I like making Singleplayer mods for Half Life 2. My aim is to create things which are different and interesting.

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The Citizen
Half-Life 2

1. The Citizen

1 year ago Released Feb 19, 2008 Single Player First Person Shooter

The Citizen is set parallel to the events of the original Half-Life 2. The player takes the role of an ordinary man, pushed over the edge by the oppressive...

The Citizen Returns
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

2. The Citizen Returns

10 months ago Released Jun 23, 2014 Single Player First Person Shooter

Set in both the heart and outside of City 17, "The Citizen Returns" contains the final chapters of our citizen's story, as well as an updated version...

The Citizen Part II
Half-Life 2

3. The Citizen Part II

1 year ago Released Dec 22, 2010 Single Player First Person Shooter

Set in and around City 17, "The Citizen Part Two" contains the next three chapters of our citizen's story. After the events of the previous two chapters...

Random Quest II
Half-Life 2: Episode Two

4. Random Quest II

11 months ago TBD Single Player First Person Shooter

A lonely payphone and a mysterious call was all it took to be lured into this strange world. A place of masters and slaves, creatures with unexplained...

Random Quest
Half-Life 2

5. Random Quest

1 year ago Released May 29, 2009 Single Player First Person Shooter

This is a slightly experimental mod with an unusual story. It is not set inside the Half Life universe and there are some game mechanics which have been...

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