Games that I've modded or created levels: Titan Quest, The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, Tony hawk series, C&D Generals, C&D Generals:Zero hour, Battle For Middle Earth I, Battle For Middle Earth II, Battle For Middle Earth II:The Rise Of Witch King, Worms:Mayhem, Worms:Armageddon, Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne, Fallout 3, Medieval Lords, Crysis, Age Of Empires III, Age Of Empires III:Warchiefs, Age Of Empires III:Asian Dynasties, Trackmania Forever, Civilization IV, Mount & Blade

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pkyrkos7 Mar 16 2015, 12:52pm says:

Amazing work so far !

+1 vote   media: The Forsaken Paradise
pkyrkos7 Jan 29 2015, 12:41pm says:

Nice work ! Are you also going to add places of interest , so player can visit ?

+4 votes   media: Map Imported!
pkyrkos7 Jan 26 2015, 7:23pm says:

Looks promising ! Looking forward to some videos and more info about the gameplay !

+1 vote   game: LEX MORTIS
pkyrkos7 Jan 10 2015, 11:16am says:

I would suggest to allow both versions perhaps ?
If both models are based upon the same animations (same skeleton) then it should be really easy to allow the user which version he prefers. But even if that's not the case , creating another .esp which could allow which version the user prefers ;)

+1 vote   article: Choose your demon!
pkyrkos7 Dec 8 2014, 9:07pm says:

Looks really nice , although I think that the buildings by the gate extend over the wall a bit weird :/

+3 votes   media: I am the king !
pkyrkos7 Nov 24 2014, 1:00pm says:

Looks really good ! :D

+1 vote   media: Youropa Trailer
pkyrkos7 Nov 24 2014, 12:56pm says:

Looking awesome so far! Nice work !
The atmosphere seems to be great and it's good to see some enemies as well , just a question though. Will you be able to fight the enemies ? Personally I like Horror games but in very few of them you can actually defend yourself. I don't mean like weapons , but perhaps you can throw sharp objects at them and eventually they will die ,or stay down at least for some time.

+3 votes   media: Lethe - Alpha Gameplay Teaser
pkyrkos7 Oct 7 2014, 7:10pm replied:

I agree , although this Engine has many capabilities so it may be possible to have a more realistic look !
Look this image :
I think it's one of best I see (graphics perspective) so there may be solution out of these artificial feeling ;)

+1 vote   media: Shader System: St. Albans Hull Planking
pkyrkos7 Oct 1 2014, 3:51pm says:

Seems quite good as an asset and the new parts/models/textures that come with it , it's certainly a big help with level designing!

+2 votes   media: Purchased Asset: Pirate Island
pkyrkos7 Sep 26 2014, 2:10pm says:

Chinese Draugar ! xD

+4 votes   media: Ghost soldiers
pkyrkos7 Sep 21 2014, 4:10pm replied:

I don't think they will continue in General's engine..probably they used it to check different animations such as attacking and movement , since probably not all of those are implemented in Unity

+2 votes   media: Russia
pkyrkos7 Sep 19 2014, 3:45pm replied:

Enb can really make things look much more realistic and better!But Skyrim looks amazing as well with high settings :D

+1 vote   media: Stowethorpe Cathedral
pkyrkos7 Sep 17 2014, 7:36pm replied:

Well to be honest , there's not much to do , except from exploring and killing :p
And I am currently trying to make a proper lod , so I will upload a new working version soon(the current one has some issues)

+1 vote   media: Blackrock Village
pkyrkos7 Sep 17 2014, 6:35pm replied:

That's true , Oblivion can look really awesome with the Enb , but unfortunately my computer lags a lot with the Enb :/

+1 vote   media: Red Field
pkyrkos7 Jun 8 2014, 6:52pm says:

Nice and detailed places ! :D

+7 votes   article: Enderal Exploration Teaser - Heartland
pkyrkos7 Jun 4 2014, 2:28pm says:

Amazing !

+2 votes   media: Island Concept
pkyrkos7 Apr 23 2014, 3:31pm says:

I really like that you have a variety of regions!

+1 vote   media: Gobi
pkyrkos7 Apr 19 2014, 6:16pm replied:

He will be at the Anvil port.However there's a chance that the mod won't be working properly on you pc so you should wait for the patch which I will upload as soon as I find some time

+1 vote   media: Captain Willy
pkyrkos7 Apr 16 2014, 6:27am says:

Nice work !

+2 votes   media: pavilion
pkyrkos7 Mar 26 2014, 7:54pm says:

Amazing :)

+1 vote   media: New Map Updates
pkyrkos7 Mar 24 2014, 9:21pm says:

Nice work!

+3 votes   media: The finest fishing spot in Corinth.
pkyrkos7 Mar 12 2014, 1:30pm says:

Amazing !

