PR, HR and Design for REDFlame Interactive, RiSE Gaming. REDFlame is a game-developer and modding group currently working on The Witcher by CD Projekt RED. Paul is currently working on various projects, networking and seeking funding.

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Gameplay Videos up! Go watch! Witcher night action!

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Now, three night-gameplay videos can be seen on this site. Check out
Geralt discovering that his friend is about to be hanged for murder! In
the second gameplay video, Geralt looks around Carreas at the lit
windows from custom-made buildings, and notices the guards under attack
by vicious fledders. Geralt, the Witcher, plunges into battle for the
rescue. The Fledder doesn't stand a chance against Geralt's wicked style. Warning: this was taken on Easy mode, and hard mode is a challenge even for experienced Witcher players. DECEPTION is a showcase prototype module made by REDFlame Interactive for The Witcher, by CD Projekt: RED.





DECEPTION: Released.

PaulV Blog









This is the FTP link to the download of DECEPTION: REDFlame's prototype showcase mod for The Witcher.

DECEPTION is REDFlame's prototype, showcase module which proves intent and ability to produce a mod for The Witcher, by CD Projekt: RED. More will come, and patches will be released as can be done or needed.

Direct link to The Witcher forum:

The Witcher Forum Announcement

Please comment and suggest as desired.

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REDFlame at


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REDFlame Promo and Introducing members

PaulV Blog

Deception Intro:

Deception is the first proper mod for The Witcher game, introducing not only a new story for the player but also unique locations, characters and functions.

The town of Carreas has been designed from the bottom up, with its own structures, textures and geographical area. Everything was kept at as high a quality as possible to reflect a society that would have actualy existed and functioned in its own right. The main aim was not to let the mod loose any of the charm the original game had, not onlt in terms of the setting but also story.

Geralt travels the land in search for more jobs to fill up his empty purse and he arrives in his journeys to Carreas. There he discovers that his all-time companion Dandelion has landed in his usual bog, out of which only Geralt might save him. The player will have to solve a murder mystery, questioning suspects and looking for clues. But in the end not only Dandelion’s but also Geralt’s fate will be decided through a number of different possible endings.

REDFlame intro:

Pride, Beta Test Results

REDFlame’s Beta Test for DECEPTION is bearing fruit in many ways more than I could begin to describe. Sixty people signed up and downloaded our adventures through many incarnations and reported hundreds of issues for us to find, check, repair, and retest. And the result is fantastic! The showcase game runs smoothly, logically, and isn’t easy to solve. Luckily, the beta-tester fans were courteous, helpful, insightful, and enthusiastic. We chopped and added, cut and pasted. Now, we have two intro movies, full dialogue, an intriguing story, and an end-game which includes some fun with a bonus-quest. Even one of your favorite moderators is there to tell you hello.
Our beta-tester team will continue to stay with us to test our ongoing mini-projects, such as our Arena, while we work on Strands of Destiny in the coming months. Keep alert for more news for chances to help REDFlame make new content for the community, such as starter-area adventure templates for beginners, and other ideas.

When you hear the word pride, one thinks of a custom-built or expensive car, or children’s works, or your winning team, or seeing smiles on the faces of people eating your food.

All of that applies to the efforts REDFlame has put forth for the showcase DECEPTION.

I could post pictures of our areas, music samples, videos we’ve made, show off all what we do and have done in our journey from idea to adventure, from people to teamwork, from zero to 1000. But, you see, that begs comparison to other works made for other projects, and other content made by other teams… and we do not want that. We’re not competing against the clock, or groups, or measuring up to some standard or another. We have our own and we’re accelerating our ideas as we think of them. By not using current limitations to bind us to one thought process or another, we’re willing to us our experience to attempt to enhance and improve the game environment.

Throwing daggers, custom models and areas, new tutorials, mini adventures to play, sharing ideas with the community is what builds camaraderie to be proud of.

That’s what REDFlame is proud of, right now, and ever will be. That we’re here as a part of a greater whole, learning and giving back while helping to build a foundation for future modders and coming talent is more than enough to feel pride for.

Thank you, folks of the community for motivating our cause; thank you, developers of The Witcher for making this possible. We’ve only just begun to write.


Today we're going to talk with some very important people in REDFlame Interactive. They are very different but similar in many things at the same time. So let's start.
Hello, guys. Tell us who are you and what's your role in REDFlame, please.

Paul: Hello, I am Paul Vardaris, Human Resources for the group, coordinator and operations assistant, area designer. I've done everything from voice-acting Dandelion to coding scripts for random conversations of townsfolk to posting wiki tutorials.

