I'm a gamer who cares more about the enjoyment than the graphics. I still believe that Deus Ex and ICO are some of the greatest games ever made. If I had a better computer, I would already be learning how to make mods and the like, but for now, I'm a english-spanish translator.

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Cry of Fear

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So, to put it clearly, this mod is scary, but it's not what those 9-10 reviews say. It's been 4 years of development, and did they pay off? Almost.
First comes the story. Waking in an alley, with amnesia? Sorry, but that's a poor try of making the story interesting. That's an overused premise in any media. Though the story is interesting, it doesn't live up to the game's pace. There were several moments when I asked myself "What the fahk is going on?" because story focused too much in hallucinations and scares. The (bad) ending I got when I finished the game made no FAHKING sense, and I ended up reading a summary of the story to understand it. But the story's most annoying flaw is Simon's voice. I know, I know, IT'S A MOD, but his voice is flat, metallic and lifeless.
The graphics are great, and they push HL engine to its limits: shaders for the water, particles, bump mapping, deformable surfaces, etc. The mod's code is amazing. The same goes for sound (except for the voices), animations and models. Monsters aren't very creative, but at least their prescence is menacing. BUT don't be fooled: if your computer can run HL, it DOESN'T MEAN that it can run COF. Mark my words: COF IS MORE HARDWARE DEMANDING THAN HL.
It's gameplay's turn. Like in older survival horror games, you have an inventory reduced to your pockets and bag. You can assign three quick slots to items, but... for the flashlight? Inventory manage gets annoying over time. Combat is practically unforgiving. Miss one blow with the axe, and you're dead. You like guns? Well this isn't COD, so ammo is scarce, which is good for the tension, but weapons don't feel all that powerful- for your enemies. Fire a pistol and your aim will go dancing.
Puzzles are a mixed-bag, some are satisfying, and other really stupid (Why the fahk do I have to backtrack a whole town to open a door?).
I had a nice time playing, though. You'll either love or hate this mod, but play it first (+++++jumpscares, ----------------atmosphere).

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