+5 votes   article: A small appetizer...
pkyrkos7 Mar 4 2014, 1:41pm says:

I don't know how big your worldspace is , but keep in mind there's an issue with bigger than Skyrim worldspace's that can cause several issues.

Anyway , I hope you complete this mod since it looks very promising !

+3 votes   download: Test Map 2 version 4
pkyrkos7 Feb 10 2014, 4:01pm says:

More than awesome !

+2 votes   media: The Home City of Mirkwood
pkyrkos7 Feb 2 2014, 2:12pm says:

Nice model!Now all we need is a raptor inside ;)

+5 votes   media: Raptor cage
pkyrkos7 Jan 30 2014, 9:11am replied:

I am glad you like it !

+1 vote   media: Mosswater Cave (Panorama)
pkyrkos7 Jan 26 2014, 11:17am says:

Amazing concept guys!Now make this in game :D

+10 votes   media: Vishevall Landscape
pkyrkos7 Jan 26 2014, 10:35am says:

I just tried your game , it was quite nice.Now as for suggestions , if I were you , I would add a machine gun to the chopper so you can shoot all the time and perhaps instead of having flying scull boxes add some flying creatures and perhaps some zombies that can shoot ?
Also having levels would make the game more interesting and also adding an upgrade screen where you can buy new guns or chopper or customize your existing chopper would be great ! :D

+1 vote   game: Zombie Choppa
pkyrkos7 Jan 21 2014, 4:02pm replied:

I know Skyrim has come out and it has a very active modding community but Oblivion is Oblivion and I love this game :)

+2 votes   article: Beta 0.9a
pkyrkos7 Jan 16 2014, 1:33pm says:

Really good work !

+5 votes   media: Cannonballs in flight
pkyrkos7 Jan 14 2014, 6:46pm says:

Nice work guys!

+8 votes   article: OpenMW v0.28.0 released!
pkyrkos7 Jan 12 2014, 3:58pm replied:

In the description I mention something about achievement rewards.These rewards, perhaps will grand you some special fame for killing undead and NPCs will give you special quests.
Now as for the damage part you mentioned I wouldn't add something like a passive holy damage effect on the player.I will probably add something like granting the player access to holy spells or artifacts or god blessing!
I have plenty of ideas in mind and I will try to implement them since I decided to work on Loren again.

+1 vote   media: Undead Killer - See Description
pkyrkos7 Jan 10 2014, 7:16am says:

Dat Gollum...!

+6 votes   article: Beta 0.155 and Dunland 2.0 Part 1 Coming Soon
pkyrkos7 Jan 5 2014, 11:37pm says:

Simple amazing :)
Also all your concepts are amazing as well!

+6 votes   media: Outer Shrine
pkyrkos7 Jan 1 2014, 9:13am says:

I like how this came out.However it would be good to show this Dauphin compared to human size.Because something like this would be awesome to be huge as a whale or even bigger :D
Anyways good work guys!

+3 votes   media: Dauphin: Concept and Model
pkyrkos7 Dec 31 2013, 11:00am says:

Nice :D

+2 votes   media: A glimpse of what's coming in 2014
pkyrkos7 Dec 21 2013, 7:06pm says:

Amazing!Looking forward to this game :D

+1 vote   media: Procedural Islands
pkyrkos7 Dec 21 2013, 7:47am says:

Niceeee :D

+2 votes   media: New Screenshots!
pkyrkos7 Dec 19 2013, 4:52pm says:

Looking really good!

+3 votes   article: Sneak Peak, Pre-Alpha in game Combat Video!
pkyrkos7 Dec 18 2013, 2:34pm replied:

Yep :)

+1 vote   media: Seaton Delaval
pkyrkos7 Dec 17 2013, 2:03pm says:

Hm really cool , great work!But if I see correctly there's no model for the it easy to add one?

+2 votes   media: zombie grab from the grave
pkyrkos7 Dec 14 2013, 10:11pm says:

Unique idea and certainly passes a good message to the players.Keep it up :)

+3 votes   game: Beneath the Cardboard (Christmas Game)
pkyrkos7 Dec 14 2013, 6:40pm says:

Really good :o

+3 votes   media: I am the king !
pkyrkos7 Dec 13 2013, 2:40pm says:

Nice !

+3 votes   media: I am the king !
pkyrkos7 Dec 9 2013, 11:14pm says:

Just amazing...!

+1 vote   media: Pirates
pkyrkos7 Dec 9 2013, 6:16pm says:

Just amazing.Really nice work !

+3 votes   media: I am the king !
pkyrkos7 Dec 9 2013, 6:13pm says:

And with a photo realistic texture it will look awesome !

+2 votes   media: update
pkyrkos7 Dec 7 2013, 8:17pm says:

Great , looking forward to similar videos :D

+5 votes   article: Ethas: Embrace of Destiny - Development Video #1
pkyrkos7 Dec 7 2013, 8:14pm says:

Looking great!Perhaps the grass texture can be a bit darker ?

