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phipe Nov 29 2014, 7:16am replied:

Dude... Where's the donation button been all this time?

The shovelware on Early Access gets donations, because those titles have made it possible to donate.

Mods like Cry of Fear and Grey received donations because the developers of those mods made it possible to donate on a separate web page, and continuisly reminded the fans through news posts that they were able to donate.

As I'm reading the old comments and news posts here, not once does it ever come across that you would've liked something in return.

+4 votes   article: One last week
phipe Feb 19 2013, 1:01pm replied:

Damnit. I started playing, wondering why i only had 25 bullets for HL's dear submachine gun and i wasted them all trying to destroy a barricade. To return to a earlier savepoint i pushed the quickload button... Except i hadn't made a single quicksave. So the game loaded and it sent me right to the end of the final level of the mod! I've seen the ending now, complete with the credits.

Goddamnit. I were seriously planning on reviewing it from the start and all.

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
phipe Feb 19 2013, 12:41pm replied:

My virus program went racket and detected a trojan. Or is it a false alarm?


+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
phipe Feb 19 2013, 12:29pm says:

Is this a new mod? I see there are no reiviews, so i´ll check it out. On both won and steam, i´ll see if i can get this up and running.

+1 vote   mod: Focalpoint
phipe Jul 26 2012, 5:27am says:

I think we need a video walkthrough of this mod. At least i do. I don´t speak Ukranian and i am stuck after finding att the keys in the room that i can´t pick up.

+2 votes   mod: HL: Unnamed
phipe Jul 3 2012, 4:32pm says:

I am happy to see a update. Thanks for the sign that the mod is still being worked on!

+4 votes   media: Media Update: July
phipe Jun 3 2012, 3:34am says:

I hope that the winners will have more than just jumpscares to them. I didn´t like the vast amount of Amnesia costum stories that relied on nothing but them, in hope to scare Pew.

+3 votes   article: Cry of Fear Competition!
phipe Oct 26 2011, 1:05am says:

The Nightgaunts managed to scare me the first time i encountered them, in the Unspeakable mod. When they attacked from above and all you heard was a weird noise until they were in your face. This mod migjt manage to create a similar effect.

+1 vote   media: The Night-Gaunt
phipe Jul 29 2011, 3:38am says:

Wiki_view? Hope it doesnt refer to that schmuck group of the site dedicated to deleting articles.

+2 votes   media: Secrets_you_want_to_know
phipe Jun 13 2011, 2:00pm says:

I have finished watching it now, and i have come to the conclusion that those 40 minutes were not wasted. It is delight to know so much more about the mod, and how it used to look before release. The monsters that came flashing during the course of the videos first half left me mildly paranoid. And nice use of the twitcher sounds for censuring your swearing!

The only concern i have after seeing the video, is that now i want to read the article with the woman with the long nose. Forgot the title of it, but i somehow remember it still. And BF3 just got More interesting.

+9 votes   media: The making of Afraid of Monsters
phipe Feb 11 2010, 1:59pm says:

Its funny, becuase i was listening to Mr Crowly when i checked for updates.

Now that i turned that rock ballad off, i can hear the soft guitar, and the pouring rain. Good piece of music, indeed.

+2 votes   media: Cry of Fear - Crow
phipe Feb 9 2010, 6:27am says:

It is indeed nice to see more of the alpha footage.

+1 vote   article: NS2 Wins Indie Game of the Year! Pre-Alpha Footage Released
phipe Feb 3 2010, 3:17pm says:

I still remember that planethalf-lif reivew, in which you mentioned a 2d game and what you used to make it.

+1 vote   media: 2D horror game
phipe Jan 31 2010, 11:31am says:

There is this person, who has posted "NICE!" on many pictures and concept art from the mod Black Mesa. You mean he is rollerskating through fire and flames now?

+6 votes   article: Warning for spammers
phipe Jan 11 2010, 5:22am says:

I never expected a game with bunnys have so good music. Honestly.

+2 votes   article: Mikko Tarmia on game music composition
phipe Oct 5 2009, 5:04am replied:

Here is another one i made up. This would work!

+1 vote   article: Dead of Night's Submit-A-Slayer
phipe Sep 24 2009, 11:46am replied:

I have posted the idea now. You like?

+1 vote   article: Dead of Night's Submit-A-Slayer
phipe Sep 24 2009, 12:49am says:

well,good but how do i joing the forums? I cant seem to find a register button. And what time period is the mod in? My idea wont work if its in the 1800s

+1 vote   article: Dead of Night's Submit-A-Slayer
phipe Jun 10 2009, 12:37am says:

So its not an actuall beer, and that means someone at my age can buy it?!

+1 vote   article: Combat in 2.3
phipe Nov 20 2008, 1:01am says:

Finally i can see the monster when its in the picture!

