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Poiananana Nov 10 2008, 4:20pm replied:

I'm really pleased to hear that! You guys deserve it!

I shall move to a new server with more people then!

I really would like to contribute to ZPS but, shame on me, I have no skill! Please take me into account if you need some italian accent voice acting! ;)

Thumbs up!

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Poiananana Nov 10 2008, 2:09pm replied:

What I dislike of L4D are the "classes" for zombies:he brutal one, the exploding one, the stalking one... It makes the game a bit too RPG instead of plain and simple FPS, as it should be... I'm still considering if buying it or not...

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure final game will be considerably longer...

Anyway the point is ZPS gameplay is almost perfect, and I would like the fanbase and players' group stands still or, better, keeps growing...

Let's keep the finger crossed for the best!


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Poiananana Nov 10 2008, 2:01pm replied:

I agree with you, ZPS and L4D are quite different games, nevertheless many usual ZPS players from the server I'm used to play on leved the game for the L4D demo...

In any case, a new release would surely revive interest in ZPS and I wish ZPS will live long and prosper!


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Poiananana Nov 10 2008, 10:59am replied:

Sorry for the double post, I just read the final line of the post I had somehow missed before...

I can't really see the time to play the new release and I really hope it won't take too long since a new release would attract players and I've noticed that many are leaving ZPS for L4D-Demo... I fear what could happen after L4D is realeased: I still want to play this great game!

Keep up the good work, guys!

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Poiananana Nov 10 2008, 10:47am says:

This video is simply *AWESOME*!

On the other hand I'm a bit disappointed since I expected some improvement to the actual game...

Anyway, it's just me or noone can use trigger explosives like the C4 pack shown in the video? O_o

Am I right? Thanks for answers (and for the video, of course),

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Poiananana Nov 9 2008, 6:41am replied:

No no no, sorry if I expressed myself in a poor way...

I was referring to previous versions of your site...

My fear is that something similar will happen to the new site... while ModBD is always up and kicking...

Btw, I modified the sample image of the marine to show you how I would like to see future release: where can I send it?

Have a good sunday,

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Poiananana Nov 8 2008, 9:10am replied:


My only fear is that, with the enthusiasm passed away, the site will go down (it already happened)...

Anyway, if I manage to put together a sample image of a release, i'll post somehow into your forum...

As soon as I'll have a some more spare time, I'll share with some more ideas I have in mind...

Have a good time,

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Poiananana Nov 7 2008, 7:12am replied:

Hey DragonNOR, thanks for the appreciation!
Anyway I just expressed my opinion like any civil person would do...
And if my contribution improves a game I could be able to play for free, well, can I contribute more? ;D My pleasure, really!

By the way, I'm aware of your site... in one word, it looks *GERAT*, but I prefer to stick to ModDB: project sites tend not to work after a while (it happened to this project site too)... I also prefer ModDB because it's easier and faster to communicate, and imho forums are too time-consuming!

Now wrist computer sounds more reasonable to me and I'm looking forward for new updates that will improve its appereance (still too cartoonish now)... I'm also looking forward new releases: if I manage to save some time, I'll put together an example of what I suggest for images... I'll let you know later... I'm a bit busy right now!

Again, congratulations and keep up the good work! I'm really envious of your skills!

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Poiananana Nov 5 2008, 3:32am says:

I'm here to complain again (just kidding)...

Mine is just a suggestion: next time you release some images of a model, could you please not surround the model with the green shadow?

It surely makes your release more distinctive, but also makes harder to appreciate your work!

Your great logo is distinctive enough, and a little brighter background (a background that fades from black on top to dark gray on bottom) would imho enhance the model...

Just my 2 cents, keep up the good work!

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Poiananana Nov 4 2008, 3:49am replied:

If you visit devs' main site, you'll find a side menu in where you can find a link to a walkthrough...

Hope it helps, good day,

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Poiananana Nov 2 2008, 5:32am replied:

Hey! I'm glad to read your answer!

Many devs think they're over the top to mess around with fans! You're obviously far better than those, so double thumbs up!

About the Nightvisor, I meant the static effect that was blended to the green layer... Like the static of a TV that's not receiving any signal...

About the PCV, well you're right, no army has such a protecting vest but some army do have a computer and it's size is like a big backpack not as small as a wrist computer! I meant it was unrealistic because it was too small...

Don't get me wrong, I like the fact you intend to use it to explain the advanced features of the PCV, this really makes sense... but... it still remind me the wrist computer of Leela in Futurama or the bracelets shown in some '80 cartoons (like He-Man for example) and it bring a comic effect that makes me dislike it... maybe it's just me... what does other fans think about it?

About the buttons, now I understand what you ment doing it... but they still reminds me the return keys on the dusty keyboard I was used to see in my school eons ago...

