I have a lot of interest in Half-life and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. modding. These are two franchises that sit above anything else in gaming. Also interested in M&B Warband and Deus Ex modding, among others. I'm a really huge fan of these franchises, as well as franchises like Metro, Mass Effect, Tom Clancy's games, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

Comment History  (60 - 90 of 384)
Capt.Host Feb 7 2015, 8:55am says:

Great job indeed, guys! I wish more Amnesia mods would make it to Steam.

+1 vote   article: We now in Steam!
Capt.Host Jan 4 2015, 11:17am says:

Looks spectacular!
Congratulations for all your hard work. You guys sure had to overcome a lot of obstacles.
Can't wait to play it ;)

+5 votes   media: Old. Good.
Capt.Host Dec 30 2014, 1:08pm says:

Great news! Really anticipating this.

+6 votes   article: Under The Death's Cover 2.0 Teaser Trailer
Capt.Host Dec 24 2014, 9:03pm says:

Thanks for still working on Better ME2.
Just started a NG+ and had a lot of fun.

Really great Christmas present :)

+1 vote   article: Better ME2 v1.0.0.5
Capt.Host Dec 17 2014, 5:36pm says:

Yes, I am!

Merry Christmas stalkers ;)

+3 votes   media: M.E.R.R.Y Christmas
Capt.Host Dec 11 2014, 2:28pm replied:

Indeed. I would love my CSa-3 to have the Clear Sky arms texture.

+1 vote   media: 2.4.1 AKS-74u
Capt.Host Dec 1 2014, 3:39pm says:

Holy ****!
A lot of amazing new features seem to be coming to CoP thanks to the new Redux.

Thanks for your dedication and fantastic work guys. You have my vote :)
Let's keep S.T.A.L.K.E.R. alive together ;)

+2 votes   article: MOTY 2014: Call to Arms!
Capt.Host Nov 27 2014, 2:01pm says:

Phenomenal idea!
Great job you've done, I hope you stay on this path. Skyrim still has a lot of modding years ahead and maybe we'll see a pirate mod some day if you pull this off.
Best of luck ;)

+4 votes   article: Sea battles on Skyrim's engine
Capt.Host Nov 14 2014, 2:34pm replied:

I believe it's the original model with Millenia's skin :)

+1 vote   media: zaton
Capt.Host Nov 1 2014, 4:39pm replied:

That's actually a really good idea.
OGSE 0963 is going to feature revamped and improved vanilla maps, as well as a new version of Dead City, Generators and others. It will bring a lot of innovations within the engine, so it could be a plausible consideration, if it gets released anytime soon.

Still, I liked your ideas for Predbannik.

+1 vote   article: ZOA is 3 years old.
Capt.Host Nov 1 2014, 5:05am says:

Definitely an amazing mod for SoC.
I hope you keep improving it on all fronts to make it the most realistic and hardcore experience possible, but still fair as it is now.
Also, once you get all this "little" things done, you might start working on those new maps and storyline you were teasing a long time ago.
I don't know if your future project is based on X-Ray, but I hope you make good use of the game's sourcecode for ZoA.

Good luck with your work ;)

+1 vote   article: ZOA is 3 years old.
Capt.Host Oct 16 2014, 12:57pm says:

I don't like the sound very much. Just seems too sharp (as Loner said) and kinda resembles the electric anomalies a bit. They just sound weird for me.
You should think of improving them. Try finding new sounds and think of removing those triple thunders.

+2 votes   media: New rain & thunder sounds, improved ambient sounds
Capt.Host Oct 12 2014, 5:34pm replied:

Indeed. Can't you make them perform differently? 'Cause if you can, you could make the 1PN93-4 a more late-game attachment/scope.

+6 votes   media: Help choose the night scope for RtL
Capt.Host Sep 28 2014, 7:32am says:

I think that, if it is playable and can be finished, you should release it anyway.
But, of course, if you only feel good coming out with the finished product, do as you will.
Good luck :)

+2 votes   article: Release Uncertainty
Capt.Host Sep 21 2014, 4:05pm says:

It's stuff like this that makes STALKER a FUN game. It may be a very atmospheric and hardcore, but it's unique moments like this that will bring a smile to your serious face and remember you of how much you love it.

Thank you STALKER. Thanks mods and community.
You've been entertaining me since 2010, only because I'm a late fan.
I wish I had been there for the beginning.

+6 votes   media: You see...
Capt.Host Sep 10 2014, 1:30pm says:

Of course, guys. Just make it as great as it can ever be ;)
Just don't forget to change the release date on the mod page, so that people don't start giving reviews to this by September 15th.

+7 votes   article: Important news for subscribers
Capt.Host Aug 31 2014, 8:07pm says:

It would be cool if that variant had unfolded stock. Just to make it feel even more different.

+2 votes   media: VZ61 Scorpion Camo/Recon
Capt.Host Aug 25 2014, 10:40am says:

There's a Gordon Freeman model on the Garry's Mod workshop that looks absolutely stunning. If you could get permission from the author and port it to your mod, it would definitely look a lot better on the cutscenes.
Take a look if you want: Steamcommunity.com

+1 vote   media: 19Th update: " Inside the Borealis "
Capt.Host Aug 23 2014, 5:37pm says:

Great news. Are you still working on the Clear Sky version or are you fully migrating to CoP?

+3 votes   media: Ghost Land in Call of Pripyat
Capt.Host Aug 23 2014, 7:46am says:

Great stuff. Can't wait to try out that WA2000 :D

+2 votes   article: Arsenal Overhaul 2.3 - August 29th
Capt.Host Aug 22 2014, 8:07am says:

This mod looks gorgeous *.*

+4 votes   media: artifact
Capt.Host Aug 16 2014, 6:32am says:

This game is really taking shape. I can't wait to see it in action.

