Pompi Pompi Entertainment is a one man indie company. Ofer is doing all the art work and programming, although the music and sound assets are outsourced.

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PompiPompi Sep 23 2013, 2:41pm replied:

Dragon Strike :P

+1 vote   game: Dragons High
PompiPompi Jul 5 2013, 12:42pm says:

Is there no DEMO I can download without logging in to Desura?

+2 votes   article: A Day In The Woods
PompiPompi Sep 11 2012, 11:14pm replied:

I didn't exactly understand what you mean by the rigid bodies though? The only rigid body in respect to the ragdolls is the gun. But the ragdoll works pretty badly without the gun as well.

+1 vote   article: Spring time!
PompiPompi Aug 23 2012, 1:23pm replied:

Yea, I didn't think the IndieDB crowd won't be interested in it.
Just that the mods of IndieDB won't publish a news post which is "educational" about the technology or whatever, instead of actual news post.
Overgrowth used to have alot more technially detailed posts in their blog, but I don't recall they were putting these deailed technial blog posts here at IndieDB.
The overgrowth weekly updates are more about the new features rather than how they made them, if I am not wrong?
Well anyway, I could do weekly updates of new features, although I am not tracking the new addtions tha well. Maybe I should make a list.
But in any case, I don't think the mods here will publish an article like the ones Wolfire used to have, where they describe the tech they are using and developing.

+2 votes   article: Update, gameplay video.... cats.
PompiPompi Jul 24 2012, 4:45pm replied:

Short answer: I hope so.
Long answer: Low end performance isn't at my top priority right now. I use Geforce 550 Ti to run this. But it wasn't extremly cheap when I bought it. Lower end DX11 GPUs might handle it as well, I am not sure.
In addition, it is possible I will have a fallback for older GPUs that don't have DX11 features. I even had in mind having a fall back for Tablets with Tegra.

+3 votes   game: Shoe String Shooter
PompiPompi May 17 2012, 5:59pm replied:

Thanks :)
Still working on it. :P

+1 vote   article: Sumerian Blood available on Indievania
PompiPompi Feb 2 2012, 11:25pm replied:

I did read the article.
I guess you didn't fully read my reply.

PompiPompi Feb 1 2012, 4:24pm replied:

How was I suppose to know where the advice starts before reading it?

PompiPompi Jan 31 2012, 2:56am says:

All the glorifying of the designer are really unnecesseray, and look kind of stupid, to be honest.
I guess I will listen to the video because I didn't seem to understand what the post was trying to teach me.

PompiPompi Jan 8 2012, 12:00pm says:

It's inspired by Archon, but it has different units, different abilities, different strategy goals, different terrains.

+1 vote   article: Private Alpha(Sort of)
PompiPompi Nov 27 2011, 12:53pm replied:

The development began on PC, only after that I added Android support. So don't worry, PC will play as it ment to be.
I am not ready yet for a gameplay video, not with the new incarnation of the game. I want to present the gameplay when the sprites are ready.

+2 votes   article: The Tale of Gilgamesh, Sumerian mythology\history.
PompiPompi Oct 7 2011, 11:59am replied:

It's C++ plus different replaceable modules(basically dlls).
So now I have for the(2D) graphics both an DX9 implementation and an SFML.
Someone without DX9 could use the SFML implementation and vice versa.

+2 votes   game: Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh Against the Gods
PompiPompi Sep 25 2011, 12:38am replied:

Hey, that's an excellent idea! Thanks!

+2 votes   article: Fatal Wars 2 annoucement.
PompiPompi Dec 3 2009, 8:59am replied:

Haha, thanks for the comment, it made me laugh.
Well the blade isn't so long, and the character is not of human proportions.

+1 vote   media: Pain sword WIP
PompiPompi Jun 21 2009, 4:53am replied:

Hi jeff,
Don't you guys in Wolfire have a deal with steam that if someone pre order directly from your website, he also gets a steam "copy"?
Maybe it applies here as well.

+1 vote   article: Pre-Orders, Exclusive Goodies for Aaaaa AAaaa AAAaa AAAAa AAAAA!!!
PompiPompi May 25 2009, 10:35am says:

I have made his arms longer in the 3D mesh, but still I needed to have him let go the weapon and hold it with one hand.
Though instead of a hammer, I gave him a really big morning star, if it can be called that.

+1 vote   media: Gortimus concept
PompiPompi Apr 20 2009, 11:29am says:

Hehe, thanks.

Adding an additional melee attack should be heavily considered, since it can easily ruin balance or make the first melee attack useless.
There is a different type of melee attack though. The berserk potion. You can see on this video I drank one of the berserk potion, but I did it when there were no enemies around.
Moreover, part of the melee combat is also defending, and the shield has a special role in combat.

I am currently working on the first armed enemy(no more innocent unarmed "aztecs" ;) ), which will be different than the touch enemies that I have showen so far.
So there is more gameplay to explore with the current attacks and defense abilities.

+1 vote   article: Plague, Freeze and Volleyball?
PompiPompi Nov 27 2011, 12:10am replied:

Well, I don't understand. The curve probably make it a better beater and less likely to bend.
Also, I should note that bronze was not forged like steel but rather casted into a mold. So basically they could do "any" kind of mold and shape, the only limitation is that if the sword was too long it would bend very easily.
So there was a limitation to the size and length of the weapon they could make.