+2 votes   media: update
pkyrkos7 Dec 4 2013, 4:15pm says:

I love the atmosphere ! :D

+4 votes   media: A Realm Beyond
pkyrkos7 Dec 4 2013, 11:08am says:

Nice :D

+5 votes   media: OpenMW at night
pkyrkos7 Dec 4 2013, 1:15am says:

Nice :D

+2 votes   media: update
pkyrkos7 Dec 1 2013, 1:54am says:

I like your game so far but you should do something to improve the performance.Apparently game maker has serious issues handling performance as I have the same issue in my game.Perhaps you could add the resources loaded from a file instead of having a big .exe ;)

+2 votes   download: Tech Demo
pkyrkos7 Nov 22 2013, 12:04pm says:

This is probably going to be the best AoE III mod!
One suggestion..I think it would be better to have only once of the landmarks such as Barad-dûr instead of having them all together.In my opinion it would look better visually and if possible you could make them customizable so you can choose which landmark you want.

+7 votes   media: Mordor Homecity: Barad-dûr
pkyrkos7 Nov 18 2013, 2:34pm says:

Looks good! I video would be nice I believe since the portal system can be shown well with images ;)

+1 vote   mod: Cod4: Portal Mod
pkyrkos7 Nov 17 2013, 6:24pm replied:

I am glad you posted your opinion and thank you for your kind words :)

+1 vote   article: Something Different
pkyrkos7 Nov 16 2013, 6:15pm replied:

I hope you like it !

+1 vote   download: Codename:ATN Alpha Version 0.01
pkyrkos7 Nov 16 2013, 4:33pm says:

Looks cool ! Tracking

+1 vote   game: We Need to go Deeper
pkyrkos7 Nov 15 2013, 6:01pm says:

I just tested this game.Really nice work , I really like the whole idea and the movement mechanisms

+2 votes   game: Jumping Spider
pkyrkos7 Nov 14 2013, 3:16pm says:

Hm unique style for an inventory but I prefer the classic one's :p
you could also add a transparent black layer as an inventory background

+1 vote   media: Inventory
pkyrkos7 Nov 9 2013, 3:13pm says:

Nice work :D

+1 vote   media: Random Pictures of Metaxas Line
pkyrkos7 Nov 8 2013, 10:31am says:

Awesome animations :D

+3 votes   article: UI Schemes!
pkyrkos7 Nov 6 2013, 4:47pm says:

Looks great can't wait to see this in action !

+3 votes   media: Ankylosaurus render
pkyrkos7 Nov 1 2013, 3:59pm says:

Seems unique and weird :)

+2 votes   game: Another Perspective
pkyrkos7 Nov 1 2013, 12:38am says:

Amazing :D

+6 votes   media: The Glory of CryEngine
pkyrkos7 Oct 29 2013, 4:48am says:

Looks interesting but please add more details....

+1 vote   game: StarWaves
pkyrkos7 Oct 23 2013, 2:28pm says:

A lot better :D
But make the textures a bit more "old" and dirty

+1 vote   media: Image
pkyrkos7 Oct 7 2013, 12:53am says:

It's good to see that this project isn't dead because I was starting to worry ;)

+1 vote   article: Not dead, just dormant!
pkyrkos7 Sep 26 2013, 8:37am replied:

Hahaha...I might add a weed land as well ;p
This is just how a part of the Underworld looks like.

+1 vote   media: A bit of the Underworld...
pkyrkos7 Sep 21 2013, 9:53am says:

Good ! I hope this doesn't drop the FPS much

+6 votes   media: 3D Farms
pkyrkos7 Sep 14 2013, 8:40pm says:

It's really good to see this project is not dead!I hope to see this completed on day as it will be one of the best mods/games ever!But make sure that you handle or the legal stuff because you might be stopped by the one who holds the rights of Supernatural.
I would be more than happy to help you with your mod in level designing or scripting , but my computer is not good enough for Cry Engine so perhaps in the future :)
And also good concept.Though it would be cool as well if it would be a completely free roam game that you do missions both minor and main around towns/cities/... similar to GTA.
Keep up the good work ! :D

+2 votes   article: Publishing Old Progress reports, Documentation + Recruiting
pkyrkos7 Sep 13 2013, 11:46am says:

Looks like he isn't going to survive :p
Great work !

+1 vote   media: Cryengine3 Screenies
pkyrkos7 Sep 13 2013, 11:46am says:

Nice !

+1 vote   media: Grant
pkyrkos7 Sep 12 2013, 7:24am says:

If this is truly designed on Game Maker , really great work!!It's the first time I see a Game Maker Game with such clean and nice graphics/particles!
Looking forward to a release ! :D

On a second thought the background looks 3d so if you haven't created it and took it from a game you should give credits ;)

+2 votes   game: Tiamat X
pkyrkos7 Sep 10 2013, 4:04am says:

Now we are talking !

