Pompi Pompi Entertainment is a one man indie company. Ofer is doing all the art work and programming, although the music and sound assets are outsourced.

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PompiPompi Dec 10 2009 says:

I have changed the sales service from RegNow to Plimus, I hope now there won't be any problems. Also, the extended download cost "only" 3.95 USD as opposed to the previous 5 USD. Rember this extended download is optional.

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PompiPompi Dec 10 2009 replied:

I am also going to fix the buying process of the game. Instead of using RegNow, I am trying Plimus now. In addition I hope to have the game available in portals. So it might be a good choice to wait for now.
But keep an eye of this game when the game to gets to one of those services.

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PompiPompi Dec 10 2009 replied:

It's 20 dollars, I don't know why are you seeing it's 20 Euros.
The 5 extra dollars are just for extended download time. I don't like it either, but until I get this on another portal/service it will be like this. And you don't have to pay that extra 5 dollars, you can cancel it. This will make the download available for a few days instead for a few months.

But I will check why you are seeing it as euros and not dollars.

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PompiPompi Dec 3 2009 replied:

Haha, thanks for the comment, it made me laugh.
Well the blade isn't so long, and the character is not of human proportions.

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PompiPompi Sep 28 2009 replied:

Thast great! :)

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PompiPompi Sep 22 2009 replied:

No, I don't think so. Though it might have some similarities.
What I implemented is simply adding pixels to the edges of the silhouette of a 3D model.
HQ3X looks like a sort of filter you pass on all the pixels in a 2D image.
In GAA you need vector data in order for it to work.

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PompiPompi Sep 21 2009 replied:

Well, I believe Labyrinthica is not a good example for this technique's potential. Since its rendered with orthogonal projection, and thus might look like a 2D game.
The same technique can be applied in first person shooters, for instance.

However, the benefit of rendering 3D graphics with orthogonal projection(looking like diablo), is that the characters can have skinned animation. Or smooth animation.
Or for instance, you can rotate the characters as much as you like. In a prerendered 3D you would need tons of images to have a character rotate 360 degrees and also have smooth skinned animation.

Is it worth to go full 3D with orthogonal projection instead of just prerendered? Well that depends on a lot of things. But to be honest, I realized rendering 3D with perspective instead of 3D with orthogonal projection is more impressive for a lot of people. Even if you don't add any fancy shader effects.

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PompiPompi Sep 15 2009 replied:

I have tried to fix the article. Hope its better now.

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PompiPompi Sep 15 2009 replied:

Ahh, at first there wasn't. But I thought it looked too much like a block of text. So I just put a line break after each period.
I guess I need to learn more where to put line breaks. I will try reading an article about this and improve. Thanks for the comment. :)

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PompiPompi Sep 11 2009 replied:

By the way, you can use shaders for all kind of neat effects with 2D sprites.

For instance, you can make a "2.5D" sprite.
That is, you draw a color sprite, which is like drawing a regular sprite.
Only you draw the raw colors and don't draw the shadows.
Then, you draw a height map.
That is a grey values sprite, which is the same as the sprite you have drawen, only each grey color is the height of the sprite relative to the camera. Or the bumpiness of the sprite.
You then translate this height map into a normal map, and you have a sprite that can be affected by light sources like any 3D mesh object.

However, sometimes there is no point bothering doing all these special effect, since a good spriter can make a game look fantastic without all these effects.
But just in case you find these kind of thing interesting.

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PompiPompi Sep 11 2009 replied:

Regarding sprites though, you could do something like this with sprites.
But if you don't intend the sprite to change its shading relative to the position of the light source, then there isn't a great benefit doing that with shaders.
You could just do it offline(or precalculate).

Tell me what kind of an effect you are trying to achieve with your sprites, and maybe I can figure out how to do it with shaders and if they are needed for that.

