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phipe Feb 21 2012, 2:22am says:

What kind of an writer are you seeking? I am interested in this project.

+2 votes   mod: Fallout: Project Brazil
phipe Feb 20 2012, 7:34am replied:

Worst possible angle to take picture with those colors.

+6 votes   article: CS:GO Beta key give-away.
phipe Feb 16 2012, 4:15pm says:

Monster names? I might make some up, albeit they may sound silly if pronounced wrong.



Alphns Aber

Ghan' Wattet

Dod atgani


Miser Coraxum

Lei Mant


+1 vote   article: Abyss 048 still on works :D
phipe Feb 1 2012, 1:28pm says:

I can't seem to find Pat Brilla. Where is he?

+1 vote   mod: VTMB: Clan Quest Mod
phipe Jan 5 2012, 9:12pm replied:

7 Years of waiting. Hoja.

+1 vote   mod: Allied Frontline
phipe Jan 4 2012, 11:22am says:

It is great to see that it is not dead!

+1 vote   article: Reporting Back for Duty
phipe Dec 30 2011, 11:41am replied:

First time i seen That happen.

0 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Dec 24 2011, 4:05am says:

Hell yes! After many years of nominations, Cry of Fear finaly won!

+6 votes   article: MOTY Players Choice - Upcoming
phipe Dec 14 2011, 4:55pm replied:

Yes, if you desire to imediately play it.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Dec 10 2011, 7:35am says:

I have voted too now.

+1 vote   media: ModDB "Upcoming" Mod of the Year Awards
phipe Nov 7 2011, 12:14pm replied:

I were refering to just them.

+1 vote   article: Cry Of Fear Facebook Milestone 3
phipe Nov 7 2011, 7:11am says:

I wish i could help, but i do not know a lot about modding. I can only hope for the best, which is not very helpful.

+1 vote   article: Information Update!
phipe Nov 7 2011, 2:45am replied:

Though in co-op you play as police officers, with this recoil.

Might be justified, in that the swedish police rarely has to resort to using their guns; these officers are heavily ring rusty and unprepared for moving harmful targets.

+1 vote   article: Cry Of Fear Facebook Milestone 3
phipe Nov 6 2011, 10:27am says:

I do hope for a status update as well. I am corncened.

And uh, now that the profile declares the mod as released, people have started rating it.

+1 vote   mod: Visage
phipe Nov 4 2011, 9:38am replied:

There were very little spoilers. Unless you want to wait with hearing Minuits thankfullness for the Likes.

+1 vote   article: 2000 FB likes achieved - Videocast unlocked
phipe Nov 2 2011, 8:36am replied:

Yes, we can.

While we might not have the mod released this year, we can get to know the date this year. Especially if people continue liking at this rate.

+1 vote   article: 1500 FB likes achieved - Coop screenshots unlocked
phipe Oct 31 2011, 9:03am replied:

I think it is a nice number: strong enough to motivate the devs, but not so big that the world is watching them.

+8 votes   article: Halloween News
phipe Oct 26 2011, 8:21am replied:

Okey, then i know that.

There is another thing i am wondering though. When i start a new game Right after watching the credits, i begin with the silenced Glock in my arsenal, without ammo. Is this intentional?

+1 vote   mod: 2027
phipe Oct 26 2011, 1:05am says:

The Nightgaunts managed to scare me the first time i encountered them, in the Unspeakable mod. When they attacked from above and all you heard was a weird noise until they were in your face. This mod migjt manage to create a similar effect.

+1 vote   media: The Night-Gaunt
phipe Oct 25 2011, 2:50pm says:

What do i need to do to get back to the Omar in time before they head to Mt.Weather?

+1 vote   mod: 2027
phipe Oct 18 2011, 7:23am says:

Yes, as earlier stated, it might be a good idea to take a break. Like when your memory card corrupts and delete all saved data from a game: resuming immediately can feel tiresome as heck.

+1 vote   article: Sanity
phipe Oct 9 2011, 2:38pm says:

Ow, i missread the title as Gif, and was suprised when the picture finished loading without moving. Should i be thankful for that?