+3 votes   media: RoZo - Deathmachine V-32
pkyrkos7 Sep 8 2013, 9:58am says:

Nice , really nice ! :D

+1 vote   media: ENB Fun
pkyrkos7 Sep 5 2013, 2:01pm says:


+5 votes   media: facehugger
pkyrkos7 Sep 3 2013, 11:18am says:

Tracking this of course...I hope this doesn't die like a similar mod in this engine

+4 votes   game: Jurassic Park Operations
pkyrkos7 Sep 1 2013, 7:00pm says:

Nice !

+5 votes   media: Alpha 14 Preview: Hero Medallion & Game Speed
pkyrkos7 Sep 1 2013, 11:03am says:

Good to see that this mod is not dead.Good changes btw I'll give a try ;)

+6 votes   article: Beta 1.1 + world map fix
pkyrkos7 Aug 11 2013, 10:07am says:

A good mod indeed , but what is it doing here?

+2 votes   download: Shadow and Flame BETA 0.6
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 2:41pm replied:

I am trying to make the game more like Resident Evil or Dead Frontier , I mean with survival elements and free roam.Of course I may add auto turrets depending on the mechanical skill of the player and maybe a tower defense mini game as well ;)

+2 votes   game: Code Name: ATN
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 6:33am says:

I can't believe this is Zero Hour!Greak work!

+13 votes   media: new Seawater
pkyrkos7 Aug 3 2013, 8:23pm says:

Your mod looks great and became very well known very quick.I would love to give it a try but currently I have my own projects to work on , so no much time.I hope you create more mods like this one or continue with this and add even more stuff!Wish you the best!

0 votes   mod: Falskaar
pkyrkos7 Aug 2 2013, 8:48am says:

Nice!Keep up the great work guys!

+8 votes   article: OpenMW v0.25.0 released!
pkyrkos7 Aug 1 2013, 4:20pm says:

This I believe fits more to the addon category.Except if it adds more than the crossbow , I mean quests or new places.Anyway looking forward to it ;)

+2 votes   mod: Van Helsing's Silver Crossbow - Skyrim
pkyrkos7 Jul 30 2013, 7:54am says:

Hey kaylee1996 , it's good to see people are still interested in making Oblivion mods.Though this mod is simple so I'd suggest a couple of things. Instead of crafting armor only in Mage Guild in Chorrol you could put a spinning wheel at every town or village. Another thing you could do is to add a spinning wheel to the houses that the player can buy or even add a new house for sale. Wish you best with your mod ;)

+2 votes   mod: craftable light armor and clothing
pkyrkos7 Jul 28 2013, 6:18pm says:

It would be good you know when posting a new game adding images of gameplay or development to show that the game actually exists.

+3 votes   game: Madness
pkyrkos7 Jul 26 2013, 7:04am says:

Seems like a nice game.The graphics are really good but the gameplay is very monotonous.Anyway good job !

+2 votes   game: Aftermath Alvin
pkyrkos7 Jul 25 2013, 9:39am says:

I am glad to see there are people still working on Oblivion :) It is a great game !

+2 votes   download: The Battlespire
pkyrkos7 Jul 22 2013, 6:16pm says:

Good to hear that you are taking part to this!I wish you the best!
I want to ask you , is Game Maker also allowed in this competion or the game must be made with a specific tool?

+1 vote   article: Development slowdown as 7dRTS begins.
pkyrkos7 Jul 19 2013, 5:01pm says:

You can find many sounds and music all over the internet that are free to use,so I'd suggest that you make a big search to see if you can come up with anything handy.You could also go to the sea and record the sounds yourself if you live near sea.
Also it would be very nice to upload a video of the gulls trying to catch a fish ;)

+3 votes   article: Crabs, Clams & Fish snatching Gulls!
pkyrkos7 Jul 19 2013, 2:24pm says:

Nice :)

+2 votes   article: Friday Update, Map Showcase: Alps
pkyrkos7 Jul 18 2013, 7:36pm replied:

I suggest that you use a function that changes a sprites Hue.This way you can have more random sealife without having to make ton of sprites ;)

+2 votes   media: Ambient Sea Life - Crabs
pkyrkos7 Jul 18 2013, 4:04pm says:

Nice to see more details!I hope next for a shipwreck or some treasures and of course some old boots :p

+2 votes   media: Ambient Sea Life - Crabs
pkyrkos7 Jul 18 2013, 4:03pm replied:

Perhaps you could fish nemo and then put it on a big fish tank or a small pond with his friends ? ;)

+3 votes   media: Adding more fish to the database
pkyrkos7 Jul 18 2013, 9:54am says:

And the other big thing down there :p

+2 votes   media: Adding more fish to the database
pkyrkos7 Jul 17 2013, 9:39am replied:

I agree with Nuvendil.The project sound really nice but before
posting a game or mod on Mod DB you should show some progress.