+5 votes   article: Development Update (08/15/2014)
Capt.Host Jul 26 2014, 7:51pm replied:

That's good news, man. Thanks again.

+2 votes   article: First news
Capt.Host Jul 26 2014, 4:31pm says:

Thanks for hosting this page.
Will the Team work on OWR any further, or just provide the mod?

+3 votes   article: First news
Capt.Host Jun 22 2014, 2:03pm says:

Woah... This is one great screen. STALKER is indeed a game of beauty *.*

+4 votes   media: Fiery sunset at Rostok
Capt.Host Jun 13 2014, 3:41pm says:

This release date sure is a surprise. Really looking forward to it ;)

+4 votes   article: Keys Trailer
Capt.Host Jun 1 2014, 4:45am replied:

Indeed, I'd love to see this on Greenlight as a mod to HL2.
If you don't want people playing a dated version, at least put it on Steam so it becomes easier for everyone to see this is a big project. You'll reach a bigger audience and people will actually know this has evolved to something greater.

+2 votes   article: Tango Down!
Capt.Host May 30 2014, 3:18pm says:

Great news! Can't wait to play an even more complete Black Mesa ;)

+12 votes   article: Alpha Tree
Capt.Host May 21 2014, 2:06pm says:

OMFG! A new update for this! This is awesome news man. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us.

+7 votes   article: Development Progress, May 2014
Capt.Host Apr 16 2014, 12:19pm says:

Can you please share a link for the NS version you're using?

+3 votes   media: Not alone
Capt.Host Mar 18 2014, 2:24pm says:

I can't wait to get my hands on that demo !

+2 votes   media: Air Exchanger entrance area
Capt.Host Feb 26 2014, 4:07pm says:

This mod is just awesome. It would be awesome of someone was doing the same for Liberty City Stories.

+2 votes   media: The VERY FIRST Empire Buildings Test
Capt.Host Feb 1 2014, 4:29pm replied:

I was mostly fascinated with the AirEx levels. They looked really awesome.
The Depot/Wasteland also looked real great, and that Depot remake mod by LexxoR was amazing. Missing Information also did a great job with the Borealis.
Other mods like Raising The Bar and Dark Interval are also really promising.
I really want to play a full remake of the original HL2 storyline.

+1 vote   article: News Update: We are Alive!; That Media Update; The Endless Search for Talent
Capt.Host Feb 1 2014, 5:51am says:

I wonder why remakes of the original HL2 storyline only started appearing recently, when the beta and the game itself has been out for so long.
Anyway, it's good to see that these mods actually look amazing, and I hadn't heard about this one 'till now, but I'll be sure to follow it.
Certainly looking forward to more of Insolence ;)

+2 votes   article: News Update: We are Alive!; That Media Update; The Endless Search for Talent
Capt.Host Jan 9 2014, 3:45pm says:

This is genious !

+4 votes   media: Scope Overhaul
Capt.Host Dec 24 2013, 6:52am says:

So promising. This is going to be awesome!

+5 votes   article: Full Invasion 2 Features List
Capt.Host Dec 20 2013, 5:21am says:

STALKER sure needs more story mods.
I hope you keep up your good work and deliver this promising piece to us ;)

+1 vote   media: A large battle
Capt.Host Oct 5 2013, 1:57pm says:

Definitely looking forward to this.
I never thought ML has a bad start, but is good to know that 5 years after it's creation they're on track and working on this amazing project.

What captivates me the most about Wicked Evolving is the focus on storytelling. I hope it delivers... a lot!

Anyway, good luck to all the devs. You'll need it if you want to make something as promising as this even better that what people are expecting.
I hope it exceeds my expectations ;)

+5 votes   article: Media Spurt: Proper Introduction
Capt.Host Sep 7 2013, 9:27pm says:

Beautiful art. Looks great guys ;)

+3 votes   article: News fo ART Music
Capt.Host Sep 1 2013, 2:00pm says:

Lightning will be something really important in this mod. I like it !

+2 votes   article: Last structural and light test
Capt.Host Aug 25 2013, 5:59pm says:

Oh. It's good to see this is getting a dev-blog.
Can't wait for more ;)

+7 votes   article: Enderal-Devblog, Episode 1: The Class System
Capt.Host Aug 25 2013, 3:51pm says:

Well, this is what I've been waiting for to play the whole Black Mesa package.
Thanks a lot man ;)

You deserve the respect of every Half-life fan by making Black Mesa even more complete. Just as much as the BM devs deserve it.

I guess now we'll just have to wait for the BM devs to release Xen :D

+6 votes   article: Black Mesa - On a Rail Uncut - Public Beta Release!
Capt.Host Aug 23 2013, 3:42pm says:

This is great news! This mod was great for it's details and atmosphere, which was fantastic.
The somehow "pale" colors and the awesome music placement made this mod's amazing atmosphere, alongside a very solid gameplay.
Also, the custom content like sounds and others were top-notch.

This certainly deserves a remake and, I'd say, a new ModDB page for the it.
I would love to see some new models (weapons, etc.) and a few more custom stuff (HUD, etc.), so that this would be truly unique.

I wish the devs the best of luck improving what already is a masterpiece ;)

+4 votes   article: Slums will be remaked!
Capt.Host Aug 20 2013, 1:34pm says:

I love all those details in the side of the weapon, and the overall model looks really good ;)

+4 votes   media: Glock 18
Capt.Host Jul 28 2013, 9:01pm says:

You guys had my vote for months. I don't understand why this took so much time to be greenlit.

Damn, am I happy to see this great project going forward.
I know my expectations will be fulfilled, so try make this even better ;)

Good luck devs !!!

