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Paegus Jun 17 2008 says:

tell me something though, will there be any sort of visual boost for the werewolves? as in can they see in the dark?

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Paegus Jun 17 2008 replied:

the team-swap 'tug of war' mode basically amounts to your average mindless deathmatch (Lunacy?) which is something that must be considered if they ever want a large stable player base. well the deathmatch style game mode as opposed to the specifics. it would end with a round-timer (be that due to a cloud covering the moon or something depending on one's chosen mythology)

knowing what team you're on is hardly an issue. you either have a werewolf's hud or weapon models or the soldier's. it's easy enough to subtly alter one's view to reflect the team or even class.

the reason the alpha remains is to keep the game going until the timer expires or the werewolves win because, let's face it, we ALL want the werewolf to win. balancing would be just that the non-alphas are weak to the point of being mortally woundable by conventional weapons. you blast them enough and they bleed out.

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Paegus Jun 1 2008 says:

The lunacy is your basic last man standing setup so but why not try something different where the teams are constantly switching about. the designated alpha could always respawn as a werewolf but otherwise you respawn as what killed you. if a werewolf kills a soldier they respawn as a werewolf. if a soldier kills a werewolf they respawn as a new soldier "who have been slowly converging on the contact site" or something. suicides and team kills are self explanatory.

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Paegus Jan 5 2008 says:

least you could have done was use the mutilated hidden skin from fps banana as the default skin isn't even remotely zombie-like so is completely out of place here.

and that way you could add yet another source (Dark Messiah) from which you've unceremoniously nicked stuff without permission. and a professional one at that.

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