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Praz Apr 12 2011, 10:23am says:

No, these are simply the collection of used assets. You'll only need the Source SDK for decompiling and reconstruction.

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Praz Mar 10 2011, 10:18am replied:

This is a pre-alpha game build built in only 10 weeks.

The Rex animations are in-fact place holder (as are the character animations).

There will be 6 main systems that power the dinosaurs along with independent variables that we can attach on top.

There is currently only 1 system in place, which is the 'World' system. This system allows the dinosaur (T-Rex in this case) to understand his environments, know where he can and cannot go, as well as familiar that other players are on the map. The world system is roughly 70% finished in this video.

Once the other systems are added you will see the true capabilities of each dinosaur.

Hope that helped clear a few things up ;)

+2 votes   article: ORION: Prelude - GDC 2011 Gameplay
Praz Jan 11 2011, 1:53pm replied:

Ah I understand what you mean now.

Did not know that - thank you.

+1 vote   article: ‘Play With Devs’ January 2011
Praz Jan 10 2011, 9:24pm replied:

It relates to both the company ('Play With Devs' event) as well as our older product - 'ORION: Source Multiplayer Beta'. Also, slightly on top of that we are still in somewhat of a merger here and bringing over ModDB users to this new and updated profile.

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Praz Jan 9 2011, 9:01pm says:

No, you won't die if you go too high.

There is a fuel limit as well as a peak height. On top of that you'll have to be on the look out for Pteranodons that will swipe you out of the skies.

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Praz Jan 8 2011, 3:20pm says:


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Praz Dec 5 2010, 11:33am replied:

With each bit of change, you're always going to have some sort of division in terms of community reaction.

However, that being said - releasing free DLC / packs that allow the player to sub in older versions of characters is something that is not entirely out of the picture or out of the question :)

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Praz Nov 12 2010, 11:36am says:

No worries,

That was a placeholder T-Rex. You will be seeing the game version of the T-Rex soon. It is MUCH more bad *** :)

On that note, those characters were also placeholders and have since been re-designed for the game as well. You will be seeing the new humans even sooner!

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Director's Cut Trailer (2010)
Praz Nov 12 2010, 11:35am replied:

Hooked Gamers: So how exactly do you balance dinosaurs and humans? It must be difficult for the dinosaurs to catch up to and kill humans that have guns and jetpacks.

David Prassel: We've actually implemented systems that have pros and cons for each item in relation to the Dinosaur system.

For example, the T-Rex has horrible vision and a narrow line of sight. However, his sense of hearing is off the charts. Let's say that you are the 'Assault' class which comes bundled with our infamous Jetpack. You need to be smart about when to activate these around the T-Rex as if you do it at the wrong time it would mean certain death. Upon ignition of the jetpack, the combination of the blue flare and the high-pitch squeal of the jetpack will automatically alert a nearby T-Rex of your exact position and pretty much make you a locked target.

You'll notice in the EuroGamer Technology demonstration that they didn't jetpack until the very end. A lot of responses we get are "why didn't they just jetpack right away?". The answer is simply you won't want to if you are near a T-Rex - or unless you have no other option as it was in the trailer.

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Praz Nov 11 2010, 9:57pm replied:

We agree.

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Praz Nov 6 2010, 1:01am replied:

That seems to be the general consensus from what I've heard. Seems more like a quiet / underground platform. I am hoping this news post helps make other developers / companies aware.

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Praz Oct 28 2010, 9:29am replied:

There will be a significant amount of us participating.

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Praz Oct 28 2010, 12:37am says:

The public update that is currently awaiting authorization will explain it more.

But no, it's simply an invite to come play the Source Beta with us for one last time before we go in seclusion for the next few months.

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Praz Oct 25 2010, 8:04pm replied: +1 vote   media: Welcome to the (new) Incursion!
Praz Sep 23 2010, 11:16pm says:

You know we can't talk about the future game series ;)

Plus our current and immediate attention is directly on our flagship series, 'ORION'.

Regarding the performance. What you see is 100% real-time and in-engine. I can't say much but I will say that it is running better than the Source Beta. It will get even better once we actually start optimizing the performance and replacing some scenes with more efficient static meshes.

+1 vote   article: Spiral Game Studios - Gearing up for EuroGamer 2010
Praz Sep 8 2010, 1:29am replied:

Unreal Engine 3 tech.