+3 votes   game: The Survival's Fall
pkyrkos7 Jul 16 2013, 3:29pm says:

I thought this was dead.I am glad it is not :D

+3 votes   download: WarGames Zero Hour 1.01
pkyrkos7 Jul 11 2013, 8:04am says:

Amazing game ! Good work !

+2 votes   game: Zombie Kill of the Week
pkyrkos7 Jul 10 2013, 11:03am says:

Great atmosphere !

+5 votes   media: Tomb Entrance
pkyrkos7 Jul 8 2013, 1:32pm says:

Looking good ! Tracking !

+3 votes   game: Black Stairs
pkyrkos7 Jul 5 2013, 1:22pm says:

Sounds really good!Both Scratches and Resident Evil series are really nice games ! I hope for some images or videos soon :)

+2 votes   article: Scratches BM is under development!
pkyrkos7 Jul 4 2013, 5:59pm replied:

Thanks :)

+1 vote   download: Codename:ATN Alpha Version 0.01
pkyrkos7 Jun 21 2013, 5:06pm says:

Looks like it's a real life screenshot !

+1 vote   media: Episode 1
pkyrkos7 Jun 15 2013, 2:12pm says:

Hello your game looks awesome ! I am from Greece and I believe it would be more proper to write "Spartiatis" instead of "Spartiaths" .

+4 votes   game: Spartiaths : Victory Or Death
pkyrkos7 Jun 10 2013, 6:49pm says:

Works perfect on Windows 7.Great game !Keep up the good work guys!

+1 vote   download: Door Kickers Alpha 3 Lite (Windows)
pkyrkos7 Jun 10 2013, 10:30am says:

Nice game especially that it was made using game maker!Game maker it's good for simple games but it gets quite confusing when it comes to complex and good ones .Anyway great work! My only suggestion would be to change the Mech customization menu to a more simple one because I found it a bit confusing.Also adding a multiplayer mode and a story mode would be great !

+1 vote   game: Warmachine
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 6:25pm says:

Wow looking great !

+4 votes   media: Army Men III Beta - Release Trailer
pkyrkos7 Jun 3 2013, 8:49pm says:

I've downloaded and tried to run it but the game terminates itself right after I ran it.My OS is Windows 7 and my pc meets all requirments apart from the GPU which I have an AtiRadeon2400Hd 256Mb.

+2 votes   download: BlackSoul - Demo For Windows
pkyrkos7 Jun 1 2013, 2:31pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote   media: RoZo - New stowing
pkyrkos7 May 26 2013, 8:02pm says:

Wow Nice work!It's always good to see more destruction !

+1 vote   media: Command & Conquer: Generals Universe
pkyrkos7 May 25 2013, 8:47am says:

From the pictures the features you've presented are just awesome !I can't wait for a video !
It would be nice to also implement ,a fire extinguish system. For example if enough amount of water comes in contact with the fire the fire will be extinguished. Just an idea ;)

+3 votes   article: Lethe - Physics Gameplay
pkyrkos7 May 23 2013, 1:52pm says:

Just Wow!

+3 votes   media: Rocky Rampage map
pkyrkos7 May 22 2013, 1:03pm says:

I believe that you should also change the Sky Textures with more realistic ones ;)

+3 votes   article: «SFse» section is complete
pkyrkos7 May 18 2013, 2:22pm says:

Awesome landscape! If only you could somehow add some deers to kill.... :)

+3 votes   media: Countryside South
pkyrkos7 May 16 2013, 6:50pm says:

I must admit a very original idea ! Nice work!

+2 votes   game: Invertical
pkyrkos7 Mar 20 2013, 7:32am says:

Awesome news ! :D
Nice work!

+3 votes   article: Reign of the Undead 2.2 Release
pkyrkos7 Feb 19 2013, 6:06pm says:

This scene brings memories....
Nicely done!

+5 votes   media: Free Red Soul
pkyrkos7 Feb 2 2013, 9:53am replied:

You could generate navMesh quickly and easily.I tried it and I had no problem.Of course sometimes it needs to be optimized for the best result.
I've added a werewolf to a new worldspace without NavMesh and it was just staring at me :p

+1 vote   article: January Update
pkyrkos7 Feb 1 2013, 4:28am says:

Looking forward to the first beta!When you say empty of NPCs ,you mean including the creatures and animals as well?It would be nice to have something to kill while wandering around ;)

+3 votes   article: January Update
pkyrkos7 Dec 22 2012, 7:34pm says:

Good Work!

+2 votes   media: GTA United 1.2 - Release Trailer
pkyrkos7 Dec 13 2012, 10:05am replied:

It might not be a warband port ,but still it's nice to see TLD to be continued.Great work guys!

