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phillon Dec 10 2014, 2:28am says:

I am so excited for this! And hey guys, no pressure really, you owe us nothing. We are all just really appreciative of this project. Release it when its ready. And thank you again for this, it is greatly appreciated.

That music, those this just made my month. Cannot wait!

+5 votes   article: December Update
phillon Dec 1 2014, 2:59am says:

Gonna vote for you guys again, as everyone knows this will be the best mod ever once released, /thread.

+7 votes   mod: Deus Ex: Revision
phillon Oct 7 2014, 9:03am replied:

I would prefer it as 2D, even if you had those artists. The engine and visual look is perfect as is.

+2 votes   game: Van Buren: A Fallout RPG Adventure
phillon Oct 6 2014, 9:14am says:

Incredible work! The detail is very impressive and really makes the FO engine shine. Really looking forward to this and thank you again Hexer and all others involved for this dream come true.

+2 votes   media: The Grand Canyon
phillon Sep 30 2014, 9:38am says:

Looking good; man I love the Fallout/FO engine. Just oozes atmosphere.

+2 votes   media: Feral Glowing Ones
phillon Sep 17 2014, 11:11am says:

Thank you for the update. Man...this is looking so good, I cannot wait! Thanks again to the entire team and everyone who contributed to this.

+3 votes   article: September update
phillon Sep 17 2014, 11:02am says:

Awesome! So much awesome in this mod. I especially like how the new images are actually quite detailed in the information provided and of course nice high resolution. Very well done.

+2 votes   media: 2x Datavault images
phillon Sep 17 2014, 10:57am says:

Orgasmic! Cannot wait! Thanks so much guys.

+2 votes   media: Area 51 Overview comparison
phillon Sep 10 2014, 5:30pm says:

Looking good, excite meter rising!

+2 votes   media: The Bike
phillon Sep 7 2014, 4:29am says:

Great stuff. So amped for this. Keep up the great work guys.

+3 votes   media: Arizona - The Grand Canyon State Welcomes You
phillon Jul 30 2014, 7:35am says:

Hi Kocmo and other developers of this mod. Firstly, just again a big thank you for this mod, it is awesome. Also just a question: are you planning to still update the mod sometime (finishing those 'coming soon' tasks) or do you consider the last release of March 2014 to be pretty much final?

+1 vote   mod: unifiedDeusEx
phillon Jul 20 2014, 3:01am says:

Thank you for the update. The music and the screenshot are awesome. Keep up the great work guys and thanks again to all involved in this incredible project.

+2 votes   article: July Update
phillon Jul 20 2014, 2:59am says:

Wow, I am impressed. This is very good. Keep up the great work guys.

+2 votes   media: Battery Park
phillon Jul 20 2014, 2:57am says:

Looking great guys, cannot wait!

+2 votes   media: Area 51 Surface
phillon Jul 9 2014, 4:42pm says:

Don't forget to setup some means of donating sometime guys. I have a generous amount of cash with your name on it.

+5 votes   mod: Deus Ex: Revision
phillon Jul 2 2014, 2:05pm says:

Good job. Keep up the great work.

+3 votes   media: Giant centipedes!
phillon Jun 17 2014, 5:10am replied:

So looking forward to this. It is my most anticipated game/mod by far, keep up the great work guys and thank you again.

+1 vote   mod: Deus Ex: Revision
phillon Jun 12 2014, 1:56pm says:

Thank you.

+1 vote   article: GMDX v6 Beta Release
phillon Jun 11 2014, 10:26am says:

Thanks for the update Cyber. Will give this a go when I get some time!

+2 votes   article: GMDX v6.3 Installation Guide
phillon Jun 9 2014, 10:22am says:

Awesome! Love it!

+2 votes   media: New Flamethrower
phillon Jun 7 2014, 3:42am says:

Very impressive work Sergeant, thanks for the update.

+2 votes   media: Stealth Mechanics to be added on v20
phillon Jun 4 2014, 9:35am says:

Awesome mod, thank you. Looking forward to the new version.

+1 vote   media: Miscellaneous
phillon Jun 2 2014, 10:13am says:

Sounds great; very good work guys.

+3 votes   media: Paris Streets
phillon May 31 2014, 2:27am says:

Thanks, more campaigns are always welcome.

+2 votes   media: New Soviet Mission Preview
phillon May 31 2014, 2:25am says:

Great work, much better! Now when playing you feel much more like a real Skaarj warrior. I also love that you have made the character fire two projectiles just as the warriors do. Great work, looking forward to the mod.

+1 vote   media: Unreal: Resurgence - Updated Razik
phillon May 31 2014, 2:21am says:

Interesting. Some kind of anomaly.

+2 votes   media: Swimming time!
phillon May 30 2014, 10:29am says:

Great news, AO is a brilliant mod; very pleased to see it released for CS. Thank you.

+1 vote   mod: Arsenal Overhaul - Clear Sky
phillon May 30 2014, 10:26am says:

Very good work, I am very impressed.