+1 vote   media: Leaves
phipe Oct 6 2008, 8:14am buried:


Its ok, because i dont even own CS! LOL

-7 votes   media: Apartments
phipe Sep 26 2008, 9:50am replied:

Oh ****. Reference to AoM!

+1 vote   media: The intro sequence
phipe Sep 17 2008, 12:48am says:

I know only one other horrorgame which takes place in Europe, Clock Tower for Snes. Its in Norway lulz.

+1 vote   media: The intro sequence
phipe Aug 22 2008, 12:37pm replied:

its actually "Psych-heads" in english. Lolz?

+1 vote   group: Team Psykskallar
phipe May 7 2008, 2:42pm says:

I cant wait to kill Fredrik Reinfeldt XD

+1 vote   media: Fredrik Reinfeldt, v.0.1
phipe Jan 21 2008, 7:07am says:

So.. Who died in that room?

+1 vote   media: -
phipe Dec 3 2007, 5:24am says:

Very nice mod, dosent feel like half-life at all, actually only feels like playing cs with monsters.

+5 votes   download: PARANOIA v1.0
phipe Sep 20 2007, 2:09pm says:

wonder how the explosion is going to be like?

+1 vote   media: Christmas Ornament
phipe Aug 29 2007, 9:08am says:

it looks like an monster in hl2.

+1 vote   media: Guardian 2.0
phipe Aug 9 2007, 5:18pm says:

What the hell is that?

+1 vote   media: AoM DC
phipe Jun 13 2007, 6:40am says:

god dammnit im afraid now! thanks alot! just kidding.

+1 vote   download: Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cut Gameplay
phipe May 27 2007, 8:11am says:

I bet you get scared in this hallway, can imagine many thing that would happen.

+1 vote   media: -
phipe May 28 2009, 4:33pm says:

"Waiting to be processed" Am i early or is it something wrong with the mediafile?

+2 votes   media: John Imbler - Tear Drip Smear
phipe May 28 2009, 1:44am says:

So when will the game come out? Sorry i really didnt want to ask that question, but it says in the profile the release will be around fourth quarter. I mean, waiting that long to play something you preordered today must be a pain in the arse.

0 votes   article: NS2 teaser trailer, new website and pre-orders!
phipe May 28 2009, 1:38am says:

Stupid joke i know, but the ending gave me a Hard-Onos.

+2 votes   media: NS2 teaser trailer
phipe May 20 2009, 5:40am says:

I dont even know what gammaup is?

+3 votes   poll: Which domain do you prefer?
phipe May 5 2009, 5:14am says:

My birthday is the 17th. Guess what game i will buy..

+1 vote   article: Killing Floor Pre-Order Available
phipe Apr 20 2009, 2:51am says:

In my opinion it is the Timezone issues.

+1 vote   poll: My biggest development challenge is
phipe Apr 10 2009, 9:08am says:

In the poll: A school Student.
But right now: Typin this comment.

+3 votes   poll: I am...
phipe Apr 3 2009, 4:59am says:

A pun that hasnt been useed since the release of Brain Bread.


+2 votes   article: Details about Nevermore Game
phipe Mar 27 2009, 3:51am says:

If you guys are lucky Valve might actually record a line with Francis saying just that.

+3 votes   article: I Hate Mountains!
phipe Mar 25 2009, 7:08am says:

Suddenly, Patriots everywhere!

+1 vote   poll: In which country/region do you reside?
phipe Mar 25 2009, 3:38am says:

I remember when i was new to Moddb and tried a new mod every day for HL1. It was before my computer got a better graphic card. Nowedays i try a HL2 mod every day. Soon i might play Crysis yay!

+1 vote   poll: I try new mods/games
phipe Mar 22 2009, 2:04pm replied:

Tomorrow comes today.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Mar 11 2009, 5:04am replied:

Wow i guessed right for once.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Mar 10 2009, 3:21pm replied:

Would you kindly stop talk about the holy phallus?

EDIT: Never mind i realized you won´t stop anyway.

+1 vote   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Mar 1 2009, 2:22am says:

Is it me, or is the game getting gorier and gorier?

+1 vote   media: 2.3 Features and Effects
phipe Feb 22 2009, 3:17pm says:

It was kinda ackward, seing a HL mod with "outdated graphics"(not in a bad way!), competing with the other mods with "Much better graphics" lol.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Feb 22 2009, 3:06pm says:

Curse really do looks nice. In fact, all of them looked very good. Good choices, Editors!

Edit: lol it looks like one of the dragons shoot the ROcket lol.

+1 vote   media: Best Upcoming Mod
phipe Feb 19 2009, 1:58am says:

I like Editors most because they make the wisest choices when pickin winners. Because when it comes to the Players choice, only popular mods win(Zombie Panic spookiest mod WTF).