+10 votes   article: The ModDB awards + patch info + surprise
pkyrkos7 Dec 2 2012, 7:58am replied:

Maybe is,maybe not,who knows...the only certain thing is that what lies behind this portal is far more scary than sculls...;)

+1 vote   media: A gate to the Underworld
pkyrkos7 Nov 19 2012, 10:45am says:

Nice castle!

+2 votes   media: Makeshift Castle
pkyrkos7 Nov 18 2012, 11:52am says:

Looks good!The only good zombie mod for cod4 is Rotu and I hope that this one becomes better!Tracking of course and waiting for a release.keep up the good work!! ;)

+2 votes   mod: (RoZo) Return Of Zombie Ops
pkyrkos7 Nov 1 2012, 3:05pm says:

Nice to see steady progress!I agree about interiors,they can be quite boring when only one person is working on them :p

+2 votes   article: Monthly Update III
pkyrkos7 Oct 31 2012, 9:04am replied:

Thanks.I wish I had a better computer so I can take screenshots with high res textures.

+1 vote   media: Landscape
pkyrkos7 Oct 29 2012, 1:34pm replied:

Good for you though you will be able to summon your grandma ;)

+1 vote   media: nightmare
pkyrkos7 Oct 16 2012, 8:09am says:

I think the axe's wood should be a bit more detailed.
Apart from that really great job!Keep it up! ;)

+3 votes   article: Progress Report
pkyrkos7 Oct 5 2012, 3:48pm replied:

There are several light sources placed at the windows of the chapel.The reason the lighting looks a bit strange is because there's a little fog.

+1 vote   media: Old Chapel
pkyrkos7 Sep 7 2012, 1:43pm says:

This is the game I always wanted to be created!Keep up the good work!I hope we get more news soon! :)

+2 votes   game: SurviveOld
pkyrkos7 Sep 5 2012, 7:13am replied:

Thank you for signing.It's signature counts!Let's show WB that stopping us ,isn't such a good idea.

+2 votes   article: Saving MERP
pkyrkos7 Aug 30 2012, 8:18pm replied:

With 'and Skyrim' I meant playing Skyrim:p

+2 votes   article: Loren's current state & Future Plans
pkyrkos7 Aug 23 2012, 4:30am says:

All pictures look great!Keep up the nice work guys!

+2 votes   media: Epic View
pkyrkos7 Jul 3 2012, 6:00am replied:

Thanks.If I had some visual mods,believe it would look a lot more impressive.

+1 vote   media: Greywater Village WIP
pkyrkos7 Jun 14 2012, 9:39am replied:

yeah it's a very big cave and won't the creatures living there won't be very friendly.. ;P

+1 vote   media: Darkreach Cave WIP
pkyrkos7 May 31 2012, 4:18pm says:

Good work on the texture they look great as well as the models1

+1 vote   media: Fireplace added
pkyrkos7 May 15 2012, 4:56pm replied:

Stowethorpe Castle is the only castle in Loren for the being.There are some fort ruins that are inside mountains though.

+1 vote   media: Stowethorpe Castle Interior
pkyrkos7 May 11 2012, 3:58pm replied:

what do you mean?Make another castle with a not-flat ground?

+1 vote   media: Stowethorpe Castle Interior
pkyrkos7 May 10 2012, 4:39am replied:

In Loren the only mines there are ,are iron mines,gold mines and araxia(crystal) mines.In the future I may add a small ebony mine too.

+1 vote   media: Another cave
pkyrkos7 May 4 2012, 4:50pm replied:

Thanks!I'm quite busy now with my exams but I'll probably start work on it at the Summer ;)

+1 vote   media: Read Description at the right!
pkyrkos7 Apr 29 2012, 7:26am says:

Nice work there!By the way everything in Frontier will be handplaced or there'll be generated regions?

+2 votes   media: Progress
pkyrkos7 Apr 1 2012, 9:17am says:

Awesome work!Looks almost real!

+1 vote   article: Forbidden Lands level work in progress and news
pkyrkos7 Jan 30 2012, 5:47pm replied:

Thanks antiscamp! :)

+1 vote   media: Shorewale Island
pkyrkos7 Jan 30 2012, 5:47pm replied:

I don't know about testing for free,but he will be certanly selling some unique hunting equipment in the whole continent of Loren!

+1 vote   media: "The Hunter"
pkyrkos7 Jan 30 2012, 5:45pm replied:

Unfortunately this campfire is kinda hard to get close because those creatures don't really like strangers :p

+1 vote   media: Smargol Camp
pkyrkos7 Jan 21 2012, 8:20am says:

It seem like a really promising mod.I hope it doesn't get abandoned like many other good mods.

+4 votes   article: GAMEPLAY DETAILS - Part 1
pkyrkos7 Sep 18 2011, 2:50pm says:

wow really nice pic!

