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Par Jul 17 2007, 6:50am says:

It's "procedural placement", they're not all there at once.
Well done, it seems like the asteroids would be a little thicker when you get in close but it looks great. Nice work.

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Par Dec 19 2006, 12:36pm says:

7 fps? What kind of machine did you screenshot this on? LOL, a 486?

+1 vote   media: Booyah!
Par Apr 6 2003, 9:07am says:

Well I can't argue the ut2003 thing. I like it better myself but I'm one out of however many of us there is.

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Par Mar 6 2003, 12:29pm says:

The Video was amazing. Whoever worked on it needs to definitely go into video editing as a career if they haven't already. Great job guys :), and excellent screenshots. This mod looks great :)

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Par Mar 5 2003, 12:35pm says:

I really need to fix up an about section on the X-Buster website explaining all that is currently decided upon for the mod. But facts are when developing a game or modification if you set strict goals for what you plan on doing your limiting what you can do. We look at things along the lines of here is what we want but it's not in stone until it's good enough for the mod and we can't find a better function.


Health. Everyone same
Speed. Everyone same
Armor. You won't see it. Not like Quake anyway.

We have Upgrade Capsules in maps that can be used when conditions are met.

That's all I can say, And characters will ultimately be equal. But other stuff I have to check it over with my associate :), other team leader that is, before I say anything.

+1 vote   mod: X-Buster
Par Mar 4 2003, 1:31pm says:

Looking great guys. For everyone else definitely check this mod out if you haven't it's amazing.

+2 votes   mod: Gundam Universe
Par Mar 4 2003, 12:47pm says:

Foresst, Honestly I'm the Unreal Tourment 2003 type myself. Quake 3 is nothing compared to it in my opinion. But the team is more favorable for keeping this mod in Quake 3, because it was originally started in Quake 3 a long time ago. We have plans to do something a little more advanced and on a better engine after X-Buster. But first we must concentrate on this.

Darkness, haha, get it then :) and thanks for the watch

Alucard, Thanks for the modwatch and the comments, I like DonX's models myself.

+1 vote   mod: X-Buster
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