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PompiPompi Sep 11 2009 replied:

Making a post explaining shaders sounds like a great idea. Thanks :)

I don't understand what do you mean by sprites. The character and the apple you see in the screenshots are not sprites, they are 3D meshes.
The piece of code I posted is only part of the shader, its not the shader itself.

I thought maybe the code I posted is too difficult to understand.
The concept is very easy to understand if you first try to understand what the function do, making SubCel return 0.
If SubCel return 0, you still get cel shading with n+1 cels, but this time there is no smoothing on the edge of the cels.
Subcel just calculate those smoothing between cel edges.

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PompiPompi Aug 31 2009 replied:

Thanks ^^

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PompiPompi Aug 26 2009 replied:

Thanks :)

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PompiPompi Jul 30 2009 replied:

Yea, I think you should try it.
But I am the developer, so take that into consideration. ;)
I just have to tell you that you will probably need to update your DirectX9 from microsoft.
Because DirectX9 got a new version 3 or 4 times a year.

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PompiPompi Jul 27 2009 replied:

Thanks ^^
Well, yea that man(friend) is picking up something.
The original video was shot to make something else(but also CG), though I used it for this.
I think the plan was that he will be picking up a leash for a pet cube.
But interaction with CG objects makes everything a lot more difficult.

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PompiPompi Jun 21 2009 replied:

Hi jeff,
Don't you guys in Wolfire have a deal with steam that if someone pre order directly from your website, he also gets a steam "copy"?
Maybe it applies here as well.

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PompiPompi Jun 16 2009 says:

Nice article.
One of the problems I remember having once, was line breaks in a news item.
Simpley deciding when a new line will start seemed to not work for me.

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PompiPompi May 25 2009 says:

I have made his arms longer in the 3D mesh, but still I needed to have him let go the weapon and hold it with one hand.
Though instead of a hammer, I gave him a really big morning star, if it can be called that.

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PompiPompi Apr 20 2009 says:

Hehe, thanks.

Adding an additional melee attack should be heavily considered, since it can easily ruin balance or make the first melee attack useless.
There is a different type of melee attack though. The berserk potion. You can see on this video I drank one of the berserk potion, but I did it when there were no enemies around.
Moreover, part of the melee combat is also defending, and the shield has a special role in combat.

I am currently working on the first armed enemy(no more innocent unarmed "aztecs" ;) ), which will be different than the touch enemies that I have showen so far.
So there is more gameplay to explore with the current attacks and defense abilities.

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PompiPompi Apr 10 2009 replied:

I am glad you like it.
What kind of objectives were you thinking of?

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PompiPompi Apr 8 2009 replied:

Well, you are right that it is not a revolutionary, genre defining game.
But what I think is special is the focus on melee combat.
While most games of this type have you shoot projectiles with your mouse.
This game have you fight with a closed range weapon, and have a special part for the shield in combat.
In the first ten levels, most of the enemies either damage you with projectile or with touch attack.
Your shield has a part in the melee combat, but it is also the only thing that can protect you from projectiles, and even deflect them, making them harmful for the enemies.
In the next ten levels, there will also be enemies that attack with a touch, but there will also going to be enemies with their own weapons and shields.
So fighting with armed enemies will be different than fighting with touch attack enemies.
In addition, you can hold your shield above your head, which from level 11, will have a part both in melee combat and in protecting yourself from arch course projectiles.
There will probably be more "special" things to come, but I cannot promise anything.
Bottom line, I think I have some original ideas going on this game, like there are original ideas in a lot of other games.
That is what I meant by the game being special.
I am also open for critiques.
So, correct me if I am wrong. :)

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PompiPompi Apr 7 2009 replied:

Well, laby was inspired by two sms era games.
Dragon Crystal and Ys.
Although laby has come far away from its inspiration.
I think wolfpack is referring to Dragon Crystal.

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PompiPompi Apr 6 2009 says:

Thank you for your kind comments and support. :)
And yes, I inted on selling this game.

(Hello Silverfisk, and thank you)

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