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pkyrkos7 Jul 18 2013, 9:54am says:

And the other big thing down there :p

+2 votes     media: Adding more fish to the database
pkyrkos7 Jul 17 2013, 9:36pm says:

Cool idea.Looking forward to a demo ;)
Also you can check my project for Game Maker ,I would like some feedback from a developer.

+2 votes     game: Deep Blue
pkyrkos7 Jul 17 2013, 9:39am replied:

I agree with Nuvendil.The project sound really nice but before
posting a game or mod on Mod DB you should show some progress.

+3 votes     game: The Survival's Fall
pkyrkos7 Jul 16 2013, 3:29pm says:

I thought this was dead.I am glad it is not :D

+3 votes     download: WarGames Zero Hour 1.01
pkyrkos7 Jul 16 2013, 9:22am replied:

I am(was) a level designer for MERP , but my inspiration came mostly just from my head ,I didn't really have any sources.
I suggest that you put things(objects in the editor) here and there in a way that they make sense and they look "beautiful" to you.
For example if you are going to make an interior(house) ,first you have to think a small background story for the people living in the house.Then according to the story you thought you add the appropriate items.For instance if in a house was living a drunk old man ,then it would be very untidy and messed with objects dropped on the flour and spider webs on the celling and maybe even some rats .
I hope I've been of some help :)

+3 votes     mod: MERP | Middle Earth Roleplaying Project
pkyrkos7 Jul 15 2013, 8:18pm replied:

Okay I will download the patch thanks!Looking forward to the other patch.

+1 vote     mod: Knights and Barbarians
pkyrkos7 Jul 13 2013, 4:30am says:

Amazing mod looking forward to it!

+2 votes     mod: Crusaders Way to Expiation
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 8:32pm says:

Definately worths a try since it looks amazing so far!

+1 vote     game: Aaron Crane: Paintings come alive
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 7:03am says:

I tried out this mod and I must admit it's amazing! There aren't many good mods for Age Of Empires III and I am glad this is a good one!Also I liked the lightning strike in a map of yours I tried.Really unique feature though you should lower the frequence of it as it is getting annoying after some time and maybe change it's sound as well ;) Keep up the good work guys!

Just a quick question though.After playing against the AI for some time my computer started to get short freezes from time to time.Is this normal and will it be fixed in the next versions?
My normal Aoe III is running without problems against the AI so I believe it's not a computer issue.

+1 vote     mod: Knights and Barbarians
pkyrkos7 Jul 12 2013, 7:02am says:

Nice!Do you think it would be possible to be able to mount an animal(elephant or horse) by approaching it with a unit?I mean add some sort of mount and dismount functions.

+1 vote     media: Savannah
pkyrkos7 Jul 11 2013, 8:04am says:

Amazing game ! Good work !

+2 votes     game: Zombie Kill of the Week
pkyrkos7 Jul 10 2013, 11:03am says:

Great atmosphere !

+5 votes     media: Tomb Entrance
pkyrkos7 Jul 8 2013, 1:32pm says:

Looking good ! Tracking !

+3 votes     game: Black Stairs
pkyrkos7 Jul 5 2013, 1:22pm says:

Sounds really good!Both Scratches and Resident Evil series are really nice games ! I hope for some images or videos soon :)

+2 votes     article: Scratches BM is under development!
pkyrkos7 Jul 4 2013, 5:59pm replied:

Thanks :)

+1 vote     download: Codename:ATN Alpha Version 0.01
pkyrkos7 Jun 30 2013, 11:45am says:

The grass looks a bit odd I would suggest either removing it or placing a fence around it

+2 votes     media: Experimenting
pkyrkos7 Jun 22 2013, 10:44am says:

Ενα παιχνιδι που φτιαχνω.Αν θελετε δειτε το και πειτε μου την γνωμη σας :)

+3 votes     group: Greece
pkyrkos7 Jun 21 2013, 5:06pm says:

Looks like it's a real life screenshot !

+1 vote     media: Episode 1
pkyrkos7 Jun 15 2013, 2:12pm says:

Hello your game looks awesome ! I am from Greece and I believe it would be more proper to write "Spartiatis" instead of "Spartiaths" .

+4 votes     game: Spartiaths : Victory Or Death
pkyrkos7 Jun 14 2013, 7:13am says:

Looks very nice and unique game idea !

+6 votes     game: Stone Rage
pkyrkos7 Jun 10 2013, 6:49pm says:

Works perfect on Windows 7.Great game !Keep up the good work guys!

+1 vote     download: Door Kickers Alpha 3 Lite (Windows)
pkyrkos7 Jun 10 2013, 10:30am says:

Nice game especially that it was made using game maker!Game maker it's good for simple games but it gets quite confusing when it comes to complex and good ones .Anyway great work! My only suggestion would be to change the Mech customization menu to a more simple one because I found it a bit confusing.Also adding a multiplayer mode and a story mode would be great !

+1 vote     game: Warmachine
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 6:25pm says:

Wow looking great !

+4 votes     media: Army Men III Beta - Release Trailer
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 6:03pm says:

Looks very nice ! Tracking ...

+2 votes     article: Life Goes On Trailer Released
pkyrkos7 Jun 7 2013, 8:38am says:

I've updated my graphics card driver and it works!Though I cannot play the game due to the huge amount of lag.I hope in the future you add graphic preferences so that the users can adjust the different graphics features such antializing.Anyway great work and looking forward to more releases and news! :D

+2 votes     download: BlackSoul - Demo For Windows
pkyrkos7 Jun 3 2013, 8:49pm says:

I've downloaded and tried to run it but the game terminates itself right after I ran it.My OS is Windows 7 and my pc meets all requirments apart from the GPU which I have an AtiRadeon2400Hd 256Mb.

+2 votes     download: BlackSoul - Demo For Windows
pkyrkos7 Jun 2 2013, 8:04am says:


+1 vote     media: a classical survival horror
pkyrkos7 Jun 1 2013, 2:31pm says:

Nice :)

+1 vote     media: RoZo - New stowing
pkyrkos7 Jun 1 2013, 9:16am says:

I believe this is one of the best Top Down zombie games I've ever played.The lighting and the atmophere are just awesome!I believe that if you continue this game it will be worth and it would turn out to an even nicer game especially if it will include a multiplayer mode like DIEDIE1011 said or a story mode.Great work and I hope this will be continued ;)

+1 vote     game: Open DE2D
pkyrkos7 May 31 2013, 5:55am says:

Amazing ! !

+1 vote     media: Weathertop Preview
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