The only reason it was posted on the Source Multiplayer Beta video page is because we are in the middle of the transition from ORION: Source Multiplayer Beta to ORION: Prelude. Once we make the full switch we will have this page link directly to the ORION: Prelude fan page (

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Praz Aug 27 2010, 11:29am says:

HUD is completely placeholder.

It was taken directly from the Source Beta (along with the temporary / placeholder Player Models seen in this picture).

Remember, this is all very early pre-alpha stuff. Everything will be improving significantly over the next few months.

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Praz Aug 25 2010, 5:08pm replied:

This was taken on the Unreal 3 Engine.

No longer Source-based!

+1 vote   media: ORION: Prelude - New Carrier Assault
Praz Aug 24 2010, 3:14pm replied:

We sure hope so! We appreciate the kind words - truly.

Prelude will be everything we've learned and (attempted) to perfect over the last decade. We are very excited about Prelude - and we hope the community will be just as excited if not more once we release tomorrows update.

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Praz Aug 20 2010, 1:27pm replied:

We hope so too :P

+1 vote   article: Beta 1.2a - Play Match (Today / Friday)
Praz Aug 20 2010, 8:41am says:

Looking forward to seeing you guys there - maybe you'll get to be in some of the screens ;)

+1 vote   article: Beta 1.2a - Play Match (Today / Friday)
Praz Aug 11 2010, 3:59pm replied:

Yep - if you'd read the press release it states what we will be using.

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Praz Aug 5 2010, 12:51am says:

That other concept was newer than this and better reflects the actual vehicle

+1 vote   article: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 09
Praz Aug 3 2010, 8:24pm says:

It's the plasma rifle. We've shown the Source engine version (that never made it into the public build) before:

+1 vote   media: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Day 08
Praz Jul 21 2010, 9:55am replied:


+1 vote   article: Orion: Source Multiplayer Beta is FREE & Standalone!
Praz Jul 21 2010, 9:55am replied:

It's most definitely a mod still. It doesn't have the features that could make it a true standalone and nothing we would ever charge any one for. It is simply an open beta.

+2 votes   article: Orion: Source Multiplayer Beta is FREE & Standalone!
Praz Jul 8 2010, 11:11pm says:

Extract it to your Steam/SteamApps/Sourcemods folder

+2 votes   download: Orion Beta 1.2a [PATCH]
Praz Jun 16 2010, 9:36am says:

Thanks Nozzy, can't wait to see you there!

+1 vote   article: ORION Beta 1.2 - Play with the Developers - WEDNESDAY MATCH
Praz Apr 13 2010, 9:36am replied:

It actually is in focus. I think the "movement" in the picture throws the effect off. During this moment I was "strafing" to the right which made the weapon sort of swivel towards the left a little bit (look at the iron sights). The effect actually makes it look not blurry where you are aiming but blurry everywhere around it for the most part.

You'll be able to better see what I am talking about with the release of Beta 1.2

+1 vote   media: Beta 1.2 #2
Praz Mar 12 2010, 12:54am says:

Is there a reason or something you aren't comprehending about what we are doing? I've already explained it to you twice, 117:

Quoted from where you complained about this elsewhere:


It's a private beta to conduct further beta testing on a larger scale. Network stress, etc.

We're continually updating .dlls upon each test.

Beta 1.0 = FilePlanet & IGN xclusive Beta that launched on Dec 13th. It was a week long beta.

Beta 1.1 was the patch that came out after the week-long FilePlanet & IGN Beta. There was over 40 game fixes and tweaks featured in this patch, as well as additional content and maps. This was what everyone who downloaded the Public Beta received.

Beta 1.2 is nearing public release.

Each beta was to have 2 patches each. So- 1.0 (Beta), 1.1 (patch), 1.2 (patch). Next would be Beta 2.0. Then 2.1, 2.2 then 3.0 and so on."

This is to prevent crashes and bugs for a cleaner experience. Settle down already.

+6 votes   article: Orion - Beta 1.2 - Play It First Competition - Wave 2
Praz Mar 11 2010, 5:48pm says:

Yes there will be more elaborate flags in future releases.

+1 vote   media: Beta 1.2 - Soon-To-Be-Released Wallpaper #2
Praz Dec 11 2009, 8:30pm says:

One could hope :p

+1 vote   article: Orion - Beta 1.0 Delay REDUCED!
Praz Nov 23 2009, 9:49pm says:

Exactly :P

+1 vote   media: Fileplanet - Exclusive Closed Beta Event!
Praz Nov 11 2009, 12:29pm replied:

Yeah I don't like that.