Caroline: Greetings. I´m Caroline Kintzel, 2D Artist for "Strands of Destiny", sometimes I write, too, but this is more kinda hobby and I was just involved with a few dialogues. Most of the time I spend, of course, with designing new characters, sceneries etc. Well, next to 2D I try to improve my knowledge in 3D at moment and I make my first steps with the help of Blender. I cannot tell, I´m very good at modeling yet, but it´s fun despite all the obstacles in my way there. And there are so many, I cannot count how often I tripped over them.

Could you tell us how did you become a member of REDFlame, where did you get information about Strands of Destiny?

Paul: I messaged Vaernus as I was moderating and looking for modding teams, which I noticed on the official forums thanks to Starwolf. He replied (twice) and we spoke, and I elected to help with some of my Neverwinter Nights knowledge of the Aurora Toolset. Things sort of snowballed from there.

Caroline: That was quite easy - via the board - one could say, I´m in it from the start. I remember, I just innocently (don´t believe everything I say!) posted in a thread about Witcher-modding and offered my help as conceptual artist. Well, then William (aka. Vaernus) showed up and the rest of it is history.

How is going your work? What's new you prepared recently?

Paul: Work is hectic yet progressive; time management is always critical in projects like these. Just recently I was contacted by a new 2D artist, who seems to be a good match so far. I'm also preparing some documents to design in-game tutorials and adventure-templates for new modders and storytellers.

Caroline: At moment we can say I take some rest, well not really, I´m heavily thinking what´s happening beyond the showcase, actually. My last work was concerning storyboards for cutscenes and conceptual drawings for the showcase´s 2D intro.

What is the most difficult for you in your work right now?

Paul: Finding time to get all of this done- so much talent, so little time, so many commitments to schedule around.

Caroline: Hmm, I must agree with Paul. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty, I cannot clone myself. But who could endure that?

What software do you use in your work?

Paul: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, Cool Edit (for sound), GIMP (for pictures), Skype, Trillian, Ventrilo.

Caroline: Photoshop, GIMP, sometimes Illustrator, Skype and Ventrilo for communication and Winamp for the right soundtrack.

Do you have a hobby? What?

Paul: I used to have a hobby. It recently became a major business...

Caroline: Paul must read my mind... Yeah, same here, although I never did conceptual work for a game before. That´s completely new for me. So we can consider it as some kind of debut. My hobby became my "job" a long time ago, I cannot remember when I´ve been seen without a brush or pencil in my hand and next to drawing and painting I love to read and... play CRPGs... (anyone suprised now?)

What do you like most about your team?

Paul: The people are friendly and creative, and the talent is shocking. The fact we all get along so well is incredible.

Caroline: Well, I cannot complain... It´s in so many ways the best team I ever worked in. I can tell you, all of these guys are top notch, bring in a bunch of good ideas and an amount of knowledge. Aye, and fun, of course. (I must say that... and for some reason I hope the gun in front of me is just for show)
How much time per day/week you give to SoD?

Paul: At least ten hours a day or more. Sleep is optional. I've hooked up intravenous devices which pump nutrients directly to my bloodstream.

Caroline: Although I once said, due to my "real" job, I only can spend 20 hours per week at moment, I think I spend much more time with SoD. Feels more like spending 20 hours a day... well, I´m not really sure, because also in my free time I´m not just sitting around picking my nose and that, but I think about additional ideas, what could work and look good, and so on. It´s not just that easy to sit down and switch you brain completely off, this unfortunately only will work for a stint.

Could you add something interesting to already told information?

Paul: I recommend game development to anyone who enjoys combining their left brain with their right brain and is willing to sacrifice sanity. No one skillset seems to be enough. :)

Caroline: Uh... don´t drink and paint or the result will surprise you? Don´t know, is that something I can answer to that question?
Thanks for the time, folks!


My name is Piotrek Hardy and I am the lead writer for Strands of Destiny. My tasks at REDFlame include co-designing the plot, coordinating the writing and of course writing itself. Another task just as important is making sure that the mod is consistent not only with the game, but also with the books, in terms of plot, setting, the characteristic sense of humour and allusions, that made Sapkowski's prose stand out.