+21 votes   article: Operation Black Mesa has been greenlit!
Capt.Host Jul 28 2013, 7:42pm says:

This mod will be astonishing. No doubt about that ;)

+15 votes   media: Missing in action
Capt.Host Jul 23 2013, 7:21am says:

I don't understand hackers. They are just mean people. Why destroy the work of people that are providing us FREE entertainment? The work of people that are working for free? Why destroy gaming experience by screwing around servers?
I hate them. They are just jerks. An internet plague.

+4 votes   article: Security Breach
Capt.Host Jul 10 2013, 7:07pm says:

The description is OK now. Waiting and tracking :)

+1 vote   article: The Atmosphere of the future
Capt.Host Jul 2 2013, 1:07pm says:

Cool. I'm really looking forward to this.

+1 vote   article: SDK 2013 Update
Capt.Host Nov 11 2014, 4:36pm says:

Really badass video! Can't wait to be playing that mod, because it looks really amazing.

+3 votes   media: Call of Chernobyl tester play
Capt.Host Nov 7 2014, 5:35pm replied:

It seems. It has a beautiful effect too :)

+3 votes   media: Safe zone
Capt.Host Nov 4 2014, 1:59pm says:

Lovely news. Great work you're doing with OWR.
The mod is certainly in good hands :)

+1 vote   article: November news
Capt.Host Oct 26 2014, 3:00pm says:

I hope they're getting ready to release something...

+2 votes   mod: Missing Information
Capt.Host Oct 21 2014, 2:10pm says:

It sounds much better :)
There is certainly room for improvement, but that's exactly the reason why this is a beta. (0:30-0:35 for example still resembles the electric anomaly too much; could be acceptable though as there are anomalies in the sky)
I hope the next showcase is even better.

+2 votes   media: New rain & thunder - beta
Capt.Host Oct 12 2014, 5:31pm says:

Good to know this is coming to us rather soon and that you guys are really into making it possible.
Best of luck ;)

+5 votes   article: It's Been Awhile!
Capt.Host Oct 10 2014, 1:30pm replied:

That's good news. I'll be waiting then.

+2 votes   mod: In Spite Of The Death
Capt.Host Oct 10 2014, 10:21am says:

Do I have to start a new game every time I install a new nightly build?
Thanks in advance.

+1 vote   mod: The Last Days (of The Third Age of Middle Earth)
Capt.Host Oct 9 2014, 4:35pm says:

Have you thought of uploading updated all-in-ones of ISOD 1, 1.5 and 2 here?
Even without a proper translation, it would be be much easier to just install them ourselves and make a machine translation.
Think about it ;)

+1 vote   mod: In Spite Of The Death
Capt.Host Sep 28 2014, 12:09pm replied:

We were getting updates fairly regularly, so it seemed like the project was up and running and was going places.
That's why I'm kinda surprised by these news.

+4 votes   article: The next step for L.U.R.K.
Capt.Host Sep 28 2014, 7:35am says:

I really appreciate the honesty. It's to sad to see this is not being finished, not when it seemed to be so close... Our community loses a lot with this sad news.
Best of luck on your new project. I hope it's something along the lines of STALKER :)

+8 votes   article: The next step for L.U.R.K.
Capt.Host Sep 27 2014, 4:47pm says:

Great stuff. Can't wait for that Steam release.
It's great seeing all these amazing mods migrating to Steam (NMRiH, Estranged, FoF), and Sven Coop is going to consume a lot of free time from people :)

+16 votes   article: v5.0 Progress Report and Changelog
Capt.Host Sep 13 2014, 4:38pm replied:

Try creating a shortcut for SoC in your desktop (if you don't have one).

Then go to properties, and the target path should look something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl\bin\XR_3DA.exe"

Just add -nointro at the end, and it should look something like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\THQ\STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl\bin\XR_3DA.exe" -nointro

Then press OK and it should work.

+2 votes   member: nashathedog
Capt.Host Sep 13 2014, 4:28pm says:

Ooooh... Looks really interesting. We really need an English translation for this.

+9 votes   media: new radar level
Capt.Host Sep 13 2014, 1:34pm says:

I heard it's quite good and has a feeling similar to STALKER's, but it isn't available on Steam. And I highly doubt I can find it in a store here in Portugal...

+1 vote   media: Cryostasis
Capt.Host Sep 12 2014, 4:20pm says:

Really nice! Definitely sounds better and seems more realistic.
Since the sourcecode for Clear Sky leaked, have you thought of looking into it?

+4 votes   media: Pistol Changes
Capt.Host Sep 9 2014, 4:46pm says:

Really intriguing.
I definitely have to play the first 2 chapters/parts.
I found a translation for the first one in the GSC Forums. Then I might just machine translate the second.
So looking forward to this!

+3 votes   article: In Spite Of The Death 3 Trailer #1
Capt.Host Sep 8 2014, 1:11pm says:

Have you seen this, David? Ap-pro.ru
SGM 2.2 Lost Souls addon. Seems like a pretty good addition.

+3 votes   member: nashathedog
Capt.Host Sep 7 2014, 1:40pm replied:

Ok, I'll do that.
Thanks :)

+1 vote   mod: Original Weapons Renewal by r_populik
Capt.Host Sep 6 2014, 7:40pm says:

First time I want to do this, but does the lite version work with story mods like Dolina Shorohov? It doesn't seem to touch any aspect of the weapons.

+1 vote   mod: Original Weapons Renewal by r_populik
Capt.Host Sep 6 2014, 8:36am replied:

Great. I love all the focus on brand-new maps. Definitely going to watch this closely :)

+3 votes   article: New In Spite Of The Death 3 Cutscene Video
Capt.Host Sep 6 2014, 8:33am says:

Great looking! I'm loving what I'm seeing from this author on Source Engine.
Your work on Black Guard was great.

