Average 18 year old star wars fan. Spend too much time learning how to mod empire at war and not enough on actually doing school work nowadays.

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Empire At War: Re

Mod review

By far one of the best mods to be made for this game. Everything from great projectiles, to awesome sounds, to the beautifully done models. The immersion and realistic-ness this mod brings to an otherwise majorly unrealistic game (Fighters the same size as a star destroyer bridge, particles bigger than the ships themselves etc...) really rekindles the flame for this game. Would easily be a 10/10 if land combat wasn't still so boring with enemy AI just building as many Maulers, AT-ST and storm-troopers as they can just to dump them all in one battle. Very excited for the final release!


Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War: The Warlords

Early access mod review - 1 agrees

pretty cool, cant wait till' public beta