+2 votes   poll: Which MOTY results are you more interested in seeing?
phipe Feb 17 2009, 3:26pm says:

чий е този лик обречен?

0 votes   mod: HL Colonial Marines
phipe Feb 17 2009, 11:21am says:


0 votes   article: We are doing well!
phipe Feb 16 2009, 12:07am says:

Oh jesus i gotta admit the beginning was shocking. I was not expecting ruMpels avatar.

+1 vote   article: Cry of Fear Videocast - Episode 1
phipe Feb 15 2009, 4:39am replied:

If the music is REALLY good, it maybe could be downloaded as a whole package after the release.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Feb 13 2009, 3:17pm says:

every comment here is hated lol

+3 votes   download: Nintendo Gamecube Team Fortress 2 Intel Replacemen
phipe Feb 13 2009, 5:15am says:

How embrassing! Leting a man of science steal the consoles!

+2 votes   download: Nintendo Gamecube Team Fortress 2 Intel Replacemen
phipe Feb 13 2009, 4:37am says:

Very good mod. The only bad think was that it was so short.

+1 vote   mod: PARANOIA
phipe Feb 11 2009, 12:43am says:

This is an perfect example why you dont need to make a mod on Source if you want a game to look good. However, i still think the way he holds the cellphone, more precise the thumb is weird. It looks like in HL when holding the grenades. But it might just be me. Either way this is goodlooking and you guys are really making progress.

+1 vote   media: High res textures
phipe Feb 10 2009, 3:08pm replied:

He made it sound like he didnt know what it was so i tryed to tell him. But it became a failure, just like almost every other comment when people try to correct someone.

+1 vote   media: Flak Cannon
phipe Feb 7 2009, 2:13am replied:

Now that was a weird comment.

+1 vote   download: GoldenEye Source Beta 3 .0.1 Zip [Outdated]
phipe Feb 6 2009, 4:44pm replied:

What they said, pretty much.

+1 vote   article: Happy Birthday to RuMpel!
phipe Sep 14 2012, 1:49pm says:

You at least appear to be fine, which is good.

Most Mod Developers announce their ceased development heartfelt and sad. But you on the other hand, you released the demo with almost everything that you had accomplished with it. I like that. Of course it´s a bummer that the mod wasn´t finished, but I was given the strong sense of "I couldn´t create my whole original vision, but here is What I Could and DID create!"

+2 votes   download: THT incomplete
phipe Feb 16 2012, 4:15pm says:

Monster names? I might make some up, albeit they may sound silly if pronounced wrong.



Alphns Aber

Ghan' Wattet

Dod atgani


Miser Coraxum

Lei Mant


+1 vote   article: Abyss 048 still on works :D
phipe Sep 29 2011, 9:31am says:

I like both.

Maybe if one could have a option to switch between the two ways of holding the weapons?

+1 vote   media: test
phipe Apr 8 2011, 1:22am says:

The Tv tropes page and the Wiki might be getting some nice mounds of editing now.

+2 votes   article: Developer Commentary on AoMDC LP
phipe Jan 1 2010, 4:57pm says:

Sorry for being A blatant copy of Douche McNitPick, but the name of the mod "Too Many Crates!" is misspelled in this article.

A big amount of minuses, i am eagerly anticipating them...

+3 votes   article: ModDB Video Spotlight - December 2009
phipe Nov 26 2009, 12:43am says:

I am honest. I dont play games. The mods keep me occupied the whole time.

-4 votes   poll: How many hours daily do you spend gaming?
phipe Nov 3 2008, 12:40am says:

Best remade thing i seen so far lol.

+1 vote   media: Fixed the cave shit
phipe Oct 24 2008, 12:56am replied:

Valve must love you then.

+1 vote   media: "Cave construction place"
phipe Oct 23 2008, 9:17am replied:

Yes, it was the Rock texture i meant in the first place. So dont hate me just because i played throught Half-life four times, thus making me notice stuff.

+1 vote   media: "Cave construction place"
phipe Oct 20 2008, 4:14am says:

It must be the only part that looks like Half-life.

+1 vote   media: "Cave construction place"
phipe Jul 31 2008, 4:41pm says:

You got Minuit into making the mod?!

+1 vote   media: Smooth Render
phipe Jul 7 2008, 6:08pm says:

Ser ut som från Day of Defeat.

+1 vote   media: Kulsprutepistol Carl Gustaf m/45 first render
phipe Jan 6 2008, 7:27am replied:

It happens very rare i think.

+1 vote   media: -
phipe Dec 21 2007, 5:56pm replied:

of course, they are made just for scarying people.

+1 vote   media: -
phipe Oct 17 2007, 12:58pm says:

Oh my, its the test thing on Swedish channel 2.

+2 votes   media: -
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