+1 vote   media: Condemned Areas
Capt.Host Feb 22 2015, 1:56pm says:

Definitely going to follow this mod. It's always great to see a comeback.

+5 votes   article: 2015 Deflection Update
Capt.Host Feb 15 2015, 3:22pm says:

Good to see 2.5 is in development.
Here hoping for you to make use of those engine enhancements :3

+4 votes   media: AO 2.5 - Battle Rifles
Capt.Host Feb 8 2015, 6:17am replied:

I never really thought of him dying. Always thought he was just KO...

+2 votes   media: Batarian Titan
Capt.Host Feb 7 2015, 11:34am says:

That's some dark **** you've just written... :/

+1 vote   media: Poor Nimble...
Capt.Host Jan 30 2015, 8:58am replied:

^ This!

+5 votes   article: Fear in Hands on Steam Greenlight?
Capt.Host Jan 25 2015, 9:01am says:

Yes, great surprise! I really wasn't counting on this release.
Gotta download it right away :D

+1 vote   download: Antarctic Sciences: Demo
Capt.Host Jan 25 2015, 4:33am says:

This mod looks really promising. The mapping is amazing!

+3 votes   media: G-K Test Chamber (WiP)
Capt.Host Jan 16 2015, 3:55pm replied:

Actually, the version I was implying was actually 2.4, not 2.3 (sorry for the confusion). Though, 2.4.1 doesn't have any of the engine enhancements and I believe Enigma actually said he isn't using them anymore. It probably has to do with him wanting MSO integrated instead.
If this is the case, I approve. Having both things would be great, though.

+1 vote   article: January News
Capt.Host Jan 16 2015, 2:20pm says:

Great news. I'm really glad for seeing that all these mods' teams are all working together to improve the engine, and it seems it's paying off beautifully.
It's a shame Arsenal Overhaul isn't using the engine extensions anymore, as I believe it worked wonders in 2.3. Changing the FOV ingame was so much nicer, as was the thirst mechanic.

Best of luck with UWR, Swartz ;)

+1 vote   article: January News
Capt.Host Jan 16 2015, 7:18am says:

Great work guys. Both projects seem really good.
I just wish BioWare would re-release the 3 Mass Effect games with all DLCs on next-gen and PC with actual modding tools.
It would be glorious *.*

+1 vote   article: ThaneMOD v3.0 Update
Capt.Host Jan 6 2015, 1:46pm says:

Thanks a lot, Ket. I'm sure this will please a lot of people.
I hope I can play WoD myself now.

+2 votes   download: Winter of Death Patch
Capt.Host Jan 2 2015, 12:14pm says:

Good to see another HL2 mod is coming out ;)
I'll be anticipating the release.

+4 votes   article: Pre-release Update
Capt.Host Jan 1 2015, 7:56am says:

Congrats on your work and progress so far!
I've been following this project for a while now and I'm psyched to know that release is coming nearer and nearer.
Best of luck in 2015 ;)

+3 votes   article: Results of the passed year
Capt.Host Dec 24 2014, 5:46am says:


+3 votes   media: New Gameplay Idea - Yay or Nay?
Capt.Host Dec 18 2014, 4:51pm says:

I'd really like to beta test v7.

You've got some really great work going on here ;)

+3 votes   article: GMDX v7 - Testers Required
Capt.Host Dec 17 2014, 12:12pm replied:

Well, I first found about it on Ap-Pro, and the translation of the news post also mentioned a comeback.
Maybe it's just speculation, since they updated the website.

+2 votes   article: It's been another year!
Capt.Host Dec 17 2014, 11:51am says:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year stalkers!

Let's all thank Dez0wave, Misery Ltd. and every other great modder/team that works on the STALKER games.
There's still so much STALKER to be had ;)

Also, GSC is planning on making a comeback (though not necessarily with STALKER...)
They've updated their website: Gsc-game.com

+13 votes   article: It's been another year!
Capt.Host Dec 17 2014, 10:47am replied:

Great idea!
If someone were to make a winter addon for LA kinda like Thanato's Touch was made for AA2, well, let's just say that would be really awesome.

+6 votes   media: Merry Christmas!
Capt.Host Dec 16 2014, 4:00pm says:

Great work here, just adding more and more awesomeness to this mod.

TKGP really is a great guy.
He has a page with some really small (but really cool) mods and translations that many people probably don't know of. I thought I'd leave it here for you guys. Here it goes:

+4 votes   media: Item use sounds and a few other things
Capt.Host Dec 14 2014, 11:49am says:

West Games are the same guys responsible for the Areal fiasco.

Honestly, I don't doubt they want to make a real game that's cool and fun and all.
But, truth be told: I would never trust them with my money to make a game, not after the mess they've made before...

+4 votes   article: STALKER Apocalypse KickStarter
Capt.Host Dec 12 2014, 5:39pm says:

Great news!
Nothing would be a better Christmas present than a translation for the already released chapters of ISOD ;)

+4 votes   article: In Spite Of The Death Update 12.12.14
Capt.Host Dec 11 2014, 2:26pm says:

It's great to see that STALKER mods still bring a lot of attention and I hope it continues like this for a really long time, with amazing new mods coming every now and then.

+3 votes   article: MOTY 2014: Top 100!
Capt.Host Dec 8 2014, 4:21am replied:

Indeed. Thanks a lot David :)

+3 votes   media: SIGEROUS (SGM) mod page is up
Capt.Host Nov 29 2014, 5:40am replied:

Well, now I know what's the cause.

It's because of Atmosfear's NanoHUD. Don't use it.

