I have a lot of interest in Half-life and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modding. These are two franchises that sit above anything else in gaming. Also interested in M&B Warband modding. I'm too a really huge fan of franchises like Metro, Mass Effect and Deus Ex.

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Capt.Host Apr 27 2014, 5:48am says:

Damn. Dez0wave has been around for so long and they weren't able to prepare a decent release for Lost Alpha.
For something this big and expected, they should have at least a torrent a 3 mirrors in the first day, like Black Mesa did (still it was impossible to download due to the traffic).
Come on guys, put yourself together. Did you really expect ModDB to authorize a 5GB file in a day? They've been screwing uploads for a long time now, and with much smaller stuff.

Anyway, do your best to get this out to the STALKERs. I'll be waiting. I just want to play a little before the weekend ends ;)

+3 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 26 2014, 8:16pm replied:

Wow! That was a late answer. If it wasn't for the email notification, I'd never see it.
Though, it's nice to know you're still around.
Good luck, man.

+1 vote     member: Zimmbous
Capt.Host Apr 26 2014, 10:33am says:

You've been teasing us with screenshots of this mod you're working on, and I must say, I'm actually excited to learn a lot more about it.

It's looking really good.

+3 votes     media: Shadow of Chernobyl
Capt.Host Apr 26 2014, 5:38am says:

ModDB just completely brainfarted.
LA posts the release news and it's not here for some reason. People are already making reviews and haven't even played the mod.

Though, I don't get why the devs haven't said anything.
We're in the dark people.

+3 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 25 2014, 6:33pm says:

And that's one beautiful corridor...

+10 votes     media: Corridor
Capt.Host Apr 18 2014, 3:25pm replied:

No need. I reloaded once again from the south farm, and this time found the knife. Must have been a spawn bug.

+1 vote     mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
Capt.Host Apr 18 2014, 2:57pm replied:

I read in the forum I had to find a knife, but I just can't find it.
Can you add a spoiler tag and describe how to get that item, please?

+1 vote     mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
Capt.Host Apr 18 2014, 2:16pm says:

This is something I'd love to test ;)
I've only tested NMRiH when it comes to sourcemods, but I've tested some other f2p games.

+3 votes     article: Steam release is near.
Capt.Host Apr 18 2014, 11:30am says:

I have a problem.
I'm playing the freeplay questline. I already found the scientist in Strelok's hideout and now headed to X-18. Also found the wounded scientist outside, saved him, then talked to him.
Then I went down to the Lab but, once inside it, the door that leads down those stairs is closed. I tried 1243 and another code I had in the PDA, but it just doesn't open. Also, when facing the door, it doesn't say it's locked.

Help? I tried loading a save in Dark Valley, by the south farm, still couldn't open the door in the lab.

+1 vote     mod: Old Good STALKER Evolution
Capt.Host Apr 17 2014, 12:25pm replied:

I use the Steam version, which, I believe, is patched as US.
But try that.

+1 vote     mod: Lost World: Origin
Capt.Host Apr 17 2014, 12:21pm says:

That is great! And yes, I don't think that's the kind of thing rookies would do, so you should assign it only to veteran or master stalkers.

+2 votes     media: New Combat Scheme - Rush Attack
Capt.Host Apr 17 2014, 9:27am says:

First, if you guys need any help with the translation, count me in.

Also, to all the users:
The mod only works on 1.0006 version (worked on my Steam version);
It is in Russian, as it is not translated to English yet;
Be sure to use the Fix, otherwise it won't work for us.

Finally, this is one amazing mod, and you should definitely check it out. To everyone that reviewed the mod poorly just because it didn't work or was in Russian, please re-review it, because it works with the fix and the translation is underway.
I think we've all noticed that the mod creators have a certain difficulty communicating with us, so be patient.

+2 votes     mod: Lost World: Origin
Capt.Host Apr 16 2014, 9:11pm replied:

Franchises have been trying to evolve, though, some lost their way (i.e. Dead Space). In Splinter Cell's case, even with the enormous overhaul Conviction was, I never felt it stopped being a brutal stealth game.
I tried seeing Conviction as a turning point. The noir themed story was beautifully written, the different approaches, all that. Blacklist redeemed the series, as you can play like old school SC or gun everyone down. Your choice, your game, and I love that.

As for Ubisoft games being repetitive, well, STALKER is so much bigger in scope.
Assassin's Creed and Far Cry maybe be huge games and big and pretty worlds, but their not nearly as complex as STALKER is. STALKER has a lot a going back to the same places, killing a bunch of people or mutants, but it's every scene, every moment, that makes everything worth it. It's another level of dynamism.

+1 vote     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 16 2014, 9:07pm replied:

RPS focus on aggressive writing... They're some other kind of journalists, and, personally, I really enjoy their articles. You should take a look at their article on Mass Effect: Reborn mod (saying it won't be long until EA "foxes" it) or their chronicles (their DayZ publication made me fear playing that game).

We, the fans, all know it's more than just THAT. That's what will always matter. Our love towards your work. Their disinterested journalism towards LA mustn't be taken seriously.