+1 vote   media: DW Expansion Västhelm WIP III
pkyrkos7 May 21 2011, 5:31pm replied:

even it looks simple it has some interesting stuff in it ;)

+1 vote   media: Sewers under Stowethorpe
pkyrkos7 May 21 2011, 2:49pm says:

Looks really nice both as an idea and the town's designing!

+1 vote   media: Land of Violence
pkyrkos7 May 17 2011, 6:20pm says:

Nice interior!I've done some interiors for The town of stowethorpe today too.It's not really hard but it really needs a lot of imagination

+2 votes   media: Interior Design
pkyrkos7 May 15 2011, 8:47am says:

Are you planning on expanding the map more?It Would be really cool!In loren I am thinking of adding many and different islands where you can travel which i think be really nice

+1 vote   media: Current Progress Map
pkyrkos7 May 7 2011, 12:42pm says:

Nice work ! ;)

+1 vote   media: Work in Progress
pkyrkos7 May 1 2011, 6:56am replied:

scale them a bit is okay and doesn't cause any problems;)

+1 vote   media: Every tree is Hand-Placed
pkyrkos7 Apr 30 2011, 4:19pm replied:

Yeah I do copy them too.Most times I place some of them and then copy them usually around 10 when the terrain is flat.When it's not I place each one of them by hand.And yeah variety is an issue to my mod too.I just placed one type of tree at some areas but with different scale but after I'll add more variety too

+1 vote   media: Every tree is Hand-Placed
pkyrkos7 Apr 29 2011, 6:45pm says:

wow amazing!That's a damn big forest!
I do the same thing and I could say it's really time consuming

+1 vote   media: Every tree is Hand-Placed
pkyrkos7 Apr 24 2011, 9:47am says:

Nice work on both these three! ;)

+1 vote   media: The Yati Oasis
pkyrkos7 Apr 10 2011, 9:04am says:

Where did you find this model?Is it yours?

+1 vote   media: Seldora Church
pkyrkos7 Apr 10 2011, 7:56am says:

Nice pic!

+1 vote   media: The Seldora Monastery
pkyrkos7 Mar 13 2011, 2:39pm says:

That's place looks awesome!
If you know how to use the available resources you can make some awesome places!And this is how we do it :p :)

+2 votes   media: Rock Formation Magic
pkyrkos7 Mar 12 2011, 4:29am says:

Nice village :)

+2 votes   media: Scarley Village
pkyrkos7 Mar 7 2011, 12:14pm says:

Just played the latest beta and it's really good!Keep up the good work mate ;)

+1 vote   download: Dibella's Watch Beta 05
pkyrkos7 Mar 6 2011, 8:52am says:

Wow really nice work there !

+2 votes   media: The Arch
pkyrkos7 Mar 5 2011, 8:05pm says:

Nice place

+1 vote   media: Lake Wordham
pkyrkos7 Mar 5 2011, 8:02pm says:

Keep up the good work :)

+1 vote   media: Port Zerrva
pkyrkos7 Feb 16 2011, 5:12pm replied:

I've deleted this market because it didn't look good and there will be only a general store and a strange merchant who is going to sell all kind of things and some rare stuff

+1 vote   media: Wenham
pkyrkos7 Feb 11 2011, 8:15am replied:

Well the only thing you will need is shivering isles expansion.Everything else will be included in the mod;)

+1 vote   media: Holy Knight
pkyrkos7 Jan 12 2011, 5:33pm says:


+2 votes   media: No Russian?
pkyrkos7 Sep 10 2010, 8:38pm says:


+2 votes   media: Colosseum
pkyrkos7 Sep 7 2010, 9:43am says:

I am tracking your project and your are doing great work!
Just a question.In the demo what weapons will be and will there be anything to kill or just shooting walls:p?

+1 vote   article: Tech demo released soon.
pkyrkos7 Sep 5 2010, 8:25am says:

This is absolutely amazing James!!!All of your images!I just wish my game was just like that!
Nice work;)

+5 votes   media: Black Boar
pkyrkos7 Jul 8 2010, 6:29am says:

Looks very nice!

+4 votes   media: Hellenic Polis
pkyrkos7 Jun 21 2010, 11:21am says:

looking good!

+2 votes   media: Some new buildings 2
pkyrkos7 May 22 2010, 6:22am says:

look very nice!

+2 votes   media: Final Ensiferi & Prototype Hoplitai
pkyrkos7 May 19 2010, 7:35am says:

vet nice!

+1 vote   media: Plague Erupter Final Concept
pkyrkos7 May 16 2010, 2:48pm says:


pkyrkos7 May 11 2010, 6:06am says:

very nice model!