If I may suggest, military equipment are usually "rugged", meaning they are much more robust than their civil counterparts, rubbery water-proof and so on since they have to work in extreme conditions... Have a look at this link to get what I mean at a glimpse, it features a rugged keyboard: (don't mind the language, it's in italian).

Again, thanks for listening and keep up the great work!

(please forgive any error... I'm a bit sleepy today!)

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Poiananana Nov 1 2008, 5:37am says:

Hey all!

I don't know if it's me or just the low quality of your great video, but I remember a kind of static effect on the nightvision's view while your nightvision's view seems so polished and a kind of too perfect...

Is it intended or do you plan to fix it later?

Apart from that, I really dislike the "computer's arm" on Shepard...
Such a thing sounds so fake... No army in the world has something similar (they use aural, other gears are much more bigger... backpack sized) and the same original game didn't feature it!
Anyway the worstest thing is the skin: the buttons on it look so '80 that I felt down from the chair when I saw them... really!

Just my 2 cents, thanks in advance for your kind reply,

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Poiananana Oct 22 2008, 5:10pm replied:

This sounds crazy!!! Did he say whole BM will be released or only the first trunk (till train system, more or less? I've read eons ago, devs were trying this piece out on a large tv)?

Tnx, have a nice day,

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Poiananana Oct 20 2008, 3:17am says:

Every time I plat ZP:S I like it more!

From now on, you devs are officially my personal heroes!

I'd really like to contribute to the game but, unluckily, I have no skill... :( *sadness* (does "Source modding for dummies" exist?)

Last night I just realized we're missing a slaughterhouse map... it's a must for an horror mod like this! Mappers how about this idea?

Finally, I scavenged other source mods here on ModDB and I actually saw that there are a few good zombie models out there, but no interesting survivor one... what a pity!

Have a nice day,

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Poiananana Oct 14 2008, 3:03am replied:

Oh, just forgot!

Please, tell me there is a way to change the aiming aid to make it bigger and bolder because playing the game @ 1680x1050 makes it barely visible...

Thanks again, have a good day,

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Poiananana Oct 13 2008, 1:50pm replied:

Ian, I'm so happy to hear that! It was the answer I'd like to hear!

And thanks again for developing the game: you're the big deal... not us playing! ;)

By the way, may I throw in a couple of more things?

How can I configure the dedicated server to run a map with objectives and the following one as a survival game instead of playing all the maps with objectives and then all the map as survival games?
Maybe I'd have to address this question to Valve, I don't know... Just tell me something...

Secondly, how about giving the carrier a kind of mid range attack, such as infective pimples that blast throwing something toward enemies? (I'm thinking at the fat zombies of L4D)
I know it's not a typical zombie's typical special quality, but it would come in handy when survivors shelter themselves on eaves or similar catwalks...
Plus, it would attract more players to zimbies' side of the game (on the server I usually play, ppl always want to be survivors)...
I don't think it would unbalce the game too much but, if so, this attack could limited in number or would have to slowly replenish before it can be used again...

These are just my two cents! Thanks for reading and again kudos to you!


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Poiananana Oct 13 2008, 7:45am says:

Hi guys!

First of all, thanks for this awesome, sweet game!

I also have a little complain about the game: the available characters are too few... It's hard to follow someone when everyone look the same!
So my question is, do you plan to add other skins for characters?

Thanks in advance, sorry for any mistake I could have done and keep up the good work!!!


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Poiananana Oct 8 2008, 3:07am says:

It's just me or the welcome page of main Black Mesa site is messed up?

It shows the developers' blog...

Things simply got messed up or devs are going to give an update soon?!?

Greetings, S.

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Poiananana Dec 5 2007, 3:46am replied:

You're right... better if I give up supporting you stupid wannabes... when you'll understand your mistakes, it will be too late...

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Poiananana Dec 4 2007, 3:39am replied:

No way... We have no updates just because of the stupid policy that team-member have (read lazyness)...

Someone will point out that they are real people with real life and more over... but dropping 2 lines of update a week it doesn't really take a lot, so it's simply the way they are...

Just sit and wait... as I do...

PS: People, this year you won't have my vote here on modDB unless you release something... I know, adult people don't behave this way, but you also aren't playing fairly... so... anyway it's just my opinion, as always...

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Poiananana Oct 30 2007, 4:03pm says:

As I posted on the main site, I'm a bit sad because I can't play yet with PR but finally I saw a posivitive attitude (from Jun at least... he's the only one who seems to bother keeping in touch with the community)...
And I became optimistic... Snowflake proved to know how to accomplish PR...

I hope this improvement in how they handle their project won't fade off... If so, I'm pretty sure demo will be out soon! I say so because I had to complain lately with the team (and Jun in particular) but I think they are playing fair with us now, so I'm expressing my appreciation for them!

