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pkyrkos7 Jul 27 2015, 9:11am says:

I must say it looks really good and natural!
I think even higher steep cliffs would look even more awesome!
Also I know there isn't any foliage but you should consider something similar to Skyrim , like generate small "rocks" on the ground similar to the grass but without animation.

+1 vote   media: Latest from the terrain generator
pkyrkos7 Jul 5 2015, 10:39am says:

I must say it looks awesome and very detailed!
My only suggestion would be to retexture the fallen leaves to match the trees colors ( green instead of orange)

+2 votes   media: Afternoon in Ark
pkyrkos7 Jul 2 2015, 12:22pm says:

It's looking good I must say!
I do believe though , the hay could use a better more high res texture.
Looking forward to some gameplay videos as well.

+3 votes   media: Faesholt
pkyrkos7 Jun 30 2015, 7:42pm replied:

Still it's cool you've added a new custom animated activator , I don't believe many modders have done this ! Anyway I wish you luck with your mod and looking forward to a demo :D

+1 vote   media: Phantom of the Opera (Hilltop Mausoleum)
pkyrkos7 Jun 30 2015, 4:55am replied:

Did you replaced one of the vanilla animations ? I am just asking , because I know it's hard to add a custom animation to Skyrim , although there is FNIS now.

+1 vote   media: Phantom of the Opera (Hilltop Mausoleum)
pkyrkos7 Jun 29 2015, 7:20pm says:

Nice work ! The piano animation , is a vanilla animation ?

+1 vote   media: Phantom of the Opera (Hilltop Mausoleum)
pkyrkos7 May 21 2015, 10:59am says:


+1 vote   media: Warsword Conquest Poll: Candidate #2
pkyrkos7 May 21 2015, 10:59am replied:

Ah , sorry I understand now ! :D

+1 vote   media: Warsword Conquest Poll: Candidate #1
pkyrkos7 May 21 2015, 9:15am replied:

Yeah I know the image that is loaded is only one , so when launching your custom .exe or .bat could swap that file in the module folder.

+1 vote   media: Warsword Conquest Poll: Candidate #1
pkyrkos7 May 21 2015, 7:11am says:

I personally like all of them! So may I suggest the following if possible ?
You could create a .bat or a custom .exe file , that could launch the Mount&Blade; launcher but it could also select a random image as the menu wallpaper , so each time you launch the mod , it would show something different.

+1 vote   media: Warsword Conquest Poll: Candidate #1
pkyrkos7 Apr 20 2015, 9:14am says:

I am pretty sure that this bridge is the Cheydinhal bridge from Oblivion...
I think it is not allowed to use ported models from Oblivion , but if I am wrong ignore me. Although a custom model would look better imo.
But anyways good work!

+1 vote   media: Forsaken Paradise
pkyrkos7 Mar 29 2015, 7:46am says:

Good work indeed!
I think it would be nice to post an image showing the map of the worldspace so we can have a better idea of the world and it's size.

+2 votes   mod: Ice and Fire: Bear island
pkyrkos7 Mar 24 2015, 6:45am says:

Really amazing result and realistic!

+2 votes   media: AQP Forest 4K- The power of Unreal Engine 4 2015
pkyrkos7 Mar 16 2015, 12:52pm says:

Amazing work so far !

+1 vote   media: The Forsaken Paradise
pkyrkos7 Mar 7 2015, 2:28pm says:

Nice work with the engine ! Although the artwork isn't really my style (just my opinion) , the gameplay seems good !
I am sure there will be some developers who will use this Engine to make some more games! The engine is written in C++ or Java I assume ?

+2 votes   game: Wyrmsun
pkyrkos7 Jan 29 2015, 12:41pm says:

Nice work ! Are you also going to add places of interest , so player can visit ?

+4 votes   media: Map Imported!
pkyrkos7 Jan 27 2015, 1:26pm replied:

Yeah it's true that some companies are too strict about copyrights even with free games.
Although in this particular case , another group is making a game about RE2 and they seem to have no problems for now.

Either way , if RE4 is hard to mod , you should move to Unity if not with RE4 as a theme , maybe something very similar so you don't have copyright issues.

+3 votes   mod: Distant Memories
pkyrkos7 Jan 26 2015, 7:27pm says:

Looks good ! Although the lack of mods in RE4 makes me believe that's the quite hard to modify the game (Apart from textures and models) , so perhaps moving to an engine like Unity would probably be wiser. Anyway in either case , good luck !

+3 votes   mod: Distant Memories
pkyrkos7 Jan 26 2015, 7:23pm says:

Looks promising ! Looking forward to some videos and more info about the gameplay !

+1 vote   game: LEX MORTIS
pkyrkos7 Jan 25 2015, 7:26am says:

Amazing trailer !
By the way ,are you going to add nearby islands , so players can travel ?

+1 vote   media: Stranded Deep - Official Teaser Trailer
pkyrkos7 Jan 10 2015, 11:16am says:

I would suggest to allow both versions perhaps ?
If both models are based upon the same animations (same skeleton) then it should be really easy to allow the user which version he prefers. But even if that's not the case , creating another .esp which could allow which version the user prefers ;)

+1 vote   news: Choose your demon!
pkyrkos7 Dec 15 2014, 4:00pm says:

I must admit , it looks amazing!

+2 votes   media: I am the King! Ultra Modded Trailer
pkyrkos7 Dec 14 2014, 3:16am says:

Great work guys!!!

+2 votes   media: I am the King! Trailer 2014
pkyrkos7 Dec 10 2014, 6:51am says:

I must admit this is some really awesome work! Especially considering you made the Engine yourself and it's some really kick *** engine :D
Perhaps after you release your game , would you consider releasing the Engine as well ? It would allow people to make more great games and make the engine a lot more known ;)

+1 vote   game: StoneQuest
pkyrkos7 Dec 8 2014, 9:07pm says:

Looks really nice , although I think that the buildings by the gate extend over the wall a bit weird :/

+3 votes   media: I am the king !
pkyrkos7 Nov 24 2014, 1:43pm says:

The only thing that was a bit annoying is when the items(like coins) were hopping around and I had to follow them to pick them up!So less hopping would be good or some sort of button that gathers them!
Other than this , it's a very nice and smooth game , great work!

+1 vote   download: Jobchanger Brigade preAlpha 14-11-15
pkyrkos7 Nov 24 2014, 1:00pm says:

Looks really good ! :D

+1 vote   media: Youropa Trailer
pkyrkos7 Nov 24 2014, 12:56pm says:

Looking awesome so far! Nice work !
The atmosphere seems to be great and it's good to see some enemies as well , just a question though. Will you be able to fight the enemies ? Personally I like Horror games but in very few of them you can actually defend yourself. I don't mean like weapons , but perhaps you can throw sharp objects at them and eventually they will die ,or stay down at least for some time.

+3 votes   media: Lethe - Alpha Gameplay Teaser
pkyrkos7 Nov 18 2014, 7:24am says:

So many memories....

+4 votes   media: Crow Hallway
pkyrkos7 Oct 7 2014, 7:10pm replied:

I agree , although this Engine has many capabilities so it may be possible to have a more realistic look !
Look this image :
I think it's one of best I see (graphics perspective) so there may be solution out of these artificial feeling ;)

+1 vote   media: Shader System: St. Albans Hull Planking
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