I'm a gamer who cares more about the enjoyment than the graphics. I still believe that Deus Ex and ICO are some of the greatest games ever made. If I had a better computer, I would already be learning how to make mods and the like, but for now, I'm a english-spanish translator.

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Eyes - the horror game

Game review

A simple and scary atmospheric game. It may lack some variety, but it's suprisingly fun, so check it out!


Afraid of Monsters DC

Mod review

If you don't like reading, I'll keep it simple: THIS MOD SCARED THE **** OUT OF ME. DOWNLOAD IT.

Still here? Good, let's begin with the positive.
The graphics are very good for a HL mod. Textures are fine, and animations are good, but it's really noticeable that monsters are HL-based: they use the same animations and attacks. Sound is creepy, and it will really get under your skin. And it's scary. You'll fear the dark like a baby, I mean it. Though practically every scare is a jumpscare, the atmosphere manages to infuse a sense of dread and danger, creating in you that need of escaping, of seeing the light of day.

Now the negative.
The story. It starts and ends really well, with surreal scenarios that really creep you up. The problem is in the middle. Simply put, you don't get many clues about the character, the places he visits, and so on. There are way too much plot holes. Fine, is nice to leave the story and the player's imagination, but give some fahking pointers first! This issue finds it's partner in gameplay. Shoot monster. Look for batteries and ammo. Find key or switch. Backtrack to door opened by key or switch. Repeat.
Ths really kills the game, even when there is a huge variety of locations. Another issue (which shouldn't be) is darkness. WHAT? DARKNESS? AN ISSUE? IN A HORROR GAME? FAHK YOU!
Yeah, it helps the atmosphere and bla, bla, bla. But HL's flashlight sucks. It points to fahking floor! If you're in a long corridor, you won't see an enemy until he/she/it's in front of you. This is an issue. Prepare to loose a lot of health.

Why did I finish this game? Because I wanted to proof that I had the balls to do it. The ending I achieved lasted 10 seconds and it was so unsatisfying that I wanted to throw my PC through the window.
You'll scream, you'll sweat, you'll kick your CPU, you'll turn the lights on, you'll play with company. You want a horror experience unlike any other? DOWNLOAD THE MOD. You want an engaging horror thriller? Play Silent Hill.


System Shock 2

Game review - 2 agree

It has a nice, creepy atmosphere- but not many scary moments, and a nice RPG system; the story is well paced, and voice acting is pretty good for the time it was released.
But it's not perfect as some say: from a technical point, the game is average compared to it's contemporary engines (e.g. Half-Life or Unreal).
Monsters and people look too square-shaped, and while they may scare you with their sounds, their look washes away the fear. Sound is also average, some sounds (like the pistol) don't feel right. Gameplay wise, the game forces you, no matter which class you pick, to invest the in 'HACK' skill, because most ammo and health goodies -scarce and needed items- are inside locked crates which need to be hacked in order to be opened. Most PSI powers (magic-like) aren't really useful e.g. Why should I try to be invisible when I can destroy that security camera with a single attack?
Summary: it's creepy, it has one of the best villains (SHODAN), a great story and it's fun overrall, if you don't mind the negative spots mentioned above.


They Hunger

Mod review

It's a very fun mod, and it can be scary at times. Even so, the story feels vague and it borrows many situations from the original Half-Life.
Play it with the High Definition pack, seriously. Otherwise, you'll just be playing HL with zombies.

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