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Poiananana Oct 10 2007, 5:19am says:

Hey Jun, I don't believe a word... if you never played the mod except than for taking screenshots, you're not a good programmer... have you ever heard of debugging? It's the most important part (and most boring, I admit) of the programming process... so better if you play the mod and not fot screenies...

My two cents...

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Poiananana Oct 10 2007, 5:16am says:

People, before starting to blame, read what I've said!

I've read that PR members were doing the mod for themselves on their own site, when they were still used to use it... I don't want to look for that many issues: your site has become abandoned and rusted, and I don't want to loose myself there or, worst, get some nasty disease...

I never asked for screenshot. For two reason: I don't care about them, I knew asking you such a simple task would have not only slowed the mod down, but also killed it, as it actually happened. Do you know, Jun, the tale of the boy who was used to ask help because of the wolves? It's actually what happened to PR... PR asked loyalty to fan by voting the mod, but always betrayed them... so there are always less people who believe in you and more people, like me, who think you're a fake, not capable of finish a damn thing...

I work as programmer since years, as I always told you, you guys have skills but completely not organized... You have great potential... but completely failed in every practical aspect related to project handling... I think, well... I hope you're doing this mod because you hope some big company could notice you and makes your own dreams come true... you won't go too far this way... companies wants results before than skilled people...

And, finally, about MZeal... I simply meant that since there are no updates (written updates, human beings are used to communicate, so should you do... since you are human, aren't you?) people should let speak MZeal freely... mainly for two reason... First, he is a moron... every time he speaks he covers himself with drivels... since waiting is annoying, let him do his show and we will spend our wait laughing... Second, he won't never stop if you say him to stop... kids love to disobey, so adults should have a bit more patience, and let him speak... in a few day he will stop by himself when he sees no one is paying attention to him... I don't get why you get so upset to my sentence... is MZeal a troll of you? ;-)

This is all for now... people be wise!

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Poiananana Oct 9 2007, 5:54pm says:

Jun, you (as PR member) always stated that you were doing the mod for yourself, so please don't try this tricks: you don't care about of fans, and you won't base your decision about releasing PR on fans... loyal or angry... Every time you guys speaks, you fall more down...

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Poiananana Oct 9 2007, 5:52am says:

- PR is not updated since a lot;
- since PR's site has been abandoned since a lot;
- since this comments' page does not pass meaningfull pieces of information since a lot;
I suggest to let MZeal speak loudly: this is the only source of fun related with PR we will be able to enjoy in a long time!

My two cents...

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Poiananana Oct 1 2007, 8:23am says:

Shut up? Shut up yourself!
I say whatever I think it will improve the project!
Not everyone is mindless and prone to accept things passively...
If we see something broken, we will try to fix it!

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Poiananana Oct 1 2007, 5:05am says:

By the way, Jun, you say you've been so kind to let us know something... You actually did it, but only because you were forced by events... and, by the way, the way you did was not the right one... I can't remember a post in where you didn't sarcastically yelled at people... This never helps, responsible people (not modders, just people) wouldn't do that... See if this is your case... The way you act is typical of guilty who knows they are wrong and desperately try to divert the attention to their errors...

Last but not least, you people have a site, so use it... I don't want to revive the debate on screenshots (since I don't care about screenshots) but responsible modders would weekly drop a line or two or a monthly long report (as real project's participants do)... Think how much problems you would saved yourself just by posting "we had an unattended issue with the installer, we are investigating it so it would take a little longer to release the beta. stay tuned!". AFTER you did that (informing the fans), you're completely eligible to yell at angry fans... if you don't, you're both wrong...

Sorry if I'm hurting someone's sensibility, but it's just common sense... You're probably the best modders ever but, damn, people you really lack of something in getting along with people! Anyway, consider my words in this way: if you are humble and you didn't do any mistake, you will understand my words and agree... it's important anyway to repeat these words because they could help someone else who needs them... If you're humble and understands you did some mistake, my words will help you and anyway they will not harm anyone... if you're not humble and believe you're bloody right, well, my words won't help you and probably they'll upset you, but humble people will understand who is not fair and who is not...

