Games that I've modded or created levels: Titan Quest, The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim, Tony hawk series, C&D Generals, C&D Generals:Zero hour, Battle For Middle Earth I, Battle For Middle Earth II, Battle For Middle Earth II:The Rise Of Witch King, Worms:Mayhem, Worms:Armageddon, Warcraft 3, Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne, Fallout 3, Medieval Lords, Crysis, Age Of Empires III, Age Of Empires III:Warchiefs, Age Of Empires III:Asian Dynasties, Trackmania Forever, Civilization IV, Mount & Blade

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pkyrkos7 Aug 26 2013, 6:37am says:

Your game looks good so far!Programming this in java I am sure it isn't an easy task so keep up the good work ;)

+2 votes     game: Project Alpha
pkyrkos7 Aug 25 2013, 6:34pm says:

Can't wait for it!Nice work so far!

+6 votes     article: Enderal-Devblog, Episode 1: The Class System
pkyrkos7 Aug 25 2013, 3:14pm replied:

Keep up the good work!I hope you also add the missing gems around like in RE3.
I like what you are doing and I could also help in level designing mostly and scripting.I have a big experience in Oblivion/Skyrim and a bit of Fallout 3.

+1 vote     media: Raccoon City Hall Gem Clock Puzzle( Lit Up)
pkyrkos7 Aug 25 2013, 10:08am says:

ah memories.....

+3 votes     media: Raccoon City Hall Gem Clock Puzzle( Lit Up)
pkyrkos7 Aug 24 2013, 12:10pm says:

This looks awesome! :D

+5 votes     media: Wolfswood
pkyrkos7 Aug 24 2013, 10:20am says:

Nice work!

+2 votes     media: Landspace
pkyrkos7 Aug 21 2013, 11:39am says:

Now,that is amazing!

+1 vote     media: Valeria Canal
pkyrkos7 Aug 11 2013, 10:07am says:

A good mod indeed , but what is it doing here?

+2 votes     download: Shadow and Flame BETA 0.6
pkyrkos7 Aug 11 2013, 8:41am replied:

strange :/
Well let's hope this time doesn't get back :p

+2 votes     download: Warcraft IV - Shadow of the Necropolis 1.0.1
pkyrkos7 Aug 10 2013, 6:39pm says:

Please remove the previous download and keep only this one.I explained in PM ;)

+2 votes     download: Warcraft IV - Shadow of the Necropolis 1.0.1
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 5:59pm says:

Tracking...Looks very nice!

+2 votes     mod: Dark case [>Scary story<]
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 2:42pm says:

Ναι ωραιο και αυτο που μου εδειξες δεν εχω καποιο τελικο ακομα αλλα πηγαινα σε κατι περιπου οπως στ Resident Evil 1,2,3

+1 vote     media: Sample Images
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 2:41pm replied:

I am trying to make the game more like Resident Evil or Dead Frontier , I mean with survival elements and free roam.Of course I may add auto turrets depending on the mechanical skill of the player and maybe a tower defense mini game as well ;)

+2 votes     game: Code Name: ATN
pkyrkos7 Aug 7 2013, 6:33am says:

I can't believe this is Zero Hour!Greak work!

+13 votes     media: new Seawater
pkyrkos7 Aug 3 2013, 8:23pm says:

Your mod looks great and became very well known very quick.I would love to give it a try but currently I have my own projects to work on , so no much time.I hope you create more mods like this one or continue with this and add even more stuff!Wish you the best!

0 votes     mod: Falskaar
pkyrkos7 Aug 2 2013, 8:48am says:

Nice!Keep up the great work guys!

+8 votes     article: OpenMW v0.25.0 released!
pkyrkos7 Aug 1 2013, 4:20pm says:

This I believe fits more to the addon category.Except if it adds more than the crossbow , I mean quests or new places.Anyway looking forward to it ;)

+2 votes     mod: Van Helsing's Silver Crossbow - Skyrim
pkyrkos7 Jul 30 2013, 7:54am says:

Hey kaylee1996 , it's good to see people are still interested in making Oblivion mods.Though this mod is simple so I'd suggest a couple of things. Instead of crafting armor only in Mage Guild in Chorrol you could put a spinning wheel at every town or village. Another thing you could do is to add a spinning wheel to the houses that the player can buy or even add a new house for sale. Wish you best with your mod ;)

+2 votes     mod: craftable light armor and clothing
pkyrkos7 Jul 29 2013, 3:57pm says:

I really like it keep it up!

+3 votes     media: Scenes, scenes and... scenes [All W.I.P]
pkyrkos7 Jul 29 2013, 9:21am says:

Looking great!

+2 votes     game: Outpost
pkyrkos7 Jul 28 2013, 6:40pm says:

Looking great!Trackiing!

+3 votes     article: Gameplay Trailer Premiere
pkyrkos7 Jul 28 2013, 6:18pm says:

It would be good you know when posting a new game adding images of gameplay or development to show that the game actually exists.

+3 votes     game: Madness
pkyrkos7 Jul 26 2013, 7:05am says:

Tracking...sounds really interesting and with a unique concept!

+2 votes     game: Hamster, Eagle Hunter
pkyrkos7 Jul 26 2013, 7:04am says:

Seems like a nice game.The graphics are really good but the gameplay is very monotonous.Anyway good job !

+2 votes     game: Aftermath Alvin
pkyrkos7 Jul 25 2013, 9:39am says:

I am glad to see there are people still working on Oblivion :) It is a great game !

+2 votes     download: The Battlespire
pkyrkos7 Jul 24 2013, 1:29pm says:

Great work!

+2 votes     media: Care to have a swim?
pkyrkos7 Jul 22 2013, 6:16pm says:

Good to hear that you are taking part to this!I wish you the best!
I want to ask you , is Game Maker also allowed in this competion or the game must be made with a specific tool?

+1 vote     article: Development slowdown as 7dRTS begins.
pkyrkos7 Jul 19 2013, 5:01pm says:

You can find many sounds and music all over the internet that are free to use,so I'd suggest that you make a big search to see if you can come up with anything handy.You could also go to the sea and record the sounds yourself if you live near sea.
Also it would be very nice to upload a video of the gulls trying to catch a fish ;)

+3 votes     article: Crabs, Clams & Fish snatching Gulls!
pkyrkos7 Jul 19 2013, 2:24pm says:

Nice :)

+2 votes     article: Friday Update, Map Showcase: Alps
pkyrkos7 Jul 19 2013, 8:33am says:

Great works giys!All of the landscapes shown in the images have a unique feeling unlike Skyrim which was all snow and snow ;)

+3 votes     article: New mood/landscape-teaser
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