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phillon Jul 2 2014, 2:05pm says:

Good job. Keep up the great work.

+3 votes   media: Giant centipedes!
phillon Jun 11 2014, 10:26am says:

Thanks for the update Cyber. Will give this a go when I get some time!

+2 votes   article: GMDX v6.3 Installation Guide
phillon May 31 2014, 2:25am says:

Great work, much better! Now when playing you feel much more like a real Skaarj warrior. I also love that you have made the character fire two projectiles just as the warriors do. Great work, looking forward to the mod.

+1 vote   media: Unreal: Resurgence - Updated Razik
phillon May 28 2014, 11:23am says:

Thanks for the update, will grab it soon.

+1 vote   article: Kentie's Launcher 6.0
phillon May 27 2014, 9:31am says:

Detail on the weapon models is awesome. Great work.

+3 votes   media: FN FAL Squad Automatic
phillon May 25 2014, 2:22am says:

Very impressive. Very detailed model; good work.

+1 vote   media: Mosin Nagant
phillon May 23 2014, 10:16am says:

Thank you. Will add this to my Arsenal install.

+1 vote   article: Pripyat Reborn Beta Addon - May 23rd
phillon May 19 2014, 1:26pm says:

Awesome work; all three released screens today were awesome. Very nice mapping and lightning in those maps. Really looking forward to Resurgence, keep up the good work guys.

+1 vote   media: Skaarj Temple Exterior
phillon May 19 2014, 1:19pm says:

Looks great, the waterfall is especially well done.

+1 vote   media: Exterior of an Ancient Nali Sanctuary
phillon May 18 2014, 4:04am says:

WOW! Very impressive work guys. This looks awesome. I especially love the classic first weapon of the Skaarj (his claw and energy ball); very cool. Really looking forward to UR, thank you for the update and keep up the great work guys.

+1 vote   media: Unreal: Resurgence - Weapons
phillon May 16 2014, 10:43am says:

Looks awesome. Very detailed units, wow.

+2 votes   media: New Forgotten Arsenal
phillon May 16 2014, 10:40am says:

It is indeed much better, good work.

+1 vote   media: ACOG Scope
phillon May 3 2014, 2:49am says:

Very impressive work, good job. Really looking forward to the mod.

+1 vote   media: New M16a2 Model
phillon Apr 28 2014, 11:17am says:

Where are we supposed to install this? gamedata\scripts? or config\scripts?

+2 votes  
phillon Apr 15 2014, 12:32pm says:

The augmentation changes are very good, I really enjoyed them. Good work Cyber.

+2 votes   media: Augmented Augmentations
phillon Apr 10 2014, 10:20am says:

Some Scenario type single player missions (with scripting, specific goals, etc.) will be very welcome; thank you for this.

+4 votes   media: Nod Mission: Reunification preview
phillon Apr 7 2014, 12:12pm says:

"Dump this trash in the canal"...LOL. Gotta love Deus Ex. Thanks for all the enhancements Cyber, GMDX is very cool for DX veterans.

+2 votes   media: Improved Artificial Intelligence
phillon Apr 4 2014, 12:35pm says:

Looking awesome. Very impressive work.

+2 votes   article: Nod: Structure List
phillon Mar 4 2014, 9:08am says:

Cool stuff, nice tweaks. Look forward to trying it out on my embermage and thank you again for all the hard work you put into this. You are awesome.

+2 votes   article: SynergiesMOD Embermage Overhaul!
phillon Jan 1 2014, 2:18am says:

Thank you for this mod Marco (BrotherLaz); the work you put into it is greatly appreciated.

+6 votes   mod: Median XL Ultimative
phillon Dec 20 2013, 8:16am says:

Looking good Robert and crew!

+3 votes   media: Wars
phillon Dec 9 2013, 5:44am says:

Thank you for the update! Looks amazing, the passion of you guys behind this is reflected in the quality of the work you present. You ARE doing this masterpiece of a game justice. Cannot wait for release!

+10 votes   article: Early December Update
phillon Nov 25 2013, 8:14am says:

Amazing difference, can't wait!

+1 vote   media: NEW FIRE
phillon Nov 25 2013, 8:13am says:

Amazing work! Thank you!

+1 vote   media: Thief Gold HD
phillon Oct 28 2013, 10:04am says:

Looks amazing; thanks for all your hard work!

+1 vote   media: Thief Gold HD
phillon Oct 25 2013, 8:59am says:

Looks very impressive, nice work.

+2 votes   media: Vault: 110 Full
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:21am says:

Looks amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

+2 votes   media: The Mage Towers
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:19am says:

I like the feature. I say keep it; it sets the mod a bit apart from the FOT stand, crouch, prone stances.

+3 votes   article: Stand aim feature
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:18am says:

Looking good Robert.

+1 vote   media: Vertibird (WIP)
phillon Oct 7 2013, 10:29am says:

Looking very good Robert, keep up the great work.

+3 votes   media: Update!
phillon Oct 2 2013, 9:46am says:

Sounds intriguing Robert; keep us updated as the project evolves.

+2 votes   article: Fallout Last Vegas's new story WIP
phillon Aug 16 2013, 12:23pm says:

Looks awesome Robert!

+2 votes   media: 51 Sprites
phillon May 24 2014, 7:44am says:

Wow, looks awesome. The maps are very varied and interesting. I really look forward to playing some skirmish games on these. Thanks for the update; looking very good.

+3 votes   article: Complete List of Multiplayer Maps
phillon May 24 2014, 7:23am says:

Looking good; I think the recoil is just fine as well.

+1 vote   media: SVD and SVU
phillon May 24 2014, 7:19am says:

Nice, good additions, game needs some more SMGs.