I distinctly remember a part while playing on the snow level of me running through the canyon towards an enemy and shooting at him. I noticed two enemies on the cliffs above me but they were focusing on some of my other teammates.

What happens next? For some reason every single enemy stops firing at my teammates and starts firing at me.


+4 votes   article: Orion - New Gameplay Footage!
Praz Oct 7 2009, 8:25am replied:

He was talking about the shotgun the the player ahead of me is holding.

+1 vote   media: Platest #006 - Screen 04
Praz Oct 4 2009, 7:53pm says:

Yep, it is Geode :P

Very neat map :)

+1 vote   media: Platest #006 - Screen 03
Praz Oct 3 2009, 12:53am says:

Scope textures - borrowed from neotokyo as placeholders. We will be implementing our custom ones shortly.

Full credit to NeoTokyo for the scopes featured in this video.

(you will see ours from the Sunday test).

+2 votes   media: Orion - Gameplay 2009
Praz Sep 30 2009, 1:22pm says:

Alien weapons might not actually make the first release.

It's a complete process, we just finished all of the human weapons.

What happened (long story short), when we ported from the Episode 1 engine to the Orange Box engine, it messed up alot of things, including all of the weapons. We had to go back, fix all the muzzle flashes, shell ejections, bones, attachments, textures, the entire weapon system (damage values, hitboxes, accuracy, bullet spread, etc), and then some!

So we just finished all of the human weapons. In the current beta, both teams (Human & Alien) both use the human weapon load outs. We are contemplating on releasing it like this to the public and then add the alien weapons shortly after just so the fans can start playing and wait for all the new content, fixes, and all that :p

+1 vote   media: Weapon Demonstration - Created by xXx
Praz Sep 9 2009, 9:40am says:

Oh I forgot to mention, this was all taken on my laptop with an integrated video card on LOW settings... so that texture is in fact much better.

+3 votes   media: 09-08-09 - Beta Playtest - Image 002
Praz Sep 7 2009, 12:33pm says:

Holy crap, you replied 7 seconds after I posted the image.

I want to know how.

+1 vote   media: Just an image to tide you over!
Praz Jul 9 2009, 6:03pm says:

does it only do one roar animation for you guys?
I think the video was cut off during upload.. there should be 3 different animations...


+1 vote   media: T-Rex Animation Sequences (Rough / Early)
Praz Jul 8 2009, 7:24am says:

they're not floating, its just been cropped to a point where you cannot see the hands.

+1 vote   media: Snippet #001
Praz Jul 3 2009, 4:09pm says:

We currently do not have it as a deployable weapon. Iron Sights give you an increase in accuracy and minimize recoil though.

+1 vote   media: Human Light Machine Gun
Praz Jun 1 2009, 5:40pm says:

Thats the old player model, you'll be seeing the new one in the newer shots.

We re-designed it because the very reason that one (above) resembled halo too much.

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Praz May 29 2009, 8:39pm says:

I'm back.

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Praz Oct 18 2005, 11:06am says:

Alone in the dark, I think you mis-read what I wrote.
I said every game I listed was a World War 2 game. I never said I listed every single world war 2 game.

+1 vote   article: Interviewed by Mod HQ
Praz Jan 10 2011, 9:29pm replied:

We missed you.

See you in next month's event??

+1 vote   article: Spiral Game Studios - 'Play With Devs' January 2011
Praz Jan 7 2011, 1:06am replied:

It's still a "BETA" because the latest version of the game is Beta 1.2. Meaning there have been 3 releases - 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2.

The mod was not complete, had no jetpack particles, no alien weapons, one game mode, no dinosaurs, no vehicles. So it was and still very much is a BETA - probably more of a public Pre-Alpha than anything.

+2 votes   mod: Orion: Source
Praz Jan 6 2011, 9:41pm replied:

Only certain ones are.

We are looking to change this in the earlier half of 2011. Check out for more information and updates about that.

+1 vote   article: January 2011 - Community Update
Praz Jan 6 2011, 12:37am replied:

Be there - or be square!

+1 vote   article: January 2011 - Community Update
Praz Jan 4 2011, 8:11pm replied:

We took down a few servers a couple of months ago. There are currently only 3 that are up now.

They are up 24/7. However, sometimes they need to be restarted as the cachce builds up. If you notice the game chugging when you join one of the servers, just come to the Spiral Community and let us know and we will restart it.