+2 votes   media: Some AK Porn
phillon May 28 2014, 4:20pm replied:

Good to hear, keep up the great work; we are cheering for you guys to the finish line.

+1 vote   mod: Deus Ex: Revision
phillon May 28 2014, 11:23am says:

Thanks for the update, will grab it soon.

+1 vote   article: Kentie's Launcher 6.0
phillon May 27 2014, 9:31am says:

Detail on the weapon models is awesome. Great work.

+3 votes   media: FN FAL Squad Automatic
phillon May 25 2014, 2:22am says:

Very impressive. Very detailed model; good work.

+1 vote   media: Mosin Nagant
phillon May 23 2014, 10:16am says:

Thank you. Will add this to my Arsenal install.

+1 vote   article: Pripyat Reborn Beta Addon - May 23rd
phillon May 19 2014, 1:26pm says:

Awesome work; all three released screens today were awesome. Very nice mapping and lightning in those maps. Really looking forward to Resurgence, keep up the good work guys.

+1 vote   media: Skaarj Temple Exterior
phillon May 19 2014, 1:19pm says:

Looks great, the waterfall is especially well done.

+1 vote   media: Exterior of an Ancient Nali Sanctuary
phillon May 18 2014, 4:04am says:

WOW! Very impressive work guys. This looks awesome. I especially love the classic first weapon of the Skaarj (his claw and energy ball); very cool. Really looking forward to UR, thank you for the update and keep up the great work guys.

+1 vote   media: Unreal: Resurgence - Weapons
phillon May 16 2014, 10:43am says:

Looks awesome. Very detailed units, wow.

+2 votes   media: New Forgotten Arsenal
phillon May 16 2014, 10:40am says:

It is indeed much better, good work.

+1 vote   media: ACOG Scope
phillon May 3 2014, 2:49am says:

Very impressive work, good job. Really looking forward to the mod.

+1 vote   media: New M16a2 Model
phillon Apr 28 2014, 11:17am says:

Where are we supposed to install this? gamedata\scripts? or config\scripts?

+2 votes  
phillon Apr 15 2014, 12:32pm says:

The augmentation changes are very good, I really enjoyed them. Good work Cyber.

+2 votes   media: Augmented Augmentations
phillon Apr 10 2014, 10:20am says:

Some Scenario type single player missions (with scripting, specific goals, etc.) will be very welcome; thank you for this.

+4 votes   media: Nod Mission: Reunification preview
phillon Apr 7 2014, 12:12pm says:

"Dump this trash in the canal"...LOL. Gotta love Deus Ex. Thanks for all the enhancements Cyber, GMDX is very cool for DX veterans.

+2 votes   media: Improved Artificial Intelligence
phillon Apr 4 2014, 12:35pm says:

Looking awesome. Very impressive work.

+2 votes   article: Nod: Structure List
phillon Mar 4 2014, 9:08am says:

Cool stuff, nice tweaks. Look forward to trying it out on my embermage and thank you again for all the hard work you put into this. You are awesome.

+2 votes   article: SynergiesMOD Embermage Overhaul!
phillon Jan 1 2014, 2:18am says:

Thank you for this mod Marco (BrotherLaz); the work you put into it is greatly appreciated.

+6 votes   mod: Median XL Ultimative
phillon Dec 20 2013, 8:16am says:

Looking good Robert and crew!

+3 votes   media: Wars
phillon Dec 9 2013, 5:44am says:

Thank you for the update! Looks amazing, the passion of you guys behind this is reflected in the quality of the work you present. You ARE doing this masterpiece of a game justice. Cannot wait for release!

+10 votes   article: Early December Update
phillon Nov 25 2013, 8:14am says:

Amazing difference, can't wait!

+1 vote   media: NEW FIRE
phillon Nov 25 2013, 8:13am says:

Amazing work! Thank you!

+1 vote   media: Thief Gold HD
phillon Oct 28 2013, 10:04am says:

Looks amazing; thanks for all your hard work!

+1 vote   media: Thief Gold HD
phillon Oct 25 2013, 8:59am says:

Looks very impressive, nice work.

+2 votes   media: Vault: 110 Full
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:21am says:

Looks amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

+2 votes   media: The Mage Towers
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:19am says:

I like the feature. I say keep it; it sets the mod a bit apart from the FOT stand, crouch, prone stances.

+3 votes   article: Stand aim feature
phillon Oct 18 2013, 8:18am says:

Looking good Robert.

+1 vote   media: Vertibird (WIP)
phillon Oct 7 2013, 10:29am says:

Looking very good Robert, keep up the great work.

+3 votes   media: Update!
phillon Oct 2 2013, 9:46am says:

Sounds intriguing Robert; keep us updated as the project evolves.

+2 votes   article: Fallout Last Vegas's new story WIP
phillon Aug 16 2013, 12:23pm says:

Looks awesome Robert!

+2 votes   media: 51 Sprites
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