+1 vote   download: Arsenal Overhaul 2.4 - Lite
Capt.Host Nov 29 2014, 4:44am says:

Using the Lite version + Atmosfear 3 adaptation, I get this crash when starting a new game:


[error]Expression : xml_doc.NavigateToNode(path,index)
[error]Function : CUIXmlInit::InitStatic
[error]File : .\ui\UIXmlInit.cpp
[error]Line : 156
[error]Description : XML node not found
[error]Argument 0 : indicator_thirst
[error]Argument 1 : ui\maingame.xml

stack trace:

Any help?

+1 vote   download: Arsenal Overhaul 2.4 - Lite
Capt.Host Nov 27 2014, 2:02pm says:

Great to see work still being done in this mod. This the absolute Native 2.0
Thanks for this :)

+6 votes   article: Silverstag v0.25 has been released
Capt.Host Nov 21 2014, 10:43am says:

Can't wait for this on Steam! I'm gonna make my friends play this with me :D

+8 votes   media: New Gamelobby
Capt.Host Nov 16 2014, 2:40pm says:

Amazing news!
This one of the ongoing projects that keep bringing me back to Source engine and the HL2 gameplay style.

Best of luck guys ;)

+9 votes   article: Ten years of Half-Life 2
Capt.Host Sep 5 2014, 9:38pm says:

Looks good ;)
I want to play the first one (In the Center of Evil), but there doesn't seem to be any good English translation.
Is chapter 3 planned to have a translation?

+3 votes   article: New In Spite Of The Death 3 Cutscene Video
Capt.Host Sep 2 2014, 7:05am says:

"There is more changes then this, but I did alot of them while I was drinking and forgot what I did."
You kinda reminded me of Yahtzee :D

+2 votes   article: Rd to Limansk v1.03b
Capt.Host Aug 31 2014, 2:37pm says:

Looks really interesting. Tracking :)

+7 votes   article: Theos: A Chronicle of Faith Announced
Capt.Host Aug 30 2014, 8:28am says:

Looks interesting. Definitely tracking this ;)

+3 votes   article: Announcing Lunar Descent
Capt.Host Aug 29 2014, 2:59pm replied:

Indeed, I think it's ok on bandaging and healing, but I find the inability to eat while running to be frustrating.

+3 votes   download: Benuy V1.0 Misery 2.1.1 Addon
Capt.Host Aug 29 2014, 2:58pm says:

I got scared for a moment. I've been quietly watching this, so I wish you guys keep making progress with this mod.
Good luck ;)

+1 vote   article: Update #1 - End
Capt.Host Aug 27 2014, 5:59pm says:

Great news! The project has made so much progress. This is bloody awesome ;)

+4 votes   article: October release - NEYA Demoversion
Capt.Host Aug 27 2014, 6:52am replied:

Indeed, it looks really nice. Do you think it was overpriced?

+1 vote   media: FAL
Capt.Host Aug 25 2014, 6:53pm says:

That model looks great, guys. Keep it up ;)

+3 votes   media: ODT Rifle
Capt.Host Aug 25 2014, 4:46pm says:

This changes will certainly make the game more challenging and are very welcome. The artifacts used to be very overpowered.

+1 vote   media: Burner family
Capt.Host Aug 23 2014, 5:39pm says:

Nice. Tracking ;)

+2 votes   article: The Unknown: Emergence's Stage in Development
Capt.Host Aug 23 2014, 7:44am replied:

Yeah, I totally forgot that kind of thing. Just like Shoker Weapon Mod.
The animations looked good though, so that's what matters.
I'll be waiting for more progress updates.
Welcome fart_blad. Funny name :D

+1 vote   media: Baikal MP-153 animations
Capt.Host Aug 23 2014, 7:28am replied:

The Gunslinger mod creator actually implemented that mechanic with the chambered round/emptied barrel. And had one animation for each.
Of course, it would something else entirely if he had access to X-Ray's sourcecode.
But he did it in STALKER.

+2 votes   media: Baikal MP-153 animations
Capt.Host Aug 20 2014, 5:39pm says:

I sure wouldn't mind seeing this replacing my knife :D

+3 votes   media: sniper axe
Capt.Host Aug 19 2014, 10:06am says:

Looks great.

+4 votes   media: Chapter One: Dead Union
Capt.Host Aug 18 2014, 6:56pm says:

Tracking this ;)

+2 votes   article: First Teaser and some Information
Capt.Host Aug 17 2014, 7:16pm says:

This is great news guys. Tons of awesome work here.
RTB is taking shape and looking really good. Congrats devs ;)

+8 votes   article: The Big One
Capt.Host Aug 12 2014, 8:59am replied:

Hum... Still curious.
I hope we all find out what it is soon enough.

+2 votes   media: New AKM
Capt.Host Aug 12 2014, 8:53am says:

Can't wait for this mappack. This is going to be great.

+3 votes   media: Rookies camp.
Capt.Host Aug 11 2014, 6:32pm replied:

Indeed, but can someone enlighten me on what happened with CS that is very exciting to be coming to CoP? Now I'm curious...
Sorry if I'm being ignorant :3

+3 votes   media: New AKM
Capt.Host Aug 9 2014, 8:01am says:

Love the model, but isn't Grey (Nokikov) the Clear Sky mechanic?

+1 vote   media: Finished FNFAL
Capt.Host Aug 1 2014, 9:25am says:

It's looking great! Can't wait to see that gameplay.
Good luck guys ;)

+4 votes   article: What’s growing on?
Capt.Host Jul 31 2014, 10:05am replied:

I do know that I play Scar in CS. I said it in my first comment.
What I was trying to say, concerning Scar "becoming" Charon, is that I highly doubt the devs would have thought about it that way. And then I gave the reasons why I think that isn't the case either.
Tbh, while STALKER 2 was still in development, I actually thought Scar would comeback as a support character.

