Born at a very young age, I am a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. B] Am I really supposed to describe myself? How shallow - decide for yourself who I am, because if I could sum up my life in one line I would die of embarrassment. Wait you read all this? Woohooo! My Jedi powers are real! (Unloads multiple buckshot's in the air)

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He lives!

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Hello everyone! Hows life! Long time no see! It's me again! I know it's been a while, but alas, university has begun, and I have been swept away in that tremendous storm known as studying. :P But now, fortunately, I've begun to find time and loosen up, and yes, you guessed it! My work shall resume! :D It'll be a while before my next upload, but still, I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaak! B|

And The Army Goes Marching On. :D

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Hi everyone! Just thought I'd drop a word or two by. Well, I've learnt a lot since my last model and texture, and now I've begun working on a mod of my own, although I haven't officially launched it yet, I will soon. It will be a mod for RA3 featuring 5 sides to begin with, namely Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, India and Iran. I'll keep working on it by myself, for as long as it takes, and I hope to introduce some new game play elements which will greatly influence the players' strategy and hopefully add more of a challenge to the game. I'll have more information on that for you once I officially launch the modification (which remains unnamed at the time of writing). I look forward to hearing from all of you and I hope everything's fine with everyone. So, keep rockin' the free world, throw around comments and stay tuned. :)


The Awakening! :O

phoenix8 Blog

Well people hello again! I know I've been away long, & I've been busy. How're y'all doin'? Hows life? Hows the gaming goin''? Who's gotten bald & fat? Whoa! Have I really been gone THAT long? :P :O

Not to worry chuckers! I'm back! And I have a new model, a Mirage 5 PK3! And I won't get caught with my pants down this time, oh no! I have 6 backups, one of which is in my phone! >:D Huhahahahaha!! So, enjoy, keep the comments comin' and tell me what ya think! Until next time! Adios amigo's! :)
- ashasbukhari (well who else duh?) ;)

Computer Blues.

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As they say, there is a time for everything. An appointed time to do what must be done, and recieve what has been given. A time to mourn, a time to dance, a time to heal, and a time to kil. Upon me now has befallen a time to mourn. :( With great sorrow, and a heavy heart, I must announce that my computer crashed. A moment of silence please............................... :P

Continuing on, (0.5 seconds later) I would like to state that it has been fixed and is now running as smooth as ever. But at the cost of all my data. :.(. This, my fellows, is a dark hour, in which we must...........must re.... remain st.................. strong and united.......... so....................... we..... mu.................... mu..................... m......... m....... m........ musn't....... must not........... cr..... cr...... c..............

Now I can start all over. Again. 8|.
Bottom line:
Computer crashed,
Data smashed,
Gotta dash... ;)

But not to worry chuckers. I don't give up easy. I'll be back. B)

Thoughts on a summer day.

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Hello readers! If anyone's bothering to read this, I applaud your patience for not having bestowed me with your heap of rotten vegetables. :P I never was much for blogging anyway. So I'll just keep this short. I WANT FRIENDS! ;) Lots and lots of friends, particularly those who are good for nothin' but playin' games all day long. :D (Much like myself) Also, I am a green modeler and texture artist. I love makin' new models in my spare time. I'm currently working on my first one. I'll upload pictures of it for y'all to criticize the heck out of just as soon as I figure out how to. ;P. Also, if anyone has experience modeling, texturing, coding, boning, animating, or anything at all, I would love to learn from you, so if you could just leave the link of the site from where you learnt your trade, that would be wonderful. If you can't mod at all, just spam my comment section. Huhahaha! 8D, and if you aren't already a friend then send me a request, or ask me to send you one! :P I know you want to. ;)-Yours truly,ashasbukhari. (Odd name ain't it?) :P

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