However, there are usually no players (as the product is no longer supported) and we are focusing on Prelude - so the best chance to actually "Play" the Source Multiplayer Beta is during the 'Play With Devs' gaming events.

Hope that helped ;)

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Praz Jan 3 2011, 10:17pm replied:

All that matters is that we get enough in order to keep doing this for a living ;)

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Praz Jan 1 2011, 6:30pm replied:

For ORION: Prelude - the dinosaurs are NPC-based.

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 31 2010, 10:41pm replied:

Not quite sure what you mean. If you mean from the sales of the game, quite a few people as a matter of fact:

Spiral Game Studios, the publisher, the angel investors, the other investors, the companies who own the platforms we release on, etc.

+2 votes   game: ORION: Prelude
Praz Dec 31 2010, 10:39pm replied:

We are aiming for a late 2011 release for all 3 platforms. There is still a chance that the PC version might release first. Details regarding pricing, release dates and any other information in that regard will be revealed as more time passes.

Right now we are publisher-free for Prelude. We are, however, currently in talks with quite a few publishers and finding the best fit. We will announce the publisher for Prelude as more details about that come to fruition.

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Praz Dec 30 2010, 3:29am replied:

We haven't released the official requirements (minimum / recommended).

However, if you look at Unreal Tournament 3 or games like Left 4 Dead 2 - it's in the same ball park. The game is running incredibly well.

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Praz Dec 28 2010, 6:47pm replied:

While the visuals are better (already) at this point, we still have many months of development to get it on par with where we want.

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 28 2010, 12:03am replied:

I can't tell if this is a positive or negative comment.. :P

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 27 2010, 10:20am replied:

There are 5 different pines in use there. Think of it as:
01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

01 being the healthiest, fullest tree. 05 being dead as a door nail with no pine needles.

It just depends on how you use them. The most detailed of the bunch (the healthiest) is still under 600 triangles. This allows for some very dense forests, which we prefer over going over and out with detail per-tree.

+3 votes   media: EuroGamer - Game Level
Praz Dec 26 2010, 11:58pm replied:

No sir - however, registration for the Beta is open.

Visit ( ) to sign up for it.

Beta goes live sometime (date not yet released) in 2011.

+1 vote   media: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal
Praz Dec 26 2010, 11:54pm replied:

You should be good to go. I manually activated roughly 300 forum accounts two days ago :x

If it isn't, let me know - and I'll see what I can do :)

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 23 2010, 3:47pm replied:

I do not even want to tell you how long I spent on each variable. The system was intense and overwhelming but COMPLETELY worth it. Takes tons of testing but you can rest assured I won't sleep until I get it right with Prelude either. And I'll say this - it'll be even better :)

+3 votes   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 23 2010, 2:16pm replied:

And just overall sandbox elements.

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 23 2010, 12:37pm replied:

Yes, we are going to go CRAZY with server options. We were really influenced with games with tons of server customization like the original Counter-Strike and Perfect Dark from Nintendo 64.

You will be able to disable abilities, give everyone jetpacks, disable dinosaurs, have right handed weapons, have left handed weapons, etc.

+1 vote   game: ORION: Prelude
Praz Dec 23 2010, 10:42am replied:

Isn't that the point of development? For things to improve over time :)

+1 vote   media: Developer Pre-Alpha Game Build
Praz Dec 23 2010, 10:01am replied:

Yikes! Please don't SPAM our forums. In fact today was pretty crazy - might have to hire some moderators!

And yes, having a difficult name will make it less likely - as it's a manual process - meaning I have to type your names in :)

+2 votes   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 23 2010, 3:13am replied:

Check the comparison of the character models at the bottom of the most recent news post. Shows the level of upgrade you can expect from all current placeholder content.

+1 vote   game: ORION: Prelude
Praz Dec 23 2010, 1:34am replied:

Wow, yeah I just noticed. Someone posted that on our boards. First post - front page. Talk about humbling!

Also, on that note. Make sure to pick up this month's (January 2011 - Issue #209) PC Gamer. We are on page 15.

+1 vote   game: ORION: Prelude
Praz Dec 22 2010, 8:11pm replied:

Make sure to check your 'SPAM' folder.

If it's not there - just let me know the email address you registered under and I'll see if I can manually activate it for you.

+2 votes   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 22 2010, 6:43pm replied:

What email service are you registering under?

