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Humor, satire, parody

1. Humor, satire, parody

Hobbies & Interests with 1,068 members, open to all members

Home for all kinds of humor, satires, parodies, sarcasms and more.

Aircraft Lovers Group

2. Aircraft Lovers Group

Hobbies & Interests with 1,347 members, open to all members

This group is open to everyone who likes any kind of aircraft

Bronies of Moddb™

3. Bronies of Moddb™

Fans & Clans with 575 members, must apply to join

For all the Bronies of Moddb to unite as one, a place to share pictures and video's of all ponies alike and to talk about upcoming events and shows.

Mass Effect Fan Group

4. Mass Effect Fan Group

Fans & Clans with 1,211 members, open to all members

The title explains it all but this group is a fan group for the Video Games Mass Effect 1 (ME1), Mass Effect 2 (ME2), and Mass Effect 3 (ME3). This is...

3D Artists Group

5. 3D Artists Group

Arts & Literature with 1,210 members, open to all members

Are you a 3D artist? Are you looking for some inspiration? Do you just want to collaborate or know who your fellow ModDB artists are? Doesn't matter what...

Star Wars Fan Group

6. Star Wars Fan Group

Hobbies & Interests with 953 members, open to all members

This is a group that was created for anyone who loves Star Wars, may it be the books, games, films and modding. This is the place for you to enjoy star...

The Jedi Order

7. The Jedi Order

Fans & Clans with 405 members, open to all members

The Jedi are characters in the fictional Star Wars universe and the series' main protagonists. They use a quasi-telekinetic power, known as the Force...

Space Ship addicts

8. Space Ship addicts

Hobbies & Interests with 91 members, open to all members

A group for everyone who admires Space ships. From small fighters up to huge capital ships. Basically everything witch flies through space and has been...

Lego lover

9. Lego lover

Hobbies & Interests with 151 members, open to all members

All those who like lego and really make the pack of a punch join this group! Lego is a old company but still the lego company makes more products! its...

Infantry fans group

10. Infantry fans group

Fans & Clans with 228 members, open to all members

If you like huge phalanxes of soldiers, elite inflitration teams, massive infantry assaults or any other infantry, then join in.

The Global Defence Initiative

11. The Global Defence Initiative

Fans & Clans with 131 members, open to all members

The Global Defence Initiative fights to preserve the free world. We fight to rid our world of Tiberium a dangerous and hostile alien substance that threatens...

All things TYPE-MOON.

12. All things TYPE-MOON.

Fans & Clans with 33 members, must apply to join

Mod DB's TYPE-MOON fan club! Pardon our Mess while Kark-Jocke and I get some things together! Your's Truly, Sakura

Halo Fanatics

13. Halo Fanatics

Hobbies & Interests with 340 members, open to all members

This group contains a lot of stuff of the Halo community. Mod news, game screen shots and Halo humor.

Chuck Norris Lover's Group

14. Chuck Norris Lover's Group

Other with 144 members, open to all members

All about Chuck norris even the summary is afraid so just join before you get Roundhouse Kicked to death and dont ask quistions


15. Europe

Geographic with 396 members, open to all members

This is a Group for all people who live in Europe.



Fans & Clans with 240 members, open to all members

A fan group for those who like the galactic republic


17. Sweden

Geographic with 43 members, must apply to join

This group is for everyone that comes from or lives in sweden.

Wolf pack games

18. Wolf pack games

Developer & Publisher with 8 members, invitation only

wolf pack games is a independent not for profit game creation team that uses the free blender model program. if you use blender we would love to have you

Rebel Alliance

19. Rebel Alliance

Fans & Clans with 39 members, open to all members

We Oppose Imperial Rule Join Us And we will fight and restore peace and freedom to the galaxy, please this evil must come to an end!

Michael Bays Transformers

20. Michael Bays Transformers

Hobbies & Interests with 6 members, open to all members

For transformer fans both cartoon and the movie! This group wont die.....ill update you about new movie( if theres going to be 1)

Lego Halo

21. Lego Halo

Hobbies & Interests with 26 members, open to all members

If you love Lego, or you make your own custom Lego/Lego Halo creations. This group was made for you!

Star Wars Battlefront Three

22. Star Wars Battlefront Three

Fans & Clans with 289 members, open to all members

Remember the time when we all were obsessed with a game called Battlefront 2. Wow that game was amazing, its seemingly flawless campaign, and the true...

Anti Fan Idiocy Assosciation

23. Anti Fan Idiocy Assosciation

Other with 158 members, open to all members

I, and I'm sure you are too, have had enough of spoiled fan bases tearing at overly generous developers for not giving them things that they have been...

Special Air Service [S.A.S.]

24. Special Air Service [S.A.S.]

Fans & Clans with 7 members, must apply to join

Welcome to Special Air Service [S.A.S.] group. This group is opened for all S.A.S. fans and members! Here we talk about everything about S.A.S. and other...



Developer & Publisher with 4 members, invitation only

World in Crysis Mod team. we are making a mod for World in conflict, based on the crysis universe. we currently need more members that have knowladge...

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