Still, those contact lenses will probarly be awesome once Halloween comes.

+1 vote   media: My GF
phipe Oct 9 2011, 11:58am replied:

You have to pick up the weapons yourself in the room next to the gates to the main entrance.

+1 vote   article: Release
phipe Sep 30 2011, 7:22am says:

This is trivial, but i am wondering if the Cry of Fear page might be one of the most active mod pages on Moddb currently.

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Sep 29 2011, 9:31am says:

I like both.

Maybe if one could have a option to switch between the two ways of holding the weapons?

+1 vote   media: test
phipe Sep 29 2011, 12:44am says:

In the process, you at least managed to make a nice little pun.

I do not know enough german to be able to re-write, sadly.

+1 vote   article: Migraine changed name to Abyss 048
phipe Sep 22 2011, 8:01am replied:

"This isn´t a high end videogame where your sidekick is some hot chick you can ogle with a set of binoculars!"

+3 votes   mod: Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition
phipe Sep 20 2011, 3:23pm replied:

What happened to the last programmer? As in, the one who helped with making Paranoia?

+3 votes   mod: METROPOLIS
phipe Aug 16 2011, 6:20pm replied:

Shadowdude, would you kindly stick to the shadow?

Does't it strike you that the Cof team might have this source code you demand?

+5 votes   game: Cry of Fear
phipe Aug 5 2011, 5:05pm replied:

No wait... It was a axe.

+3 votes   media: Cry of Fear - 7 min gameplay
phipe Aug 5 2011, 4:52pm says:

Will it be possible to toggle subtitles on and off during the game?

Edit: Goddamnit that crazy guy with the knife scared me.

+4 votes   media: Cry of Fear - 7 min gameplay
phipe Mar 12 2011, 2:32pm says:

I´ll be honest with you: Money is not a problem with me, i have enough for a hooded. But i have a hard time deciding which one of them to buy. I like both "David leatherhoff" and "Afraid Of Monsters".

One of the rare cases a bundle of some sort appears convenient to me. Though i think it is a little too much to ask for.

+1 vote   media: New Team Psykskallar clothes has arrived! Yay!
phipe Feb 5 2010, 11:39am replied:

I agree. The low framerate at the climax of the video was noticable to the point it almost feel unacceptable. But we cannot really complain, i mean - where alse is it possible to se that footage?

+1 vote   article: Players Choice - Indie Game of the Year
phipe Jan 18 2010, 3:24am says:

Just as pink as my avatars butt!

+3 votes   article: Pink beard meeting video [HD video]
phipe Nov 10 2009, 7:50am says:

This might sound embarrasing, but what is UDK? Unidentified Deutch Kolt?

+3 votes   poll: Will you be switching to UDK now (Unreal Dev Kit)?
phipe Oct 16 2009, 12:23am says:

I dont pimp my computer unlike you guys. Sure it laggs(?) as hell when i play Doom 3 but i dont want to waste money on graphic card every third year.

0 votes   poll: How much did you spend on your current computer? (USD)
phipe Oct 14 2009, 4:48am says:

Steam, because it is the only place people dont care if they are encountering a pig with a baton or not in a game.

Also, GAMES!!

+1 vote   poll: Whats your favourite chat platform?
phipe Jun 14 2009, 2:57am replied:

When you see it you **** brix. Of awesomness.

+1 vote   media: 3D skybox
phipe Feb 11 2009, 12:43am says:

This is an perfect example why you dont need to make a mod on Source if you want a game to look good. However, i still think the way he holds the cellphone, more precise the thumb is weird. It looks like in HL when holding the grenades. But it might just be me. Either way this is goodlooking and you guys are really making progress.

+1 vote   media: High res textures
phipe Nov 6 2008, 12:44am replied:

It sound like something Eminem has made a rap song about lol.

+1 vote   media: A note
phipe Jul 1 2008, 10:28am replied:

Då var det bestämt, svenskar äger på moddning.

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