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Mod Review on Jun 27th, 2014

Scientist Slaughterhouse: The Single Player Campaign.

A very unusual mod, in the sense that your enemies encompass Barneys, scientists and a itchysaur only. The mapping is very flawed, with remarkable things such as a spiral staircase you have to crouch-jump in.

I really liked the idea of going in and killing the scientists, like the HECU in original Half-life. I was all giddy as I clawed onto a window in which I saw a whole room of them evil scientists panicking. The best part of the mod is definitly that it isn't all just run & gun; the scientists barricaded themselfe and took to hiding, making the whole experience a puzzle game in which you have to find out how to reach every single one of them.

It is unfortunetly very flawed. Worth a go though for the unique experience.

Time to Run 2
5 Review

Mod Review on Jun 11th, 2014 - 2 people agree

The map pack is basic. Very basic. All corridors and rooms have the same colour, all of them are also very huge and in-game models are out of propotion. The parts taking place outside are very wide for the most part and medkits are unevenly balanced, making facing the grunts hard even on easy mode.

It is a generic first-timer's map pack, but I gotta say I enjoyed playing it all the way through. It feels refreshing to simply run and gun, with obstacles being solved in mere seconds and lots of ammo around. Just remember the basics: play on easy, use the pistol for taking out grunts at long range, save often, and noclip whenever something is not working (for me it was boxes that were impossible to move.)

Some day half-life will be so updated that all old mods and maps will crap out completly. So enjoy something incredibly simple which has shown signs of decay but not died off completly.

Released around 2001... wow. What's the guy up to these days?

Mission Impracticable
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Mod Review on Apr 20th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Another map pack which gives you no backstory but a lot of things to do. As with most mods I gave this a go in Easy mode, for rarely are first-timer's maps balanced at higher difficulties.

This was one of those times.

To be blunt with all the negatives, the mod simply doesn't function at some parts. It suffers from problems such as doors refusing to open, and Barney refusing to follow you to unlock a door.
Begrudgingly I had to resort to noclip more than once. Medkits are sparse and very unevenly layed out, giving me no chances of restoring my health above 50 through the rest of the mod. Another thing I noticed is that for some arbitrary reason all enemies see you through the doors, and fire at you without being able to cause any damage or bothering to open them first.

What I liked most about the mod was that the mapper managed to be creative with the good old half-life models. Spoiler: You need to equip the HEV suit, but in order to get to it you must first put on a sweater first. Later on a detonator's cord has been cut off, and you have to replace it with a tube lying a few rooms away. Unfortunetly there's also a keycard puzzle which require excessive backtracking through corridors and had me tempted to noclip more than what I already had to do. And I had to noclip through the final door to see the end credits.

If you've mastered the dev console or at least know how to noclip at heart, it might be a nice go. It is short

Half Life 2: Reality Decay
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Mod Review on Dec 6th, 2007

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