As a final message, it's good to see that people still remember Clear Sky. It was definitely a good game, just not as good as the others.
I've seen comments in other websites like "STALKER fans don't like thinking/talking of Clear Sky" and it's good to know things aren't like that.

+1 vote   media: Clear Sky
Capt.Host Jul 29 2014, 8:58pm replied:

Clear Sky is a prologue. Set before the events of SoC and with a different protagonist, Scar.

+1 vote   media: Clear Sky
Capt.Host Jul 29 2014, 8:55pm replied:

I mean it was made after SoC people. And there was nothing in CS to indicate that a character from the previous game (SoC) could be Scar.
As there wasn't in SoC any indication that Scar ever existed. So Charon was never thought to be Scar.

+1 vote   media: Clear Sky
Capt.Host Jul 29 2014, 6:34pm replied:

Yea, I read all that, but it just isn't. Mostly because Clear Sky came after SoC and there wasn't a single mention that could be the case.
If Scar survived that last emission, I highly doubt he could be brainwashed, because, after all, he had survived 3 emissions (Strelok survived it, so Scar definitely did too).
There's also the possibility the emission didn't kill him but torn his mind apart, so the Monolith "adopted" him and made their leader because of his "gift".

0 votes   media: Clear Sky
Capt.Host Jul 28 2014, 7:41pm says:

Compact and powerful, that sniper. Damn, I remember that weapon from the Rainbow Six days. She was awesome!
Looking good, guys ;)

+2 votes   media: Steyr Scout
Capt.Host Jul 28 2014, 7:38pm says:

It always pained me the fact that I never got to know what really happened to Scar. I had hoped he would return in CoP as a support character. I mean, after all, he had survived two followed emissions before.
Anyway, I'm happy with Return of Scar mod's story (which I recommend you guys to play). And part 2 is coming this year, I believe.

And I almost always wear the CS-3a armor in CoP, just until the final run when you need a SEVA.

+3 votes   media: Clear Sky
Capt.Host Jul 17 2014, 4:51pm says:

Clear Skies is a damn great mod. I'm just kinda waiting for the next version to replay CS again (just finished with The Road to Limansk).

+3 votes   media: A little bit of Clear skies
Capt.Host Jul 9 2014, 10:12am replied:

He's there. Only he's in his invisible form ;)

+5 votes   media: Nightcrows
Capt.Host Jun 20 2014, 5:56pm says:

Great news. The screens look amazing.
Really excited for this ;)

+3 votes   article: Portal Stories: Mel Releasing Q1 2015!
Capt.Host Jun 19 2014, 4:19am says:

I see what you did there.
Game of Thrones ;)

+3 votes   media: The night is dark and full of terrors
Capt.Host Jun 17 2014, 5:22pm says:

Keep doing stuff like this, and we'll all be in for a treat.
Really excited for this ;)

+8 votes   article: Half-Life Echoes progress update
Capt.Host Jun 17 2014, 4:43am says:

Good stuff. Gotta try this out.

+1 vote   article: Headcrab Frenzy 1.4: Casual Half-Life Mod
Capt.Host Jun 8 2014, 5:33pm says:

Great stuff! What are the patch notes?

+2 votes   download: Silverstag v0.23 - Cinematic - Full Version
Capt.Host Jun 8 2014, 5:21am replied:

Thanks for the reply. Looking good.
I'll be waiting for a release :)

+1 vote   media: Some AK Porn(Redux)
Capt.Host Jun 7 2014, 8:48pm says:

I didn't really understand the description.
What changes does it really bring?

+1 vote   media: Some AK Porn(Redux)
Capt.Host Jun 3 2014, 5:26pm says:

I'm happy TK is still aiming at being the definitive SoC experience.
Once that final build state is achieved, I believe we'll all be in for a treat ;)
As for that screenshot, it looks really beautiful. Most of luck on that new project of yours.

+2 votes   article: Final path TK will take
Capt.Host Jun 3 2014, 2:19pm says:

This is great news. Rexaura is one of the greatest mods for Portal out there. It needs a Steam release so that fans can Think With Portals once again ;)

+2 votes   article: Greenlight Page and Bonus Maps Soon
Capt.Host May 29 2014, 5:38pm says:

Did he **** his brain ?

+2 votes   media: Dante again, sadly Pt. 2
Capt.Host May 29 2014, 12:59pm says:

Another beauty... Just call this mod G.U.N.P.O.R.N. already !

+29 votes   media: Remington 700 textured
Capt.Host May 26 2014, 1:28pm says:

Good to see this is still being worked on.

+6 votes   media: Some labs and workers
Capt.Host May 20 2014, 4:52pm says:

Indeed, this name fits really well. I'm really happy so see this is making progress.

+4 votes   article: Few Changes
Capt.Host May 11 2014, 5:19pm says:

Now this is what I wanted to hear. The mod really lacked in depth, but Brytenwalda as a base? This is just great news.

+3 votes   article: Newsblog #6# 0.4 Alpha + Brytenwalda!!
Capt.Host May 1 2014, 4:36pm says:

Looking really good.

+1 vote   media: Praven Re-Done
Capt.Host Apr 25 2014, 6:33pm says:

And that's one beautiful corridor...

+10 votes   media: Corridor
Capt.Host Apr 17 2014, 12:21pm says:

That is great! And yes, I don't think that's the kind of thing rookies would do, so you should assign it only to veteran or master stalkers.