+1 vote   media: Back-Side
pkyrkos7 Jul 16 2013, 9:22am replied:

I am(was) a level designer for MERP , but my inspiration came mostly just from my head ,I didn't really have any sources.
I suggest that you put things(objects in the editor) here and there in a way that they make sense and they look "beautiful" to you.
For example if you are going to make an interior(house) ,first you have to think a small background story for the people living in the house.Then according to the story you thought you add the appropriate items.For instance if in a house was living a drunk old man ,then it would be very untidy and messed with objects dropped on the flour and spider webs on the celling and maybe even some rats .
I hope I've been of some help :)

+3 votes   mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
pkyrkos7 Jul 15 2013, 8:18pm replied:

Okay I will download the patch thanks!Looking forward to the other patch.

+1 vote   mod: Knights and Barbarians
pkyrkos7 Jul 13 2013, 4:30am says:

Amazing mod looking forward to it!

+2 votes   mod: Crusaders Way to Expiation
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 8:32pm says:

Definately worths a try since it looks amazing so far!

+1 vote   game: Aaron Crane: Paintings come alive
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 7:03am says:

I tried out this mod and I must admit it's amazing! There aren't many good mods for Age Of Empires III and I am glad this is a good one!Also I liked the lightning strike in a map of yours I tried.Really unique feature though you should lower the frequence of it as it is getting annoying after some time and maybe change it's sound as well ;) Keep up the good work guys!

Just a quick question though.After playing against the AI for some time my computer started to get short freezes from time to time.Is this normal and will it be fixed in the next versions?
My normal Aoe III is running without problems against the AI so I believe it's not a computer issue.

+1 vote   mod: Knights and Barbarians
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 7:02am says:

Nice!Do you think it would be possible to be able to mount an animal(elephant or horse) by approaching it with a unit?I mean add some sort of mount and dismount functions.

+1 vote   media: Savannah
pkyrkos7 Jun 30 2013, 11:45am says:

The grass looks a bit odd I would suggest either removing it or placing a fence around it

+2 votes   media: Experimenting
pkyrkos7 Jun 22 2013, 10:44am says:

Ενα παιχνιδι που φτιαχνω.Αν θελετε δειτε το και πειτε μου την γνωμη σας :)

+3 votes   group: Greece
pkyrkos7 Jun 14 2013, 7:13am says:

Looks very nice and unique game idea !

+6 votes   game: Stone Rage
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 6:03pm says:

Looks very nice ! Tracking ...

+2 votes   article: Life Goes On Trailer Released
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 8:38am says:

I've updated my graphics card driver and it works!Though I cannot play the game due to the huge amount of lag.I hope in the future you add graphic preferences so that the users can adjust the different graphics features such antializing.Anyway great work and looking forward to more releases and news! :D

+2 votes   download: BlackSoul - Demo For Windows
pkyrkos7 Jun 2 2013, 8:04am says:


+1 vote   media: a classical survival horror
pkyrkos7 Jun 1 2013, 9:16am says:

I believe this is one of the best Top Down zombie games I've ever played.The lighting and the atmophere are just awesome!I believe that if you continue this game it will be worth and it would turn out to an even nicer game especially if it will include a multiplayer mode like DIEDIE1011 said or a story mode.Great work and I hope this will be continued ;)

+1 vote   game: Open DE2D
pkyrkos7 May 31 2013, 5:55am says:

Amazing ! !

+1 vote   media: Weathertop Preview
pkyrkos7 May 30 2013, 8:35am says:

Παιδια οποιος ενδιαφερεται να κανει καποιες φωνες,ελληνικες φυσικα,για ενα mod που φτιαχνω ας μου στειλει PM .Το mod θα ειναι για το Command & Conquer:Generals Zero Hour και θα εχει μεσα την Ελλαδα ως διαθεσημη faction.Οι φωνες που ψαχνω θα ειναι για οταν επιλεγεις μια μοναδα ,ή οταν πατας να κανεις επιθεση και τα λοιπα.

+2 votes   group: Greece
pkyrkos7 May 25 2013, 10:14am says:

I don't believe words can express this....just amazing,awesome work guys!

+1 vote   media: First Ingame Screenshots of JP Dinosaurs
pkyrkos7 May 22 2012, 8:06am replied:

για Skyrim ειμαι μεσα.Πριν λιγες μερες δοκιμασα να φτιαξω καμια πιστα στο Call of Duty 5 και θα ελεγα οτι ειναι αρκετα δυσκολο σε σχεση με αλλους editors αλλα ειμαι μεσα και σε αυτο.Και Company of Heroes ξερω ελαχιστα πραγματα αλλα δεν ειναι πολυ δυσκολο να μαθεις πιστευω.Οσο για το Baldurs Gate το εχω ακουστα αλλα δεν το εχω παιξει ποτε και δεν γνωριζω εαν εχει την δυνατοτητα moding.

+2 votes   group: Greece
pkyrkos7 Oct 5 2011, 6:53am replied:

thanks a lot!Your support means a lot ;)

+2 votes   mod: Loren
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