I'll see if I can manually activate it for you.

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 22 2010, 5:18pm replied:

"the only connection left to Halo will be that it is a FPS-- hard to diverge from that connection :)"


+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Dec 22 2010, 4:36pm replied:

I know what you mean. We used a circle-space for the Source Multiplayer Beta.

Much of what you see here is VERY early. We just wanted to say happy holidays ;)

+1 vote   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Feb 16 2011, 7:49pm replied:

No doubt they will!

We look forward to talking - and we appreciate your support :)

+2 votes   article: 30 Days of ORION
Praz Feb 16 2011, 6:51pm replied:

Hey Mataro,

It is true - the Kick Starter promotion ends in roughly 5 hours. It was a huge 30 day event. While the KickStarter rewards were specific to the Kick Starter promotion - our normal donation system will be going back online (uses PayPal) once Kick Starter ends.

We will offer other incentives in the future and are always happy to talk one on one and work directly with you to gauge some package and reward ideas.

If you would like to talk, feel free to email personally at:

+2 votes   article: 30 Days of ORION
Praz Jan 23 2011, 11:50pm replied:

Sounds like a good time to me, no? :P

+2 votes   media: Carrier's Revealed
Praz Dec 22 2010, 3:58pm replied:

Free DLC, Multiple Modes of Co-Op, Mechs, Dinosaurs, Faster-paced gameplay, and better graphics than Halo for $14.99 - shouldn't be too painful for most people.

+3 votes   article: ORION: Prelude - Gameplay Reveal & Beta Registration is open!
Praz Nov 14 2010, 11:59am replied:

The actual "environment" is exactly the same - as is the animations.

This was simply a re-shoot in a manner that we were more comfortable with. We weren't to happy with the overall quality / presentation of the original one and took it upon ourselves to clean it up and release a more "proper" version of it and have this one circle around the net instead ;)

+2 votes   media: Director's Cut 2010
Praz Nov 4 2010, 3:51pm says:

I should probably clear this up a bit. This is simply a partnership in the sense that they are aiding us with lining up additional investors, global relations around the world, as well as providing us (the company) with free tools and software.

No ownership, not a publishing deal - don't worry about that - I'll be holding on to The ORION game series VERY tightly ;)

+2 votes   article: Microsoft Partnership - 'BizSpark'
Praz Oct 13 2010, 11:48am replied:

This is a bit different as those are simply visual layers that poorly allow the 3D experience.

We are using the tools, technology and private technology alongside NVIDIA to develop the PC version of Prelude with 3D from the ground up.

Also, 'ORION: Prelude' is not using the Source engine - it is using UE3.

+1 vote   article: NVIDIA Partnership & Prelude in 3D
Praz Oct 9 2010, 9:40am says:


We are posting updates on both the ORION: Source Multiplayer Beta page AND the ORION: Prelude page because we consider this to be the "Transition Period". Within the next month or two we will ONLY be posting all ORION: Prelude updates on it's personal page, located at:

+1 vote   article: Spiral Game Studios @ EuroGamer 2010 - Announcement & Tech Demo Revealed!
Praz Aug 26 2010, 3:01pm replied:

Back in the day a fan made lockout for us and wanted us to use it. We ended up dropping it obviously due to the halo out-lash.

No comment on the future, however ;)

+1 vote   media: Unreleased Technology / Footage (2005-2007)
Praz Aug 12 2010, 12:44pm replied:

You're getting it and more with ORION: Prelude.

More content?

More features?

Vehicle combat?


More game modes?

Better graphics?

Win all around.

Not to mention we just announced all DLC for ORION: Prelude will be FREE on all platforms!

+1 vote   game: ORION: Prelude
Praz Aug 11 2010, 12:50pm replied:

Only took 10 years ;)

+3 votes   article: Spiral Game Studios - Opens Doors & Announces 'ORION: Prelude'
Praz Aug 9 2010, 6:51pm replied:

I've only seen the original movie. Not my style. Not the way I like my Sci Fi delivered.

Once we start talking about things like Primer, District 9, and so forth - then we are talking about impressive Sci Fi.

+2 votes   media: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Cover boys revealed!
Praz Aug 9 2010, 6:39pm replied:

Never seen Stargate.