+3 votes   media: New Combat Scheme - Rush Attack
Capt.Host Apr 12 2014, 7:07am replied:

You realize that I'll have 1 year or + to play Lost Alpha, before this comes out.
Though, a lot of mods with brand new stories (like Lost World: Origin) are in the making, so I'll have a lot of STALKER to play.
Russian fans and modders are really something else...

+1 vote   media: Limansk - camp
Capt.Host Apr 11 2014, 1:53pm says:

I really hope that once this is released, it will keep my STALKER hunger satiated for some more time.

+7 votes   media: Limansk - camp
Capt.Host Mar 30 2014, 11:41am says:

This mod is gorgeous. If it hand't been said (and if I didn't knew the game), I would never think this is being built on a engine released in 1998.
Your work is amazing.

+9 votes   media: Ultra High Def Screenshots!
Capt.Host Mar 26 2014, 7:05pm says:

It's sad to see that this mod isn't getting finished, at least by you.

I wish you luck on your future endeavors :)

+9 votes   article: The End
Capt.Host Mar 26 2014, 5:49pm says:

Fabulous as always.
Your work is inspiring ;)

+4 votes   media: Glimpse [WIP]
Capt.Host Mar 23 2014, 1:58pm says:

How improved will stealth be in this mod?
In vanilla, a silent kill and your enemies would instantly know where you are. Or, when sneaking in the shadows, if they faced you from 100m (without a chance of seeing you, 'cause darkness), they would immediately become aware.

+6 votes   media: FN Browning High-Power
Capt.Host Mar 16 2014, 12:58pm says:

Whoa! Looks amazing. Really dark atmosphere.

+8 votes   media: Dünenhaim / Duneville
Capt.Host Mar 9 2014, 5:24am says:

This is awesome news. I can't wait to play a mod remake of the old storyline!

+5 votes   article: Big Media!
Capt.Host Mar 5 2014, 10:36am says:

YES! Congrats guys!

+1 vote   media: We did it!
Capt.Host Feb 17 2014, 5:12pm says:

The screens look really pretty :)

+2 votes   game: The Hive
Capt.Host Feb 8 2014, 4:50am says:

This mod is shaping up to be great !
Keep up the great work ;)

+4 votes   article: Silverstag v0.22 has been released.
Capt.Host Feb 1 2014, 3:09pm says:

Great news!
The Reversion Dev Kit really looks like a great idea and will probably allow other modders to use your mod as a base.
Keep up the great work ;)

+8 votes   article: Update #8 - Progress, Story and Development Kits
Capt.Host Jan 15 2014, 3:15pm says:

Ooooh... That's painful. The beta will hit a lot more later than I expected. Still, I'm really looking forward to see this developing even further with a lot of new features.
I'm sure it will be worth the wait.
Good luck ;)

+3 votes   article: Anarchy Arcade Greenlit for Steam
Capt.Host Jan 14 2014, 2:40pm says:

How rusty... I Love It!
This looks really amazing :o

+2 votes   media: AK-113
Capt.Host Jan 5 2014, 6:12am says:

It's good to know that you're still working on this mod. Being a one-man team isn't easy and I understand you want to release versions of the mod that aren't polished so you can get feedback and improve. It's a shame that this mod kinda has a bad reputation because it sure has a lot of potential.

Keep doing your good work. I'll be waiting for more ;)

+5 votes   article: The future
Capt.Host Dec 29 2013, 7:52am says:

Can't wait for the complete Black Mesa package!
You should contact BM dev team, as they are preparing a version to launch on Steam (paid). They could sure use a Hazard Course.

Anyway, good luck ;)

+14 votes   article: Why Hello There
Capt.Host Dec 22 2013, 2:18pm says:

Beautiful *o*

+2 votes   media: HK-Custom USP Compact
Capt.Host Nov 29 2013, 7:45pm says:

This looks so beautiful *o*
Without any doubts my most wanted mod/game on ModDB.
We need this on Steam and you've already got my vote ;) Come on guys! Let's vote on Greenlight!
Good luck devs.

+2 votes   article: Crio-Dead: Memory(new content)
Capt.Host Nov 29 2013, 2:15pm says:

*o* gorgeous!

+1 vote   media: One
Capt.Host Sep 28 2013, 10:54am says:

I really loved Joutomaa.

This looks amazing. Great art ;)

+2 votes   article: Future of project Joutomaa
Capt.Host Sep 10 2013, 11:59am replied:

Indeed. It looks nice anyway. Good update.

+10 votes   media: New combine HQ
Capt.Host Sep 5 2013, 8:20pm says:


CURSE is back !

+1 vote   article: Curse teaser
Capt.Host Aug 30 2013, 1:27pm says:

This is certainly my favorite GTA:SA mod.
It looks like an expansion pack.

Your work is amazing ;)

+7 votes   article: Late August Update
Capt.Host Aug 22 2013, 5:44pm says:

I must say: this promises A LOT !

+2 votes   article: Of Blood and Water Underground
Capt.Host Aug 22 2013, 12:09pm says:

These are some nice sounds.
Also ******' loved the track. Still listening to it ;)

+3 votes   article: Sound Effects
Capt.Host Aug 22 2013, 12:07pm says:

Nice! It's good to mods like this are further developed.
I'll be waiting eagerly. Good luck ;)

+2 votes   article: Terminus Machina Rises
Capt.Host Aug 21 2013, 12:23am says:

Just found out about this mod and, I must say, it looks very good. The concept seems odd and strange, but I have always liked something that doesn't make much sense and makes you wonder about everything around you. The enigma and madness are always intriguing and captivating.
Certainly looking forward to it and I'll be definitely watching this closely.

Just keep up the great work ;) Sounds and looks amazing !