+2 votes   article: The Tale of Gilgamesh, Sumerian mythology\history.
PompiPompi Nov 26 2011, 12:56pm replied:

Great XD

+2 votes   game: Sumerian Blood: Gilgamesh Against the Gods
PompiPompi Nov 20 2011, 12:36pm says:

A grumpy, smoking bunny mascot

+1 vote   article: Contest - Choose Super Bit Dash's new characters!
PompiPompi Oct 30 2011, 1:37pm replied:

Thanks, yea I would give a try to have an artist help me with the artwork and general design.
You are probably right that my visuals lack of polish, since I am doing them myself and I am not really a prfessional artist.
There is just this small thing that bothers me that I would prefer an ugly game that I made everything, instead of a beautiful game that someone else made the art. But I guess I can settle for the latter while I am not a quite secured finanicaly and still an unknown indie developer.
I think I will get help from artists for this game, eventually. Or help with polish.
The question is if polish should be done last or first to make people interested?

+1 vote   article: Development in hiatus and Fatal framework.
PompiPompi Oct 30 2011, 1:03am replied:

Yea, I have a lot of complaints about the art(although cactus liked it).
I am considering hireing an artist to do the artwork, and maybe keep my art as alternative art.
However, the big advantage of this art is that it is very crisp. That means it's easy to see small projectiles and characters in the battle mode. This is very important for the gameplay.
I have seen games with beautiful art that make it hard to see what is going on, and it really ruins the gameplay.

How would you suggest doing the user interface? It's ment to be used without a mouse.

And my friend is not very talkative because of a bug in the chat. :P

+1 vote   article: Development in hiatus and Fatal framework.
PompiPompi Oct 1 2011, 11:31pm says:

Looking sweet! :)

+2 votes   article: The Archer - Devlog Video 2
PompiPompi Sep 24 2011, 1:30pm replied:

Yea, the artwork is simple. And I might improve it later on. But I wish people would pay for games not based on artwork but rather based on value. I think this game might provide tons of fun gameplay. Maybe not as complex as some AAA open world RPG, but still it would be worth your money. If I pull it properly.
But maybe you are right and I shouldn't charge much or at all for this game. I would like to hear more...

+2 votes   article: Fatal Wars 2 annoucement.
PompiPompi Sep 12 2011, 2:13am says:

The sound effects are addicting to listen to, and the music is great!

+1 vote   article: New Joe Snow Video
PompiPompi May 24 2011, 2:49pm replied:

Thanks, that's really positive feedback.

Yea, there is no tutorial, so you kind of need to figure it out by yourself.
Some feedback I got is that the game plays too slow, and that it's not clear how you are suppose to walk in the game. People didn't get the tileness and holding the key down for walking. What do you think about that?

In the next alpha I will address those issues by adding an optional grid, and adding an additional speed to play(faster).
I might also add something to give feedback to the player that he is holding down the arrow key, because that seemed to confuse some people.

Again, thanks for the feedback and thank you for trying the alpha.

+1 vote   article: Alpha 2011.05.21
PompiPompi Apr 24 2011, 11:18am says:

Looks awesome! I love the sound effects and the retro Atari like visuals. XD

+2 votes   article: Do you want to weigh your knowledge?
PompiPompi Feb 3 2011, 9:43am replied:

Hi, thanks for your comment.
Well, you are right some minor changes can improve visuals a lot, I have been thinking about that and you suggest some good ones as well.

However, as you said, the graphics are "not final". This is not accurate, what is not final is the Wonder engine. Wonder: The Evil is a very small game that helps me develope the Wonder engine. Once the engine is more developed, it will should be relatively easy to replace all the graphics of the game. So I am not that bothered with the visuals right now.

Saying that, I did try to make the visuals have a very retro old 8-bit SMS RPG kind of look. Take a look of a game such as Miracle Warriors. I wanted it to look like a very old game, and I think the visuals and style are good in that way.

I do appreaciate your comment, maybe I will update the visuals some day, but for now I think they are fine.

+1 vote   game: Wonder
PompiPompi Dec 3 2010, 4:10am says:

This game is fun because you can finish it in a couple of minutes.
I think I finished it, I reached the big level and when I finished it I respawned in the same level.
I like that the character can hang on the ledge of a platform. Don't know if it's intentional or a bug. Also there were a few bugs, like text from test level 4 appearing in level 5. In the last level some of the robots switch back and forth in the same spot, very fast.
Overall good job, I am looking forward to your next game. :)

+1 vote   download: R.E.D V.S Machine head
PompiPompi Dec 3 2010, 2:06am replied:

It's a rock. :P

+1 vote   media: Headless savage pixel art.
PompiPompi Nov 21 2010, 2:18am says:

Awesome trailer. :)

+1 vote   article: Monsterland teaser trailer
PompiPompi Oct 30 2010, 3:19pm replied:

You can't fight clones. Especielly when many times an innovative and original game seemd to be an Ok game, while a clone added a little thing to the same concept and made this game shine.
There are many examples of "game changing" games, that after a little research you find they cloned some game that wasn't as successful.
Cloning is fair competition, and besides you can't really know whether a game is cloned or not. Because the original might be some game with bad marketing that no one have heard of.