Keep on the good work!

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Poiananana Oct 30 2007, 3:05am says:

Have a chocolate... it helps.. ;-)
(just kidding! ;-) )

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Poiananana Oct 25 2007, 5:21am says:

BinaryMasta, I'm a bit irresponsible... I know (hehe)...
But I've been already flamed so I actually don't care... I just care about the project...
I'm not going to repeat myself, in my country we say that the deafest one is the one who doesn't want to listen... So I'm going to keep my advices for myself and my fingers crossed...

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Poiananana Oct 24 2007, 12:00pm says:

This morning PR main site was down... I wished myself it depended on Snowflakes guys updating site for the PR demo release. I checked it out now: it's still down... So I checked main PR host site,, and guess what? It was down... No PR update to the horizon... it's simply the umpteenth, periodical server failure of

Snowflakes, isn't it time to give fans a bit of information? In my wildest dream, I always wished myself you were giving us *weekly* *short* *written* feedback... No pics, no bogging things, just roughly twenty simple-text words, as many software houses do (every week a different member checks out improvements and drops the message, when the round is over it takes to the first again, as in a circular queue)...

Something like:
"This week our artists improved Defiler and SCV, coders implemented healing algorith. Public relation's team has updated gallery."
"This week randez-vous algorithm take up all the coders team's time without success: nevertheless, solution is near."

Is this task to heavy for you?

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Poiananana Oct 19 2007, 4:01am says:

This topic has never been discussed, so far as I know...

You should ask directly to Snowflake's PR team members... If you manage to contact them... We don't hear a lot of news from them... I always hope they will change the way they handle public relationship, but I think (not exactly... I'm pretty sure) they won't listen to me...

Anyway I suggest you to follow the link to their main site you find in the upper left column here, submit registration to their forum if you're not yet registered, point to the question&answer section and ask them...

Then wait, wait again and finally wait more!!! Anyway, if I have to foresee their answer, you (generally speaking, I mean anyone) won't never put your unworthy hands on their precious partial work...

PS: If you aim to continue their work, keep in mind that models are nothing (despite they are very good, indeed)... the difficult part of the mod is coding the game functions (Jass code)... anyway, so far as I know, they also don't accept new members (some time ago they opened a recruiting campaign who received warm participation, but I don't know if it leaded to something... they are more prone to let you do some work for the project -such as dooads (is this the right spell?)- without having to recruit you, and then just put your name on the contributors' list)...

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Poiananana Oct 18 2007, 3:50am says:

If my mind doesn't play tricks on me, PR's models (or, generally speaking, anything related to PR) can't be released as open source because it would be a violation of Blizzard's copyright.
So it simply will never happen...

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Poiananana Oct 17 2007, 4:24am says:

It's actually what I meant... My English is rusty but not so bad, after all!

My sentence is just a way to express my disappointment on how Snowflake handles public relationship...

I'm pretty sure you soon will share my own pessimistic point of view...

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Poiananana Oct 26 2007, 3:16am says:

BinaryMasta, you're right but, if you remember well, the PRR-day (Project Revolution Day, not the day of the fart) was the last day of summer (2007, of course)... But nothing happened that day, except for the disappearing of team members... A few days later Jun emerged from the void and said what you quoted...

This is why I suggested weekly short updates... with these info-nuggets we wouldn't be at this point... maybe they simply love playing hide and seek! anyway, since it doesn't help looking back in anger, I still hope the best for the future... but I'm a pessimistic person by nature...

Sorry for my bad today's English: it seems the coffe didn't do its miracle today... ;-)

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Poiananana Oct 16 2007, 3:45am says:

Broodwar CD *is* needed... for 2 reasons!

So far as I know, the size of the pending terran demo will be around 500 Mb (this is the last prediction I saw on their site, actually a lot of time ago). Since it's big, Snowflake's guy tried to reduce the size of the download by stripping all the sounds from it and implementing a procedure that asks for your Starcraft and Broodwar CDs during install and extract all the data required by the mod.

Secondly, it's a matter of copyright... Many mod has been closed because they infringed owner's copyright: some ported something to third part engines, or simply infringed copyright plain and simple... Project Revolution should not fall into this category because it requires things belonging to the same owner (Blizzard) and also requires all the original CDs.

Both of these reasons, practical and legal, are understandable and explains why W3, W3:TFT, SC and SC:BW are needed... The only thing that Snowflake and PR lack is communication skill... As you will see by following this project, they are not really prone to share their things with fans... so, feel abandoned and keep waiting!

Sorry for my English, today my brain didn't start...

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Poiananana Oct 10 2007, 10:43am says:

And by the way, Jun is the best among PR members... he's the only one who showed his face in this difficult period while all the rest simply didn't care and didn't showed... I think he's the most affordable one of the entire group...

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