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PasidonOfShadow @ J.Jonkol

Can't download the Roherim Alliance mod hu? I'll tell you why. If you noticed on the Roherim main page, it says 0% compleat, and not avalable for download! Got it?

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PasidonOfShadow @ Erebor update !

Bilbo's tale comes to life in a super duper cool mod that is so awsome I must carbonate myself untill the allmighty wind defrosts me from my ancient slumber in the year 2700 when when the owls have forgoten what a panda bear is. Good luck, and good job on the best mod ever created!

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PasidonOfShadow @ Unreal Tournament 2004

it seems that mofohead only likes to diss other games, and seems he doesn't know any better, yeh maybe other ppl are right, he really can go **** himself

By almighty | Fri 8th, Apr 2005 @ 5:19:07am
i personaly think that there should have been more levels with vehicles in such as, vehicle team deathmatch(hellbender fun? ) or possibly vehicle double dominiation or even vehicle ctf that bots can join in with cos their actualy is a vctf mod but its only playable online. you see my point. theres not that much point if you can only use vehicles in onslaught and some vauge excuses in assualt. I personally think that a 2 or 3 person raptor type thing would have been a hit but they only included a skimpy 7. and most of them are reeealy slow. however im straying from the point. NOT ENOUGH GODDAM VEHICLES!!!!!

By -Mofohead | Mon 28th, Feb 2005 @ 2:05:03am
Not a great game but still better then Hl2

Better than 2k3, and very fast paced
By herrfrog | Thu 6th, Jan 2005 @ 3:07:55pm
I just wanted to kick in with a positive review of 2K4, not that it needs one too badly. I totally disagree that UT2K4 is no improvement over UT2K3. It is better and the action is smoother. True, it is an improvement over 2k3 in only small ways, but a huge, huge number of small ways, making a really big cumulative improvement.

I always felt that 2k3 was not really complete, just rough around the edges. 2k4 is a completion of it, and also an addition of several new game modes which are really good, especially Onslaught, IMO. It requires a pretty darn good computer, but p4's and Athlon XP's are pretty easy to come by these days. (P4's really do it best, although I am a definite AMD fan.) And UTK4 will turn that CPU into a space heater, it will keep it so busy. Another good thing is you don't need the $300+ graphic card, like you now do if you want to play Doom 3. A 128 MB AGP card will suffice quite adequately, and at least 512 mb ram on your board. A gig does quite well.

I am a severe gaming addict going on 25 years, and have followed the history and development of the classic fps ever since Space Invaders, because no other game satisfies me like a good fps. There are several good descendants that have evolved from Doom, and UTk4 is one of the best. For me, the best. For one thing, few others still keep up the pace.

I mean, face it. The FPS is all about raw brutal kill-or-be-killed instincts, being projected into that little box. That is the satisfaction, and the addictive element: to capture that animal lower brain and give it release. (Hey, some guys like football.) But most computer games don't move quickly and smoothly enough to allow that part of you to really get engaged. And most are also hampered by some clumsly effort at meshing a graphic-novel style plot with a game of virtual cops-and-robbers, or paintball. Not easy to do. UT and the other major "gamer's game," Quake Arena, (I should also mention Half-Life multiplayer) has always been largely aimed at just the bare basics of a brutal struggle to survive, and not too bogged down with plot. There has to be a way to incorporate a good story line into a real fps, but most fail, IMO.

I also think that it is sad that level design and character modeling and skinning have become such a professional endeavor, but that is just because the standards have become so high, and there are so many realy serious designers out there. The custom maps that keep coming out for free download are out of this world. The new official ones in the new patch and the Epic gamepack are really really good too. As far as leaving room for amateur designers and artists, I really miss the voice packs from UTGOTY, and am really glad to see that coming back now. It was largely absent during UTK3. (My favorite voicepacks are all by NYGrrrl. I hope she gets plenty of cartoon soundtrack work, cux she's got class. I wish there were more amateur modellers out there still, but there aren't too many. "Effigy" and "Magdelena" are really good examples of what is out there for free nowdays. Incredibly well done, must-have models.

I am really partial to the "Onslaught" game mode. It really rocks. It actually is a whole new game. It brings an element of strategy that works real well in UT. "Assault" doesn't appeal to me so much. I just wish there were more maps for Onslaught. And I think the vehicles in the new patch are great, but appeal to a larger game and more players than most of these maps really lend themselves to so far. But several of the maps that came with the game are awesome anyway.

So if you don't know, the real best way to play is in a LAN party with plenty of people, and good drinks. Second to that is online with broadband, or real single player, the "Instant Action," (not the "Single Player." mode.)The bots are really good too. Not very good team players, so that is a definite limitation when playing "Instant Action," some maps really can't be properly played without real live team-mates. Which is good, because it means that real strategy is involved.

By Meany | Thu 6th, Jan 2005 @ 1:14:40pm
I wasn't any big fan of shooters until I played UT2003, but now however... UT2004 could actually just have been an expansion for UT2003, but it IS way better than the previus version. Vehicles doesn't really suit in this game I think and most of the assault maps are rather boring. (AS-Convoy's pretty good though, but runs at 23 FPS on my machine. =/ )

It's simply a paradise for mappers and modders, check out this kick *** forum BTW! ---> There's a lot of great peepz over there and it's good for those wanting to start to map or make mods. People like myself! =)

By MetaMod | Fri 31st, Dec 2004 @ 12:43:53am
compare from 2003 to 2004, this game has been improve much better. Keep up the good work Epic

By ×LOC | Sat 11th, Sep 2004 @ 12:01:13am
holy **** this version of ut is soooo much beter than that crappy *** 2003 it's not even funny!
i love last classic UT is back! now that i got a nice system to handle ut engine ima play this for some time now

I just bought this game...
By jblc63347 | Sun 11th, Jul 2004 @ 7:57:44am
My game manual is in Thai ot chineese or somthing I can do t oyder 1 in english"?Can you help?Thanks John.