+1 vote     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 16 2014, 3:53pm replied:

They say "we will never see STALKER 2". I sure hope they're dead wrong...
I hope a big publisher buys the franchise and then outsources it's development to a Ukrainian studio.
I'd prefer it was Ubisoft, as I'd really like to see how they'd handle a post-apocalyptic franchise, and I was quite sad when they didn't get the Metro franchise at THQ's auction (they actually made a bid for Metro, but Deep Silver made a better offer). They also have Ubisoft Kiev actually.

+1 vote     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 16 2014, 12:19pm says:

Can you please share a link for the NS version you're using?

+3 votes     media: Not alone
Capt.Host Apr 15 2014, 9:48pm replied:

I read on RPS Rockpapershotgun.com that indeed some models and textures were ripped off. You can read it the last paragraph of the article.
Though, I didn't think the situation was this bad. A shame, really...

+4 votes     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
Capt.Host Apr 15 2014, 8:47pm says:

Hey. Recently, I've been growing curiosity on this space strategy/exploration kind of games. I've become interested in this since I first saw GalCiv 3. I'm already going to buy Sins of a Solar Empire, and I'm planning on buying Homeworld Remastered when it's out, in case it hits Steam (which probably will).

This has probably been answered already, but the question is:
Are you planning on porting ME:R to Homeworld Remastered?

0 votes     mod: Mass Effect Reborn
Capt.Host Apr 15 2014, 3:50pm replied:

Took them a while to notice this.
Also, I must say they're kinda cruel when they say that they weren't even aware there was a possibility of LA being an official part of the franchise.

Still, I can't really understand how what happened completely crosses all the chances.
GSC wouldn't have to pay a cent to make money out of this.
Just put it on a digital platform and share the profit with Dez0wave and the owners of the distribution. Then call it "a reimagination of what the games could have been".
Internet would make any advertisement LA needed.

+4 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 15 2014, 6:16am says:

You guys should upload the fix to ModDB. Many people are not noticing it.
Just a suggestion...

+1 vote     mod: Lost World: Origin
Capt.Host Apr 13 2014, 6:32pm replied:

It is a standalone game. No need for SoC.

+6 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 12 2014, 7:07am replied:

You realize that I'll have 1 year or + to play Lost Alpha, before this comes out.
Though, a lot of mods with brand new stories (like Lost World: Origin) are in the making, so I'll have a lot of STALKER to play.
Russian fans and modders are really something else...

+1 vote     media: Limansk - camp
Capt.Host Apr 11 2014, 6:32pm says:

Any news?

+5 votes     mod: Black Mesa: Dormitories
Capt.Host Apr 11 2014, 6:23pm replied:

Download Old Good STALKER Mod 1.8 Community Edition, though it's a russian mod and it's translation is a bit clumsy (only downside). You can find it here Moddb.com just look for it in the blog post.
Alternatively, you can download Clear Sky Mod Pack 2012 by boredgunner Moddb.com
Though, even though it looks really pretty, there are a few things I'm not a fan of.

OGSM 1.8 CE if you don't care about some misunderstanding, but want great immersion and features.
CS Mod Pack 2012 if you want the best graphics.

+1 vote     mod: Autumn Aurora 2
Capt.Host Apr 11 2014, 1:53pm says:

I really hope that once this is released, it will keep my STALKER hunger satiated for some more time.

+7 votes     media: Limansk - camp
Capt.Host Apr 8 2014, 8:46am says:

So, any news?

+1 vote     mod: Story of Strelok - OSLM Compilation
Capt.Host Apr 8 2014, 6:05am says:

I'm able to install and start the mod, but once in-game, I can't do anything but looking around.
Can't move, shoot, whatever.
I checked the options menu and the "keyboard" tab is completely empty.

Can someone help?

+1 vote     mod: Focalpoint
Capt.Host Apr 6 2014, 8:03pm replied:

How about you just posted the fix here ??

+1 vote     mod: Bunker 66
Capt.Host Apr 6 2014, 5:25pm says:

I must say:
I'm supper happy that Lost Alpha is finally coming out. It's been difficult enduring all the planned releases that were not met. The hype as been unbearable.
Though, it displeases me that it won't be seeing a commercial release. Dez0wave deserved it.
Yea, I know that it wasn't certain, but it was possible. And if it depended on the quality presented, I'm sure there would be a lot of it, certainly more than we ever had in any STALKER game's first release.

It would've been great if GSC just sped up the process and worked with Dez0wave to put Lost Alpha as soon as possible on Steam's Early Access (even though I hate it), for example. And don't tell me it can't be sold because it is free somewhere else, because, we all know, everything becomes "free" when it's final. More importantly, the leaked build wasn't even representative of the final quality, as it was 6 months old.

Anyway, I'd love if, post-release, we, the fans, got kind of an "Aftermath" article, describing what happened behind closed doors, not only about the development, but also about those talks the team had with GSC and this accident, in particular.

Greatest of luck for the devs, and I'll be waiting to hear more on that upcoming project and playing the hell out of Lost Alpha.

Good luck, Stalkers ;)

+13 votes     mod: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha
Capt.Host Apr 6 2014, 12:34pm says:

Any ETA on the Steam release?

+1 vote     mod: Lambda Wars
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