?

+1 vote   media: Rangers Disguise
precision_bomber Oct 19 2012, 11:34am says:

What do you have against the Pink Army? :<

+1 vote   media: Radiation Bomb Win
precision_bomber Feb 5 2012, 11:06pm says:

Unless you want me to do such thing...

Paladins are Hero Units, btw. And It's hard getting a 'Gatling' Turret thing with it.

Anyway, I was never really planning an Anti-Air Paladin.

+1 vote   media: Tank General's Paladin
precision_bomber Jan 6 2012, 10:54pm says:

Just attack-move him to enemy bases few minutes later. *player defeated*

+1 vote   media: Xeno Force Mod Pictures
precision_bomber Jan 5 2012, 10:01am says:

Why do I feel that those are high-poly cylinders...

+1 vote   article: We are Back!!!
precision_bomber Nov 30 2011, 3:38am says:

This Commandset is from the Original Generals. It only has 12 commands.

+2 votes   media: New GUI Design
precision_bomber Oct 21 2011, 12:47am says:

The Nuke Effect Looks like something from Shockwave.

+1 vote   media: Remix Screenshots
precision_bomber Sep 19 2008, 10:59am says:

sucks, you need pak0.pak to make it work

+1 vote   download: Zone part 1
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