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Be careful

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A very, very poorly designed map pack.

It starts off with a puzzle in the beginning, wanting the player to activate buttons and things to get futher. The problem is that it is blatant padding. After clearing the areas off enemies all you have left is literally minutes of running through corridors, finding things to activate in order to progres futher. It artificially extends the playtime, and it is bad on it's own.

The enemy placements are arbitrary and illogical, and only serve to slow you down. Your first encounter with the alien grunts are in a suprisingly narrow corridor impossible to get through without getting injured. The armed human grunts force you to inch your way forward slowly, while avoiding getting killed by no less than 12 sentries across a single segment of the map.

It was at that time I stopped playing this. It is so poorly made and only aggravate you.


Borked Hazard Mod

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This mod is a mess and a non-functioning mess. I've used this phrase once before, and while looking for old goodies I came across this old load of Megabytes that I had forgotten.

The story is just strange. It all begins with the player escaping a facility killing terrorists on the way, moving through a whole city apparently occupied by terrorists, and go with the U.S. Army to defeat the terrorists in the Middle East.

The mod is frustrating. Maps can't load at times and crash due to mapping errors, the weapons are strange and act odd when they're not merely dull. Easy difficulty does not make things easier because it is so unbalanced.

Suprisingly there was a team behind this mod, yet it is quite noticable that the mod was rushed and uploaded unfinished. What are the people involved with this mess doing nowedays?


Episode Secret Weapon

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