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Death Label(Generals: Zero Hour Mod)
-Status : THAWN OUT!
--Reasons : Free Time

Looking For: 3d Modellers
AI SCRIPTER! This is important.

One. I can do the script from scratch but THATS a lot of things.

Two. Scripting AI is a b**** sometimes, because if the AI can't accomplish something or failed to realize something then it stacks up CPU Cycles then crashes the game.

For example, Non-amphibious units trying to go over water, or if a certain unit they need does not spawn; this usually happens when you move tech around like say, Humvees are made in the Airfield now. The default AI still thinks Humvees come from War Factories and although they can build it from Airfields now, its stacks up Commands in the AI until its satisfied that it can build Humvees from War Factories.

Changing/Overhauling default unit behaviors also causes crashes, lets say your Humvee now acts like a Helix; The AI will still build the unit, but, here is the thing, like the former, if the original unit had a function the AI uses and you removed it then it stacks up then crashes.

Like I said before, I'm more than willing to make the new scripts but Its just a bit heavy for me now.

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