+1 vote   media: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Cover boys revealed!
Praz Aug 9 2010, 5:42pm replied:

The new re-design for the helmet for the Human (assault) class was heavily influenced and inspired by the likes of Boba Fett and Optimus Prime

+1 vote   media: ORION - Mystery Days Event - Cover boys revealed!
Praz Aug 8 2010, 8:04pm replied:

We will be revealing what this image means on Wednesday, August 11th, 2010.

Mystery days still isn't over, we still have Tuesday.

+2 votes   media: ORION: Mystery Image Reveal. What does it mean?
Praz Jul 26 2010, 10:52am says:

Zombies have been out for a while.

It's the vampire phase right now, who didn't tell you?

+1 vote   media: T-rex Design (other angle #1)
Praz Jun 14 2010, 9:45am replied:

The .exe's themselves are fine. The data sizes on the ModDB links were fine as well, not sure how they were corrupt. Will be fixed by Noon.

+1 vote   article: Orion Beta 1.2 - RELEASED!
Praz Jun 14 2010, 9:24am replied:

I've stated the uploads to the moddb are corrupt - please use a different mirror while I re-upload to ModDB.

+1 vote   article: Orion Beta 1.2 - RELEASED!
Praz Jun 10 2010, 9:20am replied:

We will have 1 or 2 London ones I believe.

We are looking for additional people to host servers - so if you know anyone, tell them!

+1 vote   article: Orion Beta 1.2 - 5th Level Unveiled - DORSA
Praz May 3 2010, 9:32pm says:

Sort of actually, yes :P

It was to work like this:
5 Betas, two patches per beta.

What this means:

Beta 1.0 = FilePlanet / IGN Closed Beta (week long exclusive)

Beta 1.1 = that same beta, but with 40 game fixes and 2 new maps (however, this beta also featured that horrendous crash bug)

Beta 1.2 = 60 game play fixes and tweaks, 4 brand new maps, new grenade model, updated flag model, brand new special effects, completely updated weapons system & mechanics and tons more

Beta 2.0 = Alien weapons added, Jetpack effects, new game mode, 5 new maps, etc etc

Beta 2.1

Beta 2.2

Beta 3.0

etc etc. Each beta had two planned patches because we figured that was enough to clean up any mistakes or bugs that would arise - we would get most with the first patch, and whatever was left we would boot out with the second patch.

This is of course changing (the release pattern) and you guys are going to be hearing some awesome new details about that in the next few weeks!

+2 votes   article: Orion - Beta 1.2 Release Nearing! - Wave 3 of the 'Play It First' Competition!
Praz Apr 9 2010, 2:09pm replied:

You better be coming this Sunday :)

+1 vote   media: Random Gameplay (Beta 1.2)
Praz Dec 12 2009, 2:31pm replied:

We're nearly done with the build - will be making new install files, upgrade patch, and server files shortly and sending out.

Get ready for the Release Party tomorrow via our SteamGroup:

+1 vote   article: Orion - Beta 1.0 Delay REDUCED!
Praz Nov 10 2009, 10:28pm says:

Hey guys, just got back to my PC!

Thanks for the kind words.

And yes, this first public beta will be a Core / Foundation of the game.
We will be spending most of 2010 adding new content. We have 3 planned Content Updates. The first (smaller one - two game modes (DM & Team DM) as well as 4 maps is planned to release shortly after the first beta (this year).

We plan to release all of the Alien (Altair) content shortly after the first release and hopefully in the first content update.

The 2nd Content Update is planned to release around May of 2010. This update will include 1 new game mode (Vital) as well as 7 new maps. 5 of them will be for VItal. 2 for CTF / DM / Team DM. This will also include two new classes, several new weapons, the premeir of our drivable vehicles and more!

This update will also include plenty of visual touch ups (Something that WON'T be in the first release). This includes shield depletion effects, jetpack effects, custom explosions and particles, all of the HL2 related content REMOVED and REPLACED with all custom content.

The 3rd content update which we haven't talked about yet, is planned for the Fall of 2010. At this point, in Fall 2010, I can say "this is the game I've envisioned in completed form".

So take that as you will regarding the first release and what to expect.

+2 votes   article: Orion - New Gameplay Footage!
Praz Nov 1 2009, 9:25pm says:


We just got tw programmers and things are on track. Jack is also back. This might also help push future releases out sooner!

+1 vote   article: Need help in order to make the release! (Programmer)
Praz Oct 22 2009, 10:10am says:

We were using 2048x2048 for a while, but the file size just became out of this world, as we have about 30-40 level textures per level.

So yes, these are down to 1024x1024 again, but it still looks great!

