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Mod Review on Jun 5th, 2014

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Accidental Assassin
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Mod Review on May 6th, 2014

Mind-bogginlgy bad.

A long row of negative rewievs wasn't quite enough for me to steer clear of this. No, there was a tingling bit of curiosity to strong for my own good.

When I started this I hoped there would at least be some sort of amusement, perhaps because of "So bad it's good" or otherwise. But the mod is not entertaining at all. It is dull and so poorly made that it doesn't fit into any videogame genre.

But what you gotta do, you gotta smell the roses along the way. So I spent some good minutes walking around trying to see something interesting, listening to a man's falsetto acting as a girl, listening to a man pretending to be russian, noclipping back and forth trying to find any sort of oddity that makes this mod unique. But there is none.

I felt like I was in a dollhouse belonging to a bizarre man-child playing with himself, not expecting anyone else but he to enjoy the moment.

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Mod Review on May 5th, 2014

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Be careful
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Mod Review on May 4th, 2014

A very, very poorly designed map pack.

It starts off with a puzzle in the beginning, wanting the player to activate buttons and things to get futher. The problem is that it is blatant padding. After clearing the areas off enemies all you have left is literally minutes of running through corridors, finding things to activate in order to progres futher. It artificially extends the playtime, and it is bad on it's own.

The enemy placements are arbitrary and illogical, and only serve to slow you down. Your first encounter with the alien grunts are in a suprisingly narrow corridor impossible to get through without getting injured. The armed human grunts force you to inch your way forward slowly, while avoiding getting killed by no less than 12 sentries across a single segment of the map.

It was at that time I stopped playing this. It is so poorly made and only aggravate you.

Dopusk 31
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Mod Review on May 3rd, 2014 - 1 person doesn't

Without being able to grasp more from the story, almost entirely in russian, you're playing as Gordon Freeman whoose goal is to explore shelter 31. The mod managed to catch me off guard with the longest, eerie first twenty minutes in any game I've played in recent memory.

Then I died for the first time and the mod crashed.

I restarted the mod, played some more, and it crashed again. I quickly found out that there's always a chance of the mod crashing upon loading a map. I played the whole thing for a hour and couldn't have made progress without save scumming right in front of every narrow hallway, just in case the mod would attempt to load a new map and fail. Eventually the mod grinded to a complete halt and refused to load a map at all. Without any warnings or even a error box detailing what exactly went wrong. So I gave up on the thing.

So the contents of the mod. The weapons are all of the stock arsenal we're familiar with, but a few of them have more alterations than just a re-skin. For instance; the crowbar is now useless besides destroying boxes. The pistol is bloody awful, with 8-bullet clips that are barely enough to take down a zombie at medium difficulty. On the other hand there is the MP5's replacement, a ak47 thingy I assume, which actually is so strong that it's the best weapon in the entire game! Until you get the rifle the combat is a chore. I suspect imbalance.

Throughout the course of the mod I feel the Escort mission gets overused. You see models and textures from half-life 2 along with other custom models, which at times only look strange. Gordon switches gloves along with the weapons.

The most fun I had playing this mod was when I laughed when I saw a picture of Vladimir Putin in the labs. For the first time. The picture popped up through the rest of the mod, along with some poster of a naked model.

It is a mess, and a non-functioning mess.

Mission Impracticable 2
3 Review

Mod Review on Apr 20th, 2014

Right off the bat you know it wasn't long after creating the first "Mission
Impracriacrificadelli-Whatever" before the creator decided to continue the story/thing/turns of events which led to your character being taken and put in a locked room.

The map design has improved a few notches, and there are now chargers on the walls, sufficently spread through the whole mod and making it a more fair challenge with health and power. Unfortunetly stupidities from the predeseccor remains here: enemies see through the wooden doors once again, A scientist needed to unlock a door refuses to go with you, forcing you to noclip. The usage of the enviroment that I liked in the first one has gone of the hook with some absurd ways of progressing through the mod.
The mod is short and not worth your time. It ends with you dying, falling to your death. From all of the beginning with putting on a sweater in Mission impacticetilities number one to "The End" in this one, I've simply wasted time. Avoid this mod, and avoid the predecessor too.

Mission Impracticable
5 Review

Mod Review on Apr 20th, 2014 - 1 person agrees

Another map pack which gives you no backstory but a lot of things to do. As with most mods I gave this a go in Easy mode, for rarely are first-timer's maps balanced at higher difficulties.

This was one of those times.

To be blunt with all the negatives, the mod simply doesn't function at some parts. It suffers from problems such as doors refusing to open, and Barney refusing to follow you to unlock a door.
Begrudgingly I had to resort to noclip more than once. Medkits are sparse and very unevenly layed out, giving me no chances of restoring my health above 50 through the rest of the mod. Another thing I noticed is that for some arbitrary reason all enemies see you through the doors, and fire at you without being able to cause any damage or bothering to open them first.

What I liked most about the mod was that the mapper managed to be creative with the good old half-life models. Spoiler: You need to equip the HEV suit, but in order to get to it you must first put on a sweater first. Later on a detonator's cord has been cut off, and you have to replace it with a tube lying a few rooms away. Unfortunetly there's also a keycard puzzle which require excessive backtracking through corridors and had me tempted to noclip more than what I already had to do. And I had to noclip through the final door to see the end credits.

If you've mastered the dev console or at least know how to noclip at heart, it might be a nice go. It is short

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Mod Review on Feb 24th, 2014

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Borked Hazard Mod
2 Review

Mod Review on Jun 19th, 2013

This mod is a mess and a non-functioning mess. I've used this phrase once before, and while looking for old goodies I came across this old load of Megabytes that I had forgotten.

The story is just strange. It all begins with the player escaping a facility killing terrorists on the way, moving through a whole city apparently occupied by terrorists, and go with the U.S. Army to defeat the terrorists in the Middle East.

The mod is frustrating. Maps can't load at times and crash due to mapping errors, the weapons are strange and act odd when they're not merely dull. Easy difficulty does not make things easier because it is so unbalanced.

Suprisingly there was a team behind this mod, yet it is quite noticable that the mod was rushed and uploaded unfinished. What are the people involved with this mess doing nowedays?

Freeman Escape (French)
7 Review

Mod Review on Jun 15th, 2013

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