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Doom II

Beta 2 of GoldenEye Doom2 has been released

GoldenEye Doom2

Beta 2 of GoldenEye Doom2 utilized the Edge Engine has been released. This modification comes in both a Doom2 version and a standalone version utilizing...

Doom II

Time for an update

GoldenEye Doom2

Its been a while since the last update. Here is a real list of what is currently being worked on: -Cradle, both for Single player and DM. -Water Caverns...

Doom II

Updated Levels and Newer Levels are on the way.

GoldenEye Doom2 1 comment

Recently I have got a chance to pickup mapping again. In the near future I will release a newer version of maps as well as add some new maps in.

Quake 2

New Installer has been uploaded


If you haven't heard of the new installer that came out a month ago. Here is the link: This 274mb download contains all the teams and new...

Doom II

GoldenEye Doom2 TC Edge Standalone Version Released

GoldenEye Doom2 14 comments

The New version of GoldenEye Doom2 TC was released. This version couples the Edge Engine, GoldenEye Doom2, and the Freedoom wad to make it totally standalone...

Doom II

New Edge Version Standalone Installer Coming

GoldenEye Doom2 4 comments

The New Edge Version Standalone Installer is coming. This release is coupled with FreeDoom so you don't need the Doom2 files to run it.

Doom II

Jdoom Version in Development

GoldenEye Doom2 2 comments

Its quite possible that a Jdoom version will be in development. This will feature ultra-high resolutions textures and even 3d models. More news will be...

Doom II

New Enemy Graphics Coming Soon

GoldenEye Doom2 4 comments

I just finished up with the Doom2 sprite making program. With this program it will allow me to take screenshots of HL models and import them into Doom2...

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