I am a human. A human male. (Yep, that's specific enough for a biography) Besides that I pride myself in playing almost every rts game in existence. My favorites are the Starcraft, SoaSe, Age of Empires and Command & Conquer Series.

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Moddb is the largest modding community I have ever came to know. Of course in every community there are haters and trolls, but in general, Moddb has been a great experience for me. Modders do something special, they can take what was a near perfect game that has aged but can breath new life back into it. Some people can even turn crappy games into something the original designers never thought their game could be. To create absolute perfection is impossible but you modders are so damn close to it. So cheers to you Moddb and its great community, I wish you long and prosperous years to come.

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