Thanks for the kind words everyone!

+1 vote   article: Snows and Sands
Praz Oct 4 2009, 2:24am replied:

HellSpike, its as simple as this.

You are no longer the author of this rifle. You are one of them, yes. And years ago, both when you joined the forums and signed up and received developer access, and through a verbal agreement between you and my self, any work made for the game was for the game. Period. Authors of the work will be fully credited, and here's the authors of the FNC-30.

dec_is_ruler - recompiling, decompiling, full weapon edits, muzzle flashes, other bones and attachments

Mix_Tape: animator

Gabe - animator

ET: Model reconstruction

And various other authors that brought down the poly count and removed that otherwise confrontation and questionable modeled statement inside the model.

So. You're options - Either contact all of those developers and have every single one of them tell me they don't want that weapon included. Or take me to court and otherwise have your name in the credits.

This is the last I'll be responding to you, as I have very little respect for you, and I do not wish to see you on this page again.


+2 votes   article: Orion - Gameplay 2009 (3 v 3 match)
Praz Oct 3 2009, 1:12pm replied:

Don't worry.

A.) You're models were built far too sloppy and couldn't be used.

B.) We had to re-design most guns and re-model them.

You may contact Dec and Peder (as well as Werd (texture artist) for more information.

+4 votes   article: Orion - Gameplay 2009 (3 v 3 match)
Praz Sep 30 2009, 1:57pm says:

When you play it, you'll notice a completely different game. It's more like Call of Duty (gameplay) than anything (Mixed with a bit of Tribes).

The only thing that's really 'Halo-ish' anymore is the 'world'. This is mostly because we are both outdoor games.

We have things such as sprint, jetpacks, iron sight views, movement-based accuracy, selectable weapon fire modes, 3 distinct classes.

We'll try and focus on this via our game play trailer that we will release in the next couple of weeks.

+2 votes   media: Weapon Demonstration - Created by xXx
Praz Sep 14 2009, 7:56pm says:

Please note that some of the features, such as those coop modes, dinosaurs and the other set of weapons are being added regularly AFTER the first release.

We will be updating the game on a regular basis keeping it fresh with new content.

This will include the additions of new weapons, maps, game modes, and even game features.

However, yes, it is either 16 or 17 weapons that are in on the first release among a bunch of other awesome foundation features!

Can't wait to frag!

+1 vote   article: Everything is so shiny and so new!
Praz Jul 17 2009, 6:23pm says:

this is a walk animation, there is nothing related to prey for this animation.

0 votes   media: T-Rex - New walk cycle (Animation)
Praz Jul 15 2009, 6:04pm replied:

We will for a run.. this is tied to the "walk" cycle.

The run will be more sporadic in terms of movement regarding the body shift.. this is a 'controlled' tactical walk, very little movement as their main focus is on whats ahead of them.

+1 vote   media: Custom Character Animations - (WALK CYCLE)
Praz Jun 26 2009, 1:27pm replied:

Our composer Ben. He's created an entire sound track to date.

+1 vote   media: Episode 1 Engine - Nature test
Praz Jun 25 2009, 5:16pm says:

at one point we looked into doing it.. I got frustrated at how it was turning out and didnt try since then.. but I love Republic Commando (that game in there pictures) and I love the "in-helment HUD" element so releasing that in a future content is not out of the question but also not confirmed.

+1 vote   media: Updated Player Model
Praz Jun 23 2009, 9:08am says:

It was a custom sound track made for our game, its a 'remix' of this other song. I'll upload it when I get to the office, I'm on my way to work right now.

+1 vote   media: Incoming Source / ORION - May 2006 Trailer [old]
Praz Jun 2 2009, 1:31pm says:

ThatTrunkMonkey- those are just some old weapons we had for the game before we went ahead and re-designed all the weapons due to community feedback.

We've since scrapped all modern weapons (m4a1's, mp5's) and so forth and redesigned new futuristic weapons for the humans.

We're actually using those older models in our other game currently not announced though, so they wont be fully wasted =)

+3 votes   media: Media
Praz Oct 4 2005, 9:59am says:

Warthog is a vehicle in Incoming and Incoming Source.
Credit goes to bungie, obviously.
We have outfitted the vehicle with a unique weapon, twin .50 cals.

It was in the first Incoming, named the Talon.. and its back for Incoming Source called the Gladiator.

+1 vote   article: Weekly Update #3 [09/30/05]
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