+4 votes   article: Underground to Escape Summer Update #1
Capt.Host Aug 11 2013, 4:38pm says:

I surely hope you can create the best HL2 horror modification ;)

Keep up the awesome job guys !!!

+7 votes   article: Progress update - August
Capt.Host Aug 9 2013, 5:01pm says:

I guess I'll wait for the Full Edition ;)

+1 vote   article: Second update for Endless Summer mod is released!
Capt.Host Aug 9 2013, 9:31am says:

Oh, I will follow you ;)

+3 votes   article: Zombie Colony Website Uploaded
Capt.Host Aug 8 2013, 8:14pm says:

Waiting eagerly ;)

+12 votes   article: [Fallout: Project Brazil] BETA 1.3.0 Upcomming
Capt.Host Aug 3 2013, 2:43pm says:

This actually looks good. I'm tracking ;)

+4 votes   article: All about Uncertainty Principle
Capt.Host Aug 1 2013, 4:57pm says:

It's always good to see a good HL2 mod coming out. Can't wait ;)

+13 votes   article: Release is near!
Capt.Host Aug 1 2013, 12:09pm says:

Can't wait, damn. The Zone is such an epic place.

+10 votes   media: NPP Outskirts
Capt.Host Aug 1 2013, 9:16am says:

I love "leak-based" mods. It's just fantastic to see what came before the retail Half-Life 2.
The game was going to be so huge, and in the end, it was toned down a lot. We lost the Air Exchanger, the Borealis, the Depot among other awesome things. The original idea in which the air was unbreathable (due to the AirEx) and people had to wear gas masks was amazing.

If anyone wants to check out the real leak just check this site Hl2-beta.ru You can change the language in the right column then navigate the site.

Oh well. Tracking this mod. I'm very excited to play it ;)

+8 votes   article: Jetski
Capt.Host Jul 29 2013, 5:46pm says:

This actually looks quite fun. Guess I'll have to play to believe.
You've got my vote.

+3 votes   article: Bot Colony on Steam Greenlight
Capt.Host Jul 28 2013, 1:02pm says:

It is good to know that there are still mods this ambitious being developed for the original Half-Life.

Keep up the good work ;)

+4 votes   article: Factions
Capt.Host Jul 24 2013, 6:02pm replied:

All my other mods seem to be working fine, so there should be no problem with this one.

+2 votes   download: ACOK 0.94
Capt.Host Jul 18 2013, 3:55am replied:

I already said I was wrong. You need two players at least to be able to start a coop HL1 playthrough.
And you're absolutely right, it's none of my business how Valve deals with their own games. It's theirs.
If they want everyone to play their game for FREE, then the community should be happy, including me, because it is an absolute masterpiece.
They could even make like Bethesda did with the old TES games. Make the HL1 and the addons free. That would attract some more people to the series and it would be a joy for everyone that just could not play it for some reason.

I'm sorry to have been against this free HL1 thing. Everyone deserves to play this masterpiece.

+2 votes   article: The Big Announcement
Capt.Host Jul 16 2013, 10:02pm replied:

I'll be waiting. Good luck with the development ;)

+1 vote   article: The Big Announcement
Capt.Host Jul 16 2013, 9:52pm replied:

Right, that thing with two players pressing two buttons at the same. Anyway, I would most pleased with this free HL1 game if the dev team added puzzles that actually require both players to work in sync and together, plus the things I mentioned above: the rebuilt maps and others.

This Sven-Coop game has a lot of potential, and I wouldn't mind in any way to pay for this. All I want is it to reach it's full potential.

-3 votes   article: The Big Announcement
Capt.Host Jul 16 2013, 9:36pm buried:


The devs say they are working on a custom version of GoldSrc engine (HL1). That's absolutely awesome, because they are actually improving a +10 year old engine. Better gameplay, better graphics. Everything will be better.

Sven-Coop is famous for it's coop experience, offering support to play HL1 and it's addons with friends, alongside all the community made campaigns and maps.
Thing is, they say that the HL1 campaign will be in the game itself and you don't need to own it, making HL1 a totally FREE game, as the Sven-Coop game will be free.
You could just download Sven-Coop and play HL1 alone for free, and I think that is wrong.

One thing is playing Black Mesa HL2 mod, which is a complete re-imagination of HL1, built from the ground up in the Source Engine.
Other thing is picking up an entire, give it a few tweaks so it could be functional in cooperative gameplay.
I could accept this "free" HL1 if they actually change it. Create maps from the ground up, whatever. Make them more modern and pretty, making good use of their custom engine.

These are my motives. This is my opinion.

-14 votes   article: The Big Announcement
Capt.Host Jul 16 2013, 8:35pm says:

Tracking. Can't wait.

The best of luck for Tripmine Studios team ;)

+8 votes   article: Progress update
Capt.Host Jul 16 2013, 8:32pm buried:


I like it a lot. This is good news, however, I'm not a fan of free Half-Life campaign.

Anyway, good luck! Waiting for more news!

-17 votes   article: The Big Announcement
Capt.Host Jul 9 2013, 7:31pm says:

It really looks good, but although I like it, the Russian description will "scare" many people. You should change that.

Anyway, screens look beautiful. I wish you the best of luck with this mod ;)

+3 votes   article: The Atmosphere of the future
Capt.Host Jul 8 2013, 5:41pm says:

Excited about the comeback! I hope hope you can deliver an piece of work.

+3 votes   article: About Mass Effect Reborn
Capt.Host Jul 7 2013, 6:22pm says:

Damn! This looks great. Pretty and all. I hope you can make the train station and horror match.

Is there a release window?

+3 votes   article: Part One - Of Blood and Water
Capt.Host Jul 5 2013, 12:19pm says:

Always happy to see an update to this ;)

+2 votes   article: Small update
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