Finally, sorry for any aggressive post, I shouldn't have lost control, but this is what happens in this cases... So let's bury the hatchet, and of course if you will listen to my suggestions, I'm here, just ask!

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Poiananana Oct 1 2007, 4:36am says:

Your negative attitude produce negative behavior...

I told you guys a lot of time ago, you have skill but no attitude...

You handled (and continue handling) your project in the worst possible way...

And, by the way, you always think you're clever than the persons you're talking to... This not only it's always true, but also very rare at least judging by the words you speak every time you open your mouth... Anyway I bet you won't agree on that...

This is why people get mad on you...

Anyway, instead of keeping your mind open, listen to your fans' suggestion and learn from your own errors, you stubbornly stick with your rusty ideas...

Finally, please note that if you're free to do whatever you want with your mod because it's yours, consider also that we are free to judge your work... Kindness calls for kindness, while your attitude makes a group of fan an angry mob!

Oh, let me also point out something to the people defending you unconditionally... You consider PR team members as "heroes" or "saviors" (sorry, English is not my mother tongue and I don't know how to express it better) but "heroes" or "saviors" are person who gives you something free despite their lives and problems... PR team members didn't give you anything yet and it seems that their duties drive their lives... It's only matter of time and after the next unattended promise, you'll change your mind and you'll start to think I'm right... It's only matter of time...

The first thing to do to give your project a positive turnaround is understanding and admitting you're doing something wrong... but again, I think you'll continue to consider yourself just a step below than God and much above other persons, so you will continue doing mistakes...


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Poiananana Sep 30 2007, 4:34pm says:

Jun, shut up and study.
When you are over work on PR.
And stop telling ********.
Doing a mod doesn't mean you can be so unpolite.

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Poiananana Sep 28 2007, 10:53am says:

When ppl has nothing intelligible to say, usually starts to offend... it usually tries to retain the control of the conversation with the strength of the words instead of with the strength of its own idea...
This is why I'm asking to everyone on this board to simply ignore such persons and keep the conversation on the lack of PR updates...
Thanks to everyone...

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Poiananana Sep 28 2007, 3:57am says:

mzeal: my source just told me that laughed a lot at your post... they are counting on people like you... you're doing their game... enough said...

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Poiananana Sep 27 2007, 2:20pm says:

A reliable source that prefers to remain anonymous told me that the Terran Demo is already ready but it's not been purposely released because the team has developed the mod for themselves and won't share it with other people and also because they want to see how far the fans will be driven crazy by not releasing it.
This is what has been told to me. Take the conclusions you want.

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Poiananana Jun 30 2007, 5:15am says:

They already have their problems: they procrastinated their work for years until Blizzard announced SC2...
And now they are gastly looking for a way to save their faces... they don't have time for you, whining fans!
Well, being honest, they never had time for fans... but this is another story...

Just a word:

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Poiananana Jul 3 2007, 7:34am says:

Seriously, if you were right next to me, I'd hit you so hard you'd go into next week. Procrastinated? They have LIVES. EXAMS. This isn't a full time job, they're doing this in their spare time. So just shut up and let them do their thing.

Do you seriously think they are doing great?
People does have lives... they obviously don't have to be slaves of their own project!
But this doesn't allow them to treat fans in this way: they asked our support many times (crawling the top ten on this site, for example) but when they do not need us they simply don't consider us...
People (and I) is not asking them to work on the project 24/7, but simply to tell us how are they are proceeding...

But they failed completely on organizing their work and communicating with their fanbase...
They also have members whose only task is keep informed the fans... It can be two thinks:
* these members have no clue on how to complete their task;
* the whole team has achieved no advancement.
In both cases, it's a bad thing... hence my pessimism... I speak upon experience...

You seem to be so sure about your ideas... so tell me, if the fans only bog developpers down, why did they advertize their project instead of keeping private? Put it in the way you like more... In some way they aren't loyal with their fanbase...

I'm twice pessimistic today... for the project and for the people blindly supporting it... remember this is a game and not a religion! Any criticism is aimed to improve the project not to ruin it... I am the first who would like to see the project finished and play with it... my words means to stimulate time to work better (and not faster)...

have a good day...

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