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polyphobia May 25 2008, 12:23pm replied:

in this case it's just a photoshop stroke, but the outline in game are simply modelled, nothing fancy. would love to do posteffects outlines (like the new prince of persia) but unreal can't render different passes and combine them together i could build a outline for posteffects but UT3 simply doesn't support it.

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polyphobia May 22 2008, 12:30pm replied:

thanks for your help :)

+1 vote   tutorial: TF2 Shading in UT3
polyphobia May 22 2008, 12:29pm says:

sound like a really cool idea, good luck to you folks :)

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polyphobia May 22 2008, 9:58am replied:

well i'm totally stupid with math, wish i had learned more back in schooltime xD
So the only thing i could do with the formula that valve has give, is to break it up into smaller chunks and reverse build it up to get the look i was aiming at. For Airborn we changed a lot on the shading but it was good to learn how the math behind TF2 works.

+2 votes   tutorial: TF2 Shading in UT3
polyphobia May 22 2008, 8:41am replied:

sure the lighting channel of the object should use a lightchannel the actual lightsource emits light to. i.e. dynamic on both the lightsource and the object

and keep in mind a lot of the optic is made because of the ambient cube they use

+1 vote   tutorial: TF2 Shading in UT3
polyphobia May 22 2008, 3:32am says:

back when i made it i didn't know how to create an upvector to limit the phong rimlight to only faces that are looking upwards, this is how you do it

vector3 of 0,0,1 > Vector Transform set to WORLD > Component mask set to B > Constant Clamp

this multiplied with the phong rimlight limits the effect on the uplooking faces...

+3 votes   tutorial: TF2 Shading in UT3
polyphobia May 21 2008, 7:43am says:

look up the upper right in the description window ;)

"Start of the modular wooden patios, which will be under all wooden buildings. Stairs, railings, corner pieces etc. will come."

+1 vote   media: modular piece
polyphobia May 18 2008, 6:03pm replied:

haven't played air buccaneers, but from what i see on youtube, not :)

but i like some moments in the airfights, going directly into the inspiration folder, thanks

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polyphobia May 17 2008, 6:36pm says:

that's definitely not a bad thing for me, thanks :)

+1 vote   media: Concept of the Harbor
polyphobia May 17 2008, 5:55pm says:

@Lazor: not much gamedesign yet, at first we need to know whit is possible with unreal and without much extra code, we're currently just artists wo we have to get together whats possible, if we have a level to run on, jump around etc. We can start working on the local story/quest for this level and fill it with gamedesign objects and add more functionality but at first we concentrate on the very basic things. We have a lot of things in mind, but all this stuff has to be tested first.

@Red-Frog: well that is the whole point of concept art, wouldn't want to do a project without conceptart.

+1 vote   mod: Airborn
polyphobia May 17 2008, 4:00pm says:

this is one hell of a cool mod, very nice work :)

+1 vote   news: Sonic Physics v3
polyphobia May 17 2008, 2:50pm says:

haha great work :D maybe the hair could be less symmetrical? not much of a naruto viewer thoug, so it may be looking like that

+1 vote   media: Facial expressions 2
polyphobia May 17 2008, 11:32am says:

The current status of the small one, toon shading based on valves tf2 shader with hatches that combine to crosshatches in shadows and modelled outline.

+1 vote   media: Airborn Main Character
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