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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha

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One thing I want to say first. I've followed this mod from Day One. I've been a massive fan of Lost Alpha for years. Take this into account when you read this review.

I've never been this disappointed before. I've wasted years of following this mod, and I was repayed with a game that's much worse than ShoC. I understand it was leaked, which f'ed up the development, but Jesus Christ Almighty.

This mod is the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull of the STALKER series. Looks all new and shiny, but it doesn't add up to jack, because the story has been molested. KoCS had aliens, LA has the Illuminati. Neither belongs in either universe. I could have written something better than 'Illuminati in control of the Zone'. It's such ********.

Not only that, the game is just plain boring. There is ZERO replayability. Once you've done the first couple of missions, then Congratulations! You've just played all of Lost Alpha! The whole game is 'Walk there, get that, bring it back, go back there again, get another thing, give it to this guy, get the package from him, run back to the first guy' and so on and so ******* on!

The reason my score is so low is because of the disappointment I've received from this ****. I feel so used.

I hope mods will fix this ****** game that will remove most of the cutscenes and voiceacting, and this retarded 'Illuminati' aspect of the story. And not to mention fixing the gameplay and AI.

Team Dezowave should castrate themselves and go into hiding. They have just single handedly take the sloppiest smelliest dump on the faces of all STALKER fans everywhere. They may have had good intentions, but this turd they've created is an EMBARRASSMENT.


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