You brought some important contradicting points. You said that games with good reviews and user content will become more popular, but you also mentioned you download apps to the iPhone with good reviews that dissapoint.
That means that user content isn't always accurate in predicting the game's value for you. Maybe we need something more creative. Maybe we need to provide smart gamers with tools to look for those little gems.

I will give you an example. Let's say Desura keeps track of how long people played games. You can have a query searching for games that don't have much reviews, but also have very few hours of gameplay.
This can help you find good games that didn't get much exposure.
Maybe you can have search like "I want a game that has little exposure", or "I want a game that users who like FPS games don't like, but users who like casual games like".

I understand the problem of users being flooded with information and unable to find something for their liking. But I think your solution of a select few people filtering games for the public, is not the best solution.
The best solution, if it can be pulled off, is having a large database of games, but also having very advanced, intuitive and complex tools for users to find games.

+3 votes   article: Qualifying rules on Desura
PompiPompi Oct 30 2010, 7:33am says:

Sound tracks are really intense. It's the kind of sound track you can't ignore like in most games. Not sure if it's bad or good.

+1 vote   article: Some more content and a call for help
PompiPompi Oct 30 2010, 4:25am says:

I think it's great to do the respond approach.
However, like others have mentioned, I do not understand why you need the "Grey area" criteria.
Everyone can agree on "bug free" and legal. But I am wondering what is the motive behind the other criterias.

Do you prefer having a small amount of games featured in Desura? So titles won't dissappear in the sea of games? But then, doesn't all the articles, user content and rating should make up for that?

With this approach you are going to end up with a portal that features the games all the other portals feature anyway. So what is the point exactly? You will obviously make money out of this, which is a good point. I just thought Desura is going to be a place for the little guy(there are little and big in the Indie scene as well).

+4 votes   article: Qualifying rules on Desura
PompiPompi Oct 29 2010, 3:22pm says:

Woha, the space ship looks awesome!
Love the design.

+1 vote   download: Tachyon Wars game client
PompiPompi Oct 2 2010, 1:37pm replied:

Yea, it would be nice to have other people put their own art.

+2 votes   game: Wonder
PompiPompi Sep 27 2010, 3:03pm says:

Thank you guys,

It's still in early development, so the visuals are not final. I could have used place holders, but I enjoy doing the sprites and it also make it more interesting to watch.

Basically I am making it so I or others will be able to replace the "graphics module", so it will be possible that the same game have different visualizations. It could be sprites, ASCII or even 3D.
But that's irrelevant for the development now.

+2 votes   game: Wonder
PompiPompi Dec 21 2009, 5:21am replied:

12$ is almost free. :P

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima. Sale, only 12$ instead of 20$.
PompiPompi Dec 12 2009, 5:46pm replied:

No worries. :)

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
PompiPompi Dec 12 2009, 1:47am replied:

Thanks :)

Well currently I am working on a new game. A 2D multiplayer RPG. There will be more blog posts about it over www.pompidev.net.
An expansion to Labyrinthica is a very good idea. I will see when and if I will get to it.

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
PompiPompi Dec 11 2009, 4:34pm replied:

Are you seeing the Plimus purchase page and it's still 20 euros?

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
PompiPompi Dec 11 2009, 2:10pm replied:

Thank you for the comment,

You are right this is an action game with no real dialogs or all sort of interaction with NPC. However, saying it is hack and slash gives the wrong association, you do only fight in this game. But it is not mindless fighting, which might be implied from hack and slash. It requires to be careful and nimble. Depending on the game difficulty you choose, and your own skills.

About the combat system. Well it's true it is similar to other games. I didn't say otherwise. However, it is melee oriented. While alien shooter might have melee combat, it is not designed around melee combat(as far as I know). In Labyrinthica you don't have a real projectile weapon. You can throw potions and you can bounce off projectile with your shield, but most of the battle will consist of face to face.
That means monsters, levels, AI and etc, are designed for melee combat(mostly). There might be other small difference, such as, the enemies bounce when you hit them. It's better to hit an enemy from behind. The shield can be used to defend from projectiles or bounce them. The shield can be held above the head. But I can't tell exactly what are the differences, because I don't know or played all the games that are similar.
What I want to say is, the game is melee focused. And not having a projectile weapon available, shape the type of gameplay.

There is also the potions system, and other things to say about this game. But I think the game has it's own uniqueness, and people say they enjoy playing this game(at least some of them). So I think I did something right.

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
PompiPompi Dec 10 2009, 4:34pm replied:

I am trying to do this, but it's not trivial to get into steam.

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
PompiPompi Dec 10 2009, 8:41am says:

I have changed the sales service from RegNow to Plimus, I hope now there won't be any problems. Also, the extended download cost "only" 3.95 USD as opposed to the previous 5 USD. Rember this extended download is optional.

+1 vote   article: Labyrinthica: The quest of lima, is complete.
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