Consultant and 3D hard surface artist with 10 years of experience in sensitive corporate environments. Looking for an opportunity to utilize previous experience and training in a 3D modeling capacity to deliver epic scenes to audiences and clients in architecture visualization and video games. Open to relocation.

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Something that has bothered me about job postings here and elsewhere has been the lack of professionalism in identifying and advertising the needs for specific job positions. These are basics of human resources and any person looking to fill a position should consider this prior to creating the announcement. I will create this in example format to demonstrate as below.

This is just a basic framework to begin with, you may add as you see fit. Please try to be specific when you are creating your announcements, (e.g., do not expect a “3D Modeler” to necessarily know “texturing.” Although it is increasingly common to expect 3D Modelers to know this additional skill-set, it is exactly that, a separate skill-set and should be identified under the minimum knowledge and skills). Using the below format will help you and candidates avoid messy confusion and misalignment of expectations.

About Company: This is a short section that should describe your company/organization.

Position: Graphic Designer: This is where you identify what the position is.

Compensation: DOQ:This section identifies the base salary/compensation. Candidate’s may request modifications to this. “DOQ” stands for “Dependent On Qualifications.”

KSAOCs: This is the section that defines the minimum requirements to complete the job. The acronym is short for “Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics.”

Knowledge: Critical knowledge required to complete the job.

  • Expert knowledge of software suites Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe In-Design.
  • Understanding of basic design concepts including color theory, creative direction, and lighting.
  • Effective communication

Skills: Minimum skill-set to complete the job. These can indicate proficiency and capability to complete the job.

  • Create isometric low-resolution images.
  • Content layout production for use in multiple formats including, but not limited to: In-game advertisements, web/media advertisement, and paper advertisement content.

Abilities: Aptitudes the successful candidate possesses.

  • Ability to read “Request for Proposals” from client(s) and interpret creative direction.
  • Can work remotely, often without direction.

Other Characteristics: These are other characteristics not covered by the preceding sections and may include items such as sought-after personality, character, and mental traits.

  • Enjoy Role Playing Games and problem-solving games such as Final Fantasy or word searches.
  • Possess a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from an accredited university.

Preferred KSAOCs: This is where you would list the preferred requirements of applicants to the position. Use the same structure as above.

Duties and Responsibilities: This section describes the minimum duties and responsibilities a successful candidate must complete.

  • Research and produce art assets according to creative direction.
  • Meet with creative director to determine and take creative direction and feedback on art products.
  • Modify art assets per requests from the Creative Director, Technical team members, and client as necessary.
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