+2 votes   media: pp-19 Bizon and TT-33
phillon May 24 2014, 5:19am says:

Really looking forward to the patch (glad the money bug is fixed haha) and continued support for this incredible game (it is an insult to call this a mere mod). Thanks so much Dezowave; I have already donated and will donate again from time to time to help support you guys. Hopefully over time more and more of the community will join you (especially programmers/animators, etc) to help polish LA even more so that it can be the best it can be.

I must also say: the artefact merger system is very cool! Love it; you must add some more recipes! I would love an artefact that adds weight (like CoP did); that would be awesome. One thing though about the artefact merger process: perhaps just increase the chance for success more since it will prevent 'save-scumming' to get the artefact as opposed to the rejects. I know I will keep using save-scumming to make the artefacts (which reduces immersion a bit of course), because some of those components are so tough to get, to lose them and get nothing in return is a bit harsh.

Also, at a later date please take a look at the upgrade system: there are some bugs with some upgrades that actually make the items worse (like +recoil, etc.); though I can imagine this will take some time to troubleshoot, so rather focus on the more critical stuff now, but please do fix it sometime since the weapon/armor customization aspect is one of my favourite features (I love how you implemented it by having to make sacrifices, i.e. not being able to get all upgrades).

Keep up the great work guys; this is an incredible game; thank you for all the effort you put in.

+8 votes   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
phillon May 22 2014, 1:41pm replied:

lol; as they say: let the pieces fall where they may!

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
phillon May 22 2014, 12:28pm says:

Thank you for the very interesting context of the development of the mod. You are overly critical of the mod though, but perhaps that is just because I know just how much work goes into creating something like DXN that I more easily overlook the 'flaws' in mods (though of course I have limits as well).

With DXN, yes the voice acting could have been better, but it wasn't so bad to be honest and in fact even Agent Ingram's voice and character grew on me after a while. I found the level design to be awesome personally, I have no qualms with it, so very good job there. The game pacing and progression systems were also very well done, so you did excellent work there. The writing was not so bad to be honest, it was average (if I had to try to quantify it, I'd say about 65-70% grade), but was quite well paced/revealed throughout the story (which was very intentional on your part as you admit). The soundtrack though (as you admit) was incredible, so kudos to Retro for that; it was for me by far the most "Deus-exy" soundtrack of all the big mods (slightly eclipsing even TNM soundtrack...and that is an impressive feat); awesome work.

Overall, an incredible mod and yes you and all others involved have left your legacy for the DX community. So from all of us: thank you and best of luck in your future endeavours.

+2 votes   article: Deus Ex: Nihilum - Anniversary Retrospective
phillon May 22 2014, 12:05pm replied:

Indeed haha, the guy high or something?

+1 vote   media: SVD
phillon May 22 2014, 12:03pm says:

PSO for all and detachable.

+1 vote   media: SVD
phillon May 21 2014, 10:38am says:

Great news. Thank you for the update and looking forward to the release.

+3 votes   article: Twisted Insurrection - Public Beta 5 Release Date Confirmed!
phillon May 21 2014, 10:32am says:

Great name, much better yeah. Great news about the progress as well.

+1 vote   article: Few Changes
phillon May 20 2014, 10:26am says:

Nice to have a fully-fledged skirmish mode in, thank you.

+1 vote   media: Game Mode: MixTech
phillon May 20 2014, 10:25am says:

I agree with Woozle. Also consider this: when you crouch and use the aimsight, reduce the recoil massively so that it simulates you putting the firearm on tripods or at the very least going prone. I think the point of using a MG is that you want to be able to just shoot a massive volley, instead of short bursts (which are what most ARs are for). Forcing the player to at least crouch (since CS doesn't have prone iirc) balances out being able to just let rip with a MG (spray and pray basically). If you can't do that, I don't see the point of even having MG in the game.

+4 votes   media: PKM Needs some work
phillon May 19 2014, 1:24pm says:

Looking good guys, as others have said: the font, layout and color scheme is well done and fits nicely with the mod and TS.

+2 votes   media: Skirmish Set-up Menu
phillon May 19 2014, 1:21pm says:

Very nice, the detail on the model is very impressive.

+1 vote   media: FNFAL scope and mount
phillon May 17 2014, 7:27am says:

Very nice, good work.

+1 vote   media: Updated video for FN FAL
phillon May 17 2014, 7:25am says:

Very impressive, good work. Really looking forward to the mega-mod.

+1 vote   media: New Anims for SIG-SG550
phillon May 16 2014, 10:55am says:

Damn...that is amazing. Can't believe its TS. Naval units and all. Thanks for the update (havent had one in a while), and thank you for all the hard work on this. Really looking forward to TO.

+1 vote   media: WIP Map Testing
phillon May 16 2014, 10:52am says:

Thank you Rampastring, Iran and all others involved. It is great news that the release is getting closer and closer. Cannot wait to play this.

+1 vote   article: The New Twisted Insurrection Client - Pre-Determine Teams and Locations!
phillon May 16 2014, 10:47am says:

That was awesome. Awesome music and awesome gameplay. Really looking forward to this, keep up the great work guys.

+2 votes   media: Cabal Gameplay + New Soundtrack
phillon May 13 2014, 10:22am says:

Very ambitious and very good. I like the detailed story, it really sets the tone for the quality of the mod. Thank you for the update and keep up the great work; I, for one, cannot wait for this mod.

+3 votes   article: Story introduction and more!
phillon May 11 2014, 10:15am replied:

Haha, agreed Vintar. Some of these would swear they don't read anything. It's all these modern CoD players trying out LA and crying that there is no or little hand holding. Guess what guys! A Massive part of STALKER and LA is about EXPLORING and actually PAYING ATTENTION (to instructions and the Zone). /rant

+1 vote   mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
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