By -Shadowfox | Tue 8th, Jun 2004 @ 12:30:39am
I've got it, I ve played it for hours and I say it's bloody good

By .:ShortCutMan | Sun 6th, Jun 2004 @ 7:13:23am
If you want single player, play the original Unreal which started it all.

By -Gfunk | Sat 22nd, May 2004 @ 9:05:27am
Well... UT2K4 isn't about singleplayer is you haven't noticed, mp5. This game was always about its multiplayer.

By -Alwin | Sun 16th, May 2004 @ 1:16:00am
hmmm well i got ut , ut2k3 and now i got 2k4 as well i dont dislike it but i thought ut2k3 was better .... cause 2k4 is just 2k3 + maps + cars ...

By mp5h4x | Mon 3rd, May 2004 @ 12:50:15pm
Ut2k4 basically sucks. It has no redeeming plot, its SP is just SP with Botmatch (just like Q3 was, and people bitched about that to no end), and this latest incarnation is just tribes/halo features thrown in, along with a bunch of useless ****, and tons of maps to make it look all big and new. Theres no graphical improvements, its ut2k3 with bloat.

By ×LOC | Fri 26th, Mar 2004 @ 11:44:07pm
yup,listen to shorty -he know what he be sayin

By .:ShortCutMan | Thu 11th, Mar 2004 @ 1:50:29pm

^Better from finding maps. Its the no1 Unreal map site on the net.

Helping links
By .:BlueWolf72 | Fri 5th, Mar 2004 @ 2:27:06pm
List of Known UT2k4 mods

Best Tutorial website

useful links...


and (also a good spot to pick up modelers for any major engine)

best place to find maps (most of the time)

Major news pages

By -TAKAVAR | Thu 4th, Mar 2004 @ 11:35:02pm
This is the total ownage in online game play, the demo only worth as a regular game ....

By -Darkness | Thu 4th, Mar 2004 @ 6:37:55pm
Look! It's Ut2003 with vehicles!

By -juliusbk | Thu 4th, Mar 2004 @ 1:58:38pm

WoW, this game looks so cool, gotta go buy it!!!!

By .:ShortCutMan | Tue 2nd, Mar 2004 @ 4:19:56pm
hell yeh

The game is ok.

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PasidonOfShadow @ Global Operations

This is an outstanding game marred by lousey net-code and poor render performance. Pushed out early by Electronic Arts before it was really finished.

You can find Global Operations for a song on shelves and mail order houses everywhere. If you have capable hardware, a broadband connection and can put up with idosyncratic net-code and a few bugs BUY THIS GAME!

Global Operations embodies some of the most modern concepts in FPS Realism game design, and as far as design concepts (not execution) is in many regards the state of the art. This game has stunning art and level design, projectile code weapons, the best sound design of any FPS realism game ever, great weapons models, state of the art pie-menu weapon selector (see SlashDot for a cool discussion about this new technology), a sophistocated and very realistic class system, lavisly detailed weapons models with some of the most complete scale animations you will ever see, outstanding training levles, and that's just the stuff off the top of my head.

The single player game is adequite, the multi-player is as I've said; marred -- Global Operatios is that game that probably could have become the next Counter Strike as it broke so much new ground but unfortunately due to harsh treatment from Electronic Arts that includes virtually nonexistent support and no advertising that game has been tragically marginalized.

Buy Global Operations to see where future games will go if nothing else, and to support the Dev Team of this game that obviously sweated blood to make GO the best they coould in the time they allowed, and almost scored a perfect 10.

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PasidonOfShadow @ Promo Monkey Modpack

Ya, what the weird guy said, stinky. Battle for Middle Earth cridic here, and I am disapointed in this mod. That about says it.

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PasidonOfShadow @ b4me game ini editor


GENSIE! He's a horrible man!
GENSIE! He once ate a ham!
GENSIE! His no-mail address is antimaherasa@aol.GOV
GENSIE! He might is a lug!

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PasidonOfShadow @ b4me game ini editor


GAUNDI! He's a wonderful man!
GAUNDI! He looks like a ham!
GAUNDI! His e-mail address is maherasa@aol.ORG
GAUNDI! He might be a Borg!

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PasidonOfShadow @ An Excellent Deal for The Rise of Rome

§Battle for Middle Earth cridic here, and I am intreaged by this new music. Will it be like a Roman war march with a Lord of the Rings twist withen it? That would be awsome!

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PasidonOfShadow @ When in Rome...

§Nice work with the blood effects. Will this mod be using Roman mythology? If it is, I have an idea. Instead of Cave and Mountain trolls, make cyclopses. I hope you have more in store for us.

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PasidonOfShadow @ Lots of new renders

What are you tring to do to me with these awsome heroes, give me a heart attack!? I just had a thought, you can have Smaug on here as a summon. This mod will put me in a comma if it doesn't come out! Please hurry up, And keep up the good work!

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PasidonOfShadow @ Roman Preview Trailer

§WOW! This trailer is impressive! I can't get enough of it. Artila the Hunn would be proud of this master piece!

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PasidonOfShadow @ Mirkwood update

I like the basic ideas of the main units, but don't be afaid to sreatch your limits of sanity and reality.

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PasidonOfShadow @ New Heroes

The Mouth of Sauron is an apsalutly a great idea! He speeks words so evil, his lip's crack, I want this mod to come out so badly, my brain is cracking! It would be awsome if you also make Morgoth, he will put a smile on my face!

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PasidonOfShadow @ Eve Of Destruction

§I have no idea why I am checking out this mod, or game, any way, good idea.

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