As for me, I am a student of English Linguistics at the Warsaw University, and I used to study economics on the Warsaw School of Economics. I first read Sapkowski's novels back in primary school, not having expected anything good from a book titled "Sword of Destiny". "Sword of Destiny"? Ridiculous! Why not "The shadow of the sword of destiny? Or even better - "The Mysteries of the Shadow of the Sword of Destiny". I couldn't have been more wrong. I had the book read from the beginning to the very end in 2 days. And then I reread all the previous books every time a new tome of the saga was about to appear. I've also been a fan of computer gaming since I got my first 386SX, my favourite games being Planescape: Torment, Fallout, Warhammer: Dark Omen, Myth: The Fallen Lords... And now Witcher :)


Barbara: Barbara Wyrowi?ska is my name. I'm from Poland, and as a real Pole I'm fan of Sapkowski. It's 10 years since reading "last wish" for the first time.
PaulV: An artist is fortunate that their creativity is easy for people to see. How has the Witcher influenced your art, if at all, and what do you look forward to drawing for the Witcher?

Barbara: The Witcher is very inspiring. The saga shows a complicated and brutal but still realistic world. World where people are monsters and if you want to survive you have to become monster like them. Geralt wondered where is the line, the barrier between creatures he was hunting and evil that he had seen in humans around him and sometimes he saw non. Show that in picture or illustration is very hard. Maybe someday I will be able to do that. Maybe in this project. :)

PaulV: What helped you discover REDFlame, and, what about the group do you like most, and what do you want to help make better?

Barbara: The truth is that Piotrek Hardy found my gallery in DeviantArt and left me note about Your team. I must admit that it was quite surprising. I've never thought that I might be 2d artist in team creating mod for the Witcher (THAT WITCHER :D ). What I like in group is that everyone seems to be tense on what group want to accomplish. That is my first impression. And I like that Caroline is patient about my crazy ideas. :) It's too early to say what can be done better.

PaulV: Are you looking forward to the Enhanced Edition, and if you had to have any one item from the Collector's Box of the Witcher game, what would it be?
Barbara: I don’t know. I'm not the collector type. The game is enough I think.

PaulV: One last thought: what other influences do you have that helps your art?

Barbara: Ok, influences... Tolkien, Tolkien, Tolkien - I was 12 when I'd read trilogy for the first time. It was my first fantasy book and I wouldn't be here without it. What else? Culture and military of feudal Japan, aikido, judo, brotherhood of knights which I was member of for few years. There are so many things, so many people who made me who I am today. My metal band from studies. I was vocalist, illustrator, I've been sewing historical clothes... all this is some part of me, and I'm proud that I could do all these crazy things. Maybe without drinking a lot of vodka...

PaulV: Those some high-quality base influences. Thanks, Barbara!


Aidan: My name is Aidan, and I'm from Texas. Yes, just Texas... it's a nation in itself! I've been a fan of Andrzej Sapkowski's works since early 2007 when I saw a teaser for The Witcher and did some research. I found the novels it was based off of and got hooked immediately. Can't wait for more English translations though.

PaulV: A designer is fortunate that their creativity is easy for people to see. What influences your work, and what do you want to really bring to the module for the Witcher?

Aidan: My work is mostly influenced by what I grew up reading.. Michael Chrichton, John Grisham, Stephen King, Eric Nylund, HP Lovecraft and of course I'm a huge movie-goer but it would be impossible to list all of those here. I like the dark and gritty feel, cold equations that are made by Geralt, etc. I'd like to bring more of that out. I like to keep attention to detail one of my strong points, because at any given time the player might slow down and take a look. If they see slipshod work, or lazy design, it might ruin their immersion into the game. I plan on keeping everything detailed so that you cannot escape the immersion.... Muhuhahahaha!

PaulV: How did you discover REDFlame, what about the group do you like the most, and what do you want to help make better?

Aidan: I discovered REDFlame while waiting for D'jinni (like everyone else, darn you Atari) and found the Strands of Destiny mod site. They were looking for writers/designers/voice actors and I figured I'd try my luck. I've been writing most of my life and enjoy doing impersonations, I figured I could do some voice acting as well. It turned out that Will (Phelps) enjoyed my enthusiasm and quality, and tried me out as a designer. So that how I made my niche here in REDFlame. If I could change something, it would be communication. The size of the team makes it hard to communicate purely over the internet... But we'll be solving that soon anyways. :D

PaulV: Finally: Are you looking forward to the Enhanced Edition, and if you had to have any one item from the collector's box of the Witcher game, what would it be?

Aidan: Yes, undoubtedly. We're going to see some work from other mod groups in it, better voice acting, and more models. And who doesn't want more hours of Witcher gameplay? In my eyes it wasn't even a necessary move to make, but I'm completely gracious that it happened. As for the collector's box, my choice would definitely be the art portfolio. I'm a sucker for awesome imagery of heroes that I adore. Link and Master Chief are sported on several walls in my house. Geralt shall be too. :D

PaulV: Thanks for the Texas Perspective, Aidan!

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