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Praz Jan 6 2008, 1:01pm says:

We are back and ready to rock.... with tattoos, piercings, booze, and other illegalities.. time to see it through to completion. Sorry for lack of updates and any confusion caused... I am very sorry again.

We'll be posting an official announcement later this month... and I will go into a bit more detail due to my disappearance... again, I am sorry... and I am looking forward to having my *** handed to me by all of you patient young amazing people in 2008.

Y'all are too kind.

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Praz Oct 26 2005, 11:13pm says:

Buy System is actually not really a 'buy'-system.

its a point-based system.
You earn points during the game modes and spend said points on weaponry and equipment.

Thank you for the comments about

I cannot believe some of the people over there.
iSource Development.

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Praz Oct 26 2005, 1:01am says:

Added a few of our new media images.
Enjoy :)

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Praz Oct 18 2005, 11:06am says:

Alone in the dark, I think you mis-read what I wrote.
I said every game I listed was a World War 2 game. I never said I listed every single world war 2 game.

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Praz Oct 4 2005, 10:00am says:

We are not closed to community opinion.
We are making our game for you. We have an idea, a design and a plan for what we want. We cannot go changing everything that everyone wants, it would be a complete mess. You either dig the game we are making for free, or you don't.
We have a design layed out, and we won't be changing it for anyone unless the team decides its the best for the game itself.

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Praz Oct 4 2005, 9:59am says:

Warthog is a vehicle in Incoming and Incoming Source.
Credit goes to bungie, obviously.
We have outfitted the vehicle with a unique weapon, twin .50 cals.

It was in the first Incoming, named the Talon.. and its back for Incoming Source called the Gladiator.

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Praz Oct 3 2005, 9:50pm says:

So you are saying we ripped off Real life because we included Nature?

I hope Mother Nature doesn't sue us.

has the information you need on what you fight.

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Praz Oct 3 2005, 7:49pm says:

Warthog is the only thing from Halo.
Credit is already given.

Please feel free to list "everything" that is from Halo.

Name's not changing.

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Praz Oct 3 2005, 2:32pm says:

Added Player model render along with the arm models (human.

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Praz Sep 27 2005, 5:15pm says:

Until then, I have added a new news post on the main site about our new members to the iSource development team.

Also added 3 images (2 ingame / 1 concept).

We are still currently hiring:

>>Player Animators.

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Praz Sep 24 2005, 6:40pm says:

We are not going to be using bullets that explode on impact or anythign such as that.. that'd ruin the gameplay and kill balance among other things.
We are making the game we have planned.. we are not changing it for the fans, because if we changed it for every fan, we'd have a mess of a game. If you like the game when we release it, kudos to you, we are making an extremely high quality game for free for you guys.

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Praz Sep 23 2005, 5:09pm says:

We are adding props daily.
Some of those materials are placeholders.

Theire will be bases, different rock formations, grass foilage, different trees, etc.

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Praz Sep 14 2005, 4:29pm says:

In celebration of the launch of our new website and new media, I have added 6 new images to our gallery.

Check out the new site and material over at:

And do not worry, the Trojan armor is a different color already, check the media page over on the site.

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Praz Aug 29 2005, 4:40pm says:

First image of inm_scale released.
It's our cliff map. This is a very small section of the map, on the beach.

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Praz Aug 19 2005, 9:04am says:

Added 3 images instead.

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Praz Aug 19 2005, 8:59am says:

Thank you :)
I'll even upload 2 images of our new map, inm_nanko.

Not supposed to be showing these to public yet... since it is for the re-premiere of our new site coming in a week.
But enjoy.

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Praz Aug 18 2005, 10:23am says:

Please use your head.
It was the first thing covered in the FAQ.

Is this Halo for Source?
No I'm afraid this is not a Halo mod. This is a mod that will feature elements from the extremely popular Halo game as a token of appreciation. And what's wrong with a thing that won several awards.
Some of the elements from the Halo Universe can fit in the Incoming Universe. (Two to be exact. Spartan Armor and the Warthog Attack Vehicle)

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Praz Aug 17 2005, 12:06pm says:

Read up.

New site in two weeks with a bunch of media to boost.

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